CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 22

Evaluation Day

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 10, 2001 on CBS

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  • While Grissom and Willows investigate a head in the trunk of a car, Sara and Nick investigate a headless body found in the desert.

    This episode is a bit of a letdown coming on the heels of the excellent previous episode. It's not terrible, but there are far better episodes this season. I also found that I was not all that engaged in this episode as I was with pretty much every other episode in season one. I was interested in knowing where both stories would go, but once we reached the end, I was like "OK". There are many unforgettable episodes in the first season. However "Evaluation Day", while not all that bad, is not one of them.

    I came into . late. 0nly from Season 3 onward did I start watching. I made a mission to get every season on DVD & I finally got Season 1 on DVD as my 27th birthday present on June 1st, 2004 from my older brother Jason. I was watching Seasons 1 & 2 on SPIKE & I was watching all of Season 1 up to GENTLE, GENTLE & had 4 left to watch, then SPIKE for reasons still unknown, took a warp zone to Season 3. THE ACCUSED IS ENTITLED airing on Friday January 2nd, 2004 instead of this episode. Not until I got the DVD was I able to finally see this episode. From the night of my 27th birthday, 1 thing has always pissed me off about this episode. Guest stars Shonda Farr & Keri Lynn Pratt both shared all of their scenes TOGETHER, neither actress had more screentime then the other. Keri Lynn Pratt was properly credited in the guest list following the show intro, Shonda Farr on the other hand was exiled to the closing credits. I am still furious as to why they were given such unequal billing. It makes no goddamned sense at all. They had down the microsecond equal screentime, but were billed so disproportionately. WHY, WHY, WHY???!!! It still makes no sense. It never will make sense. I wanna meet the producers to ask them this. I would feel like a real jerkoff If I were Shonda Farr. She got hosed. I wonder If Keri Lynn Pratt was confused.
  • Evaluations are due. A gorilla corpse is found, prompting Sara to her own personal investigation. And a friend of Warrick is in trouble again.

    My favorite funny moments in this episode:
    Grissom: do you really think a woman could do this?
    Catherin: I could
    Grissom: scared of you...

    Grissom and the Dr. Robbins excitement over boiling the head

    Grissom and Warrick riding the roller coaster

    Not my favorite episode, but alright.

    Okay, maybe it's I'm just sheltered, but why the heck are almost all college student/teenagers on this show displayed as parters delinquents? I'm twenty years old and I have never, and I do mean never, been to a wild party, played strip poker (much less undressed in front of some random guy i met at a bar), or taken illegal drugs, and what's more is I have absolutely no desire to and neither do the people I hang out with. I mean seriously, what is attractive about being stupid and out of control and then not being able to remember it in the morning. All that sounds like to me is a recipe for a whole lot of guilt and regrets. Are most people really like this? If so, I'm not sure I want to know.

    Secondly, the gorilla thing was kinda weird.
  • ...

    Really Good Episode, Great Cast Again! And A Really Interesting Storyline, Plus A Really Good Episode Name, Well Suited! Was Definitly One Of The Best Episodes Upto Yet In The Series! And Was A Definate Series Classic! A Really Good 2nd Las Episode For Seaosn 1! Just Hoping That Season 1's Last Episode Will Be Just As Good... Preferably Better! And Hopefully The 7 Later Series Will Be Great! Why 100 Words? Why Why Why? Why 100 Words? Why Why Why? Why 100 Words? Why Why Why? Why 100 Words? Why Why Why? Why 100 Words? Why Why Why?
  • It's evaluation day.

    A head is found in the trunk of a car, & 2 drunk women are driving. Grissom & Catherine investigate.

    Sara & Nick investigate a headless body found in the desert. At the autopsy Doc Robbins reveals that the body isn't human & Terri gets called in to identify what species the body belongs to.

    Warrick looks into a murder in juvenile detention. His young friend James (from Crate & Burrial) is the only witness. If James testifies, he's dead. And if he doesn't he'll be spending most of his life in prison. Warrick tries to find enough evidence so that the DA won't need James' testimony.

    Nick isn't too happy in this episode because Grissom still won't let him work solo on a case, when Warrick, who was promoted to CSI level 3 after Nick got to work solo a few times. Grissom tells Nick that he doesn't think he's ready yet & to prove his point gives him a simple riddle.

    We also learn that Catherine just filed for divorce.

    Grissom evaluates his team:

    Catherine gets a "Keep up the good work"

    Nick won't tell Sara what he got on his evaluation. Saying that it was private.

    Grissom's evaluation for Sara: "Overall performance: Outstanding." "Ability
    to prioritize:" ... "Improvement needed."

    And finally Warrick was sitting in his evaluation as the episode ended.
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