CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 8 Episode 17

For Gedda (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 15, 2008 on CBS
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The team investigates the murder of a man who was stuffed in an occupied coffin. The victim ends up being someone Warrick is familiar with. Then the police discover Warrick covered in blood with a dead Gedda next to him. Warrick can't remember what happened.

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  • A fantastic series finale which makes up for a hit-and-miss season

    'For Gedda' was a fantastic episode and a superb series finale which wrapped up Warrick's character and the mob storyline in great style. It was nice to see Warrick finally face up to the many close calls he has had over the shows history and wake up to his obsessive, impulsive behaviour. But then I wouldn't have expected it to have been handled any other way; although you may feel as an audience you were 'fed' Warrick's remorse to make his death sadder – I didn't really mind. The overall storyline in the episode was interesting, but at no point did I ever feel Warrick was guilty of the murder. Luckily this didn't create a disappointing distraction to the plot as the story became more about finding out who set Warrick up rather than just proving his innocence.

    I watched this episode only recently so I knew Warrick was going to be killed off in the episode (I just didn't know how they'd do it) but the end still shocked me. The killer is unexpected and the way the scene played out was really sad and shocking. It's also nice to know the storyline has been left unconcluded and I almost hope the killing remains unsolved for some of season 9 at least – just to make it a little more interesting. The scenes in the bar where all the CSI's sat eating breakfast was really poignant and showed how much of a family they are – in a way I wish there had been a nicer moment between Catherine and Warrick as I always felt they were a 'would be/could be' couple. But that was perhaps handled earlier in the episode as Catherine talks to Warrick in the interview room.

    To sum up, 'For Gedda' was a great season finale in a very up and down season. For a character I didn't always like, Warrick's demise was both heartbreaking and shocking. Gary Dourdan did a great job with the character for eight seasons and ensured, in the end, that the character of Warrick would be sorely missed.moreless
  • good episode

    Warrick is framed for murder and it's up to the team to figure out who is the real killer. Warrick doesn't remember anything from the murder and everything is stacked up against him. Of course, Grissom figures it out and clears Warrick's name. The end of the episode was a shocker! Warrick was shot by a cop - I didn't expect him at all. It'll be interesting to see how they're going to figure out who the killer of Warrick is and how they're going to bring him in. Anyways, the case in this episode was not that interesting to me - only the characters were. I liked the twist at the end. Overall, solid episode and season finale.moreless
  • This season finale could not come quick enough

    During a funeral a coffin brakes at the bottom and two bodies fall out. Warrick sees the John Doe and realises that he knew him. Victims Lenny was a retied cop and now a PI. Warrick voice is on a sound bite file.

    Grissom calls Warrick and leaves a message he rings him back and we see war rick with a gun in his hand, and then the police turn up. Grissom turns up and finds a dead body and war rick there. He is under arrest by the police. Warrick says he doesn't know what happened. Catherine and Nick turn up at the scene and watch as war rick is lead into a police car. Warrick is questioned back in the station after his clothes are taken,

    Catherine goes in to talk to Warrick. She agrees to get him a change of clothes and they hold hands. They bring up the CSI who got killed because of Warrick (holly pilot episode only). Chloroform found in victims' blood and could be the reason that Warrik can't remember if he was exposed. They drew blood to late ad now can't prove it either way. When a test is carried out it is discovered that Warrick was passed out and someone else him up when the gun was shoot. An unexplained print belongs to Daniel Pritchard. The team open his locker and find his cuffs and gun are both missing. Grissom inform s everyone about the recent discovery's and so tells Warrick that good news that he was framed. They suggest that Warrick be suspended and then demoted but not fired, for his actions.

    All of the team are out having a meal and Warrick picks up the tab. As they all say their goodbyes Catherine tells him that he knows how to get hold of her and kisses him on the cheek. Warrick leaves and gets into his car. He starts the engine, and sees a cop who knocks on the window and asks him to troll it down. They talk and Warrick says they will catch the rogue cop. He pulls a gun on him and shoots and kills Warrick with one shot. He sits there badly bleeding and dies, he sit then shoot again. The gun is then put inside car and he walks away.moreless
  • WEAK!

