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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 1

For Warrick (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The ninth season comes to a shocking open when CSI Warrick Brown is shot and killed outside a Las Vegas diner. The entire team grieves for their fallen friend, while unknown to them, the killer is one of their own. Also, Sara returns to Las Vegas when she hears the news.moreless

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  • The ending was emotional...

    ...as well as the beginning. IMO the strongest Season Premiere that I have ever seen (6-9) on this show. A very emotional episode but was surprised to see a resolution so quickly. But I suppose the writers want to move on. All the cast showed genuine sorrow for Warrick and finding out he had a son after we thought he had no family was even more heartbreaking. Also the fact Grissom was like a father figure to Warrick was raised again to emphasise their bond through the tape and Grissom's eulogy. And Im glad that son of a b!tch cop got what he deserved.moreless
  • this is the most moving episode of csi ever.

    before this episode started you just knew it was going to be a tearjerker, and did not fail to deliver. as we all know csi is not a show that is all action, which is good, as it is good to have the mind tested from time to time and to see how the process gets us to the end product, and last nights was no exception. after getting us over the shock of warwick dieing, the writers then throw us in to the determined bid by not just the csi's but all connected with dept to hunt down warwick's killer. this did not seem to be going to well until nick accidently turned the car radio on, and found the sound turned down which then brought in to question why the passanger window was down. this led to him discovering the the knuckle prints. which then led him to the fact that it had to be someone who warwick knew. and the only other person on the scence being the undersheriff. this then moved them back to the gun that was found in the car. no prints on the gun, but it was pointed out that there had been no ammo with the gun when it was supposed to have been destroyed. so the clip and ammo would have been loaded seperatley perhaps prints on the bullets, and low and be hold a match to the undersheriff. so the chase is on. grissom rings him archie gets the fix brass and nick give chase find the car upside down. the undersheriff has crawled out nick finds him a gunshot rings out but to our dismay nick hasn't shot him (pity). the funeral was a really touching moment as grissom give his eulogy with tears and been unable to carry on. this varation of the show is still by far and away the best. i liked warwick's character and he will be a miss, and nice to see sarah back for however long it is. must just say it is good to see an actor of laurence fishbournes quality coming in to replace grissom when he leaves, but it will never be the same without him for memoreless
  • Painful to watch as in "WHY?! WHY?!" I think this is the best episode of CSI, and a tearjerker, too.

    I just let the tears flow when I saw Warrick die in Gil's arms. I mean, he was a very loyal CSI. We all saw that in all the seasons.

    I was thinking to myself, "This is the absolute best of CSI. But why kill Warrick off?" I think I heard sniffles as well from my father next to me when we got the ep on DVD.

    We all seem to agree with Grissom's eulogy at the end. Warrick was loyal, determined too. Even as he died, he tried to tell Grissom about what he figured out about the undersheriff.

    McKeen is supposed to be a good guy! Instead, he turns traitor and kills a loyal CSI. Just seeing him arrested (Nick, you should've just knocked the guy out, for Pete's sake!) wasn't enough for me.

    CSI won't be the same without Warrick.moreless
  • Awesome episode!

    This episode was obviously emotional, very emotional. Seeing Warrick die in Grissoms arms was heart broken. It was a shock to the whole CSI team. When Catherine was walking toward the crime scene and seeing someone putting a white blanket over top of his head with this huge blood circle and seeing Catherine start crying was pretty sad to see. I just loved how they were doing everything they could to find the person who did this.

    This episode wasn't like anyother. Usually the crimes are people they don't even know, now it's someone who they have been working with for years and years and seeing him dead. I was shocked that the man shot him. And I'm glad he got what he deserved. But I really wanted Nick to be brave and shoot that son of a... But he didn't. He didn't seem ashamed at all that he took a life, he was in fact laughing!

    I loved that Sara came back just for Warrick. I know she was very much missed.

    And now it comes down to the funeral. That was pretty intense. Seeing Grisson start to cry and couldn't continue. And everyone tearing up and bending their heads down. Soo sad! But why Warrick! I actually liked his character.

