CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 21

Ending Happy

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Brass and Grissom watch and listen on the monitors when Binky and Doris talk in one of their rooms)
      Doris: That's why you did it. That's why you fed me the shrimp.
      Binky: I feed you shrimps because I love you. And you love shrimp, no?
      Doris: Don't play dumb with me, George. Somehow you figured out that Happy was allergic.
      Binky: Oh, you crazy talk, crazy.
      Doris: No, it's all clear to me now. How long have you known?
      Binky: Known about what?
      Doris: About me and Happy.
      Binky: Oh, you were doing boxer?
      Doris: Screw you, George. You know damn well I was.
      Binky: I don't care if you have your flingy-flingys. We're living in America, no? I mean everybody's entitled to pursuit of happy. What's done is done, Doris. He was turning into big drag. He's dead now. May God take his soul and rest.
      Doris: You're setting me up, George.
      Binky: I ... (Binky turns and notices the mic. He shushes Doris)
      Doris: Now don't you shush me, George. You know what? You've pulled some really out-to-lunch crap in your life, George, but this ... is ... (Binky grabs her face and turns her head and points to the mic. She stops)
      Binky: What you just said ...
      Doris: I didn't mean it. That was just crazy talk. Yeah. I mean, nobody would ever possibly believe, not for a single solitary moment, I mean not for a single solitary moment, that you, that I, that Happy ...
      Binky: Oh, come here, baby, baby, come. (Binky awkwardly holds Doris)
      Doris: Oh. I love you.
      Binky: I love you.
      Doris: I love you.
      Brass (comes in): And I love you both.