CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 18

Empty Eyes

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2007 on CBS

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  • Sara is haunted by the last words of a murder victim. Six show girls are murdered and the entire crew rolls out ot solve the case.

    A little GSR thrown in to a multiple homicide of six show girls. A really great episode. I'm so glad that I got to see this episode. I can't wait for more GSR scenes. I really wish they would show a little more of what life is like for the CSI's outside of the work place. They should build on the relationships outside of work. I think this is one of the best episode of the season if not the series. There are many great episodes in this series but this is one of the greatest. I think it was almost as good as A Bullet Runs Through It, Grave Danger, and Way To Go.
  • Excellent.

    You know that cleaning lady you see in the background? I'm almost certain that she's Natalie Davis - if you don't know who Natalie Davis is, please, please, please watch Living Doll. But seriously - she looks like her, and she's watching Sara and Grissom, and in Living Doll Grissom says she's been there for a month - I'll bet you it's her.
  • This really was a very well done episode I love it.

    First off wow! what a powerful episode. I mean so sad, six show girls killed and that guy Marlon didn't care or feel nothing about it. What a horrible man. And then there's Sara the poor girl, being there with Cammie and seeing her die and then finding out that she held the hand of a murderer(Marlon). I love how fast Grissom moved when Sara yelled out thinking that the suspect was still in the house. I also loved the whole my date got cancelled, and I am sure he had a good excuse line and response. Very cute, and the fastest we have ever gotten a GSR scene. The ending was sad. But beautiful and profound in it's own way. The way she told Grissom about holding the killers hand, the way she looked at him the second time and nodded her head in response to the question or statement in his eyes. And beautiful just watching them walk away together, his hand around on her back them so close. I was glad that no one else was there (well except the cleaning lady but she doesn't really count.Sorry cleaning lady). I think if there had been another member of the team or someone they know there it would have ruined the intimacy of the moment. Alright I believe that's it.
  • It was worth the wait!

    This episode was emotionally draining, sad, and deeply disturbing. It was CSI at its best. It was interesting to see how such a dreadful case affected each of the CSIs. As a dedicated GSR fan, I have to say I loved the little sweet bits they put in at the beginning and end. Sara's involvement was so touching. But even so, the way that the storyline affected Warrick was also just heart wrenching. The only problem I had, maybe because I'm an idiot, was that I didn't understand why/ how the murderer's throat was slit.

    It was another great episode, in a really good season, and I just hope they can keep up this high standard.
  • Six dead showgirls.

    Not a bad episode. I think it has been a while since Sara's gotten so attached to a victim (remember Pam Adler, the victim who was "too tough to die"?), and it's that human side of her that I like to see. Her dilemma at the end is one with which I can empathize. It would totally suck to be in that position, and I can't blame her for being upset about it.

    I also loved seeing everyone working together on this case, including Brass and Sofia (WHY does everyone dislike her? She isn't my favorite character, I'll admit, but I don't have fantasies of her painful death like some people seem to).

    A peek into Warrick's personal life...I liked that too. He's a great guy.

    My opinion of a good episode is one that seems to be over far too quickly. And this was one of those episodes. I think it was well written, and like I said, I'm glad we got to see everyone together for the case. Woohoo GSR!! Sorry, just had to say it...
  • Emotional and draining

    Very emotional episode as we see a different side of
    The CSIs in particular Sara. As she usually isn't one
    To show her emotions really well but she did make a Big time exception in order as six showgirls were slain
    What is the worst part is that the CSIs had to tell Families of those slain girls as you have to know what they had to go through.
  • Excellent dynamitc both on the personal sides and the criminal.

    One of the things that sticks out about this epidode, for me anyway, was the excellent balance. The writers included enough of the personal sides of the team without being overkill. Sarah's interaction with both the victims and ironically enough the murderer. Warrick's link to one of the victims. Nick conversation with Sara regarding the victim not dying alone. Grissom informing Greg about the lawsuit. Hodges with answering Libby's cell phone. Obviouly, the most touching scene was the final with Sarah and Gil. Most of this was done while being incorporated into the crime itself which I thought was brillantly done.
  • Six showgirls are slayne in their upscale Vegas home.

    What a powerful episode. The team is called to a nicer part of Vegas where they discover 5 murdered showgirls and one that's barely hanging on. Poor Sarah is a witness to the death of the sixth as she tried to ID the whodunit. The only thing about this episode I really didnt' like was the ending. I felt it was rushed. It seemed to me that they were going along just fine and then realized they only had fifteen minutes to explain who did it and why. I would have rathered a two parter. Hodges on the other hand acutally seemed human in this episode, I love hodges, he's always entertaining to me.There was little to no Gill+Sarah love antics, making me a happy girl.
  • This is CSI at its best. The whole team working together on one case, even Warrick was allowed out of his closet for this one.

