CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 4

Feeling the Heat

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2003 on CBS
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During Vegas' latest Heat wave of triple digit temperatures, Gil and Catherine investigate a baby locked in a car. Warrick investigates a man's death of an apparent heat stroke in his house. Nick and Sara investigate a woman's body found floating in the lake with a blow to the head.moreless

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  • Sometimes I wish I didn't watch this show...

    Being a parent, there is very little worse to watch than bad things happening to children, or in this case a baby. Unfortunately, the nature of the show dictates that this is bound to happen from time to time.

    Even worse is when it turns out the parents murdered him because they (wrongly) feared he had an incurable disease.

    Such episodes really depress me, and though it was good, given the chance I'd not watch it again. Call me weak, but I just find it too difficult to watch.

    The other two storylines were average, one of which (the man in the chair) was very underdeveloped, and almost thrown in as an afterthought.

  • A baby found in the car.

    During a heat wave, Grissom and Catherine investigate the death of a baby who was found dead locked in a car. Nick and Sara look into the death of a woman who was found floating in the lake with a headwound. Warrick investigates the case of a man who died at his home of an apparent heat stroke. This episode is written by Anthony E. Zuiker (creator of this series) and Eli Talbert. Directed by Kenneth Fink. A good episode, could be better. I felt happy when the CSI caught the parents. They deserve it because they killed their only child.moreless
  • Good episode.

    A young child is left in a car during a heat wave in Las Vegas so the child is basically cooked to death in the car. When CSI invesigate it looks like an acident but as they uncover more evidence it appears the child was left on purpose! They feared that the child was sick with a disease which is incurable and which killed their other child. Meanwhile they also invesigate a case when a man is electrocuted in this chair and finally Nick and Sara investigate the death of a man and woman. Overall this was a very good episode.moreless
  • What can I say? CSI Rocks!

    I just loved this episode. 3 cases & all really good & interesting ones. And all 3 about human stupidity, and as always I agree with what Grissom said: "I don't get people".

    You just had to love Greg in this episode when he told Sara & Nick about the makeout spots & how hard it was to get there and Sara asking him how he knew. "A gentleman never tells" The case about the dead baby was my favorite and right from the beginning it was obvious that it wasn't accidental or a case of neglect, or else why would it be the A case.

    I wanted to cry at the end when after finding out there was nothing wrong with the baby, and even if there was it was still wrong to kill him & in such a cruel way. I had tears in my eyes when he started to cry after his father left him in the car.

    These episodes remind me why I love CSI so much.moreless
  • Three stories in a hot LV day, all about stupid people..

    This is one of my favorite story type: there is something that binds all these irrelevant stories.. It's hot out there. So a teenage couple decides to jump from a high cliff into the shallow water.. A guy places ice behid his fan to spray himself with cold air, but forgets that water is conductive, water which melts onto some damaged plugs.. And the main story: a mother and father lose another child.. First one died due to an illness, this one gets cooked in their car. Was it a simple mistake? Or stupid, worryful parents were too eager to "ease the pain of their beloved"?

    Overall, first two are usual side mystery stories; they are filling some gaps. The main story, is CSI style, it touches the heart. As always, another great episode.moreless
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    • (Speaking about babies that have been left in cars that have died)
      Brass: How many of these have we had this year?
      Catherine: I lost count after ten.
      Grissom: This one makes twelve.

    • Sara: Hey, Nick.
      Nick: Hey.
      Sara: What are you doing?
      Nick: What do you mean?
      Sara: What did you tell him? His son died a hero?
      Nick: Look, I'm just trying to give the guy a little peace, you know?
      Sara: Oh, well, who are you trying to help feel better, him or you?
      Nick: Hey, let me ask you something Sara, you're Mr. Young, would you rather know this much or nothing at all?
      Sara: You know, if the evidence doesn't support the answer, a CSI shouldn't be asking that question.
      Nick: Well, okay, if that works for you.
      Sara: Be careful.

    • Doc Robbins: With exhumations, you always hope for a good embalmer, and I think we've got one. Body's well-preserved. Tay-sachs is a genetic disorder. You see the retarded musculature? Classic symptom.
      Catherine: Night and day, compared to Joshua. (Catherine uncaps a needle and takes a sample from the baby) Quite a lot of vitreous fluid left.
      Doc Robbins: I stand corrected, great embalmer.

    • Archie: You know, if I had my choice about how I was going to go out, it would not be electrocution. I think an aneurysm in my sleep, quick and painless.
      Warrick: I like surprises.

    • Sara: Girl's out at the lake. She meets some random guy she knows nothing about and she goes off with him.
      Hodges: She places herself in a bad situation.
      Sara: And bad things happen.

    • Archie: Whoa-ho!
      Warrick: What you got?
      Archie: Ultimate power. I could program this bad boy to make me a cup of coffee.

    • Archie: Electrocution through the phone line? I thought that was a myth.
      Warrick: This look like a myth to you?

    • Sara: Classic lake date. Boy meets girl. Girl ends up dead.

    • Grissom: I had a case once where a soda can was the murder weapon. Suspect used it to bash in the victim's head.

    • Warrick: Diet shake, fitness magazines, cookie crumbs on a baking sheet. This guy's trying to start a diet or falling off one?
      Grissom: He's got a workout schedule. And today? Three-mile run. Fat metabolizers containing ephedra. Scorching heat and ephedra? That's not good.

    • Warrick: Sounds like a heat stroke to me.
      Grissom: Yeah. Feel the burn.

    • Jeffery Sinclair: Look, I need you guys to thoroughly document this case. I don't want any more surprises in court. So, from the car to the kid, just try to cross your T's and dot your I's, okay?
      Catherine: I always do.

    • Sara: You put in for the promotion, huh.
      Nick: Yeah, yeah. Last week. I still haven't heard anything about it.
      Sara: Yeah, neither have I.

    • Sara: Is there truly no place left in Las Vegas without slot machines?

    • Greg: I heard you narrowed your search area to 44 square miles. That could take like...months.
      Nick: And I'm sure you're here to shed some light on the situation.
      Greg: Your case is a boy girl thing right?
      Nick: Right.
      Sara: Mmhmm.
      Greg: Body was washed up by Windmill Cove?
      Nick: Mmhmm.
      Greg: These two coves to the North, Cottonwood Island and Tequila. Huge makeout spots. But nearly impossible to get to by land.
      Sara: And how would you know that, Greg?
      Greg: A gentleman never tells.

    • (Upon finding a dead baby in a car)
      Catherine: When are parents gonna learn a car is not a baby sitter?

    • Catherine: What are you thinking?
      Grissom: I don't get people.

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