CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 10 Episode 1

Family Affair

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on CBS

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  • A great season Premiere

    This premiere was superb. I mean this is a good improvement after a passable 9 season. The episode talks about the death of a rising star, later we found that nothing as we seems is what happened. A Well written and directed episode, has come back! Yay! I love that "move". Also the emotive talk between Sara and Catherine between all that Riley wirte about her it was so good. I love it.
  • The crime lab is attacked and Sara comes back to help.

    This was a very exciting start to the new season which shows the crime lab attacked in slow motion at the beginning and goes back 48 hours later to build up to the attack Things go worse for the lab when Riley leaves and leaves a bad review about the lab I was very happy about the return of Sara which is really what the show needs after Grissom left and they get Sara back who was there from the beginning and is some one you can trust I was really shocked about Gregg's crime scene leading to the attack who was the father of Olivia Hamilton who is the first victim in the episode The people who attacked the lab taken the body and destroyed it but the CSI's still managed to catch the killer The episode still left a mystery for the next episode when Langston looks inside the body of a different victim that has nothing to do with the case and sees something inside which is going to be something that we will only see in the next episode.
  • Wow...

    The opening scene got me hooked on the episode straight away. With an opening that good, you have to watch the entire episode without any breaks. I love how once again Dr. Robbins proved to be a badass, despite his disability. I also love Ray's kick to the mafia guy, Hodges' dive while holding Wendy. The entire scene was really well thought out.

    When I saw the opening scene, I thought that the woman shooting at the van was Sara, and I was glad to see that I was right. Great to have her back, would love Grissom back too though.

    Couldn't care less about Riley leaving, and I see that they were trying to make the fans hate the character by making her leave those horrible things about one of the main characters most fans love. The writers didn't put much into her character or storyline, if anything at all, so that doesn't bother me.

    After the whole Greg getting angry about being given the bum scene, I knew that the "bum" was to be the one in the body bag being stolen. It was obvious.

    Great episode, I would have liked this to be the 200th episode rather than that crappy episode we had last season. Amazing season opener.
  • Wow. This episode reminds me why I like this show. Grissom and Sara were very important characters. And after them, everything changed.

    Spoiler alert! Opening scenes are quite different and awesome. In this one, the case is good but the really important thing is the dynamic between the CSI's. Sara is always one of my favorites. And with her existence, this episode is more interesting and meaningful to me. She and Catherine's talk is awesome and also so emotional. There's just one more thing I have to talk about. Greg and Sara. They have a great chemistry on-screen. Last year's episodes are not so good. I hope, this new season will be amusing, thrilling and effective as expected. I wish we'll see more episodes with Sara and hopefully Grissom. I absolutely love this season's premier. It feels like meeting a good old friend.
  • Old good csi

    A good start to season ten. This episode reminds me of the old and good csi, and why i like this show so much. The teaser was a good way to start the season(after the failing of most of the previous season) showing us also a nice surprise. Sara is back. Riley was a good character, but they didn't develop it well and couldn't believe she wrote and most of all thought all those things about catherine!! I think Catherine is really a good leader.
  • The 10th Season Begins With The Team Investigating The Death Of A Famous Actress, Olivia Hamilton. An Old Team Member Comes To Help In The Investigation.

    "Family Affair" is in my opinion one of the best episodes to date in the series. Not even words can't tell you how much I loved this episode. Let's start with the case. It was very interesting and entertaining. The opening scene in my opinion is one of the bests to date. I also liked the scene where Nick tries to become "The Bugman" (Grissom). I loved the scene where Langston was promoted to CSI level two. Also it was nice to see Riley leave. She was depressing and boring. I was not a big fan of Sara before she left, but after Riley, she is very refreshing. The best and the most heart-breaking scene was when Sara told Catherine how good leader she actually is. It was fantastic. Marg Helgenberger is a great actress. The conclusion to the case was very good. The ending was the second best scene in this episode. The chemistry between Catherine and Nick is outstanding. You can't miss this awesome episode!!
  • awwww man! >.< this review is not for Sarah fans that's for sure. here there be spoilers.