    I can't stand it! It seems like another beloved character disappears with every episode. Sam Braun? Gone. Sophia? Gone. Sara? Gone. Now Warrick? Who's next? That's truly going to be the underlying story line of the show. I'm taking all bets. My money's on Brass. Or maybe Doc Robbins. They certainly can't get rid of three CSI's in a row, can they? Although they do seem to be losing people in order of increasing importance to the show. The only logical next victim of the CSI axe can be Grissom. It's just getting ridiculous. If they lose another regular cast member, I'm not watching anymore.moreless
  • Shocking!

    I have to say, I was shocked by the ending of this episode. Overall, it WAS a good episode but the ending was just like "Whoa!" I had heard that the actor who plays Warrick (Gary Dourdan) was in trouble for drug use and other things so I guess it was logical that he would be shot. My favourite scene was probably in the restaurant before he gets shot. This episode was amazing. The writers could not have written a better season finale if they had tried. I guess they got a lot of ideas while on strike. Can't wait for next season!moreless
John Capodice

John Capodice

Lou Gedda

Guest Star

Jay Karnes

Jay Karnes

IA Officer Wagenbach

Guest Star

David Gianopoulos

David Gianopoulos

Daniel Pritchard

Guest Star

David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

Recurring Role

Archie Kao

Archie Kao

Archie Johnson

Recurring Role

Jon Wellner

Jon Wellner

Henry Andrews

Recurring Role

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    • Undersheriff McKeen: I just wanted to congratulate you in person. Sure made a believer outta me.
      Warrick: Thanks.
      Undersheriff McKeen: Look, I don't wanna fire you. I just need to know that you're through running the streets on your own lookin' for bad guys.
      Warrick: Look, I'm done being a rogue in the streets. But there's one son of a bitch still out there and I promise you that we're gonna get him.
      Undersheriff McKeen: Grissom taught you well.
      Warrick: I'd like to think so.
      Undersheriff McKeen: You never give up.
      Warrick: Nope.
      Undersheriff McKeen: That's what makes you a great CSI. (takes out his gun and shoots him)

    • Nick: Let's get a beer.
      Warrick: Oh, no.
      Nick: Come on. You're a free man now.
      Warrick: Well, this free man needs a free shower. And I think you need to take a hot one with that red-head.
      Nick: I think I might just do that. (pauses) Hey, I'm really glad that you're okay.
      Warrick: Thanks.

    • Catherine: You ever need anybody to talk to, you know how to get ahold of me, huh?
      Warrick: Yeah, thanks. (she kisses his cheek and walks out of the diner)

    • (The whole team is out for breakfast, laughing having a good time)
      Nick: Ah, turkey bacon is not gonna make the food any better here.
      Grissom: Yeah, well, unfortunately we don't come here for the food.
      Catherine: No.
      Warrick: Well, as far as I'm concerned there's no place that I'd rather be.

    • Warrick: Thanks, Jim.
      Brass: Don't ever forget how lucky you are.

    • Grissom: The D.A's gonna drop the charges. (Warrick sighs in relief) But there's still the question of administrative violation. So, Ecklie and I are recommending to the Undersheriff that you be suspended and demoted, but not terminated.
      Warrick: So I still have a job?
      Grissom: Well, the Undersheriff says that he has to think about it. But he just wants to make you sweat.
      Warrick: I've sweat enough.
      Grissom: I'd imagine. (Warrick hugs Grissom and holds on to him for a moment)
      Warrick: Thank you. Thank you.

    • Warrick: Listen, Grissom, I'm so sorry about all of this. (sighs) And... yeah.
      Grissom: You were framed.
      Warrick: Framed? (Grissom nods and Warrick breathes a sigh of relief) By who?
      Grissom: Gedda has a mole in the department.
      Warrick: A cop?
      Grissom: Daniel Pritchard. We think that he had him kill Lenny Harper. And probably Joanna as well.
      Warrick: And why would he kill Gedda?
      Grissom: Who knows? Old mobsters, crooked cops, it's a long history.
      Warrick: I don't know. I mean, come on, Grissom, Gedda's been killin' and barbaquin' people for 25 years. It would take more than a beat cop to get one over on that fat bastard. It's gotta be someone higher up than that.
      Grissom: Probably, but Pritchard's all we got for now.