    After the boringness of the last few seasons, this years CSI is back on the top of its game. This season is easily the best since season 2. So congrats CSI for making me want to watch the show again. And this episode is a great example of why it's so good this season. Here we have the whole team working together on one case, it's a case where you actually care about the victims, there was continuity with Greg, Warrick even got some lines and a character moment of his own (how long since that happened?) and I didn't guess who the killer was until Sara fingerprinted that guy. Which to me equals an enjoyable hour of television. Even Hodges acted human in this ep. It was nice to see Sara throughout the whole episode and not just in the last few minutes (hello first half of the season!) and I really liked that we got to see where Warrick grew up-nice touch. All in all probably one of my favourite episodes of the season, and that's saying something 'cause there have been a lot of strong episode this year.
  • Six show girls, all dead. What is the reason behind this?

    This episode starts with six show girls found dead in their home. One of the six girls is missing but Sara finds here under the bed just before she passes away. This was a good episode but i do have to say these shows are getting to a point where everything has already been seen. It's still interesting to see how things are done in those CSI's lives and how they solve the crime. This was a different take as the killer was laying in the hospital bed when Sara busts him. Good episode but we need to see more.
  • twisted but good

    I love the mystery of this show, but it creaps me out sometimes to think that there really are people out there that would really do such a thing to people. The begining always creaps me out how they walk through the house in the dark, it's like they are setting the mood of the show to freak you out. THis time it worked since one of the girls was still alive under the bed. I wasn't sure who could have done the murders till they had that man in the hospital and she was taking his finger prints did I realize that he was the psyco killer. Another great episode.
  • A touch of humanity breaking the constant stream of corpses and crime, very well written episode!

    I can't imagine being a CSI is an easy job, watching how many hundred, thousand dead bodies - lives snuffed out. Even when you grow numb to it, sometimes there has to be events that cause you to see the reality of the victims, the lives that are ending.

    Emtpy Eyes was a perfect example of that. How many hundreds of crime scenes has Sara Sidle worked? Yet suddenly she's confronted with a dying victim of a vicious killer. I don''t know that I'd feel comfortable watching a show where the crime solvers are so accustomed to crime that they don't feel anything, ever.

    But this episode found a good balance between following the evidence - the focal point of the show - and finding the humanity when confronted with something more real than an already-dead victim or lifeless evidence. Even those not fond of the Grissom/Sidle romance plot surely can't help but be touched by Gil's empathy at the end of the episode, a reflection of the same feeling Sara had when facing the crime scene, and even Warrick when reporting the murder of someone he knew to the next of kin.

    This show has managed to start from strong beginnings and improve on itself each year, and Empty Eyes is no exception, showing why CSI is indeed one of the best shows on the air right now.

  • a very Sara centered episode

    I loved this episode! I laughed and I cried. I felt so bad for Sara during this episode, first of all a girl dies right in Sara's arms pretty much. Then the guy who committed the crime tried to kill himself but he didn't succed at it so CSI was called in and it looked like he was almost killed the same way that he killed the other victims. So none of the CSI's knew that the guy was the killer so Sara because she felt bad for Cammie ( The girl who died in her arms), Sara rode in the ambulance with the guy and at the hospital when she realized that the guy was the killer he grabbed her arm and tried to twist it but she got out. My favorite scene was when Grissom and Sara were watching the news about Cammie's death in the breakroom Sara stared to cry and Grissom wiped away her tears and they left CSI together.
  • Six showgirls are brutally murdered, and Sara is with one as she dies... but where is everyone else?

    This was one of those episodes that while it wasn't the worst this show has ever produced, it certainly wasn't the best. In fact, it was rather boring, easy to figure out, and had a lot of moments that made me question the intelligence of the writers.

    We see Sara wandering through the house, and there is no one else around. You'd expect that she's the only one on the case, not that that would make sense because there are 6 dead girls upstairs. When she arrives upstairs, we find Warrick and Grissom in different rooms processing the scenes (ok, that's standard, sort of). Then Sara goes into the third room and finds the sixth girl barely alive. She calls for help, and Grissom appears, but does he stay? Apparently not, they all for some reason left Sara alone with the dying girl instead of trying to help... makes a lot of sense right?

