CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 21

Ending Happy

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The "arrows" which were shot are clearly arrows. Arrows are shot from bows. The shooter is clearly using a crossbow, however. The similar objects shot by crossbows are bolts, or quarrels, and are shorter and generally much thicker through the shaft, partly to take the extra stress of the force used by a crossbow. They also would not have made a narrow hole through the throat as a result of this.

  • Quotes

    • Catherine: Smashed with a crowbar, shot by a crossbow, poisoned by shrimp, and now bitten by a snake.

    • Brass (about a suspect singing in interrogation): Do I look like Paula Abdul to you?

    • Nick: Hey, Catherine called and said that we might not be lookin' for a bullet no more.
      Sara: Did she happen to say what we are looking for?
      Nick: Not a bullet.

    • Sara (looking in the pool's filter): Beer caps, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, used condoms. This is one pool that I'm not feeling a pressing need to take a dip in.
      Nick: Me neither.

    • Greg: You know, I kind of feel bad for these girls.
      Hodges: Don't feel too bad. They have health benefits, good pay. The women get regular check-ups. The industry is well-regulated. As opposed to picking a hooker up off the street. Does she have a disease? Multiple diseases? Is she crazy? Is she gonna roll you? Where do you go? Do you do it in your car, behind a building, down a dark alley? So you drive around, scared out of your mind, finally get the nerve up, pick one you like, call her over, she gets in. Next thing you know, you're down on the pavement, cuffed, because she's an undercover cop, but luckily you were three months shy of your eighteenth birthday so when you call your mom to come get you, it doesn't go on my permanent record.
      Greg (momentarily speechless): ... Okay.

    • Brass: So the guy in took an arrow through the throat and it prolonged his life?
      Dr. Robbins: Apparently.
      Catherine: And what are the odds of it not hitting any major artery?
      Dr. Robbins: Whatever comes right before zero.

    • Milton: 'I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to earth, I knew not where; For, so swiftly it flew, the sight. Could not follow it in its flight. Long, long'...
      Nick: Sir, that's, that's really sweet.
      Milton: That's Longfellow. What do you kids know about poetry?
      Sara: Nick, the arrow came in through that window.
      Nick: Yeah.
      Milton: Even an idiot could see that. (Nick goes out, looks around and finds another arrow, he comes back)
      Nick: Hey Sara, I found another arrow shot into the ground near that old tool shed.
      Sara: Maybe the shooter got nervous.
      Nick: Well, to work in a Brothel you're required to register your fingerprints. So...
      Sara: I'm almost done here, I'll catch up.
      Nick: Okay. I'll let you know if we get lucky.
      Sara (turns to Milton and finishes the poem): 'A long time afterward, in an oak I found the arrow, still unbroke; And the song, from beginning to end, found again in the heart of a friend.' Keep the faith Milton.

    • Brass: So, what did you do last night?
      Hooker: A guy came in and he brought his eighteen year old son, and I made him a man. I popped his man cherry.

    • Binky: You, I want you to catch this person. Find him please. And, you know... Anytime you boys need a break, we have something here we call a cop special.
      Doris (winks): You'll like it.
      Binky: Any girl, no charge. And one complimentary drink.
      Doris: Oh, two!
      Binky: Okay, two complimentary drinks, and one appetizer of your choice here at the bar. Tonight we're having...
      Doris: Babaganoosh.
      Binky: Yeah.
      Brass: Well thank you, thank you very much. You two really run a mom and pop operation. And now, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk to the hookers.
      Doris: Hooking is what girls do out on the street. Here we prefer the term pleasure provider.

    • Sara (after putting her hand in the water): Feels like bath water. It's gotta be ninety degrees. There's no way we're going to get an accurate TOD.
      Grissom: Places like this always keep their pools warm, it encourages the girls to swim topless. It's good for business. (at Sara's look) So they tell me.

    • Grissom: Where's your coroner?
      Ned: Couldn't get him on the horn. Probably out in some barn, up to his elbows in a cow's vagina.
      Sara: Excuse me?
      Ned: Oh yeah, coroner's a part time gig here in Bryant County. He's a veterinarian. That's his money gig.

    • Grissom: Twenty-five people here last night, and nobody sees anything.
      Passing Girl: Nice hat honey.
      Sara: So, uh, you've been to a place like this before?
      Grissom: I worked a murder/suicide at the Naughty Kitty once.
      Sara: No, no. Come on, you know what I mean.
      Grissom: As a customer? No.
      Sara: You've never paid for sex?
      Grissom: I have not. I find the whole idea very bleak.
      Sara: Really? How come?
      Grissom: Sex should provide the opportunity for human connection, but paid sex does the opposite of that. To me, sex without love is... pointless. It makes you sad.
      Sara: Well, I'm pretty sure I don't make you sad.
      Grissom: No. You make me happy.

    • Nick: You know what a good defence attorney's gonna say to all this don't you?
      Catherine: What?
      Nick: The lawn chair did it.

    • (Brass and Grissom watch and listen on the monitors when Binky and Doris talk in one of their rooms)
      Doris: That's why you did it. That's why you fed me the shrimp.
      Binky: I feed you shrimps because I love you. And you love shrimp, no?
      Doris: Don't play dumb with me, George. Somehow you figured out that Happy was allergic.
      Binky: Oh, you crazy talk, crazy.
      Doris: No, it's all clear to me now. How long have you known?
      Binky: Known about what?
      Doris: About me and Happy.
      Binky: Oh, you were doing boxer?
      Doris: Screw you, George. You know damn well I was.
      Binky: I don't care if you have your flingy-flingys. We're living in America, no? I mean everybody's entitled to pursuit of happy. What's done is done, Doris. He was turning into big drag. He's dead now. May God take his soul and rest.
      Doris: You're setting me up, George.
      Binky: I ... (Binky turns and notices the mic. He shushes Doris)
      Doris: Now don't you shush me, George. You know what? You've pulled some really out-to-lunch crap in your life, George, but this ... is ... (Binky grabs her face and turns her head and points to the mic. She stops)
      Binky: What you just said ...
      Doris: I didn't mean it. That was just crazy talk. Yeah. I mean, nobody would ever possibly believe, not for a single solitary moment, I mean not for a single solitary moment, that you, that I, that Happy ...
      Binky: Oh, come here, baby, baby, come. (Binky awkwardly holds Doris)
      Doris: Oh. I love you.
      Binky: I love you.
      Doris: I love you.
      Brass (comes in): And I love you both.

    • Old Man (hands over picture of his wife with an arrow sticking out of it): I told ya, somebody shot my wife.

    • Greg: Open up please.
      Hooker: Honey, come by and see me later. I can show you a better way to get DNA. (the other girls giggle)

    • Hooker (holding Sheriff's belt): Ned, you left this in my room again.
      Sheriff: Oh, thanks Aimee.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Grissom said that the victim (Happy Morales) once fought Leroy Steel. This was one of the victims in the Season 3 episode "Fight Night."

    • Happy's death has many parallels with that of Rasputin. Happy is shot, hit with a crow bar, suffers an allergic reaction, poisoned then ends up in the swimming pool. Rasputin was poisoned, beaten, shot then thrown in a river. He also had an allergy to sugar, but it isn't known if that contributed to his death.

      He also had an enormous sexual appetite, and was rumoured to have a relationship with the wife of the Tsar. Similarities again with Happy's use of the cat house and Binky's wife.

    • (the suspect sings a song to Brass)
      Brass: Do I look like Paula Abdul to you?

      This is a reference to the reality-competition show American Idol in which three judges, one of which is Paula Abdul, get sung to on a regular basis.

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