    • Undersheriff McKeen: So, it's all on Pritchard. Is this gonna hold up in court?
      Grissom: It will.
      I.A. Officer Wagenbach: You know what the defense is gonna say, right? Who better than a CSI to make a murder look like a frame.
      Grissom: He was framed, and I'll prove it.

    • Undersheriff McKeen: Do your client and this department a favor, and make a deal. The District Attorney said that he might consider manslaughter.
      Warrick: I can't do that.
      Undersheriff McKeen: Are you telling me that you're innocent? Because I.A. said that those words never crossed your lips.
      Warrick: Are you charging me?
      Undersheriff McKeen: Not yet. But in about five hours it's gonna be first degree murder.

    • Grissom: Brass always suspected that there was a mole in the department that worked for Gedda. I bet we're lookin' for a cop.
      Catherine: A P.I. investigating Gedda gets killed, then Gedda gets killed. Maybe this dirty cop did 'em both.
      Grissom: Yeah, but we can't prove it because we're not allowed to investigate Gedda's murder.
      Catherine: We're still investigating the P.I. if the cases are linked, we solve one, we solve the other.

    • Grissom: Okay, if there were any other suspect, what would be our conclusion? (everyone is silent for a long moment)
      Greg: That he did it.
      Grissom: Which is what Warrick told Internal Affairs.
      Catherine: He confessed?
      Grissom: No, but he didn't deny it. He says that he can't remember.
      Greg: Yeah, we've all heard that one before.
      Nick: What's that supposed to mean?
      Greg: It's not supposed to mean anything, we're just talking.
      Nick: Well, we can't just sit here and watch him go down.
      Catherine: We're not going to. He asked for a lawyer, and we're going to get him a shark.
      Greg: The only thing that a jury is gonna see is a rogue cop with a vendetta. I've been there before. They're gonna crucify him.

    • I.A. Officer Wagenbach: You get Holly killed, you get Joanna killed, and you just can't take anymore so you kill Gedda. That's how jury's gonna see it.
      Warrick: There's nothin' that I can do about that.
      I.A. Officer Wagenbach: Sure there is. Look, Lou Gedda was a slime ball, that's common knowledge. Nobody is gonna miss him. In fact the world is arguably a better place without him.
      Warrick: So, if I admit to killing him they'll take it easy on me and you're just tryin' to help me out, right? You know how many times I used that on a suspect? Don't waste your game, pal.

    • I.A. Officer Wagenbach: Let's backup a little. You get involved with a pretty young thing, you go away to do your business, she winds up dead. You ever think about that?
      Warrick: I think about Joanna every day. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her.
      I.A. Officer Wagenbach: No, no. I'm sorry. I was talking about Holly Gribbs. You remember Holly, don't 'ya? Rookie CSI, you left alone at a crime scene eight years ago to go place bets for a crooked judge. Suspect came back and shot her.
      Warrick: I remember.
      I.A. Officer Wagenbach: Poor innocent girl, just tryin' to do her job. And winds up dead because of you.
      Warrick: That has nothing to do with this.
      I.A. Officer Wagenbach: Do two points make a straight line? It's a pattern of behavior. Reckless, obsessive, compulsive, self-destructive behavior.

    • I.A. Officer Wagenbach: (laying out photos in front of Warrick) Your gun with blood tissue and hair at the scene. Your cuffs, on the vic. You covered in blood. You went to Pigalle to get revenge by giving Lou Gedda a taste of his own medicine. You're a CSI, what's the evidence telling you?
      Warrick: (pauses) The evidence is ... is suggesting that I did it.

    • I.A. Officer Wagenbach: Do you remember hiring Lenny Harper to investigate Lou Gedda in violation of direct orders.
      Warrick: Yeah.
      I.A. Officer Wagenbach: You think Gedda was responsible?
      Warrick: I'd bet on it.
      I.A. Officer Wagenbach: I heard that about you. Is that why you went to Pigalle?
      Warrick: I went to Pigalle because Lou Gedda called me.

    • Catherine: How 'ya holdin' up?
      Warrick: That depends. Do you think I did it?
      Catherine: I can't discuss the case.
      Warrick: Yeah. I dunno, I think I'd just feel a lot better if I had a change of clothes. I hate being dressed like a convict.
      Catherine: I'll take care of it. (takes his hand) Stay strong.

