CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 9

Dog Eat Dog

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2005 on CBS

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  • Yes, another great episode.

    Just another great episode with great plot and great directing. This episode features two murder, one involved the death of a man who seems to have a eating disorder, and another one involved the death of a couple found in their house, which seems to point to the couple's dog. The eating-disorder case is a little bit boring, but Nick's case with the dead couple is totally interesting and amazing. The writers has certainly done a very good job to this episode. And this is why CSI has successfully produces eight seasons and still one of the most-watched drama in this time.
  • A guy with Prader-Willi (sp?) Syndrome eats himself to death, and a couple going through a messy divorce end up dead. Very appropriate episode name.

    Jerry Gable, who was born with a flawed hypothalamus, which means he never feels full and is always excruciatingly hungry, ends up dead in a dumpster. We find out later that Jerry's sister's boyfriend (his "babysitter") let him out of his restraining chair and as a result Jerry stuffed himself at the Circus Town buffet. The B case is the deaths of a couple who were about to get divorced. It appears that the wife, Lori, shot the husband, then their dog Kahlua went crazy and ripped her throat out. However, when Nick compares bite impressions, we find out that a dog did kill Lori, but it wasn't Kahlua. Then we are told that Lori and her husband Michael were fighting over Kahlua, and Kahlua chose Lori in a face-off. So Michael decided to swap dogs, but Kahlua's doppelganger went crazy at the sound of gunshot, and so ripped Lori's throat out. This episode had lots of wonderfully gory details, like the guy's stomach contents and Lori's ripped-out throat. We find out that Hodges hates hotdogs, and hotdog-eating is considered a sport by some.
  • 2 cases. Both well written and awesome.

    I actually really enjoyed this episode. For many reasons. The first case, the one where the guy ate himself to death, was very interesting. That would be kinda scary to have that condition. Many funny parts to this case, like for example: 1) Hodges going threw the stomach contents and talking with Catherine and Grissom about it. I found that conversation funny. 2) The scene with Greg and Grissom talking about Hot Dogs, that was interesting. And they played a great song in the scene too! 3) Catherine and Brass going to the National Hot Dog Eating Competition thingy and there reactions when that guy threw up, that was priceless. Case number 2: The Messy Divorce. This was a good case too. Nick and Sara work great together! They have amazing chemistry. Their case was fun to watch...funny moments and lots of science involved too.

    So I loved this episode! Hope to see more of it!
  • This fat guy eats himself to death and a messy divorce!?

    So first off the messy divorce sure was messy both died husbund got shot up the nose by the wife while trying to switch off dogs the other dog went crazy and bit the girls neck! Now the fat guy, he had a a problem where his brain wouldnt tell him hey dude im full so he ate himself to death. But befor he died he
    1. got kicked out ogf and all you can eat buffet
    2. got third in a hot dog eating contest
    3.stole a pretzle
    4. Crawled into a dumpster where he died

    Yeah so thats how he would have wanted to go out.....by eating
  • Dog Eat Dog

    Man fuond dead in dumpster on Thanksgiving. Mans stomach expanded leaving no room for other organs and couldn't breath. Normal stomach holds 4 pounds man's stomach held 6 pounds and expanded because he ate so much. He ate all the time. Couple found dead in home. Blood on dog bowls. Michael had a girlfriend who took albums for Michael. Golden retriever killed Michael's wife, but it wasn't their Golden Retriever. The fraud Golden Retriever got upset when the gun went off. Man bought another dog to act as the other dog. Woman killed him and dog paniced and killed her.
  • Compared to last week's episode, this was quite boring.

    It looked like CSI was to return to the more plot-driven show it was when it started, alas, this time the plots staggered on, and it rendered me indifferent to the outcome.

    That's not too bad, it has happened before in the series. 24 episodes per season, you're bound to have some filler.

    What bugged me the most was the excruciating scene with Doc Robbins and his pie. This was not the Al Robbins I respect and enjoy at his slab, but a whiny, appreciation-seeking old and a bit silly man. There was nothing actually funny in that piece of dialogue. Was this some kind of social commentary on how Americans regard bad and/or healthy food?

    While writing this, I've decided to change my initial score of 7.5 to 7 plain. Even Grissom was tedious this time.

    Shame, better next time.
  • The dogs were cool...and that's about it.

    Nothing terribly interesting here. Warrick only has one scene. Grissom is hardly in it and both cases lack "that" edge to keep the viewer's attention. Add some truly disgusting scenes dealing with "extreme eating" and examining the stomach contents of one of those "extreme eaters" and this episode really stands out as one of the weakest of the season. Hodges is funny though and Nick's porno moustache is hilarious and awful at the same time. Its worth watching just to make fun of it. Who thought of that huh? Nice job people at CSI lol. And please give some scenes to Greg or put him back in the lab. He should never have left.
  • You will never look at a hot dog the same way again.

    Fat man dies from over-eating.

