CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 21

Ending Happy

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on CBS

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  • Hi. K Where to start! Hmm. This Sara and Grissom thing is getting a bit much sorry to all you GSR fans but AHHH. All we ever see is Sara And Grissom scenes you know there are other characters. It is getting outta hand.I want more Catherine.It's too much.

    I liked it before the whole GSR thing started escalating. I've never been a GSR fan. I don't mind them in a relationship It's just starting to be like a soap opera. I don't like how the other characters are getting short scenes eg Cath always stuck in the lab or autopsy. What's up with that? No offence but, Marg is 10 Times the actress Jorja is. I totaly understand their wanting relationships and I'm totally for that but this is not a soap. I want it the way it was before GSR Spiraled out of control. Just Coz I want Catnip doesn't mean that there only needs to be scenes with Cath and Nick. There is a middle ground. This is too extreme. By the way I think Jorja is Pregnant or Sara's character. Take a close look.
  • For starters the episode is very funny...

    Happy Morales death was well, um priceless I guess for the lack of a better word. The guy had so many things happen to him, I mean the snake venom, the arrow, the anaphalic(not sure if I spelled that right) stuff and whatever else he had going on. Now on to the parts I was even more excited about. Grissom and Sara oh so cute together. I loved the teaser. So I've heard, uh huh. Yeah, okay so it's true anyway, I love their scene together where he's wearing his FFH(for all who don't know Fugly Farmer Hat). It was so sweet when he was all No, you make me happy. I mean basically saying that he loves her after saying that sex without love is pointless(which I agree by the way). Oh and let's not forget Sara's scene where she finishes the poetry to Milton so so cute. Yes, I am sitting here smiling as I write this. Now I am done.
  • The comedy here's classic, and I love it.

    The comedy here's classic. I can't think of a funnier episode off the top of my head (except maybe the one about where the guy killed his grandmother as a kid, etc etc). I love it when CSI tries to go with the humour, and the Brass-Robbins phone moments are the classic laughs I love combined with a fantastic show. As an actual criminologist, when CSI tries to be too serious it's pushed over the top for trying too hard in my mind – this, on the other hand, is what I like to see and hope we see a lot more of.

    My only problem is the consistent use of nonexistent technology, which was done yet again this time.
  • An ex-boxer is killed and God knows how he died!

    Wow, just, wow. The dialogue was great, the case had so many twists it kept me guessing until the end, and we learn that Grissom and Sara are in love and most likely sleeping together. It's an episode full of surprises from Sara quoting Henry James(no doubt learned from Grissom himself) to finally finding out just exactly how the victim died. Even Hodges shares a little surprise. One that we didn't necessarily want or need to know, but one nonetheless.
    To me, as a GSR shipper, this episode was also a turning point, a crowning moment in our ship. In one scene, GSR has gone from a secret affair, a fling, possibly, to love. It remains a secret, but something tells me not for long...

    The best episode in a long time.
  • Who DIDN'T try to kill Happy Morales?

    Wow, last episode we got Hodges lucky day, this week we get Happy having the worst day possible.
    Where to start. I loved all of the twists and turns. Rather then trying to piece together who killed Happy (as I usually do) after seeing the CTV promos I decided this was the kind of episode where you just sit back and enjoy the ride. And boy am I glad I did.
    Without a doubt the funniest parts of the episode were all Brass. His interviews with the 'pleasure providers', him getting !four! confessions (the hooker, the bartender, Binky's wife, and the hooker/bartender combo) and none of them being worth the paper they were written on thanks to Dr Robbins' changing the cause of death every ten minutes (our time), he and Grissom eavesdropping on Binky and wife... He also got all of the best lines of the night ("Do I look like Paula Abdul to you?"). I loved his continuing frustration over who to arrest, and his making the suspects cry and being wrong each time. I don’t think I could adequately express my love for Brass in this episode.
    I also really liked Sara in this ep too. ("This is one pool I am not feeling a pressing need to take a dip in.")Heh. My favourite part of the whole ep was Sara with the old man (Brooks from The Shawshank Redemption -only my most fav movie ever!). I loved his "I told you someone shot my wife!" to Nick and Sara and his reciting poetry. I kind of wanted to kick Nick though when he just rolled his eyes. You could tell he was totally thinking 'crazy old man'. But after Nick left Sara finished the poem and the old guy smiled. It was so sweet. I love James Whitmore.
    I don’t get why so many people found it odd that Sara was able to finish the poem since Sara has always been very literary minded. Take ‘Turn of the Screws’ where she discusses Henry James, in ‘All for Our Country’ where Catherine mentions Jaws and Sara thinks ‘book’, in 'Committed' she mentions that she read MOBY DICK in grade five, or the fact that in the early seasons Sara usually got Grissom’s obscure quotes. So I found it in character that she knew the rest of the poem.
    Hodges story= too much information. Greg’s reaction was good though. And Catherine and Warrick at the autopsy…
    In the end, the lawnchair did it. Poor Brass didn’t get to arrest anyone for murder this week (though lots of attempted murder).It was so quotable, I could do an entry on just bizarre quotes these characters said (‘I made him his favourite meal: meat!’). For some reason I had low expectations about this episode so I was pleasantly surprised. Next week just looks weird though.
  • This series never ceases to amaze with it's different types of stories, and with surprising humor this time!