    Finally we got rid of Riley! the quintessential non character. Non interesting non engaging, just a space filler. And who shows up? Sidle *groans*

    i started watching csi when it premiered and was a loyal viewer until GSR fans got what they wanted in that hotel room. I stopped watching for a year, then i came back because i was told it wasn't being rubbed in our faces. but i didn't like the miniature killer story arc so i stopped watching again. this summer i started from episode one and watched all of the episodes until now. I jumped for joy when Sarah left, and was on the verge of tuning in for real (not on netflix), until now.

    This episode is filled with twists and turns and just plain excellent. I truly enjoyed the attack on the lab. This would have been a ten start episode except for one thing.

    Why did the first truly good, episode have to have her? i was enjoying the conflict and investigative techniques until she showed up. srlsy? i know i'm watching these late but i'm guessing all of last seasons good writers were working on this comeback episode so Sidle couldn't ruin it. Well at least Jorga Fox is a better actress. Let's hope this won't last and Ms. Fox gets a much better awesome job. Please let CSI stand on its own. She left, please let her go and continue the show in a way that makes more viewers happy. i would hate to turn CSI of for good this time. What are we going to see next? Warrick is actually in witness protection?
  • Sara's back.....but still no Grissom

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. We open this season with a time freeze. As we move throughout the lab and the building, we see everything frozen in time. And yes it was true what I heard, the 1st minute is beautiful, but also reminded me a little too much of the Matrix. We then jump back to 48 hour earlier to one big ass scary spider. We open knowing that Riley has now left CSI, and they are short handed. And Langston becomes a CSI 2. The team then head to a crime scene where we learn that the victim is a rising young star (Olivia Hamilton) who was killed in a car accident.
    While everyone on the team works the death of Olivia, Greg has to work the death of an old man. During the autopsy, we learn that Olivia was pregnant when she died. Ecklie tells Catherine that he is adding a new CSI to her shift, and one that has been around the block. When the team look through the drunk drivers belongings (who is still alive but in hospital) we learn that he was stalking the young actress. Ray gets a letter saying that the board has cleared him of the death that happened in the season finale (if you could call it a finale). Hodges lets slip about the actress's case and soon it is front page news. We soon learn that the drunk driver wasn't driving the car that killed the actress. Someone else was and then after the accident, he was placed in the driver's seat. As Ecklie and Catherine have words over how she runs the team, enter the new shift CSI Sara Sidle. We quickly learn that she and Grissom are now married. Grissom is in Paris giving a lecture and when Ecklie phoned to see if she could recommend anyone, she offered to help out. When Catherine does what Ecklie said and reads Riley's exit interview, she claims that Catherine basically can't run the team. Soon Hodges tells Catherine that he was the one who let slip about the killer, but it wasn't on purpose and it wasn't an agent and not a reporter. She tells him not to do it again. Catherine talks to Sara about what she read in Riley's exit interview and Sara tells her she knows how to manage her team, and the only thing Grissom had that she doesn't, is her. Then we see David going back into the morgue, and into utter chaos. Water is running, bodies are hanging out of slab trays. We then see some men in black leaving carrying one of the body's in a bag. David tries to stop them but he can't so he calls security. But I find it a little hard to believe that they could all walk through the lab and hardly anyone tries to stop them, especially when you can clearly see one of them carrying a dead body over his shoulder (and I hardly think this is the new fashion accessory of the season). As they leave in a van, Sara and Nick shot at them.
    We soon learn that they didn't take Olivia's body, but the John Doe Greg was working on. When DNA is run, we learn that he was Olivia's father. Soon the van used is found, and so is what's left of his body. They put his body through a wood chipper. We soon learn that the agent who killed Olivia also killed her father. Soon through x-rays taken of the body before it was taken, we learn that the father swallowed a cufflink and so he is arrested for the father's death, but not for Olivia's. Catherine calls Nick(y) in to her office and tells him that she could do this job without him (which I doubt). And so she gives him a promotion and now he is Assistant Supervisor for Grave. As the episode ends, we see Ray and Doc at an autopsy, and as they discover something the screen goes to black. Hopefully they will pick up at this point in the next episode, but knowing what CSI has been like for the past couple of months, probably not. Ok so it wasn't excellent, but it was ok. A huge improvement on what the season 9 finale was, but still not as good as CSI used to be.
  • This episode reminds me that Grissom is missing.