    I love CSI and after all these years I STILL love it! The writers have so many great imaginations when it comes to writing an episodemoreless
  • A most emotional episode...

    This episode reminds me of why I stick with CSI Las Vegas. Every once in a while you get a bad episode, but then you get an episode like this and you never want to leave a series. The death of Warrick was a very emotional hit to me as it was to many fans. The scene with Catherine entering the crime scene, with Lisa Gerrard's "Come Tenderness" makes me teary-eyed every time I watch it. The writers did an amazing job of showing how each of the CSI family suffered such a loss, from Catherine's shock and pain, Grissom's silent grief, to Nick's anger and desire for payback. Then came the Eulogy. Grissom's eulogy was by far the most emotional instant in all of CSI. For the people out there that complained that he was far too cold, far too unattached to be realistic, all you have to do is watch this scene. The mask he has built over the years shatters and we see how much Warrick meant to him and that even Gil Grissom feels deep pain. How this series goes on from losing Warrick will be difficult if not impossible to measure. All i know is this: RIP Warrick Brown, and thank you Gary Dourdan for the work you have done to make such a wonderful character a part of viewers everywhere.moreless
Meta Golding

Meta Golding

Tina Brewster

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DeLon Howell

DeLon Howell

Officer Devlin

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David Gianopolous

David Gianopolous

Daniel Pritchard

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Jorja Fox

Jorja Fox

Sara Sidle

Recurring Role

David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

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Liz Vassey

Liz Vassey

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: In the previous episode, "For Gedda (1)," Ecklie's hair was cut very short, but in this episode, it's back to normal length even though the events take place immediately after.

    • Goof: When Catherine and Nick are checking Warrick's car for gun shot residue, the materials in her hands change positions. When she is facing Nick, she has a chemical bottle in her left hand and the cloth in her right. Then, a little later, the bottle is missing and the cloth showing a positive result is now in her left hand.

    • Goof: After Warrick passes away, it's clear to see Gary Dourdan, the actor that portrays him, rolling and blinking his eyes.

    • The picture of the team that Greg discovered in Warrick's bedroom was taken recently, due to how short Sara's hair is.

    • Goof: When Grissom is talking to Brass about the undersheriff, his watch shows 5:05 but in the next shot, his watch shows 5:00.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • McKeen (after Nick finds him): Thank god you're here. I was tryin' to bring Pritchard in.
      Nick: Shut up.
      McKeen: He got the drop on me, he grabbed my gun, I lost control...
      Nick (points his gun at McKeen): I said shut up!
      McKeen: Okay, you wanna know why I did it? Warrick had a big mouth. You know, I just shot him. I'd try to warn him, but he was just too stupid to listen. You know, when I shot him, he had a big smile on his face. I told him that he could keep his job, I didn't have the heart to fire him. (laughs)
      Nick: Shut up.
      McKeen: You were his friend. What kinda friend are you? ... Shoot me, you son of a bitch! (Nick is shaking, screen shows Brass running though the woods, Brass hears a shot and runs over to Nick, who is stand over McKeen)
      Brass: Nick...
      Nick: McKeen has a gun shot wound to the stomach, he's lost a lot of blood, we should get the Med-Evac helicopter here ASAP.
      Brass: What was that shot?
      Nick: A miss.

    • Pritchard: What happens when we get to the state line? Every cop in Nevada has got a picture of my mug.
      McKeen: Don't worry about it. I got a radio on, anything happens, I'll hear about. I'm the undersheriff, remember? Nobody's gonna search my car. In 12 hours you'll sitting on a beach in Mexico sippin' margaritas. (Pritchard points a gun at him, McKeen chuckles)
      Pritchard: What's so freakin' funny?
      McKeen: What you gonna shoot me goin' 80mph? ... What you think I'd let you get into this car with a loaded gun? (laughs) Just sit back and enjoy the ride

    • Nick: McKeen's had this hotel room for four days, Pritchard's probably been holed up in here ever since he killed Gedda.
      Brass: Pritchard's his problem solver. McKeen's protecting him.
      Nick: Not anymore, he killed Warrick and now he needs a fall guy.
      Greg: Which makes Pritchard a dead man.

