CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on CBS

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  • One of the strongest CSI episodes ever, and judging by the other reviews I\'m not the only one who thinks so. I have no doubt that this episode will become a series classic.

    The opening sequences that show what Cole Tritt and his young thugs do in their spare time are both frightening and chilling, particularly the scene in which their hooded figures are marching down the street after the first two attacks.

    I thought it was a nice touch (from a dramatic perspective) to portray Greg\'s day as perfect; his first day in court going well, him not wanting the day to end, and Grissom finally trusting him enough to give him his first solo crime scene...it becomes all the more distressing when Greg happens upon the attack on Stanley Tanner. There is also a wonderful moment of split second indecision (which you see on Greg\'s face) when he is told to wait for back-up but realises the victim doesn\'t have time before driving towards the scene. Also, the moment when the SUV\'s back window is smashed and Greg exhibits his first display of fear was very well handled; it\'s the moment he realises he\'s put himself in a very dangerous situation. The camera work during the beating was well filmed, but very disurbing and hard to watch. I felt nausous when one of them spit on Greg as a final degredation.

    Although not a sandle fan, I will admit that the moment between Sarah and Greg was nicely handled. You can see the panic on Sara\'s face when she asks \'why isn\'t there a medic on Greg?\', and the fear that Greg doesn\'t need a medic because he\'s dead. The scene that followed between them was both touching and sweet. However, I thought the scene with Grissom was stronger emotionally. Eric Szmanda was outstanding in this episode and I\'m glad to see that the CSI writers have finally decided to utilise his talents instead of relegating him to the \'funny\' guy as they\'ve been doing since season 1 (don\'t get me wrong, I love \'funny\' Greg, it\'s just nice to see him get other storylines).

    There was also a few (possible) hints at later plotlines in this episode; the brother of Demitrius James locking eyes with Greg suggests there may be trouble there, Greg\'s horrified expression at the death of Demitrius James hints at later guilt on his part but most interesting of all was Nick\'s continuous comments on how sick of Vegas he is. Possible character departure later in the series? There is an episode later in the series entitled Leaving Las Vegas...

    The moral discussion between the CSI\'s at the end was fascinating. Sara\'s comment on the kids being just as much at fault as society and the parents, and Grissom\'s point on the concept of a moral compass were particularly thought provoking.

    My favourite CSI episode ever, and I can't recomend it enough.