    While Nick worries about Sara for the rest of the episode, no one else seems to exist. In fact, Grissom, Catherine, Greg, and Warrick all disappear after having their short and rather pointless scenes. (Ok, Warrick's scene in his old neighborhood was good, and I suppose the resolution of Greg's case, which isn't really resolved because of next week's episode had some relevance to the show.) But why on Earh is Sara the one at the autopsies? Why is she the lead on the case when she was the third one on the scene? Not to mention the fact that she witnessed one of the girls dying.

    Digressing for a moment; Hodges scene with on the phone with the dead girl's mother was touching, and definitely better than the Hodges we've been seeing lately.

    Back to Sara, since this episode revolves around her. A man is stabbed with the knife the showgirls were killed with, and she insists on going with him. In a moment of emotion I guess. (I said then that he was the killer and that he stabbed himself.) Later, Sara finds out that he was the killer and is very upset with herself. So she and Grissom have a scene together which wasn't as sweet as it could have been, actually, it wasn't sweet at all, it seemed rather blah. Jorja's acting was great, maybe it was Petersen's in the scene, or maybe it was the directing (I'll say the directing to continue to berate the writing and directing staff) but the way he wiped away her tear didn't show very much affection. Thumbs are sweet and romantic, not knuckles. He could have hugged her too, it was the perfect time, no one would have known, and no one would have cared either.

    Overall, the episode wasn't very cohesive and was way too predictable. Yes, Sara got the spotlight, but it was in a very mediocre way. I'd rant some more, but that's all I can think of for now.
  • Sara gets emotionally involved in the case after she holds the hand of a dying victim in their last seconds.

    This was a solid episode that reminded us of Blood Drops. While investigating the crime scene, Sara finds one victim alive, only for her to die moments later. The probe reveals that the six roommates were all showgirls, one being a childhood friend of Warrick Brown. We also see a softer side of Lab Tech David Hodges, as he has to break the news to one of the victims parents that she is dead. Overall it was a solid episode after a month between new episodes. It almost seems however that some of these episodes are being overshadowed by the Miniture Killer storyline of Season Seven, which took a little bit away from this well written episode.
  • Oh CSI, how you have improved!

    At the start of this season I was seriously unimpressed with CSI...toe tags anyone? I'm stubborn though and have persisted watching the season, and I'm glad I have.

    Although I can pick minor faults with this episode, it is leaning much more towards the kind of episode I have come to expect from CSI. Some science, some interaction between the CSIs. Could have done with a bit more science in this one, I thought it was a bit convenient that the guy just happened to try to kill himself two blocks from where the CSIs were, but hey, that's just me. I do like that we are heading back towards the more forensic-y stuff again...footprints, DNA analysis, weird fingerprints etc.

    My favourite part of this episode? Warrick and his ex-neighbour. Very believable, and incredibly sweet.

    Least favourite part? Aside from the afore-mentioned killer trying to kill himself 2 blocks from the CSIs, I would say it would have to be Sara's acting skills. I'm afraid I just don't find her believable, sadly.

    Overall, I did like the episode. More forensics please CSI writers!!
  • Someone give Ms Fox an Emmy already!!! If not any of the cast!!!

    Episodes like this make you realise how dark and twisted some people are. The fact that it's also based on a true story, makes me feel really uncomfortable.

    Empty Eyes is basically centered around Sara for the majority of it- and her way of dealing with a live victim dying in her arms. And as if Miss Sidle hasn't had a bad enough day- she then gets attacked by a suspect, has her date cancelled, finds out the vic has a four year old kid and has to convince the father that it's not his fault, oh and gets a nasty surprise from under a bed. All in a days work I suppose.......

    The killings this time round were particularly horrific and ruthless- the victims were all young and had a good life ahead of them. CSI really knows how to push the emotion buttons- and the ending in itself had a bittersweet feel. Sara's had a bad day, but someone's now there for her....

    Oh and I will never understand why the CSI's never turn on the lights at a crime scene.
  • great episode.

    I loved this episode it was a great one for sara sidle. She found a victim and she died in her arms it was pretty sad. I liked well not really liked but i thought it was cool how the murder brought warrick back to his old neighborhood. Because he knew the girls grandma that poor old woman i felt bad when she was screaming. I loved the ending of this episode when sara is crying and then grissom walked in and then they looked at each other and sara looked away. But then grissom wiped her tears away that was so cute and then they walk away.
  • Sara comforts a rape victim in her last dying moments who is badly wounded and somehow managed to escape her attacker..