    • Nick (checking McKeen's phone records with Archie): Whiskey Bend Hotel, that's a place you go to get lost.

    • Mandy (dusting for prints on the bullets): That is one tiny partial. That's maybe 4mm.
      Catherine: So, we got one shot.
      Mandy: Yeah, so don't screw it up, right? (she tape lifts the print off of the bullet) Just enough for a comparison.
      Catherine: Here, compare it to Pritchard's ten card. (Mandy does so)
      Mandy: It's not Pritchard's print.
      Catherine: Thank you, Mandy. I need for you to step out.
      Mandy: You're kidding, right?
      Catherine: No, I'm not. (Mandy leaves and Catherine matches the print to McKeen)

    • Ecklie: Gil, you take this to the wrong judge and McKeen finds out he's being investigated, he'll stick a fork in all of us.
      Catherine: I think that's a risk that we're all willing to take.
      Ecklie: Well, all I'm saying is let's be smart about it. Get more evidence.
      Nick: We got what we got. Knuckle prints on glass.
      Greg: Yeah but knuckle prints can't be individualized, even if we had exemplars, we couldn't exclude Pritchard or include McKeen.
      Ecklie: Alright, alright. What about the murder weapon?
      Catherine: We dusted for prints, swabbed for DNA, it was wiped clean.
      Sara: The gun was evidence in an armed robbery case, right? Was there any ammo with it?
      Catherine: No.
      Sara: So, if McKeen lifted the gun from evidence, he still had to load it.
      Catherine: There were no prints on the magazine.
      Sara: What about the bullets?
      Ecklie: A .25? We've never gotten prints of a cartridge that small. (next scene is Mandy dusting for prints on the bullets)

    • Pritchard: Look, you can blame everything on me when I'm in Mexico, but I'm not in Mexico yet.
      McKeen: Killing you might just be easier.
      Pritchard: Then do it. You shoot me here, then you're going to have a lot of explaining to do. (McKeen cocks his gun) We goin' to Mexico, or what?

    • McKeen: I told you not to leave the room.
      Pritchard: I didn't, scout's honor. Why would I leave the room? I'm tryin' to leave the country.
      McKeen: You killed Brown on the way out, I get it. But now you made a mess and I gotta clean it up.
      Pritchard: You think I killed Brown?
      McKeen: Come on. Who else?
      Pritchard: I just framed the guy. Why would I want him dead? I wanted him in jail. If I wanted him dead I woulda shot him in Pigalle, and not gone through all of this freakin' crap.

    • Grissom: There's no way that McKeen could've heard those shots. So why did he say that he did? He also implied that he saw Pritchard running away from Warrick's car.
      Brass: But he never said that it was Pritchard.
      Grissom: He led us to believe that though.
      Brass (sighs): You know when I first came to Vegas twenty years ago... I haven't thought about this in a while, Jeff McKeen was a detective then. He invited us all up to his cabin at Mt. Charleston, you know, all the new guys, have a barbeque, cook some steaks, have a few drinks, get to know each other. And you know, it was a nice place, but not too nice for detective pay. I mean, my radar's already up I came from Jersey, guys took more than they gave, and they made it an art form, how not to push it, how not to make it showy, you know. And anyway, Jeff is sizing me up, he's sniffing around, telling me how great Vegas is, how great it'd be for my career... But I let him know, without bustin' his balls that I wasn't in a game, that I wasn't for sale and it's a good thing that I took a look around up there at Mt. Charleston because I never got invited again, no more barbeques for me.
      Grissom: First witness at the scene is the first suspect, right?
      Brass: Right.
      Grissom: When I told Warrick that Pritchard framed him, he said that Gedda's mole had to have been higher up on the food chain. If I were McKeen I would worry that Warrick would never let it go.
      Brass: Let's say that McKeen saw the interview video. The time that Warrick left the PD to the time that Warrick got killed was like an hour, hour and a half. Is that enough time to frame Pritchard? For all we know Pritchard's not even in Vegas.
      Grissom: Yeah, but if Pritchard gets picked up some where else, that gives him an alibi, and McKeen is screwed.
      Brass: Unless he knows exactly where Pritchard is.