    I think Raymond's character should be develop into something more unique and not to give viewer the feeling like he is trying to imitate Grissom. As in the part where he was kneeling next to the SUV and said "Doesn't really matter what he has to say, everything we need to know is right here in front of us."

    It was fresh to see him in the previous season. He should have his own trademark, not take over Grissom role. We need something fresh in the show.

    Secondly why is Nick Stokes suddenly become obsessed with spiders? Another traits from Grissom?
  • I had given up... but I'm back again!

    I missed seasons 8 and 9 and I had no intention of watching season 10 but well, I gave it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. The way the episode began was brilliant and original. Even when Sara was my least favorite character, I was very happy and surprised to see her back. She looked more relaxed, more eager to help, I guess marriage becomes her. That conversation she had with Catherine was very good and important and she was right, Catherine needed a 'she' on the team so she can focus her attention on different stuff. I liked the whole case. But the cliffhanger was more exciting. Can't wait for next week.
  • Great way to start a season.

    I most say.. visually this episode was impressively done. And I liked that twist on story telling too. Start with slow motion of what is going to happen. Having all those broken classes, things flying. That was visually so impressive. And then, going back 48 hours to start telling us the story how they got that point. I liked that.

    I was also very happy with some of the changes. I liked Langston "growing" up, getting out of that m.. maybe "comfort zone". Giving a change for that char to develop. I also liked Sara back. That was nice turn. But she will be back for only couple of episodes and I am not sure what then. I think they did not give Riley enough changes but I liked the way they turned her exit a storyline for Cathrine.

    So.. I think good start for the show.
  • A solid effort at a season premiere.

    I feel that this episode is more of an attempt at what CSI used to be. Don't get me wrong I loved the body-stealing and the return of Sara, but this episode seemed a bit ... out of place almost.

    Firstly, I'm glad Langston didn't dominate the episode as much as he did the last half of last season and I'm glad Catherine is the focus - it's how it should of been the second Grissom left! I like that Catherine is struggling with being the team leader, as she does have very famous shoes to fill!

    I'm really glad to see Sara back, I forgot how much I loved her and it seems like the character has really matured and grown which is great. I've read people want Grissom to return, but I'd rather he didn't this season, he's just left and the show needs to stand without him for a while, I'd prefer him to make a dramatic return next season (if there is one).

    It seems like the writers have really took on board the mistakes they made last half of last season and are desperatly trying to fix them and I think they are on the right track. I have to admit I stopped watching CSI last season because of Langston and the general downhill spiral the show was on, but it has picked itself up and I'm glad I've gave the show a seoncd chance. I will definetly be watching this season ... even if langston still is here.
  • The tenth season begins with the departure of a new CSI and the return of an old one (temporarily) as Catherine and the team investiagte two separate murders that may be related. Also, Catherine struggles with the difficult task of replacing Grissom.

    At the start of "CSI"'s milestone tenth season I'm happy to say there is reason to be optimistic. The cast is in good form here. Lawrence Fishburne seems to be settling into his role very well. I believe he will continue to get better. While Lauren Lee Smith was not terrible in her role, she was a lightwieght however. Maybe it's better that she was fired from the show. I found this episode to be well written and entertaining (An improvement over the season nine finale.). Seeing Jorja Fox back on the show for a short time helps as well.
  • Very happily surprised!

