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Official Season 12 Episode 4 thread (may contain spoilers)

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    [1]Oct 13, 2011
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    This episode showed just how well Ted Danson fills the bill.

    It was very telling that Morgan Brody assumed so much about the Prince without really knowing him. The reason the maid was killed, with a swizzle stick in the eye, no less, was a surprise. The Prince's watch and jewellery collection was stunning and the Prince himself, played by Phillip Rhys, was IMO pretty stunning himself.

    The Mob Museum was interesting and fun for many reasons. The full wax statue of one 'big' mobster was fabulous. The real ex-mayor of Las Vegas from1999 to 2011,played himself. His bullet proof suit was such a wonderful idea. He made me laugh.

    Francis Fisher played a wonderful part in this episode as the wife of Vinnie (?) Sapphire. Lovin' her hair and the feather in it that gave her away. Her character was sensational IMO. Nothing like a tarty mob wife.

    Where Sapphire hid his money... brilliant.

    The way they are making two unrelated stories in one episode keeps the tension and pace full throttle.

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    If Ted Danson keeps shinning I might forget who was Grissom. Not really.
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