CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 12, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When the fannysmackers attack Greg, they smash his car back window out. The next morning, when Warrick and Nick are processing the SUV, Greg's car window is completely intact.

    • The camera Sara uses when photographing the second beating victim is a Nikon.

    • Goof: After the attack on Greg, when Sara rushes to his side, we can see the sun's rays on the ground change at each scene.

      While talking to Sofia and walking, all the victims are in the shade. But as Sara kneels by Greg, his head is directly under the sun's rays while Stanley is fully under it. Though during the close-up of Greg's face, we see that he's in the shade again. Then, when they pull back on the scene, the sun-rays reappear but retreated further.

    • Goof: Guy said he was beat-up "On the corner of Decatur and Jones."

      In Las Vegas, the streets Jones and Decatur do not intersect. They run parallel to each other (North/South) and are one city block apart.

    • Goof: In the locker scene in the end you see Sara take her sun glasses off her shirt and put them on her head, shot changes to Warrick, and Nick, and when it goes back to Sara her sun glasses are back on her shirt.
      Shot changes again to Nick, Warrick and Grissom and when it is back to Sara her sun glasses are on her head again.

    • Greg Sanders reveals that he is an only child.

    • Fannysmackin' is a 'thug' thing to do, they get a group together and go around beating up tourists.

  • Quotes

    • Cole Tritt: Man, there has been an ass whoppin' on every block!
      Nick: There's about to be an ass whoppin' on this one.

    • Grissom: Has someone called your parents? You should let them know-- (Greg groans) What's the matter?
      Greg: They still think I'm in the lab.
      Grissom: Why do they think that?
      Greg: When I was in high school I never played any sports, no football, no basketball, definitely no hockey.
      Grissom (sarcastic): I never would have guessed.
      Greg: Well, it wasn't my choice. My mom wanted four kids, ended up with only one. She always made sure I stayed close and if I got a nosebleed she'd take me to the ER.
      Grissom: Well, now would be the time to come clean.
      Greg (beginning to cry): My mom's gonna freak.
      Grissom: You tell her that you risked your life to save someone else's and I think she'll be very proud of you.

    • Nick: I am sick of these punks, man. I'm serious, I'm sick of it.
      Warrick: Then you're in the wrong town.
      Nick: Maybe.

    • Catherine: Pig and the piglets are in the pigpen.
      Warrick: About time. Finally some good news.
      Catherine: Did you know Pig, a.k.a Cole Tritt, was the only adult? The rest were all under 18. One was 14.
      Warrick: You're kidding. Who raises these kids?
      Catherine: I mean, they weren't all delinquents. Demetrius James was a college student.
      Nick: Hangin' out with the wrong crowd in the wrong town. I'm tellin' ya, havin' a fake I.D in Las Vegas is like havin' a--a free ticket on the hell train. Sex, drugs, gambling, no adult supervision, 24/7, by the time they're 21 they've done and seen it all.
      Catherine: Make me slit my wrists why don't ya? I'm raising a teenager here.
      Warrick: Ah, you're doin' a great job, Linds is gonna turn out to be a beautiful young woman. Besides, I grew up in Vegas, I didn't turn out so bad, did I?
      Nick: Yeah. That was pre-Mirage. Back when you were goin' to the casino, playin' the arcade games. Nah, Vegas is a different animal now.
      Warrick: Yeah, these kids need to beat people up in the street to be entertained. They need some good discipline, they need their grandmother whuppin' their ass like I had.
      Nick: Yeah, a good slap.
      Sara: You know, it kinda sounds like you guys are blaming everyone but these kids. I mean, you don't get a bye just because you grew up here or your parents are on drugs or--- those kids were perfectly capable of telling the difference between a wild night out and beating somebody to death.
      Grissom: The truth is, a moral compass can only point you in the right direction, it can't make you go there. (beat) Our culture preaches that you shouldn't be ashamed of anything you do anymore. And unfortunately this city is built on the principle that there's no such thing as guilt. "Do whatever you want, we won't tell." So without a conscience, there's nothing to stop you from killing someone. And evidently you don't even have to feel bad about it.

    • Greg: You should process the scene now; me later.
      Sara (chokes up): I came here for you, Greg.

    • Sara: Why isn't there a medic on Greg?
      Sofia: He's been stabilized. Sara, he's gonna be okay. (Sara walks over to where Greg is lying and brushes hair out of his face)
      Greg: Sara.
      Sara: I didn't think you could see me.
      Greg: I can't. I know that "Sidle Scent".
      Sara: I'm... going to take that as a compliment.

    • Cole Tritt: Man, you're weak, weak, weak, weak. (Nick walks up to him) I'm sorry, you're not weak. You're a joke.
      Warrick: Nick, Nick. (Nick looks at Warrick, grinning. Warrick shakes his head. Nick hits Tritt. Warrick runs over and pulls Nick back)
      Cole Tritt: Man, anyone get that on video? (holds up his cell phone) I'll take a picture myself.

    • Warrick: I think I just found a piece of Sanders' hair. (Nick looks down, doesn't say anything)

    • Hodges: We're talking about humans here, not bugs.

    • Man: I need to talk to a cop!
      Brass (same time as Sofia): She's the cop.
      Sofia (same time as Brass): He's the cop.

    • Grissom (visiting Greg at the hospital): Greg.
      Greg: Grissom.
      Grissom: Just another day at the office.

    • Greg (after Grissom assigns him a case): Who's my wingman?
      Grissom: Greg, you're a big boy now; you don't need a wingman.

    • Catherine: What do you know about work boots? I'm guessing you haven't worked a day of hard labor in your life.
      Greg: I wore Doc Martens in high school. It was the style.
      Catherine: Yeah for skinheads.
      Greg: Yeah, they kinda ruined it for everyone.

    • Jessica: Try the whole "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".
      Sara: Been there.

    • David (pulls a red chip out of the victim's mouth): Looks like a woman's toenail.
      Catherine: It's not necessarily a woman's.

    • (Grissom walks in as Sara is repeatedly kicking a dummy)
      Grissom: Whoa! Pick on somebody your own size.
      Sara: Are you volunteering?
      Grissom (long pause): No.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Buchařina (Fannysmacking)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: November 24, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Czech Republic: September 18, 2008 on TV Nova

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      2 A.M.- Tweaker
      Let's Ride- The Game
      Linoleum- Tweaker and David Sylvian
      Paper Heart- Gram Rabbit
      You Are Not Mine- Head Popping Through

  • Allusions

    • Grissom: This city is built on the principle that there's no such thing as guilt. "Do whatever you want, we won't tell."

      This is a pun on anything that advertises for Las Vegas. In every ad, they always say 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'.

    • Brass (talking about jail): You know it's funky in there. No Posh Spice, no parties, no purses or pedicures or pasta primavera.

      Posh Spice (a.k.a. Victoria Beckham), wife of famous soccer player David Beckham. She was nicknamed Posh Spice back in the days when a girl group of 5 hit fame in the late 90's calling themselves Spice Girls.

    • Brass: I want the rest of the Mickey Mouse Club. Guest star Kevin Federline's then-wife, Britney Spears, was in The Mickey Mouse Club when she was younger.