    I was very happily surprised to enjoy this episode. I will admit I went into this show with a LOT of trepidation. I was less than happy with the last half of last season and was very worried we were just going to have more of the Langston Hour. But I felt they did a great job in dividing up the camera time between the cast members, it didn't feel as if Langston was the sole focus of the show like the majority of last season did. I did wish we had gotten to see more of Greg but I've gotten rather used to our boy being the plot filler rather than the plot line, and at least the parts he did have were key parts. He does seem to be rather frustrated about being treated as "the lab tech with the wild hair" as he said so maybe we'll see something come from that. I even enjoyed seeing Sara, which for me is a big thing because I was never really a fan of hers.(Though I love Jorja) She's (Sara) too abrasive for my tastes. But she fit into this ep and maybe dare I say, gave CSI back its CSI feel. In terms of the plot it was good if a bit predictable, I had the bodyguard pegged fairly quickly, the stalker was just too easy. Though the bum being her dad caught me by surprise

    So I'll give this an 8 out of 10. Looking forward to next week!
  • Family back!!! And Cathy has better support.

    I will admit, the show was awesome. The beginning how is started was sweet. With the stills, Ray kicking ass once more, the shooting, the killing...it was actually neat.
    Now that Sara is back, it seems the team is once more happy and I glad that little Steve was found, including when Greg and Nick laugh on giving it back to 'Sara's Husband.' So, I didn't notice in the show though if Sara had kept her last name or became a 'Grissom'. But i like how they are now married. Now, all the show is missing is Grissom because come on...Grissom is still cool.
    Also, with Warrick dead, at least Cathy now once more has help for support with Sara who had missed the job.
  • Unfortunately, this show's day has passed.

    It is heartbreaking to watch a show of formerly high caliber sink so deeply into the abyss. I had hoped that last year was a fluke, that they would fix all that had been broken with the introduction of the Langston character and the seemingly blatant disregard for the characters who had made this show great, but if this episode is any indication, the hole is just too deep for them to dig themselves out.

    The entire episode was forced - and the ending was so contrived it insults the intelligence. I don't know if anything can save this show. Marg Helgenberger is a fine actress, and I adore Wallace Langham and Liz Vassey, but George Eads seems to be phoning it in - as a matter of fact, it's felt that way for three years now. Unfortunately, as amazing as Marg is, she just doesn't have what it takes to carry this otherwise dead-weight of a cast through bad scripts and unbelievable storylines. This show has seen its day, and its day has long passed.
  • The episode centered around the death of a popular actress. What appeared to be a DUI accident, turned into a suspenseful whodunit.

    An absolutely fantastic episode. One of their best to date. Much better than the CSI:NY premier. The plot was solid, they kept the whodunit tight and intriguing. The acting was, as always, top notch. The opening sequence was beautifully done. I really liked how the episode came full circle, ending where it started. That gave the episode great suspense. We all miss Grissom, but I think the show can work very well without him. Last season, there were a few episodes that didn't quite work, but it would certainly appear as if they've figured that out.
    A great way to start the season off, can't wait until next week.
  • Nice to see the "family" back again but minus the father...

    I really didn't miss Sara at all (don't misinterpret me) since I've been watching a lot of CSI reruns at Spike. I think I have 20 more episodes to watch before completing the series. I just came here to US late last year. I got hooked up with CSI and CSI: NY!

    Grissom is a big loss to the team since he left the crime lab but Catherine can handle it. I really like her character. Ecklie, as usual, is so bossy (he's the boss, right?). I'm glad Sara is back. Greg and Nick seem to be so happy. I like their buddy relationships with her. The case of the rising star's death is not the best I've ever seen but still interesting. The last scene is so intriguing. Looks like we got a great storyline ahead. This season seems to be great. I hope the show would continue to move forward from last season's devastations. I love CSI and I believe it's still the best show in TV.