    • (Sara and Grissom are watching the DVD of Warrick's custody hearing)
      Woman: So what makes you think that you'd be a good father? You were raised by your grandmother. You never even knew your biological father.
      Warrick: Which is exactly why Eli needs to know his. Look, the most important thing you need to know about how to raise a child is how give a child love, and I've been loved. He says I've always tried to be a good man, and I've screwed up. And when I have there's always been one man in my life to set me straight. I've learned a lot from him, how to be fair, how to forgive, ... how to be inspired, how to inspire others.
      Woman: Sounds like a special person.
      Warrick: He is. If I could've picked my own father, I'da picked him. (Grissom is clearly touched and saddened at the same time)

    • Nick: When I rolled up the passenger side window I found a cluster of impressions on the glass, no ridge structure. So, they're not fingerprints, they're knuckle prints. The stereo was turned down low, the only finger prints on the volume knob were Warrick's. If you've ever ridden with him, you'd know that he'd make your ear drums bleed. (Grissom silently laughs at the memory) So, volume turned down, knuckle prints on the glass, I think the killer knocked on his window.
      Grissom: (realizing) Well, Warrick would've never rolled down his window for Pritchard.
      Nick: No, no. Not after he just killed Gedda and was trying to frame Warrick for the murder.
      Catherine: Are we saying that it's not Pritchard?
      Nick: I think we are. ... McKeen. He's the only eyewitness. He's the one that placed somebody that looked like Pritchard in the alley. He's the one that is saying the suspect got into a vehicle with a partial plate that was a match to Pritchard's.

    • Catherine: According to the log the gun was destroyed last July.
      Grissom: Or not. Pritchard stole it from central property.
      Catherine: He had to have somebody on the inside to fudge the records.
      Grissom: Well, maybe Gedda had another cop on the take, but why would Pritchard kill Warrick with a gun that could be traced back to him.
      Catherine: Because he didn't care, he's in the wind.

    • Undersheriff McKeen: I know that you and Warrick were close, and I don't want you to think that I had it in for the guy.
      Brass: Why would I think that, Jeff?
      Undersheriff McKeen: I don't know... Maybe I'm feelin' guilty. ... I thought Brown was a bad apple. I was certain that he killed Gedda... And I was wrong. I know it's a little late for apologies but I-I just wanted to tell 'ya.
      Brass: Hey, we all have regrets. I thought he killed Gedda, too. ... You know what the last thing that I told him was?
      Undersheriff McKeen: No.
      Brass: "I hope you remember how lucky you are." Some luck, huh?
      Undersheriff McKeen: Thanks.

    • Sara: Look, maybe I can pick up some of the slack. I know I can't work the case but maybe I can make some of the ... arrangements.
      Grissom: That'd be great.
      Greg: I'll help you.
      Sara: I'd appreciate that.
      Nick: You know, since Warrick's grandmother passed, we were the only family that he had. He once told me that he'd like to be buried next to her.
      Grissom: I went to her funeral with Warrick. She's buried at the Baptist cemetary on Eastern.
      Sara: We're gonna need a key, I guess to his place.
      Catherine: I've got one. I... went over to his place and got him some fresh clothes when he was in custody.
      Nick: Warrick was right about Gedda and he was right about the department. (looks at everyone then at Grissom) Let's finish this for him.

