CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 17

Face Lift

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2001 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A body is found in a pottery store in what's apparently a robbery that was interrupted. Fingerprints at the scene seem to match a twenty year old kidnapping case. Sara and Warrick look into a case where a woman burned to death in her home. The woman was burned to an ash but only the chair she was in was burned, the rest of the house is fine. Sara believes they have a case of spontaneous combustion.moreless

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  • This was the first episode I ever saw.

    Who every could have guessed that this would be the episode that would start me on my path to CSI insanity? Not me when I sat down to watch it. I actually managed to see this episode twice before I saw any other episode, which, when you think about it, is kinda weird. But this is supposed to be a review about the episode not how this was the first episode I ever saw so let me move on...

    ...Tammy was evil from the start, that much I could tell. If she was crazy or not, that may be up for debate. I liked how they continued the plot from this episode in the next season. I felt sorry for the parents who felt that they had to bail their daughter out of jail even though she was kidnapped many years ago. My favorite part of the episode was when Greg told Nick how there was unarinam and Nick thought he would start glowing green. Easily the best part of the episode. When Catherine was talking to Tammy in the jail cell, that part was well acted. Pretty good episode overall.moreless
  • A previously unsolved disappearance of a little girl is re-opened when a recent pottery store was robbed and contained her adult finger print. Her parents are overjoyed, but they'll soon find that this is not the daughter they remember.moreless

    This is a very interesting episode , other than “Blood Drops” this is got to be the best episode of the first season. It keeps you guessing from the start of how the girl was kidnapped, by who, and what was her finger print was found in the pottery store. I recommend seeing this episode to anyone. This is one of the greats and you will be hooked from the beginning to the end. There is also an appearance by Grissom’s love interest at the time, who helps in aging the photographs to help identify the woman. Grissom and Catherine try to convict her, but in the end they find that hardened by her deceived parents.moreless
  • Spontanious combustion?

    This episode was excellent. One of the best this season.

    A body is found in a pottery store in what's apparently a robbery that was interrupted. Grissom, Nick & Catherine investigate and one of the fingerprints found at the scene matches athe fingerprint of a 5 year old kidnapped 20 years ago.

    Sara & Warricks case was funny. A woman is burned to ashes and only the chair she was in was burned the rest of the house is ok and Sara believes they have a case of spontaneous combustion. Warrick thinks there's a scientific explenation but Sara wants to keep an open mind.

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Joan McMurtrey

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Warrick makes a tracing of the knife, he does so rather sloppily. The two lines he makes do not meet each other, and the top one extends past the knife. Yet, when they measure the wound castings for the "blunt object", the tracing is perfectly done, with one solid line going from top to bottom.

    • Goof: In this episode, Teri Miller is a forensic artist. But in the earlier episodes "Who Are You?" and "To Halve and to Hold," she was a forensic anthropologist.

    • Goof: Grissom mentions Peter Parker being bitten by the radioactive spider and becoming Spider-Man "back in the fifties". Spider-Man actually first appeared in 1962.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Warrick: How do you know about Sara's theory?
      David: Word gets around.
      Warrick: No, you're just siding with Sara 'cause you have a crush on her.
      David: No, that's why I wore a clean coat.

    • Nick (referring to the uranium they found): Which is radioactive. Do we need to evacuate the building or anything?
      Greg: The amount is trace. We should be fine.
      Nick: You sure?
      Greg: No.

    • Nick: Do you have the results on the swab yet?
      Greg: Uh ...
      Nick: Uh... from the dead guy at the pottery store? The coroner sent over a sample. You were supposed to analyze the mineral content.
      Greg: Oh, yeah, I'm sorry. Grissom has just been running me around like a lapdog. I haven't had a chance.
      Nick: Grissom's on a missing persons.. he hasn't sent you anything.
      Greg: Did I say Grissom? No, I meant Catherine.
      Nick: Oh, yeah. Catherine's working with me.
      Greg: Oh. Well, what do you say we check out that swab then, huh?
      Nick: Great.
      Greg: Don't you ever goof off, huh? Do you ever get a little lost in life?
      Nick: No.

    • Catherine: Hey, Doc, you have a comb?
      Nick: Your hair looks great, Cath.
      Catherine: Gee, thanks, Nick.

    • Nick: I should get a finders fee. (holds up the gloves) Here, one for each of you.

    • Grissom (to Catherine): You and I have an appointment with our shrink.

    • Grissom: I think our robbery suspect is a homicide victim.
      Catherine: One way to beat the rap.

    • Grissom: I have a question.
      Teri: Okay?
      Grissom: Since I screwed up our last date, would we ever have dinner again?
      Teri: Oh we'll have dinner... just not together.

    • Sara: Interesting voicemail you left me.
      Warrick: What's that?
      Sara: Meet me behind CSI and bring a night gown? I'll wear it for you but uh, I prefer pajamas.

    • Grissom: I hear that Greg found uranium on the swab from Felton's skull.
      Nick: Yeah, he says I'm okay, but you know Greg. Tell me, am I radiating a green glow?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Brass: Maybe Miss Mirror has Two Faces is playing us for fools.

      The Mirror Has Two Faces was a 1996 film starring Jeff Bridges and Barbara Streisand.

    • The final scene between Catherine and Tammy Felton (in the jail) mimics the final scene between Richard Gere (Martin Vail) and Edward Norton (Aaron Stampler and Roy) in the 1996 film Primal Fear.

    • Sara (to Warrick): We are experimenting on a pig again? You know I haven't eaten meat since Grissom used one to estimate post mortem insect growth.

      This is a reference to the earlier episode "Sex, Lies and Larvae."

    • Grissom: You'll be fine, Silkwood.

      He says this as Nick is washing his hands, having found uranium in trace. It is a reference to the character of Karen Silkwood in the 1983 film Silkwood, telling the true story of a worker at a plutonium plant who was intentionally infected with radioactivity and possibly murdered before she could tell her story to reporters.