    That whole case was disgusting. Starting with the emptying of the dead guy's stomach contents, ew, then hodges going through it all to seperate the food, double ew, and I don't blame him for having that peg on his nose either, to poor greg trying to find a match for the hotdogs they found. EW. If I had a weak stomach I would have thrown up, and I think alot of people did.

    I'll never look at a hot dog the same way ever again. This case was enough to put a person off hot dogs for life, whenever I look at one I will always remember this episode.

    Sara & Nick's case was interesting, a couple fighting over who gets the dog and then it's the dog who's the only surviver, pretty ironic.

    And OMG Nick's mostache was worse than I remembered. I don't know what was worse this episode the whole stomach contents thing or the 'stache.
  • Fat Man dies!!!

    This is a hilarious episode!! That death reminded me of well.. me. Like eating but I could not imagine never getting full!! I felt sorry for the fat guy. It's been awhile since they worked more than one case and that made me happy. I was dissapointed because Greg and Warrick weren't in it.

    Oh ya does anyone remember in the season opener when Grissom assumed Walter Gordon had an partner. Are they ever gonnna pick that up?
  • We learn about Prader-Willi syndrom. Also a less than amical divorc ends badly.

    I'd heard about Prader-Willi syndrom a couple of months ago so the condition was not a surprising one to me. In fact, it was the first thing I thought when the man is found in the dumpster.
    It is a very sad thing, indeed.
    The story about the couple and the dog was one full of crazy twists and is just the filler episode for Thanksgiving.
  • CSI does Thanksgiving!

    Two cases, the dead couple with the dogs and Greg is on the hunt for a wiener?

    I found this episode to be great, however after a large Thanksgiving dinner I could have done without the autopsy scene. Everyone in the house turned green, and about had to leave the room. Great story and great acting, I enjoyed seeing Greg getting into his search for his wiener.

    The dead couple, sometimes people just love their dogs so much that they will do anything. Really sad about how it ended but I loved the story. Good writing and acting.

    And Nick still has that ugly mustache…yikes that needs to go!

  • Thanksgiving dinner special.

    This is one of those episode that reminded me of why I had problems watching ER. Typically I had to watch ER through my fingers during the surgeries because I hated seeing people's guts and blood everywhere. Where am I going with this? Well, one of the vitims this week was a fat man, who Dr. Robbins has the pleasure of opening up and examining. Then poor Hodges has to go through all the contents of the fat man's stomach, and then Greg has to try to identify what sort of hot dog was removed from fat man's stomach...ew, ew, and ew. Really, I think the writers were just trying to succeed in making the entire American nation throw up its Thanksgiving dinner...and they might have succeeded in some people's cases. Nick still hasn't shave and his case with Sara was very dull. Their case involves a dead couple, their dog, and some records. Don't want to give anything away so I'll stop there.
    In the end, I felt sorry for the dead fat man, and I was glad to see that Brass will still be around.
    On a personal note, there was a serious lack of Greg and Warrick in this episode, and I hope to see/hear Hodges with a pet soon.
  • Two WEIRD cases...

    I loved this episode!
    It was a perfect case where things aren't as obvious. I mean, where the most logical explanation isn't always correct, and how nature has a weird sence of humor - that guys disease, and that dog going crazy because of the abuse he took...it just proves that crimes aren't restricted to humans.

    Great episode!
  • Dumpster diver!

    I didnt know there was a disease that makes you feel like you are hungry all the time. I dont think I could stand that. Poor guy. Also, the guy buying the other dog to try and replace the one he shared with his wife not only backfired but it got both of them killed. Hodges is a "weenie".
  • A bitter divorce leads to the death of both participants and a man suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome is found dead in a dumpster.

    Meh. Not the most exciting episode. The issue of Prader-Willi Syndrome was handled politely, but the whole thing reminded me of the Dr. Phil episode. The case with the dogs was very easily forgotten. Let us try to forget the moustache that still lurks on Nick's face as well.
  • A Thanksgiving episode that has left me speechless.

    I love CSI. I love the fact that the stories are so original and they always seem to come up with these strange plots but this one was just too out there. I had no problem with the guy or his eating disorder nor did I mind the other story with Nick and Sara but there was just something not quite right. I can't say exactly what it is but there was something. I'm glad about one thing though, we seem to be going back to the witty comments that we thought were gone long ago. It was good to see that Brass was cleared in the shooting and I guess the episode wasn't that bad. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • Review may contain Spoiler--and a great episode

    I really thought this episode was one of the better ones. Not only did they tackle a topic rarely discussed (Prader-Willi Syndrome), they did it very compassionately. I always like the shows where I learn something new about medicine or procedures or conditions, and are fictionalized in fact. Got me so interested I went googling and found http://www.pwsausa.org/syndrome/basicfac.htm to learn more about PWS. Inspired writing tying the two "dog" plots together, and I wish they'd add that new CSI-tech guy, the snitty kiss-Grissom's-butt-at-any-chance, to the regular cast. He's the perfect foil for all the others. Wonderfully annoying to watch.