CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on CBS

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  • Absolutely the best of the season so far.

    This episode is why I love this series. The team never disappoints when it comes to solving crimes.
    Im glad the Greg finally got a little more time on the screen and they let him go out on his own on a scene... even though it almost got him killed.
    The little commentary on society at the end was really excellent. I love how some shows writers' say how they feel about the state of our culture.
  • Poor Greg. Stupid kids that go out and beat up the tourists. Great episode.

    You know that our boy Greg is doomed when he shows up at the lab all dressed up and looking good and then Grissom lets him go out to a scene on his own. Setting him up for a fall are we? I had a really hard time watching the scene where Greg got beat up. I tried to tell him to wait for back up. I know, I know, then that guy may have died. But now his face is all mangled. He can only open one eye. And that kid that he hit with the car is dead. Now Greg is hurt and he is going to get into trouble. Poor Greg. I did laugh a little. The scene where Sara is kicking the dummy in her tank top was good. Remind me not to get in a fight with her, because I really think I would lose. Sara can really kick some butt. The little exchange between her and Grissom was cute. I think the writers are going a good job so far, mixing in a scene or two; just a few seconds here and there, that show these two are together. I am a big GSR fan, but I primarily watch the show for the science and the good story telling, so while I want to see GSR, I don’t want it to take away focus from the case. My favorite part of the episode was the ending in the locker room. It was a bunch of kids that were doing the beatings. Can’t they think of anything else to do for fun? Sara made a very valid point that these kids are to blame for their actions. Parents, society, etc, they may all play a part – but when it comes down to it, these kids were old enough to know right from wrong. If they didn’t why did they use the black hooded shirts and the masks to hide their identities? The world is sometimes just a very scary place.
  • good show...K Fed?

    Good show, but I could hardly believe it when I saw Kevin Federline's name come up. We taped the show and had to reverse just to verify that we saw his name. Can't complian about his acting, although he just seemed to be playing the perception everyone has of him. A little surprised that CSI choose him for the show, but I guess he deserves a chance to prove himself as more than Brintney's husband.

    Great to see more of Greg. He is really evolving as a character on the show. This "original" CSI is definitely still the best out of the three on the air now.
  • Brilliant episode!

    I wanted to smack each and everyone of those idiots that did that to not only Greg but the turists. It truly is amazing how far some people go when they have nothing else to do with their time. And then to not feel any guilt or shame, well then what has the world come to when your own concious doesn't care either... if you even have one.How some people think jail means free sleep, free food and free shower is beyond me... Weird why they never mention free gang rapes or something they never put that in the slogan.
    I loved the whole interaction between Sara and Grissom even though there wasn't much and the episode was about Greg. I totally love Brass, he's just a hero. I miss Det. Vartann, it's a shame he's not around although I must admit, I'm surprised that Sofia has more screen time in this episode than say...Catherine or Warrick. Now that she isn't a threat towards GSR, she sure does get along with Brass very well which is nice since he really does need a friend after all he's been through. Nick! Thank you! The confrontation between Nick and Cole (Kevin Federline) was great, even though Kevin had the dumbest lines for his debut to the major leagues his appearance was generally brief.
  • FannySmackin was great

    I watch all the CSI and just so happen to live in Union City Tennessee where on of the victims was from. Everyone at work even from a town 30 miles away was talking about the man ,Stanley and his BBQ statement from Union City Tn... Thanks for making it local..and personal somehow... love the show and all the actors.. this was a great episode even without the mention but it added favor./Love the extra hint of Greg and Sara... always great to add some mystery and love hint..
  • Once Again, Another Great Episode!

    Again, CSI proves it has not lost its steam as a hardcore series. This episode delves into the dark and disappointing world of teenage deterioation in the world today, the drgradation of teenage morals and their often mistaken belief that breaking the law is okay if you don't get caught. As Grissom says, "a moral compass can point you in the right direction, but it's up to you to follow it." It's a misdirection of which Kevin Federline, the embarrassing would-be better half of Britney Spears, is guilty. He plays the ringleader of a group of kids who confuse murder, assault and battery as a hobby and pay the price for that confusion. Greg Sanders is attacked in one scene doing the right thing to save one victim. It is at this point it seems the episode will be a two-parter, but in a wierd moment of luck that only happens on TV, Nick comes up with a brilliant scheme that rounds up all the idiot teens that once again proves that criminals and law-breaking teens are idiots, and that using drugs destroys brain cells. If you're already stupid, why burn out the last few brain cells you have? The portion of the brain that tells you right from wrong is always the first part to go. If you only want to see one episode of CSI, This is it!
  • Another classic example of why CSI has remained on top all of these years.