    • Grissom: He didn't wanna go, Sara.
      Sara (pause): Tell me.
      Grissom: I was holding him. ... God, I could feel his life, ... I guess I felt that if I could hold him tight enough, he'd be okay.
      Sara: You know that there is no place in the world that he would have rather been at the end. ... He loved you.
      Grissom (holding back tears): Yeah, I loved him. (Catherine comes in and sees Sara, Sara walks up to her and hugs her)
      Sara (while hugging Catherine): I'm so sorry.
      Catherine: It's so good that we can all be together. (Greg and Nick walk in and Sara hugs them both)

    • Nick (after Catherine finds a gun in Warrick's car): Warrick's service weapon is still in evidence. He didn't carry a backup.
      Catherine: It's gotta be the murder weapon.
      Nick: Leave the gun, take the cannoli. This was a hit. Look's like Pritchard's been takin' lessons from Gedda.

    • Nick (after discovering that Warrick's killer was standing outside his car): Why was the window down?
      Catherine: I dunno, it was a warm night.
      Nick: If he wanted to get some air, why not roll down his own window?

    • Greg: I.. uh, need to do something.
      Grissom: You could, um, pick up Warrick's clothes from the coroner.

    • Brass: Was it Pritchard that you saw?
      Undersheriff McKeen: Uh... I only saw him for a second, it was dark... But uh, who else could it be?
      Brass: Okay.

    • (Grissom finds Sara in his office, Sara hugs Grissom and sobs)
      Sara: I got the first flight out.

    • Grissom: As crime scene investigators, we meet people on the worst day of their lives. They've just lost a family member, somebody they loved, often in a horrible way. A piece of their heart is gone, and will never be replaced. The phrase we're trained to offer them, "I'm sorry for your loss", as we know now, doesn't offer much. Warrick Brown was a young boy when his parents passed away. Much too young to learn that life can be so tragically short. But I think that it taught him how precious life is, and so he lived his life to the fullest, each day as if it was his last day. I was with Warrick on his last day. All the qualities that defined him, his tenaciousness, his deep sense of loyalty, his courage to risk his life for what he knew was right, all those traits were with him on that last day. Just before he died, we were all having breakfast together. Our team. His friends. His family. And Warrick was... he was ... (sobs) I'm going to miss him so much.

    • Ecklie (arriving at Warrick's crime scene): Gil, how do you wanna handle this?
      Grissom: I want us to do this, Conrad. I want Nick and Catherine on the car.
      Ecklie (softly): Okay.
      Nick: I feel sorry for whoever did this.
      Catherine (finishes her phone call and walks over to Grissom and Ecklie): Greg's coming back from the airport, I told him to go straight to the lab. (pauses) We're gonna have to take your clothes to get processed.
      Ecklie: I'll drive ya.
      Grissom: I'm gonna go with Warrick.

    • Sara: You know, after being in so many victim's houses, I never left my house without making the bed and taking out the trash, just in case I didn't come home.
      Greg: What about now?
      Sara: Since I left Vegas, I don't do that anymore.

  • NOTES (6)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Za Warricka (For Warrick)

    • With Warrick leaving in this episode, Greg, Nick, Grissom, Catherine and Brass are the only members of the team still left on the show from the very begining.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia October 13, 2008 on Channel 9
      Denmark November 14, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Sweden: November 17, 2008 on Kanal 5
      United Kingdom: January 13, 2009 on five
      Norway: January 27, 2009 on Tvn
      Latin America: February 2, 2009 on AXN
      Belgium: March 5, 2009 on VT4
      Spain: June 16, 2009 on AXN
      Finland: August 12, 2009 on MTV3
      Czech Republic: January 7, 2010 on TV Nova

    • Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown) makes his last appearance as a series regular.

    • Jorja Fox makes a guest appearance on this show, returns to her role as Sara Sidle.

    • Music Featured in This Episode:
      The Funeral - Band Of Horses *Used for the Promo that aired around 21 Aug 08*.
      Come Tenderness - Lisa Gerrard
      It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday - Boyz II Men


    • Nick: Warrick's service weapon is still in evidence. He didn't carry a backup.
      Catherine: It's gotta be the murder weapon.
      Nick: Leave the gun, take the cannoli. This was a hit.

      Memorable quote from the 1972 classic The Godfather where Clemenza says to Rocco who has just killed Paulie in the car.