CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 17

Fallen Idols

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on CBS
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Grissom and his team are discouraged when they find a pool of blood as they begin investigating the disappearance of a high school basketball star and his cheerleader girlfriend.Grissom's quip that the young lovers may have run off to Mexico is soon quashed by the discovery of drops of blood by Ryan's vacant parking spot at the school. After finding a letterman jacket and cheerleading sweater in the field house and a pool of Ryan's blood nearby, the team tries to determine what went awry.moreless

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  • A one of the those everyday, reality episodes.

    Although this wasn't my favorite episode of CSI, I still liked this episode. It wasn't the best we've seen, but since it did preceed "Monster in the Box", which was an amazing episode, no one could really get too upset over it. The plot to this episode was fairly fresh. The last episode that is kind of like this one was "Iced" from season 5. It was a very melodramatic episode. It just kept buliding suspense, which boosted the episode's appeal. I did not like how they found the boy with the teacher. It just made you go "Yuck!" I was also a little disappointed with the ending. Oh well, it was still a farily good episode.moreless
  • yay CSI rocks! this is exactly why I love it!

    Yay I cannot believe this episode. First of all I love Evanescence! Evanescence and CSI how good can it get. And that was one of the most twisted storyline and plot I have ever seen. That was so awesome!And it was so not fair that they all got punished except for Meagan.I love CSI....any way I can't wait for next CSI.It makes me so sad when it is off for a few weeks but the ending of this episode is awesome.Oh the shaving scene was so awesome.Are they like living together now or what? I hope we get to see a kiss or something soon.moreless
  • High school dramas with the basketball star and cheerleaders..

    Some high school tragedies involving cheerleaders and basketball players as the team investigates the brutal death of a cheerleader. At the start of the episode, Grissom is cranky about the fact that Brass made him get out of bed early on a Saturday morning to investigate the disappearance of the basketball star and his girlfriend. Creepy bipolar photography teacher wanting to be Mrs. Robinson..

    The photography department did a wonderful job and the portraits of the students with their aspiring goals were really well done. Some more character development in the Sara and Grissom relationship with a sneak peak at the couple having an intimate moment when Sara shaves Grissom’s beard. The angle which was shot with Sara holding the razor knife makes it all mysterious when she asks Grissom if he trusts her.moreless
  • One of the episodes that made season seven so great. (CONTAINS SPOILERS! CONTAINS SPOILERS!)

    Season seven, I believe, is perhaps the most lavish season of CSI that I have yet to see. The whole episode kept me at the end of my seat, and I was in no way expecting the ending to be as it was. This episode may be favoured by some for it's lack of graphic gore, but even those who prefer CSI to be violent could find this to be a choice episode. (SPOILERS) The ending, with the pictures of Ryan all over the warehouse, and his dead body on the bed beside the photographer's cadaver was one of the best scenes of the episode. (END OF SPOILERS)moreless
  • This as to be my favorite episode of all time! Nice to see the team do a case all together without any drama!

    I love it! The begining was really good. Nick looked so hott in this episode! Catherine made me laugh when she found the crabs. The hole case kept me guessing, and i still can't believe they let Megan go after killing her boyfriend. The talk between Sara and Warrick was the best, nice to see those two get along. But my favorite part of it all is the ending with the GSR! I loved it when Grissom said he trusted her...it was the best! I screamed at the scene and my mom looked at me wierd. By far the best yet!moreless
Reiley McClendon

Reiley McClendon

Charlie Kellerman

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Lyndsy Fonseca

Lyndsy Fonseca

Megan Cooper

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Matt Lanter

Matt Lanter

Ryan Lansco

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Archie Kao

Archie Kao

Archie Johnson

Recurring Role

Wallace Langham

Wallace Langham

David Hodges

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Larry Mitchell

Larry Mitchell

Officer Mitchell

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Warrick takes the pill case from the hand of the professor of photography (dead) you can clearly see her thumb move.

    • Goof: The Bears, the home team in the basketball game, was wearing gold, and the visiting team was wearing white. This is a violation of basketball rules, since the home team is supposed to wear light colored uniforms, and the visitors are to wear dark ones.

    • The Friend Agenda Website that Warrick and Grissom log onto hosting Ryan Lansco's Profile is most likely a fictional version of Myspace.

    • Goof: Grissom imediately identifies the memory card recovered during the autopsy as being "from a camera". However, what they had was a general purpose memory card, which, in addition to cameras, can be used in phones, handhelds, computers and other electronic devices. There was no way to tell whether it was from a camera without reading its contents. Grissom usually doesn't make assumptions like that.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Sam Cooper: Captain, please. Find my daughter before she does something stupid.
      Linda Lansco: Stupid I can live with. I need to know they're okay.

    • Brass: I mean, I don't want to make this about me, but I need to know my office is not responsible.
      Doc Robbins: Did you hit her over the head?