    A great episode with top notch acting and a great storyline. After people begin to be attacked at first what may appears to be racially motivated soon turns out to be a race to stop a group of thugs that will pick any victim they can find. It was nice to see Greg get a more starring role in this episode and show cases his character as someone who was willing to risk his life to save others in addition to the work he does everyday. Really worked to show how our society has been heading in the wrong direction. One of the best CSI's to date.
  • A group of locals get to together and go around beating up tourists for just the heck of it because they are bored with everything else that they could do, legaly.

    It seems that in the early part of this 7th season of CSI, it seems that CSI is going back to its roots and what mad this show so great in the first place. First off we had an unique killer that might be a little bit of a challenge for Grissom and now we have an episode that deals with our societies’ mortals, or lack of them, much to akin to some of the first season episodes did. Plus this episode was capped off the same way that the early episode “Unfriendly Skies”, with Grissom giving off a speech that makes one think about things and make his team question their thoughts about the case. These are the type of episodes that I think that make this show is the most watched series in America and why people whom do watch the show love it so much. Also shows that while this show is getting up there in its seasons, that it isn’t dead yet, that it might have a few more years before the show is completely dead.

    I am happy that they are recycling on storylines from the early part of this show, which had stronger stories than some of the lackluster ones of the pervious seasons and also made this show a lot darker then before. But the writers are clever enough to know better not to write the same story with the only difference between the two episodes are the names of the people that are involved with the story and also make the story feel like it an entire new story to the viewer, despite the fact that it has been used before.

    I loved the fact that this episode was centered around Greg and I think that this might be the first episode that they did this for his character, which gives his character to expand more about him. Like the fact that he is the type of person that wouldn’t sit back, let another person get hurt and may even killed, while what he did was against rules, morality what he did was right and is something that a good majority of people won’t do if they were faced with the same happenstance that he was. While it is a shame that he had to killed another person to save the person that was being beat up, it was the person’s own fault because he was hanging out with the wrong type of crowd and didn’t leave the scene when Greg’s honk the horn which caused the rest of the people to leave, plus he held up a stone facing it toward Greg in a threatening stance. Anybody with enough common sense would think that might be threat to a person’s life and do what Greg did to the counter it, because I knew that if I was put in a situation that Greg was face with, I would do the same thing as well. I am hopping that this story ark is going to further explored in the future episodes, because this is something that won’t just go away overnight.

    Now, I don’t know who is Kevin Federline and what all the buzz around him, why he is so hated, so I am judging him on an impartial basic. I thought that picked the right person to play the leader of the pack of this group of people that is beating up all of the tourists just because they had nothing else to do. While I do think that Nick punching him in the stomach was a little over the line, but it clearly shows the frustration that these guys face day in and day out with the public wanting answers, but don’t realized that it take time to get these answers that they want. That it would only be a matter of time before one of them will snapped at a civilian and that what happen at that time, but one would have to think that this guy has it coming to him with him hounding him like he did.
  • The beating of Las Vegas tourists (and a CSI) by a gang of kids.

    Ok. I admit it. I WAS going to boycott this episode because I really didn't want to watch Mr. Britney darken my TV. I had forgotten this was the episode so by the time I saw his mug I was already in too deep into the show that I couldn't very well just turn it off and forget I ever started watching.

    This episode sent chills up my spine to think that there are kids out there that are so bored...that they would choose to get together in a group and beat the crap out of tourists. As Greg was calling in for back up, I kept hoping he would be wise enough not to get out of the car. He did
    the right thing by hitting Demetrius James and I didn't feel a bit bad when he passed at the end. I did, however, feel badly about his mother and brother. Demetrius was a student at the university. I'm sure he could have found other activities with people his own age to keep him busy; but he chose instead to get together with some children and beat up on people who were just visiting his city. I'm sorry, no sympathy for his outcome. I also felt terribly for Greg, who was dragged out of his vehicle and beaten as well, since he's easily become my favorite male on the show. I think I like his goofiness and the way he is so enthralled by Sara (my favorite female on the show); it's adorable. Greg just comes across as a very nice person.
    I've been reading how everyone is confused about if Sara is with Grissom or Greg just because she showed some compassion and perhaps some mild affection towards Greg when she saw him laying at the scene. Sara and Greg have been working together for a long time (season 2?) It's only natural that when a co-worker that she's worked so closely with is injured in the line of duty, that she would have some feelings about it. She knows he's into her...that's no secret and while she probably still is with Grissom (the look she gave him at the lab) she could very well have some kind of affection (brother/sister) for him that doesn't have to be romantic. BUT...this remains to be seen. Who knows what trouble might lurk for GSR?