    Very emotional episode as CSIs investigate the vicious attacked made on six show girls living together. The girls were raped before they were murdered. The focus is on Sara, as upon arriving on the crime scene, she shared a poignant moment with one of the victims, Kimmy, holding her hands while waiting for help to arrive. Sara manages to get some information from Kimmy about her attacker. Later on, while investigating, the CSIs stumbled upon a man who was attacked. Sara rides in the ambulance with him, holding his hand and reassuring him like she did with Kimmy. At the end, when she learns that the same man was responsible for the attacks on the girls, she becomes sad and angry at herself for “losing perspective”. We then see Grissom comforting Sara, wiping her tears and walking away with this arm around her.
  • Great episode!

    This episode was horrible! Not in a bad script/acting kind of way though.It was the fact you get confronted with 5 dead bodies almost straight away.
    Starting off with the girls coming home all happy and optimistic seemed to make it worse when you saw them lying in the bedrooms with their throats cut (and stabbed in one case.)
    I have to say I really did jump when Sara found the other showgirl under the bed and will admit to feeling upset when she died in her arms.
    Having Warrick recognise one of the girls and going to tell her grandma that she was dead was quite emotional and heart-rending to.
    It did not occur to me at all that the bloke who had his throat slit in the car-park of the bar was the bad guy trying to commit suicide until Sara noticed the calluses on his hands.I was actually shouting at the screen at that point " get away from him!" He was a right creep!
    Thankfully it all worked out and he was arrested for the murders after confessing to them.

    I liked this episode it had everything I have come to expect from CSI Vegas,blood and gore,but also emotion.The emotion of the CSIs themselves,like when Hodges decided to tell the woman on the phone about her daughter,and that of the people who,through no fault of their own,come into contact with murder.
    It showed everyone in a more *human* way,instead of just ignoring their feelings while doing their job like they should do,they got involved and I liked the way it played out.
    I also liked the fact that Grissom was there for Sara when she needed him........about time to!
  • GSR!!!

    I loved this episode, I like seeing this side of Sara, seeing all the emotions stired up, any show that deals with GSR is my friend, I liked the storyline, and it really kept me interested, I love how sweet Grissom was at the end when he wiped the tear from Saras eyes and it was soo cute!!!
  • Sara is affected by a case, and Grissom is there for her.

    It was nice to finally get a Saracentric episode, and I'm hoping to see more of her. Being attacked twice in one show is a record, I think, and maybe a little foreshadowing. I think it sad that some guys think that because a woman smiles in his general direction, she asking for him to have sex with her. It's not like I can even say, Well, it's just a television show, because sadly, this happens in real life. Then, to kill not just the one girl, which is bad enough, but to then kill all her roommates, it's just senseless. I am glad that this is one case they solved. For me, I knew the guy who was cut was the killer, because it made no sense for him to be attacked. Loved the "My date was cancelled scene, and the end scene with Grissom comforting Sara.
  • This show made me angry that it joined lesser shows in the concept that woman are weak and can be manipulated.

    I tend to agree with bluegoldrose on this episode. But I would go even further in saying that although everyone else had valid points, I'm wondering why no one had any problems in that the brutal slaying of showgirls by a delusional man has been told so many times it's become nauseating. If the intention of this show was to demonstrate how vulnerable women can be…that’s been done before, too. The tenderness and emotions between our characters was minimal, and the gore for gore’s sake seemed to be over-the-top. Why didn’t those women fight back? As a woman I’ve learned that anyone telling me, “Do what I say, and no one will get hurt," or "I won’t hurt anyone," or "any variation of that” probably means I’m going to die. This episode did not point out my vulnerabilities. This show made me angry that it joined lesser shows in the concept that woman are weak and can be manipulated. Would this show have had the same impact if the slain characters had been male strippers?
  • the emotions of the entire staff are tested when working a muliple homicide case...

    So of course I can’t review this episode without mentioning the two GSR moments. The first was the cute little comment that she made to Grissom about showing up to work on her night off because her date was cancelled. And his comment that he was sure there was a good excuse. Aww. Then at the end when Sara was all emotional about losing perspective of the target when she was holding the suspects hand. When she started crying and he wiped her tears away and then they walked out of the room with his arm around her. Aww again. I also liked seeing the more real side of Hodges and his talk with Sara.
  • This episode rocked - Sara is my favourite character and this was a great way to show her empathetic side and showcase Jorja's excellent actin talents.