    • Warrick: What is this Grissom? Romeo and Juliet.
      Grissom: Post-Mortem photography. Memento Mori. In the nineteenth century the photo of the dead loved one was a popular keepsake. Death remembered. One last look.

    • Grissom: Men are never as mysterious as women wish they were.

    • Sara: You rang?
      Archie: Yes, found the owner of that cell phone.
      Sara: Megan.
      Archie: Nope. Sheila Latham.
      Sara: What is Megan's best friend's cell phone doing in the front seat of her boyfriend's van?
      Archie (singing): If that's your boyfriend, if that's your boyfriend...
      Sara and Archie: He wasn't last night.

    • Catherine (on seeing the crabs on the sleeping bag): Ugh.
      Grissom: You okay? (Catherine turns the monitor so that he can see the crabs) Pthirus Pubis.
      Catherine: Yeah, crabs. I am buying Lindsey a chastity belt.
      Grissom: There's a... hole in the metal to let the urine pass, so theoretically she could still get them.
      Catherine: You are so creepy sometimes.

    • Greg: Wish I had one of these back in high school.
      Nick: What's that, a letter jacket?
      Greg: No. No, a love shack. Back seat of my car got real old, real fast. I was getting so much play my senior year, I seriously considered getting a hearse.
      Nick: Well, I never accused you of not being smart Greg. A little weird but... a hearse?

    • Grissom: Hey Nick?
      Nick: Yeah.
      Grissom: This looks like arterial spray. Something bad happened here.

    • (phone conversation)
      Brass: The last place the kids were seen was in the parking lot of the school after the game.
      Grissom: These two kids have only been missing for fourteen hours. They could have eloped to Mexico.
      Brass: I know it's a favor, but...
      Grissom: All right, but you owe me one for getting me out of bed on a Saturday morning.

    • Grissom (voiceover): Primitive people refused to be photographed, fearing the camera would steal their soul. Like any good hunter, the photographer stalks, takes aim, and shoots an image. Who's to say that when a shutter traps that moment in time, those primitive fears weren't well founded.

    • Brass: Now, I remember why I don't like modern art.

    • Greg: Sheila.
      Archie: And... Some dude.
      Nick: Some dude named Charlie.

    • Sara: Something tells me pink is not Ryan's color.
      Warrick: I dunno, I think he might be always (holds up a girl's pink underwear) thinking pink.

    • Nick: So, what's with the ropes, Casanova?
      Greg: Well, I'd say that what started as a good time went bad.

    • Warrick: If these panties all belong to one girl, she's got nothing left to wear.

    • Sara: You know, when I was in college, I had this boyfriend -- and I thought we were monogamous. Then one night during the post-coital panty search, he handed a pair of underwear that wasn't mine.
      Warrick: Ooh! How'd he explain that one?
      Sara: He said they belonged to his sister...
      Warrick: Yeah, right ... Let's hope your taste in men has improved.
      Sara: Yeah...

    • Sara (about to shave Grissom's face): Do you trust me?
      Grissom: Intimately. (they wink at each other)

    • Sara: High school student with a van...I'll bet half the senior class is in here.

    • Warrick: What's a photography teacher doing touching a student's van?
      Grissom (mock seriously): Maybe she wanted a ride.

    • Doc Robbins: And she had crabs.
      Grissom: Well, I know where she got them from. Or gave them to.

    • Nick: And how does your theory account for the fact that all the blood's Ryan's?
      Greg: It...doesn't.

    • Hodges (to Grissom): I'd know those footsteps anywhere.

    • Grissom (after swabbing the pavement): Yeah, it's blood. I hope they're in Mexico.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Padlé idoly (Fallen Idols)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: March 9, 2007 on Kanal 5
      Czech Republic: December 18, 2008 on TV Nova

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      Good Enough- Evanescence
      If That's Your Boyfriend He Wasn't Last Night- Me'Shell NdegéOcello
      Lithium- Nirvana
      The Best Deceptions- Dashboard Confessionals
      The View-Dryburugh Style- The View
      Word Up- Willis


    • Nick: So what's with the ropes, Casanova?

      Born in 1725, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova failed an attempt at life in the church, and went on to become a world famous lover. He died in 1798 of a urinary tract infection.

    • Nick: I wish I had selective amnesia. There's a lot in my past I'd like to forget.

      This is could be references to the Season 2 episodes "Overload" (when Nick admits to being abused by a last-minute babysitter) and "Stalker" (here he came face-to-face with a man who invaded his attic, monitored his every move, and even committed murder in order to "become" more like Nick), and the two-part Season 5 finale " Grave Danger (1) & (2)" (in which he was buried alive).

    • Memento Mori: Grissom quotes this Latin phrase, citing the practice of photographing the dead as they are laid out as a memorial. However, he mistranslates it as meaning remember the dead. A more accurate translation is remember you are mortal.

      The customs surrounding memento mori have varied over the years, being expressed in art, music, literature, and, more recently, photography and other contemporary art forms. The interpretation has also varied from celebrating life by living for the moment to living in perpetual fear of death.