    The original CSI cannot be beaten by it's copycats, because week after week they amaze us with diversity. This episode made it quite obvious that the boxer was despized by many of the women, and therefore anybody could have attempted to kill him. Actually, many of them seem to have tried, whether by accident or on purpose, it finally comes down to the man's own laziness, to the chair he didn't fix, to finally end him. The constant comparissons to his struggle to remain alive to his boxing in the ring, and some fun guest stars, notably the bartender whom I recognized from the movie RatRace, were quite funny. Some fun dialogue, and quizzing of each other's possible histories with a brothel, were fun as well. The coolest part, for me, was the contest to become a dead body on the show, which I immedietly entered. Wish me luck eh?
  • When a has-been boxer is killed, the CSIs must establish which of several life-threatening acts actually killed him.

    I'm not quite sure exactly why I loved this episode, maybe it was the part where Hodges reveals his past prostitution experience, or when ol' Greggo has to swab the hookers, oh wait 'pleasure providers', for DNA. Or maybe its the old man and Sara quoting that poem. I'm not sure. All I know is that this may be one of the greatest episodes ever. This may be due to several factors. 1. This and 'Lab Rats' single-handedly turned my opinion of Hodges around 100%. 2. I'm pretty sure this guy had the most COD possibilities yet on CSI. 3. The Doc Robins/Brass scenes where he gets confessions and then they're wrong. or possible Greg's swabbing adventures. I laughed, I cried (ok maybe not) this was a really great episode.
  • She makes him HAPPY!!

    I am so excited over this episode, not only was it an interesting episode with the whodunnit and Brass telling everyone they killed him, when really everyone did try to kill him, and in the end its a broken leg on a chair that the anoying accent guy had told him to fix that broke and knocked him into the pool where after everything he sustained he just lost all consiousness and died. Very odd, but deffinately interesting and not at all predictable, which is why I love CSI.......But on the the mose important dialog in the whole ep, Grissom never paid for sex, because sex without love is pointless and makes him sad, and of course Sara doesnt make him sad, so she makes him happ, its an interesting way they put it in there to, its letting everyone know they ARE sleeping together, not just dating, they ARE in LOVE, and she Makes him happy, do you think he has told her that he loved her yet, cause she asked if she made him sad, so is that her way of asking do you love me???
  • Just how did that man die?

    I will admit that during the cold open, i didn't think i would like this episode, because I couldn't understand, I was like, boxing? What. And I thought it would be a boring episode. But then, it just go so entertaining which trying to figure out how that man died. It was like a comedy of errors... He was really the man that wouldn't die. Oddly, reminded me of Rasputin, who was poisoned, shot, and then drowned. I loved how Sara knew the Longfellow poem, although, since I am a bit iffy on the GSR, I didn't like the little Grissom/Sara exchange on paying for sex. Not bad though.
    Great episode overall!
  • Ahaha! I love it!

    This was a great episode, lightly done but fantastic. Though it was a silly case, it was geinus, well written and original. It was random, and random is always good. Of course, the GSR stuff with absolutely fantastic and wonderful and just generally awh. We got to hear Grissom's thoughts on prostitution, which was funny! Both Robbins and Brass were great on this case. It all tied together really well at the end, and I think this is a good episode builder for the finale; a little crazy one before everything starts going mad. The last scene, where Robbins was typing, had me luaghing out loud.