    From the start of this episode, with Sara walking through the house with the flashlight and the answering machine picking up a call that will never be received - I felt this was all creepy and cool. Filled with GSR goodness - excellent lines like "my data got cancelled - I'm sure he had a good excuse". To Grissom running in when Sara yelled about the "hot scene". The way he turned his head away when he heard Sara was at the hospital. Then you had her talking about the suspect to him at rapid speed and him asking her to slow down. Of course the best was the ending with Grissom wiping away her tears and then leading her out of the lab. Sigh. I won't tell you how many times I have heard Sara say "I held his hand, just like I held hers, and I lost persepctive." I smile at the way Sara leans into his hand and Grissom squints his eyes and she just nods. They have a way of saying so much without saying anything at all. Now, other than the GSRness - you just have an excellent Sara centric episode. How disturbing to have a victim die in your arms. As she was standing outside you could see that she wanted to go back and find Cammie's killer. Greg walking by and Brass trying to question her - and all she wants to do is collect evidence.

    Where Sara really shined was with Nick (first at the house, then in the interrogation room, and out at the bar). My heart just ached for her and the flashbacks she kept having. And when Cammie's ex said "at least Cammie died knowing kindness."

    It was nice to see a small scene of Grissom mentoring Greg - sad to hear about the city paying out the Jones civil case. As well as Warrick and the grandmother of one of the girls. It was nice to see even Hodges was made more human with the phone call from Libby's mom (I would not want to be in his shoes at that moment).
  • Finally CSI is back and kicking!

    A very very great episode. It was certainly worth the month long wait we had to endure for this episode. A Sara-centered episode with a very very interesting plot. Poor Sara attacked twice in one episode! First by the dying show girl and then by the acctual killer in the hospital room. The way the writers made these 6 murders a random event was very cool. It was much different from what were used to seeing. I loved this melodramatic episode! Bravo writers, Bravo. This has been a GREAT season, definitley the best. Go CSI GO! What would I do without this show?
  • Another wonderful episode with lots of Sara.

    I love Sara Sidle so I'm always overjoyed when there is lots of her in an episode. That fact alone will always get a high score from me.

    Ok so there are a few little things that I found annoying about the episode but I'm not going to go into details because ulimately I really enjoyed the show.

    It had good writing and great acting (especially from Jorja, as always) and while some of the plot points were telegraphed to the audience (I think everyone knew he was the killer way before Sara figured it out!!!!) it didn't take away from how much I enjoyed it.
  • Doesn't pay to be a showgirl.

    I have mixed feelings on this episode. There were alot of emotions in this one, when there usually isn't any. I would understand Sara's haunted images, because as she said, they are usually too late to save any victims. They kept showing the killer from the back, in his car, at the bar, etc... I was expecting a different confrontation with the killer and CSI. It was interesting to see he did try to kill himself (or look like an attack - never did explain that). I was also a bit confused at the timeline of the killings, there seemed to be so many but it was never really explained well enough.
  • One of the best episodes of the season!

    This episode was awesome. It was one of those episodes where you could really feel the characters’ emotions. Both Sara and Warrick had difficult times. Poor Sara was scared so bad when she found the girl under the bed. Then she held her hand as she died. When Sara and Nick find a man dying from a throat wound, Sara decides to travel with him to the hospital in the ambulance. After she had already been through so much, she figures out the man she is sitting next to is the one responsible for the girls’ deaths and he attacks her. Warrick was so loving when he came to his old neighbor’s house. He knew there was no easy way to tell her the news of her granddaughter, his childhood friend’s death. He was there for her and got all teary-eyed as he held her. The little parts between Grissom and Sara were really cute. The most amazing part was probably in the last few minutes when Sara was crying. Grissom had no words, but he didn’t even have to say anything. His expressions did the talking for him. Grissom is very helpful, and he is there for Sara.
  • A Sara-centric episode...

    This episode was so amazing!!! It was Sara-centric wich is good for me because Sara Sidle is my favourite character. Anyway I almost fell out of my chair twice! First with the girl under the bed and then again when Sara got attacked in the hospital. Even though I knew it was coming, it scared the hell out of me! ^^ Wow, GSR-scenes after 3 minutes already :D Sara: my date got cancelled. Griss: i'm sure he had a good excuse :D lol and my little GSR-mind ran wild when Griss said he wanted her in the next bedroom :D Omg, the end scene!!!! That was so sad, if it lasted longer i would've start crying too. haha, that's one lucky cleaning lady :D This is one of the best episodes I've seen. It's really good :D But i was a little disappointed in the beginning when Greg just stared at Sara. He didn't even ask her if she was okay or something (yes, i'm also a Sandle-shipper) he just stared at her! Other than that i loved it :D
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