CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 13 Episode 15

Forget Me Not

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2013 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Stokes and Crawford confront Basderic in the parking garage, Stokes takes Basderic's pistol, removes the magazine and hands both to Crawford. Crawford puts the magazine in his pocket and holds the pistol in his hand. When they release Basderic, Crawford inserts the switched magazine with blank rounds into the pistol and hands it back to Basderic.

      Later, at his house, Basderic fires three rounds at Sidle. First problem is that when you remove a magazine from an automatic pistol, there is still one live round in the chamber and the first shot would have struck Sidle. Secondly, Basderic fires three quick rounds. Blank cartridges cannot generate the pressure needed to cycle the slide unless the weapon is fitted with a special device.

      The first live round would have ejected and activated the slide, but the second blank round would not making it impossible to fire another blank round.

  • Quotes

    • Sara: I didn't mean to shut you guys out. I didn't tell you about Grissom and me because I didn't believe it myself. You know, we made that dinner reservation together before we split up, and as I sat there alone in the restaurant I honestly expected him to show up.
      Nick: I think that we all like the idea of you two being together. And maybe it was because that was our way of-of hanging on to him just a little bit, you know. But if it's over, it's over.
      Greg: Hey, you can't sit around waiting forever.
      Nick: And you'll always have us.
      Greg: Like it or not.
      Sara: Thank you. Thank you for not giving up on me.

    • Crawford: I know this detective badge may be new, but I've been a cop long enough to know how to read between the lines.
      D.B.: That's the difference between what you do and what I do. I don't read between the lines, I stay with the evidence.

    • Finn: (at the autopy room) I figured he'd have to be really good-looking to get Sara's interest.
      Robbins: Do you mind? You're talking about people we know.
      Finn: Are we Team Grissom or are we Team Sara? Which one are we protecting?
      Robbins: I see no reason why we can't protect both.

    • Morgan: (while taking her blood) Just a warning. It's been a while since I've stuck someone.
      Sara: Hodges is the expert.
      Morgan: I don't think you want to be around Hodges and a sharp object right now.
      Sara: How come? He thinks I cheated on Grissom.
      Morgan: Might as well have cheated on God. In Hodges' eyes, you pretty much did.

    • Sara: Greg, I never touched him he's setting me up. He set me up at the hotel and he's setting me up now.
      Greg: (Plays the video evidence of her confronting Basderic) Why were you even there? Russel tells you to go home and you go to Basderic's workplace.
      Sara: I know, I screwed up okay.
      Greg: Yeah.
      Sara: But I'm telling you that Basderic is the one behind this. Okay, he left Edie's necklace because he wanted me to know that it was him. (Refering to the video) Where's the rest of it?
      Greg: That's all there is. There's only the one camera. But Sara, the DA has more than enough to charge you with. You were clearly the aggressor here.
      Sara: No, look at that. He knew exactly where to stand for the camera. He lured me to that spot. The only physical contact that I had with Basderic is on that video.
      Greg: Then how did he get those injuries?
      Sara: Greg, how long have you known me? You know I didn't do this.

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