    One of the season's best episodes!
  • Loved the show! Very Entertaining!

    Who was the old actor who played the old man in the trailer whose wife had the arrow shot into her picture? Can't remember his name.
    The episode was really unique in the fact that it had so many endings or what appeared to be endings and then it kept going. I thought it had finished when they found the "shrimp" incident but the show had 10 minutes left so then another twist came into play. They really used the plot line well and it certainly was in my opinion one of the best so far. I think they are trying to put more humanity into the characters.
  • One of the best shows this season, and probably one of the classics of the whole series.

    Definitely one the funniest EPs of the series. Years from now when you're talking about the series with someone, you'll mention this episode as a classic, much like the oddly funny "Plushie" episode. First-rate dialog and scenes, the writers did a great job on this one. Lots of good Captain Brass interrogation shots (with Guilfoyle's quintessential dry delivery), some Grissom / Sara romantic dialog (for those of you who like their relationship on the show), and just about everyone puts in an appearance in this EP. Also included is a guest appearance by the actor James Whitmore ("Tony Award, Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award Winner and Academy Award Nominee") as a resident of a local retiree trailer park community.
  • It takes several people to kill one man, and Grissom reveals his feelings on sex.

    I had high hopes for this episode, and I wasn't disappointed. I was kept in suspense wondering what actually killed this guy, and I liked it. It was kinda weird seeing little Chrissy from Growing Pains as a dippy, and has it turns out, murderous hooker. Oh sorry, Pleasure Provider. The other blond hooker looked familiar, but I couldn't place her. The Connor flash backs reminded me of that X-files episode that they did in black and white. The one with the man with two faces. It had that creepy feel. Great GSR moment. The FFH and GSR in the same scene, priceless. The poem was nice also. I knew Sara would know it. Can't wait for next week.
  • Funniest. CSI. Ever.

    Absolutely brilliant. Throughout it's long tenure, CSI has often had humorous moments, and even a few humorous episodes, but never one as funny as this one. From top to bottom, the regular cast was spot on as always, but this episode especially belonged to the secondary players. From Robbins' straight man, to Brass' frustration, to Hodges' way too much information, this was definitely one to remember. Throw in the excellent guest casting, especially Peter "Binky" Stormare (who, if he doesn't get a Emmy nod for this, there is nothing good in this world), and the over-the-top direction, and this was easily the best episode since Grave Danger, if not ever.

    The episodes this season have been a bit more serious than normal, with the (also excellent) Keppler Arc, the engrossing Miniature Killer Arc, and the Grissom x Sidle hullabaloo, so these last two light-hearted, humorous episodes (this, along with Lab Rats) have been just the break we need before the tying up of loose ends that the end of this season portends. Of course, if you don't like your CSI light-hearted or humorous, what have you been watching these last 7 years?

    Bravo, CSI, you've outdone youself again, and reminded everybody who wears the pants in the CSI family, even if they are clown pants...
  • ROTFLMFAO!! Loved it!

    Man, this was great! It was so lame, ridiculous, and cliched but I still loved it. The Snickers and GSR moments were cool. Man, I can't even decide what my favourite scene was. The scene with Greg and Hodges was great. Me and brother were howling with laughter as Hodges went on about his first pick up.

    The flashbacks of when the suspects retold what they did was really ridiculous, but I enjoyed it. Watching Grissom retell what happened to Happy was interesting. Brass seemed kind of annoyed every time Doc Robbins called to say his current suspect didn't do it.

    Watching Doc Robbins tiredly type up Happy's autopsy report was pretty funny.
  • Too Much to Think about.

    Ok I love puzzles but this was just too challenging. But this murder had had too many attempts, too many ways, too many suspects. It got to the point where I forgot that the team was even involved to solve a crime. I was attempting to keep track of the various suspects, motives and various ways the victim had possibily died. There were so much evidence, so many scenes that the team didn't really have a starting point. The true cause of death wasn't truely determined until the end. The team just knew the victim was dead, had enemies and several different possibilities on how he died. Just way to much to put the pieces together. I gave this episode the rating I did because it's CSI.
  • When a has-been boxer is killed, the CSIs must determine who actually killed him.