    • Nick (after Hodges was talking to I.A): I don't care, what'd you say?
      Hodges: I said that I saw Warrick sitting alone in Grissom's office in the dark.
      Nick: So what?
      Hodges: He got a phone call and he got really pissed at the person that he was talking to.
      Nick: So what?
      Hodges: Then he was found an hour later in a pool of Gedda's blood.
      Nick: Hey, you don't know what happened in there.
      Hodges: Look, Nick all I did was tell the truth as I saw it. That's what we're supposed to do, right?

    • Ecklie: Get a lawyer.
      Warrick: I don't want one.
      Ecklie: This isn't going away, Warrick. In 48 hours they're gonna charge you.
      Warrick: I wouldn't know what to tell a lawyer anyway.

    • (Catherine and Nick see Warrick in the back of the cop car)
      Catherine: The 419 went out as officer involved, no details.
      Nick: Yeah, we got here as quick as we could.
      Catherine: What the hell happened?
      Grissom: Gedda's dead.
      Undersheriff McKeen (after taking a long look at Warrick): Put your kits away. Day shift will be processing the scene. I.A's taking the case from here.

    • Grissom (answering his phone): Where the hell have you been?
      Warrick: Grissom, I gotta talk with you.
      Grissom: Where are you?!
      Warrick: Pigalle.
      Grissom: What are you thinking?
      Warrick: I don't know. I don't know!
      Grissom: You don't-- You don't know what?
      Warrick: I don't know what I did here. I don't know what happened.

    • Nick: Warrick couldn't investigate Gedda himself, so he had the P.I do it for him. Archie tracked down thousands of photos, sound bite files, videos, everything's connected to Lou Gedda. I think Gedda caught Harper spying on him, killed him and had the mortician put the body in the double-decker casket.
      Grissom (dials Warrick's phone, it goes straight to voicemail): Warrick, call me. Now! (hangs up and turns to Nick) Anybody hears from him I wanna know.

    • Grissom: What if the killer used the victim's car to transport the body?
      Nick: He drives the victim's own car back to the funeral home, stuffs the body in a double-decker coffin, hits a car wash, comes back cleans the office, then leaves us the keys. That's pretty considerate.
      Grissom: Or very smart.

    • Catherine: What is this? More research for your mob book? I hope you're not starting to admire those thugs.
      Greg: I don't admire them, but I'm grateful.
      Catherine: For what?
      Greg: Well, for starters, my book is done. I have meetings with three different publishers out in L.A. and I fly out the day after tomorrow.

    • Nick: We'll pay for a new casket.
      Grissom: We will?

    • Grissom: What happened?
      Warrick: I don't know. My head is throbbing.
      Grissom: Is that your gun?
      Warrick: Yeah.
      Grissom: Are those your cuffs?
      Warrick: I guess so.
      Grissom: We need to get you a lawyer.
      Warrick: Grissom...
      Brass: Don't say another word.
      Warrick: Jim...
      Brass: Just get on your feet.
      Warrick: I don't know what happened.
      Brass: Hey, it's for your own good. Just keep your mouth shut until we get to the station. ... You couldn't just let it go.

    • Nick: That has got to be the biggest casket I've ever seen.

    • Nick: Crime scene at a funeral! Can't get much deader than this.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This is the first season finale in which Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) does not appear.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Za Geddu (For Gedda)

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      All My Days - Alexi Murdoch
      Come Tenderness - Lisa Gerrard
      Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra
      Paper Heart - Gram Rabbit
      Six Days At the Bottom of the Ocean - Explosions In The Sky
      What Becomes of Us - Holly Throsby
      Word Up - Willis

    • During the filming of this episode, Gary Dourdan was arrested on drugs charges. He was found asleep in his car at 5:14 AM, posted a $5,000 bail, and was back on the set filming later that day.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: May 20, 2008 on Channel 5
      Denmark: May 23, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Norway: June 3, 2008 on TVNorge
      New Zealand: June 8, 2008 on TV3
      Venezuela: June 30, 2008 on AXN
      Brazil: June 30, 2008 on AXN
      Australia: July 6, 2008 on Channel 9
      Sweden: November 10, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Estonia: December 22, 2008 on TV3
      Spain: January 13, 2009 on AXN
      Finland: March 11, 2009 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: December 17, 2009 on TV Nova