    The punch that Mr. Britney took to his stomach was weak. It wasn't enough to satisfy me. Even at the end when he was being arrested, I wish Nick could have punched him in the face (and then I'd like to have read online that George Eads 'accidentally' hit Mr Britney for real...). It's funny though because it didn't look like Mr. Britney was acting at all....his character seemed to be EXACTLY the same punk type he comes across as in real life. As Grissom said in an earlier episode..."Art imitates life...."

    I could have given this episode a 10 because I love CSI and the episode was great; but the addition of Mr. Britney for this episode I have to give it a 9. I was toying with giving it a 7 purely because I still can't believe the show even considered giving him the part. I hope they realize more people were against him being on the show than not and that they don't do this kind of thing ever ever again.
    Uh, could they at least have polled the fans????
  • What happens when kids get bored on CSI? They beat people to death.

    CSI has done a lot of really great episodes, and this one will have to go onto my top ten list. The pacing, the style, the menacing tone of the ep was just perfect. First off, those kids were just plain creepy. With the Halloween contacts and the facemasks, not only were they beating people to death, they were enjoying every minute of it. I think what made it even scarier was the fact that this kind of thing happens; bored teenagers have killed people for the fun of it.

    It was great that after two years, Grissom sent Greg out to process a scene on his own. Greg has grown a lot as a CSI (though not to his mom). You also have to give it to Greg for saving the guy's life. He could have waited (five minutes) for backup and have the victim possibly be beaten to death (but stayed safe); instead he wanted to do something about it. I loved when Sara went to Greg at the crime scene. They've always had a great buddy chemistry thing going on between them. The rest of the CSI always treated Greg like the little brother, but Sara always supported him (like giving him tips for his first court appearance).

    I like it when all the CSIs are working on the same case together. Those cases always seem to be my favourite. And K-Fed. Who knew he could play a greasy sleaze ball so well. It must have been a stretch for him. And his IM name was 'Pig'. How fitting. Really though, he didn't detract from the episode too much. I mostly just ignored the scenes that he was in. On the whole the episode was terrific. The season started out strong and is just getting stronger. If this keeps up it might just be the best season of CSI yet.
  • Fannysmackin' was well written,and the actors were, as always, brilliant in their roles.

    Scary, intense. Those two words are the ones that came to mind the most while watching this episode. The setting is dark,creepy. It showed great character development of Greg Sanders, after the very hard to watch beating. The team dynamics seemed very different than usual, but not in way that made them out of character. The sad yet sweet moment shared by Greg and Sara seemed to really put their very close friendship into perspective. It was a combination of great acting(with the exception of the guest star), and an unsettling story line. The whole episode in general was disconcerting with random, pointless violence as the theme. All in all, it was one of the best, most thrilling, episodes in CSI history.
  • Definitely an awesome and intense episode. I thought it was good we learned more about Greg and so forth. It was a really well done episode.

    Really this episode was really a great one. I loved the scene between Sara and Greg it was sweet. I hope Greg doesn't get in trouble for hitting the guy with his car. I mean it was a defence tactic what else was he supposed to do. I give props to Greg in this episode. I also liked the moment between Sara and Grissom when she was kicking the dummy. That was good. How they ended the episode was great. I mean it was one that I think left everybody thinking. What Grissom said is true. I also, thoroughly enjoyed the part where Nick punched Kevin Federline. I was like go Nick. I was glad that K. Fed's character ended up in jail. I was worried his appearance on the show might have done a disservice to the show but it didn't. They pulled it off nicely. It's a great episode and I am looking forward to next weeks episode it looks so so so good.
  • An episode that has just about everything in it. Fights, murder, a CSI gets badly injured, GSR...

    I absolutely LOVED this episode! I thought the cases were really creative, and I also loved it when Nicky punched K-Fed! WOOO!!!! Poor Greggo, though. He was just trying to help and he gets beat up. Badly. And the scene with Sara? Adorable. Though I am a GSR shipper, and I especially loved the part where Sara is kicking the dummy and Grissom walks in and says "Hey! Pick on someone your own size!" Then Sara's like "Are you volunteering...?" Priceless.

