CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 13 Episode 15

Forget Me Not

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2013 on CBS

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  • Too cliched

    Every crime drama does at least one episode where one of the team members is suspected of murder and there is a mountain of evidence against him/her. And you can bet the house every time that he/she will be cleared by the end of the hour.

    Given TV's hostile attitude towards heterosexual marriage, I'm glad the writers finally decided to end the sham marriage between Sara and Grissom. It was completely unrealistic that they got married and for him to live on the other side of the world from the beginning.
  • Sara is suspected of murder just as she is going through a personal crisis. The rest of the team works to clear her name.

    When I first saw the trailer for this episode I was discouraged. The first reason being it was obvious from the start Sara was innocent. Second the basic plot formula of this episode has been seen countless times. I did not have high hopes when this episode began, but when it ended I was pleasantly surprised because it was better than I expected. I found myself hooked on this episode's well written story. As I mentioned previously I knew Sara was innocent, but I could not figure out just how the team was going to prove it. That in my mind is what made the episode work. What also made "Forget Me Not" so good was something I don't think any of us saw coming. I was just as shocked as the team when Sara revealed that she and Grissom had gotten a divorce. A true surprise there. Jorja Fox has never been better. The viewer could almost feel her sadness. Ted Danson was excellent yet again here. He has been consistently good since he joined the show. Defintely make some time to see this great episode. It is one of season thirteen's best.
  • The New Detective

    I hope this Crawford dude isn't a replacement for Vartann. By the way, where is Vartann? He has only been in one episode this season. Brass and Vartann are the two Detectives that belong with this team. BRING BACK VARTANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Are we done with Sara's problems now?

    Seriously, I love CSI. I even loved the suspenseful WTF is going on in this episode. Of course we knew Sara didn't do it but who did? and why? But I am SO tired of Sara's problems and attitude. I was done with her before she left and came back. She's just want to slap her and tell her to grow a pair and suck it up. This episode reminded me WHY I wanted to slap her. Seriously, everyone knows she didn't do it so why hide ANYTHING from her teammates who will only find out the inevitable? I'm not surprised in the slightest that she and Grissom have split. I hope this is the end of it. If we're going to do a Sara-centric episode again, PLEASE make it less whiny-brat Sara and more I-can-act-like-an-adult Sara.

    Other than that rant above, I thought this was a pretty good episode. I loved the how the camaraderie between the team was shaken a bit by the case's close-to-home blow and it mixes it up to have the "newbies" in there with their opinions. The sweet moment at the end between my boys (Greg and Nick - yum!) and Sara was worth waiting for.

    Did I miss Brass this episode? Who is the new detective?
  • The original team

    I liked how this episode ended. Sara, Nick and Greg all sitting together talking. 3 of the original CSI team, it was nice.