CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2004 on CBS

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  • A Very Very Very Good Episode

    i watched it and it is very very good. sophia is a hit but i dont know is grissom in love with sarah or will he fall in love with sophia. why doesn't he show his love to sarah and give a tiny romance in the series like it is in cold case with agent rush. i love csi and i loved this episode.
    i loe csi and csi new york but i dont like miami that much. i think grissom is so cute and i also like all jerry bruckheimers series: cold case, without a trace, etc ..... thanks jerry for all of that
  • ahh high school dances.

    Ahh high school dances dont you love them. Well This girl is found dead and there are a group of suspects. RX is the drug dealer out of the group. They were excluding the dead girl from going up into the master sweet. I loved the part where grissom left his speech with catherine and is all it said was. What can i say about conrad ecklie? on a napkin lol Then the owner of the hotels daughter went "missing" and she died but it ended up being she put herself in the trunk of her car so her dad would save her. Its really sad that that is the only way for her to get attention from her dad.
  • Interesting.

    Janelle, a teenage girl is kidnapped from her father's hotel where her friend is found dead. Later on, it is reveal that the kidnapping is just a game. Janelle wants her father to concerned about her.

    First appearance of Sofia Curtis, a CSI who work with Conrad Ecklie (the person I hate the most in CSI, also the one who break up the team) join Gil Grissom and his team to investigate the game that is set by Janelle. Later on, Grissom tells Sofia that no crime has been commited, but once Sofia leave, Catherine receives a 419 when Brass found Janelle's dead body.

    This episode should be the 100th episode because it is awesome! An episode without crime, I love it!!!!!
  • I Hate Ecklie!!!

    I can´t believe Ecklie outranked Grissom. Now that he's promoted, he thinks he has the whole lab on the palm of his hands. Ecklie want's to get rid of everybody in the graveyard shift because deep down he knows that Grissom is better than he is. The good thing is taht, despite the Ecklie provokes Grissom, Gil just ignores him or plays along and that pisses off Ecklie. I loved the introduction of Louise Lombard as Sofia Curtis. She is cometing directly with Willows for the day shift supervisor position even though Ecklie recommends Lombard because she is his "right hand".
  • Welcome To Vegas Sofia Curtis

    This had to be one of the best episodes this season. I loved the introduction of Louise Lombard as Sofia Curtis. Just the one line, " Im'm wearing underwear.. As far as you know. ", was enough to get me hooked as a weekley viewer. Thank you CSI, CBS, and who ever had the say in creating this character, and hiring the actress who play it.
  • A young girl is found dead in penthouse room and it puts CSI on the trail of what looks like a kidnapping. Plus Grissom gets a new partner in the form of Sofia Curtis.

    It's a mixed up episode - not one of the best - but it does have its moments. The story is a little convoluted even for CSI and in some ways it takes second place to the set-up of a new character and Ecklie's promotion.

    I can tell that some people don't like Sofia, but I don't really understand why. It's a nicely written character. After all, Sara, whilst obviously attracted to Grissom, is not overtly sexual in the way she approaches things. And though Catherine was a stripper earlier in her life, she is now a mother and scientist, who is also not overtly sexual with Gil. So it's a nice introduction to see him slightly flummoxed by a woman who is good looking, assertive and overt, whether or not she's flirting with him. The scene where she takes her dress off under the overalls is fun.

    And I do like Louise Lombard. I couldn't believe it was the same Louise Lombard from House of Elliot! Her accent is very good. Wonder why they chose a British actress for an obviously American part?

    More worrying is the fact that Ecklie is promoted and I know the writers are setting up changes to come later. Since just about everyone moans about him and he doesn't seem very good at his job, it seems very strange that he gets a promotion, despite his ability to kiss political backside. Kudos to the actor - he does a great line in oily horribleness!

    The story itself: well it's a fairly typical CSI - what seems obvious becomes less so. A supposed kidnapping is revealed to be something different and the very end of the episode where the culprit is revealed is pathetic in the literal meaning of the word. The father/daughter relationship is very sad.