    Really great epiosde overall, and I absolutely CANNOT wait for next week's!! =D
  • Take a good look at society. This episode really leaves you thinking.

    I liked this episode a lot. It really made me look at society and what it can or already has become. If i was in Greg\'s position in that alley and some demented person was coming at me with a rock I wouuld have gladly floored the car and hit him. Hopefully Greg will not be punished because I would say it is justifiable to what he did. Also, when Nick hit Kevin Federline I was laughing too hard. I thought the moment when Sara was comforting Greg in the alley was a great one. This episode defifnitely goes down on my Top Episode List
  • Bored kids with nothing to do decide that beating people is the way to liven things up for them; and poor Greg ends up a victim, but saves another man's life.

    A truly powerful ep. All it takes is one adult with no conscience to lead a pack of bored kids into rampages. Mob mentality strikes again. When they're being processed at the end, one can see that they don't care they killed a man. What Grissom says is true that society dictates that we don't have to be responsible for our actions. Scarey and disturbing...but true. Aren't we civilized.
  • Awesome episode! Its a must in my "best" list for CSI eps now...

    Very very very good ep, best one so far in this season.
    I loved the GSR moment (why wouldnt i) and yes i also do believe i liked the Sandle moment (this one is for you Sugah)

    Overall, it was a GREAT EP! i dont KNOW WHO told K-Fed that he could act, let alone rap, sucks he had to be the one, great...... now hes gonna think hes a criminal...awesome

    LOVED LOVED LOVED Nick's scene with him, haha i would have ran in front of the camera as much times possible just to see them do a re-take.

    WOW...poor Greg, i think we shall be seein a continuation with this ep, probably because of the (brother) at the end or something, gave him a dirty look. Yea for Greg being a hero, but sad about what happened to him.
  • A bunch of people, including Greg Sanders, are beaten up in Las Vegas by a group of college aged kids. Even though Greg is hurt pretty badly, K-Fed getting beat up balances everything out.

    Tell me that this isn\'t what society is coming to...a group of misguided kids who have nothing better to do, begin a violent rampage throughout Las Vegas, beating up random tourists on the street. I don\'t know about you guys but that kinda hits a little close to home. Poor poor Greg!! He is my favorite character, and when the comic relief of the show gets severely beaten it tends to ruin the mood. But the best part of the show or at least the most amusing part for all of America was seeing Nick punch Kevin Federline in the stomach. I mean he had it coming. If I was George Eads, I definitely would not have stage punched him, but I do tend to be a method actor. And did anyone notice Sara\'s affection towards Greg? Was it just sympathy or could it possibly be something more? And the plot thickens...
  • This episode was amazing and revealing. That is, it gives us a scarey view of what our societies are coming to.

    This episode was amazing and revealing. That is, it gives us a scarey view of what our societies are coming to. Not to sound churchish or anything, but this episode does bring forward the question of who do we really blame for the problems or rather increase of problems in our society. I mean when is it ever ok for a group to ever beat up an individual. This episode acts as a true eye opener and it is a moral wake up call. Even if its fiction.
  • A group of kids terrorize the town with random beatings.

    Whoa! What memo did I miss?

    Is Sarah with Grissom or Greg? Or both? Who is she Samantha from "Without a Trace"? First the boss then the co-worker. I thought maybe she had broken up with Grissom when she was kicking the dummy and asked him if he wanted to volunteer, like she was mad at him. And then she went to the scene just to see Greg. I always had a feeling there was something there, ever since Greg got out into the field.

    What a deep conversation at the end. Underlying meaning?

    This marks the second time Greg has ended up in the hospita, the first time being in "Play with Fire" when the lab blows up.

    A note on the guest stas: Kevin Federline plays a pig wonderfully, too bad he's not acting. I thought Lorraine Toussaint wasn't given enough screen time or lines.

    This is turning out to be a great season. Not that I am happy they killed Sam, but you never know what is going to happen next.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes of all time.

    This is one of the best CSI episodes I've seen in a long time. I don't think any episode since Grave Danger in season five has even come close to matching this. When Sara went to see Greg in the alley after he get beaten up I almost cried. GREGGGGGGGG! I also loved the end when they were all talking about how society corrupts the youth of America. Hehehehe...
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