    The writers for CSI: Crime Scene Invstigation definately did not write this episode very well. (Were the writers of this show actually airheads?). There were moments in the episode that resulted in it getting so rediculous that it was startin to border on rediculousness within the first few minutes. These "moments" were way too much talking about sexual activity and a lack of flow in the episode. Other than that, I would say it was okay. However, this episode still could've been better and I difinately would not recommend people who actually want to see some intelligence to watch this episode.
  • It was well done to see that you can have multiple killers of 1 person and it was tastfully done...WTG GUYS

    It was well done to see that you can have multiple killers of 1 person and it was tastfully done...WTG GUYS This is the way that more should be done. It would have been nice to see more possibilties of the killer. or different possibly things. I had a little problem with the location of the murder.....a brothel couldnt you think of something else. I would have used another kind of poison....But thats just me i still think it was well done and better than the Quenten Tarentino of last year....that one was just freaky....but the last 4 episodes will tell it all
  • This episode had it all and to be serious it was better than expected!

    Well first off this episode had a great GSR moment! It kept me guessing to the end, it contained laughter which was nice to see. We got to see Doc a lot. It was nice to see everyone loosen up a bit. Nice to see Grissom smiling again. I just loved this episode and this makes a great season are these episodes.
  • Keeps you guessing until the end.

    Determining how an ex-boxer died at a brothel leads to big surprises for the team. The story has some clever editing and intersting characters. Brass's attempt to get information from each of the prostitutes at the brothel was nothing short of hilarious. Just when Brass believes he has a suspect with means and opportunity for wanting to see Happy dead, Dr. Robinson call with information that leads the team to another possible suspect and method of death. Was Happy's death the result of a crowbar puncture, cross bow injury, seafood poisoning, or snake venom injection? That is the question that leaves you guessing at the end.
  • Love it!

    Awesome episode! Once you think you know what happened something else happens and throws you off of the mysterious trail of who or what killed the boxer. Lots of funny moments in this episode, one of the funniest i've seen. It had me on the edge of my seat! I love how Brass tells the suspects they have killed "Happy" and they start sobbing because they didn't mean to then shortly after Dr.Robbins calls Brass on his cellphone and says that what said person did is not what caused "happy" to die, then Brass is upset. A must see episode!
  • OY VEY

    Way to much to complecate the human mind with everytime something is seemingly sealed BOOM another plot twist Back and forth who knows what is real or not? Was this guy an imortal geting injected with venom, shot through the neck, smacked with a crobar having an sever allergic reaction, then falling in the water What killed this guy I'll be up for hours trying to decipere this one but still a great episode.
  • Slightly past his prime, once big name boxer dies one night. The CSI team discovers he had not one possible cause of death but many. The quest is therefore not to search for what/who killed him but to eliminate the things that did not.

    In this very creatively episode the dead man was a boxer with an cruel, obnoxious, egotistical, and extremely narcissistic personality.

    The first part of the episode is pretty normal. The one wrinkle to it is that the murder scene is a brothel so all of the investigators are slightly uncomfortable and slightly amused. More uncomfortable and amused than usual, that is.

    Once Happy's body starts getting investigated, one possible murder cause after another is discovered. He really had a rough night!

    All the possible causes of death is what makes this a terrific episode. The writer really used their noodle and created a very plausible - albeit unlikely - circumstance.

    This episode is well worth watching!!
  • The CSI's drive out to a brothel to investigate the death of a former boxer. They learn that basically everyone hated him, and everyone tried to kill him... twice. The investigation gets even more complicated when Doc Robbins can't seem to pinpoint a COD.

    I loved this episode. The characters were all priceless, from Dreama, the sweet-but-creepy prostitute to Binky, the seemingly friendly and open brothel owner. The character interaction was hilarious; for once, the CSI's didn't steal the show.
    The plot was very confusing at first. No one is willing to open up about it, so every other scene reveals something new and shocking. One of my personal favorites is when Nick goes through the girls room and finds, among other things, a crowbar, a taser, a knife, and pepper spray, after being assured that none of the girls own weapons.
    The ever-shifting cause of death was the best part of the episode. It varies from the simple--blunt force trauma, drowning--to the bizarre--shot through the throat with a crossbow and an allergic reaction, somehow introduced through his penis Doc Robbins was a master in this episode. The timing of "that's not what killed him" was perfect, every time.
    And the ending... perfect.
  • First, Lorenzo "Happy" Morales is injected with snake venom, then he gets anaphylactic shock from shrimp, THEN he gets shot by an arrow, THEN he gets hit on the head with a crowbar, THEN he finally dies when he falls into a swimming pool.

