CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2004 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Ecklie is promoted and is no longer at the same level as Grissom, but in charge of him.

    • In this episode Grissom recommends Catherine for the Day Shift Supervisor position while Ecklie wants Sofia to take that position.

    • Goof: Sofia Curtis tells Grissom that the mushrooms found in the toilet were ground up; However when we see her pulling them out of the toilet, they are clearly whole mushrooms.

  • Quotes

    • Catherine: So, when are you going to do your final proficiency?
      Greg: Every time I ask Grissom, he says: Next time out. Then I end up here.

    • Grissom: I think we're done.
      Catherine: No actual crime was committed. The kidnapping wasn't real.
      Sofia: Nicole Jensen's death was plenty real. Janelle Macklin's ultimately responsible for putting into motion the events that led to Nicole's death.
      Grissom: Well, the broadcast's out on Janelle and her car. When she turns up, she'll have to answer for it.
      Sofia: Well, that's ... (pauses) ... highly unsatisfying. (she stands up and puts Grissom's bowtie on the table) You forgot this at the suite. I fixed it for you. You never know when you might need to get dressed up again. (she leaves, Grissom watches her go. Cath picks up the bowtie)
      Catherine (amused): She glued it. Just keep in mind, Gil, that she is on Ecklie's team.

    • Warrick: Hey, guys, I got a work card hit off of that maple syrup print.
      Catherine: Let me guess. Mrs. Butterworth?

    • Catherine: Why are you talking to yourself?
      Grissom: I'm trying a new technique.
      Catherine: Is it working?
      Grissom: I have no idea.

    • Sofia: Teenager abuses drugs and/or booze ... There's a news flash. Contusions on her neck.
      Grissom: And the position suggests she was grabbed from behind.
      Sofia (reading the wrist band on the victim): "A night to remember."
      Grissom: A night to forget.

    • Ecklie (on seeing Grissom hanging up his tux): Least you got your money's worth out of the rental. I just wanted to let you know, no hard feelings about you leaving the banquet. You're just... doing your job.
      Grissom: Have you decided yet who's going to be the day shift supervisor?
      Ecklie: Well, Sofia's a logical choice, but nothing's official yet.
      Grissom: You should consider Catherine. She's earned it.
      Ecklie: I'll, uh, I'll give it some thought. Oh, you know... I'd love to get a copy of your speech. Just a little souvenir for my scrapbook.
      Grissom: I'll get you a copy.
      Ecklie: That'd be great.

    • Sofia: Fact that the victim wrists were bound suggests possible sex games. Also pulled a plastic baggie from a toilet containing what looks like ground-up mushrooms, probably not the kind you put on pizza. Could be the source of the psilocybin. One of those kids is still holding. I'm gonna let Brass know. (she looks at Grissom who is not paying attention to her) That time I was talking to you.
      Grissom: What? (Grissom turns) Sorry. I was, uh, treating it like white noise.

    • Catherine: I thought you were going to process the scene with Grissom.
      Nick: I was. He said he had it covered. Sofia Curtis is up there with him.
      Catherine: Right... Ecklie's right hand.
      Nick: Hmm?
      Catherine: Ever do a case with her?
      Nick: Uh-uh. Hey, I heard Grissom stuck you with his speech.
      Catherine: A napkin is not a speech.

    • Sofia: Mixers, not for drinks... maybe for drugs. Right ph in the stomach speeds the buzz. I think there's narco around here somewhere.
      Grissom (loudly): Are you talking to me?
      Sofia: No.
      Grissom: Do you always process like this?
      Sofia: Like what?
      Grissom: With your mouth.

    • Sheriff Rory Atwater: But seriously, folks... appointing the new Assistant Director for the Crime Lab is not a task I take lightly. I believe in promoting from within. I believe in rewarding years of dedication and devotion to this department. I believe in Conrad Ecklie. For a proper introduction, I'd like to turn to his good friend and colleague of many years... Supervisor Gil Grissom. (Catherine looks over at Gil reading his pager)
      Catherine: Gil...
      Grissom: I got a 419.
      Catherine: Don't even think about it.
      Grissom: Swing's tapped out. I'm the back-up. (Grissom hands Catherine a dinner napkin he's been writing on) Here... you give my speech. (Catherine looks at him speechless) Good luck, Conrad. (Ecklie watches Grissom leave the table. Grissom turns to Sheriff Rory Atwater on the stage. He points to his pager, and mouths silently) Homicide.
      Sheriff Rory Atwater: Gil... (Grissom leaves the ballroom, the Sheriff turns to Catherine) What's going on? (Catherine looks down at the dinner napkin and opens it where she reads: "What can I say about Conrad Ecklie?" She sighs and the Sheriff motions to her) You want to help me out up here? (Catherine takes a deep breath and stands up)

    • Catherine: I'm sure if we cracked open that kid's head, all we'd find would be T&A .
      Greg: I think you said that about me, once.
      Catherine: Actually, more than once.

    • Grissom (trying to tie his bowtie): I'm going insane. I don't understand this diagram.
      Catherine: You don't need a diagram. You need a woman. (from behind him she ties his tie)

    • (Sofia and Grissom are looking around at the crime scene)
      Sofia (picks up a G-string): Banana peel. G-string! Scared of that.

    • (Greg is reviewing video surveillance tapes)
      Catherine: Tell me something.
      Greg: I think my eyes need band aids.
      Catherine: Tough shift.
      Greg: You did say "shift", right?

    • (After a guy bends over the table while being interrogated)
      Brass: You better save that position for later, brother. You're gonna need it for where you're going.

    • (As Grissom sees Sofia change from her dress to a jumpsuit)
      Sofia: I could barely move in that dress. We haven't cleared the bathroom yet, so there it is. Don't worry I'm wearing underwear... as far as you know.

    • (Grissom's going up to the crime scene in an elevator and Sofia steps in the elevator as well)
      Sofia: Hey.
      Grissom: Hello. What floor do you want?
      Sofia: Where do you think I'm going?
      Grissom: I wouldn't know.
      Sofia: You don't recognize me?
      Grissom: Apparently not.
      Sofia: In the lab I usually wear my hair up.
      Grissom: Ooh, yeah...you're pulling in as I'm pulling out.
      Sofia: Sofia Curtis.
      Grissom: CSI-three, day shift. You work for Ecklie.
      Sofia: As of tonight, so do you.

    • (Grissom arrives at the scene from the dinner for Ecklie wearing a tuxedo)
      Uniform Officer: Hey Griss, what's with the monkey suit?
      Grissom: Uh... I was at a funeral across the street.

    • Sofia: A night to remember.
      Grissom: A night to forget.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Grissom: The best laid plans...

      Speaking of keeping the teenagers safe in the hotel room, when they then go and do drugs, Grissom alludes to the quote "The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley ('often go awry')" by Scottish poet Robbie Burns.

    • Miranda: That girl was Kryptonite to me.

      Kryptonite is a substance which can harm Superman, as Nikki could harm Miranda's social standing. This is also a reference to when Adrianne Palicki (Miranda) made an appearance on Smallville episode "Covenant (2)" which is a show about Superman as a teenager.

    • TV Show: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

      The cartoon that is airing when the officers bust into the hotel room is Aqua Teen Hunger Force, a show about a meatball, a box of fries, and a hamburger. It currently airs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.