CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 9

Dog Eat Dog

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • While Hodges is sorting out the stomach contents he labels all the containers with the different types of food: one says "mac & cheese" another "bacon"; etc. And on the last container, the one with the newspaper ad for the buffet (which the victim had swallowed), there's a label that says "WEIRD".

    • During this episode, when they "fade to black" for the commercial breaks, the first time you hear a chomping sound and the second time a dog barking.

    • Goof: The 'Aunt Jackpot's Pretzels' napkin has the logo superimposed on a blank napkin. The logo seamlessly covers the bottom part of the stack of napkins, where several napkin layers overlap. The logo is also very bright and reflective.

    • The Prader-Willi syndrome's characteristics are hypotonia, hypogonadism, hyperphagia, cognitive impairment, difficult behaviors

    • In this episode we learn that Brass is cleared by the review board for the shooting of Officer Bell.

    • Hodges can't stand the smell of hot dogs. Especially hot-dog-breath.

  • Quotes

    • Brass: Hey.
      Grissom: I was happy to hear the review board cleared you.
      Brass: Well, it's been a rough time, but I'm dealing with it.

    • Greg: I went shopping and bought every brand of hotdog they sell in Las Vegas.
      Grissom: Who's paying for it?
      Greg: You mean the lab's not gonna reimburse me?
      Grissom: No.
      Greg: Well I couldn't identify the chatter teeth logo so I figured I could physically match one of these to the one found in the victims stomach. You know, maybe comparing that twisty thing at the end.
      Grissom: Sounds like a good idea, Greg. I'm still not paying for it.
      Greg: Fine, I guess I'll just eat hotdogs for the rest of the year.
      Grissom: A hotdog at the ballpark tastes better than steak at the Ritz.
      Greg: Well, I can tell when you're quoting something. (he sits) Who said it?
      Grissom: Humphrey Bogart. Did you know that the term "hotdog" was actually coined at a baseball game? (Greg shakes his head) New York polo grounds some where around 1867. A German butcher was selling something that he called "Dachshund Sausages" out of his pie wagon. He put 'em on a roll so that his customers wouldn't burn their fingers. He'd yell out "get your Dachshund Sausages, they're red hot." (Greg looks like he wants to get up and leave) Soon all the vendors at the polo grounds were sellin' 'em too. But they were too lazy to say "Dachshund Sausages." So they just called 'em "hotdogs."
      Greg: Yeah, and now there's over 50 major brands.
      Grissom: Good luck. I'm rooting for you.
      Greg: Well, hopefully I find a weiner.

    • Sara: Beat-up car in a Lexus neighborhood.
      Sofia: We ran the plates. RO doesn't live here. We're tracking her down. (Nick reads the bumper sticker as they walk past the car)
      Nick: "Bitch on wheels." Can't wait to meet her.

    • (About the victim after they found mashed potatoes in his hand)
      Catherine: Maybe he was alive inside there, digging to get out.
      Grissom: Or he had really bad table manners.
      Catherine: There's some scarring on one wrist, but not the other.
      David (pulling out a napkin out of the victims pocket): Look what I found in his pocket: Aunt Jackpots Prezels.
      Catherine: Oh, now they make a good pretzel.
      Grissom: Maybe that's why he's got that smile on his face.

    • Hodges: All the hairs lifted off the victim's clothes were consistent with each other. There's a sample under the scope. The root is shaped like a spade which is indicative of canine. The scale pattern is consistent with a golden retriever.
      Sara: Oh, yeah the victims have a golden retriever.
      Hodges: Well if you cracked that mystery at the scene, you would have saved me a lot of time. (sighs) I've been working like a dog.
      Nick: You know studies have found that pet owners have lower stress levels, you should, you should check that out.
      Hodges: Well, I had a hamster when I was growing up. My mother hated them she said they stank out my room. But I just loved to watch them spinning on their little wheels. One day I came home and they were gone. Somehow they'd gotten out of their cage.
      Sara: How much did your mother hate them?
      Hodges: They ran away.

    • (At an all you can eat buffet)
      Catherine: And are those the only hotdogs that you serve?
      Waitress: Yeah. We're famous for our cocktail weiners, you should try one.
      Brass: I think we'd need a few cocktails first.