    I loved this episode, it was so fascinating and such an amazing coincidence that Happy didn't die from any of the four injuries, but actually accidentally fell into a swimming pool. An example of how rare it must be (the arrow actually prolonged Happy's life, it opened his airway): Catherine- "What were the odds of it not hitting a major artery?" Doc Robbins- "Whatever comes right before zero. Plus, this episode had some funny moments too, such as:
    1. "Do I look like Paula Abdul to you?"
    2. When we see Doc Robbins typing up the report at the end
    3. "And I love you both. Let's go. You're under arrest."
    4. "I toldja, somebody shot ma wife ('s photo, hee)"

    Also, GSR!!!!! "You make me happy!!!" Awww...

    Another brilliant thing about this episode is the interrogation of the prostitutes, they kept changing so the audience could see that Brass was interviewing everyone.

    There are smokers in this episode, but they're not exactly the heroes, so I doubt anyone, after watching "Ending Happy", would suddenly decide to start smoking, unless they were wannabe brothel owners or something.
  • One of the best.

    This show is a little out of character, with the ironic jokes and the dark humor, but it's one that I could watch again and again. The unsub moves from person to person, keeping the viewer guessing, which is really good. I loved the plot and the humor! The med ex calling Brass with each interview is hilarious and keeps the viewer laughing at the frustration. The ridiculous ways in which the members of the cat house attempt to murder the poor guy are outrageous and really laughable. The fact that the poor sap "just keeps on going" is the best piece of the show!
  • One of the Best!

    This episode is my far one of my favorites! The whole case kept me guessing the whole time! there were so many cause of death! and so many twists and turns it was great! in every season of csi there is a couple of episodes that are humerous and fun. this was one of those and it was written beautiflly! the grissom/sara moments in this episode were also amazing! the look sara gave gil at the beginning was priceless and the "you make me happy"!!!!!!!! the writers did a great job at writting that in. it gave character info of gil and info about the relation of sara and gil! not to mentions gil's very grissomy way of telling sara i love you!

    Dont know what else to say about this episode besides stressing my point that it was on of the best! 10 out of 10 for me!
  • The greatest CSI episode ever!


    I only just seen this episode & boy do I wish I had taped it so that if I was ever feeling down that I would watch it & I wouldn't feel down anymore.

    Heck, I'm still laughing about today. 3 Days after watching the episode.

    I never thought that a murder investigation could be so darn funny. I stopped breathing at one point. I just loved this episode.

    Favorite Line? "You think he would have given up & gone home to watch TV" or something like that.

    2nd best line? The lawn chair did it.

    I wonder how many times they had to get through some of those scenes before the finished product. I wouldn't have survived.

    Great episode.
  • Funny.

    The episode was alright, but not my favorite. It just ended in a weird way, but it was funny. A has-been boxer had so many problems going on, but none of them killed him. They kept finding suspects who said they did actions that would have most likely killed the guy, but none of them actually killed him according to the autopsy. The boxer ended up dying after a lounge chair broke which caused him to fall in the pool and he drowned, how funny. He had so many issues going on and then to die like that...was just too funny.
  • A boxer dies in a "whore house". Great GSR scene and a really cute Snickers scene. it was an interesting, and kept you on your toes episode because the suspects changed alot!

    this epsiode was sooooo great!! i mean when Grissom and Sara are talking about sex i was like on the edge of my seat! i loved this episode. and i love the scene with Nick and Sara in the guys trailer with the arrow in the wall! Great episode!!! i could litterally watch this episode over and over again because it is funny and it has some really great scenes in it. i like the writing in this. the plot of this episode was really good, and different. i liked that the suspects changed a whole bunch, it kept the episode interesting and kind of suspecfull in the way that you really dont know who did it until the end because everyone had something to do with his death.
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