CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 11 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2010 on CBS

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  • The crap in PA about fracing is wrong!! "Gas Land" is a Lie! Spreading Fear about a process that can help this country with cheap energy.


    I am sick of hearing about Pennsylvania and how angry you are about people who legally leased their mineral rights to oil and gas companies and are benefiting from it. You are just mad because you are not making money....just like most of the people in this country who feel "entitled" to wealth.

    This episode is full of false lies about the process. The video they show is completely wrong and it doesn't "explode" and almost all the wellbores are THOUSANDS of feet below the groundwater, there are layers of rock that block water traveling from deep within the earth towards the surface. The only way it can travel towards the surface is through faults and most natural gas companies avoid those because they stop the well from producing. A fault is a HAZARD! We respect the land and if it is done RIGHT there is hardly any damage done to the well site or ground water....in fact i bet 99% of methane in PA's water...if there is any...comes from wells drilled sixty years ago and where not plugged correctly ...or surface spills from bad operators...NOT FRACING! And we don't employ secret assassins to kill people....please stop hating us because we work hard to bring people like you electricity and make it so you can drive your car!
  • 0000000000 Left wing liberal crud, this is truly an episode that expresses obamas views towards drilling.

    I used to love SCI untill I saw this left wing liberal crud spashed all over the screen please stop pressing obamas views towards drilling I work fracking and run the equipment that cleans the water and after that water is cleaned It perfectly safe for the env. there has been so many studies all this show did was try and spread fear and lies blah blah blah get real.
  • Not exactly CSI-like

    While the plot was interesting and the matter is or could be an actual public health issue, I don't think the plot was meant for a CSI episode, because even when Ray said the water is the crime, the end of the big case, which is the water contamination, is way out of the hands of the CSI lab. They can help but they cannot solve it.

    However, the content of the case was well developed, the evidence, the bodies, the hypothesis were believable enough to keep me interested the 43 minutes. I like the toughness of the new detective, but somehow I feel she does not have chemistry with the cast like other detectives like Vartan or Lockwood. Good to see Megan Ward again from the old series Dark Skies. I wish she did more TV.
  • It is a current public policy episode addressing real issues with natural gas mining questions, but the show is going of-track with its characters. Get rid of Sackhoff.

    The topic is good. The characters/production is taking the show off the tracks.

    Fishburne's character is taking too much of a leading role.. his character should be secondary to the more senior CSI's rather than having become this sudden genius know-it-all and lead. Very unnatural progression.

    And please, get rid of Sackhoff. She just does not fit and is really just creepy to watch. Between the mechanical acting, that creepy grin and awful hair, she looks like a cylon starbuck tossed into a crime drama. Painful to watch.

    The story is great; natural gas exploration via the use of shale fracturing, which does indeed poison water tables. It is a current social issue and addressing it in the episode was a good idea. The ending was a bit weak - its not clear if there will be follow-on episodes covering the continued investigation of the hit and run to lead to an indictment against the drilling company or its persons; if there isn't it would be a very unsatisfying episode.
  • Worst episode ever! CBS and their President owes the Natural Gas Industry an apology for their gross manipulation of non-facts. There has not been ONE instance of "fracing" (hydraulic fracturing) causing contamination of drinking water aquifers.

    One of the most inaccurate portrayals I have ever seen. CBS and their President owes the Natural Gas Industry an apology for their gross manipulation of non-facts. There has not been ONE instance of "fracing" (hydraulic fracturing) causing contamination of drinking water aquifers. Please do your research before dreaming up such an inflammatory scenario and get your facts right. CSI used to be one of my favorite TV shows but after this episode, I don't think so. Natural gas operators are now posting on their website the chemicals used to "frac" which are over 95% water and 4.5% sand with minor amounts of "chemicals" http://www.eqt.com/docs/pdf/FluidCompositions/Well590585.pdf.
  • Good episode

    I wonder if Mintman is paid by the oil-industry. Because the guy seems to have a bug up is butt when it comes to the term "Fracking".. Oh well, I found the episode wellwritten and well executed. Just as exciting as a good CSI-episode is supposed to be:D

    And Rays Langdon-Character is just getting more and more complex by the episode, just as Michael Petersens Grissom was before he left.

    And Katey Sackhoffs character is quite fun, maybe a bit hyper.. but fun..I want to see her character be developed further.

    Keep on writing. I hope CSI doesn't get canceled anytime soon.
  • Excellent

    I have to say that this was one of the better episodes of this show. It kind of deviated from the format of CSI by having them to go Erin Brokovich and crack doen on a natural gas company, but it still did the job. It kept me wondering who the real killer was until the end, when it was revealed that the real killer was only a hired hand. His murder was the one that really surprised me. I was expecting them to find the killer in this episode, but at least it ended with a small sense of closure, as the CSIs are going to keep investigating until they find the true culprit.
  • 11x08

    this case could be better, I liked the beginning scene, it remind me those horror movies where a group of teenagers are killed in the middle of the forest by a crazy man with a knife or something like that xD.

    but seriously, this case had some interesting scenes, the thing I didn´t like here was the final scene, I think that the CSI creators didn´t have enough time making this chapter so they coudn´t find a good explanitaion for the final murder, however, this wasn´t as good as it could be.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • This was the best episode airing at the best time. Fracking is a horrible drilling process and has been known to contaminate drinking water, deplete rivers and streams, cause fish kills, but yet these rich gas co's are off the hook for accountability.

    This episode could not have been broadcast at a better time since I live in an area in PA where fracking is taking place. There's a war - those who signed leases with gas companies and those who did not, and there's no inbetween. Those who signed chose money; those who did not chose the environment. This episode depicted things perfectly from beginning to end. It showed how landowners know what the gas companies are doing to their water and land, but because these companies have extremely deep pockets, they cover things up nicely. I was extremely happy to have CSI go out on a limb against this horrible gas extraction process called fracking. I just hope no one in the cast is harmed in any way because I wouldn't put it past these gas companies to do whatever it takes to keep people's mouths shut. Its a trillion dollar a day business - who can go up against that? I wish all of America would watch this episode - Kudos to you for creating and airing this show about something that has such a huge impact on our water, land, ecosystems and environment in general. Thank you for caring.