CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 20

Dead Ringer

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2004 on CBS

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  • CSI relay marathon and the suspects in the murder case are in the police force...

    Greg, Sara, Nick, Warrick and Catherine participate in a “cop” relay marathon competition where more than 20,000 cops from Las Vegas participate. Grissom finds a dead runner lying in the tracks and along with Nick and Catherine, they investigate the murder. Meanwhile, Sara and Warrick try to find out what happened to a dead couple in a hotel room and the suspects are all in the police force. Overall it is a good episode and it had a very entertaining start. We got to see the CSIs running and a funny scene with Catherine and Grissom over some “inspirational” Vangelis Chariots of fire music.
  • Nice plot!

    The beginning part of this episode is brilliant! I love how Grissom is always so clever and cool but still nerdy at the same time even with his cute little bug obsession! Very realistic and believeable and I never would of guessed who or what had done these horrible murders. Especially with the bank stealing of the dead cops. He get what he deserves with his gory car accident and when Nick found him, it was priceless. Not the best episode out there but surely an episode you should pay close attention to it just might catch you off guard!
  • I knew there was something not to like about those energy bars - besides the taste!

    The opening scene in this episode is as stunning a bit of visual imagery as anything I've seen on network series TV. While you can always count on Jerry
    Bruckheimer's works to include plenty of nicely done location shots -- usually from the vantage point of a helicopter -- this night shot of the marathon runners was just amazing.
    I liked the backdrop of having not only the investigators and arresting officers being cops; but also the suspects, witnesses, and perpetrators.
    As usual, our heroes were not deterred from solving both crimes. However, one might have expected better planning from those who would be familiar with the techniques of gathering evidence.