    Overall good, not great.
  • I'm a Sara fan but I can't help but like Sofia.

    I know that most Sara fans automatically hate Sofia. But she is a great foil for both Sara and Grissom. She gets a rise out of Griss by flirting which is refreshing for the female viewers! It is also nice to see Sara get jealous. Truthfully, if I was not pulling so hard for Sara and Grissom, I would like to see where this could go (just like with Lady Heather).
    This episode was also refreshing because the victim is the only one at fault here. . . almost. It shows yet another sad side of human relationships in Vegas.
  • Unfortunately we now have to sit through the evil Spork

    I'm just going to say before I start this review that I have no problem with Louise Lombard, just he character the evil Spork (for you normals, Sofia).

    The episode was interesting enough, the ending was what I thought would happen too. From the word go, rich kid gets kidnapped, you knew that it would be a lot simpler than it would be. Grissom should wear tuxedo's more often, he looks hot in them. Tuxedos should in fact be the official uniform of the crime lab for the guys. The evil Spork's comment about the fact that she was wearing underwear, did we really need to know that. I certainly could have gone through life without knowing the evil Spork did wear her underwear when she went out that day. I like the fact that Grissom didn't have a speech for Ecklie, it was very Grissom of him. Overall a mildly entertaining episode.
  • Sporky is introduced to us.

    The beginning of the episode was funny. First I was surprised that Grissom couldn't follow a simple diagram on how to tie a bow tie. And when he was paged & had to leave & stuck Catherine with his speach, or should I say a simple question written on a napkin, I had to laugh when I read what he wrote about Ecklie, only Grissom would write something like that.

    Sporky, oops...I mean Sophia is introduced to us for the first time, and right from the beginning I hated her & I could see how evil she was, flirting with Grissom the whole episode & Grissom seemed to like it, I just wish Sara was in this episode to knock some sense into him. Especially after Sporky "fixed" Grissom's tie for him just incase he ever needed it again.

    While Louise Lombard is a talented actress & I do like her, I think she landed an unecessary role as Spork on CSI. I really don't see the need for a new member on the team.

    The case was interesting & even though it was obvious I didn't see the twist.

  • Not bad, but not the best.

    With this ep starting off in a humorous manner (i.e. Grissom can't tie a bow tie, leaves Ecklie's toast calling it a "funeral," Cath gets stuck with his speech--er, napkin, etc.), it looked to be promising...while the case all in all proved interesting, the abrupt ending was anything but satisfying. We also get our first taste of Sofia, or as she has been called by "Geeklovers" everywhere, 'Sporkia.' She seems dry, uninteresting, and un-funny. Too bad Ecklie feels the same way, for her promotion to Days supervisor is now at Ecklie's disposal.
    Favorite Quote: "No, no, it's 'Rex,' you know, as in Rx. I guess it's a lot more subtle than 'drugstore,' right?" - Brass
  • A young girl is found dead during a post-prom party, but it spirals into a bigger mess for our criminalists plus one to figure out.

    In yet another episode of sexual violence against a female, the various versions shown pretty graphically, the bright spot is the opening bit with Grissom and a speech for Ecklie. Two of the best performances are from the dependable Jonathan Banks- dependable in the best of meanings- and Jon Tenny as fathers united in a twisted act for attention gone very, very wrong.

    This was also the introduction of Sophia, a polarizing character for the season. While I did think her addition was extraneous, in light of the attempted firings over the hiatus, I didn't completely hate or loathe the quirky character.

    Xander Berkley, as the sheriff, while fun, is underused in the role. I did wish to have the sheriff along on a case at least once, as Mr. Berkley can be quite fun to watch as a political functionary out of his comfort zone.

    The working of the case is good, but it's the unnecessarily graphic flashbacks that I can do without. (This doesn't include the intrabody shots of gore and consequences.)

    Cautiously recommended.
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