    • Catherine: This place used to make a hell of a meatloaf sandwich. You ever eat here?
      Grissom: Not since the chef blew his brains all over the kitchen.
      David: I eat here all the time... I like the chili.

    • (About the pie he made)
      Doc Robbins: Busy night. I figured the lab could use a little lovin' from the the oven.
      Warrick: Wow, your wife made a pie.
      Doc Robbins: I made the pie. Strawberry rhubarb.
      Warrick: I'm impressed. (Doc Robbins starts to cut him a piece) Why don't you take it easy with your cuttin' there, Doc; it's starting to look like that hit and run on your table last week.
      Doc Robbins: Just try it. (hands Warrick a piece of pie) You know it's vegan. Low fat, low sugar, low carb.
      Warrick (takes a bite): Low taste. (Doc Robbins sighs in defeat and sees Catherine is walking by)
      Doc Robbins: Catherine! Catherine! Catherine come here. I need your opinion on this. (cuts her a piece of pie) Here try this.
      Catherine: No... no thank you. I just came from Neil's hotdog eating tournament. I'm really done with food.
      Doc Robbins: It's good.
      Warrick: I was watching that on cable some Japanese guy ate like 64 hotdogs in 12 minutes.
      Catherine: Yeah.
      Warrick: He's the most famous guy in Japan behind Yao Ming.
      Doc Robbins: Yao Ming is Chinese. Try...
      Catherine: They wanna make it an Olympic sport or something.
      Doc Robbins: Please.
      Catherine: No... I can't.
      Warrick: You know if you wanna cleanse your taste buds, I suggest you try Doc Robbins pie.
      Doc Robbins: Really?
      Catherine (to Warrick): Yeah, that's why you're leaving it behind.

    • Catherine (to Hodges, who has a clothes peg over his nose): Oh nice look. That'll get you the chicks.

    • Hodges: I heard your case is going to the dogs.
      Nick: Oh Hodges heel or better yet play dead.
      Hodges: Play nice. I'm throwing you a bone.

    • Catherine: Do you think we may be able to ID the hotdogs through the ingredients?
      Hodges: No. Believe it or not most hotdog companies are very proprietary over their recipes.
      Catherine: How about though griddle marks?
      Hodges: Oh yeah, I'll run it through the hot dog appliances database.

    • (In autopsy on Michael Tinsley)
      Doc Robbins: Some people will put anything up their nose.
      Sara: So Michael Tinsley breaks into his own house, the alarm goes off, all hell breaks loose. She shoots him, bullet goes up his nose. And then what Kahlua freaks and rips out the wife's throat?
      Doc Robbins: It's possible. Which is another reason I prefer cats.
      Nick: The Tinsleys died at home alone. So where's the gun?

    • Sara: Their marriage ending in a dogfight and only the dog survived.

    • Veterinarian: All right, let's take a look at our Cujo.

    • Brass: I checked the front pockets. No ID.
      Grissom: Back pockets?
      Brass: I was leaving that for you. There's some blood around his mouth. Maybe somebody punched him. (Grissom leans down and takes a swab sample looks at it and then smells it)
      Grissom: It's cranberry sauce.
      Brass: I know, Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Sara (to Nick about dead victims' record collection): There's something missing between The Beach Boys and Billy Joel.
      Nick & Sara: The Beatles.

    • (About the victim)
      Catherine: So what are you thinking?
      Doc Robbins: He ate himself to death.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: 'Dog Eat Dog' was also a song by UK group Adam and the Ants. Released in 1980, got to number 4 in the UK music charts.

      It was also a song by the punk band The Offspring and featured in the 1994 album Smash.

    • Title: Dog Eat Dog has been the title of at least six other items: two feature films (1964 & 2001) two comedy shorts (2002 & 2005) and two game/reality shows (2001 & 2002). Brooke Burns was the host of the 2002 game/reality show.

    • The investigation involving Nick and Sara with the couples who fought and wanted everything in the house is a reference to the 1989 film The War of the Roses.

    • Doc Robbins brings in a strawberry-rhubarb pie and states that it is vegan.

      Vegan refers to anything made without the use of animal products such as eggs, dairy, or meat.

    • Sara: That's like saying there was another shooter at the grassy knoll.

      Sara refers to the killing of President John F. Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963.

    • The veterinarian refers to the dog being Cujo. "Cujo" was a Stephen King book published in 1981 about a rabid dog which was made into a 1983 movie.