CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 5

Fur and Loathing

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

On a deserted road late at night, a woman drives and seems to be looking for something. She turns back to the road to see that she's headed directly for an on-coming truck.

The trucker talks to officers and says that the woman in the car came right at him and he couldn't avoid her; Catherine and Grissom arrive and check the woman in the car. Catherine, looking at the skid marks, says she was breaking hard; Grissom sees animal tracks and says he knows why she swerved, and they can tell it's a big one. They look and find an animal in the bushes, and on further investigation, realize that it's not an animal, it's a person in a raccoon suit. They take the animal head off the man and photograph him; Grissom comments on the detail of the costume. He determines that the racoon suffered blunt force trauma caused by a moving vehicle.

Nick and Sara look at a body in a freezer; Sara says it looks like he died trying to get out. Nick notes shotgun spatter, Sara comments that it was a single blast. The officer talks to Petey, the security guard, and tells Nick and Sara that the shooter cleaned the money out of the vending machines. Petey says he was in the guard shack; they wonder why he didn't hear anything. Nick suggests that he might have left; Petey says that he got a burger at In And Out, and was only gone for five minutes. Nick tells him that In And Out Burgers takes longer, maybe 20 minutes just to get to the window; Petey says he'll be fired if his boss finds out he leaves every night for food. They determine that the body in the freezer is Al Sesto; Petey says that George stopped by and asked about Al, but he didn't see George again after that.

David tells Catherine and Grissom that Linda Jones is the woman who died in the car. Catherine asks about the raccoon, they find a 30 day chip on him from A.A., and start to cut him out of his raccoon costume; blood pours out, and it's too much blood to be from blunt force trauma. On closer inspection, Grissom finds a bullet hole in the costume and comments that the costume has been acting like a body condom, holding in all the blood.

Dr. Robbins looks at the frozen body, and tells Nick and Sara that boiling water will get the guy out of the freezer, as he's stuck to the ground. They take him out; Nick looks at the blood spatter and finds frozen blood pellets on the floor and on the ice cream containers. Sara dusts the broken vending machines for prints. Nick finds a chip of grey material and bags it.

Catherine asks about the raccoon and Warrick tells her that his name was Robert Pitt, and he was in A.A. under court order for a DUI. The autopsy turned up a bright blue fur ball in his stomach. Greg tells them that there was no alcohol or drugs in his system, but there was ipecac and civet oil, which he says is an aphrodisiac.

Brass and Catherine go to Pitt's home, and find stuffed animals in his bedroom, lots of them, and they're all raccoons. Brass sees that he had PAF Con written on his calendar, and notes that it's still going on.

At the Plushies And Furries Convention, Grissom and Catherine look for a bright blue furry. Grissom is fascinated; Catherine is weirded out. Grissom says that they should split up and look, and decides to go to a lecture.

The gun tech tells Nick and Sara that if they can find the gun, he can match it. Hodges tells them that the grey material that Nick found was cheap gun repair done with an adhesive. A guy comes in to the station, and reports a crime; it's George, the man that Petey mentioned. He tells them that he sells expired ice cream and went to the warehouse to give Al his cut of the money on the scam; when he got there he saw the guy in a ski mask vandalizing the vending machines. The guy brained him and that's all he remembers. Then he was blindfolded and put in the trunk of a car and driven around for an hour. He got out by using the tire iron which was in the trunk. He says that he was in Pahrump, where he has relatives, but they weren't home. Sara checks him, and takes a sample of blue material off of his jacket, and notices some blood on his pants cuff.

At the convention, Grissom listens to a lecture about tigers, given by a tiger. They break, and Grissom asks the horse next to him if he recognizes Robert Pitt. In the main hall, Catherine also asks if anyone recognizes Pitt; both get negative responses. Grissom looks at pictures of the convention attendees, and finds a picture of Robert Pitt with another animal, then he notices a bright blue animal. Catherine watches a "fashion show" and sees a bright blue cat. She and Grissom meet in the main hall; Grissom has two blue animals and Catherine has one. They ask them to take off their costume heads; the two that Grissom brought are both women; the one that Catherine brought refuses to remove the costume head, saying that if they want to talk, this is the way that they're going to have to do it. They take the Blue Kitty to the station for questioning; when they ask for a name, they're told "Sexy Kitty" and that Sexy Kitty is a lawyer. Brass insists that the head has to come off, so Sexy Kitty removes the costume head, and they're shocked to find that Sexy is a man, Bud Simmons. Grissom notes that Bud's costume has a musky odor, and then tells Bud about the blue fibers found in Pitt's stomach. Bud admits that Rocky/Pitt was 'scritching' him, which he explains that as nuzzling and tummy rubs, which is normal for animals. They examine the blue kitty costume, and Grissom wonders if Pitt followed the more animalistic aspects of his nature? There's no concealed compartment that could hide a gun. There are stains under the underwear on the costume; semen. Catherine wonders what ever happened to normal sex, and Grissom wonders what normal is. Greg comes in and says that the trace elements on Bud's costume match the ipecac and civet oil found in Pitt/Rocky's stomach.

Nick and Sara examine George's pants; Sara notes that there's only one drop of blood there. Nick points out that there was blood spatter everywhere, and wonders how only one drop got on George. They do blood spatter tests at room temperature and then freeze it to 23 degrees and do it again, and watch the frozen blood pellets fall, which explains how only one drop of blood got on George's pants. The blood spatter pattern at the scene tells them that George wasn't the shooter, but Nick says that he was with the shooter. Hodges tells them that the blue material that Sara got from George's jacket came back as two things; grey paint from a car, painted over in blue house paint. Nick and Sara leave to look for the car.

Brass tells Bud that there was semen on his costume, and he says that it started as a 'scritch' but turned into a fur pile and then everyone started 'yiffing.' He explains that yiffing is when they start to "do things." He claims that the semen on his costume never happened before but then admits that it has. He tells them that he didn't kill Pitt/Rocky, and he was just there for the yiffing. Brass and Catherine can't decide if he's telling the truth or not, but know that they have to find out who doused the back of Bud's costume with the civet oil mixture.

At the convention, Grissom, Catherine and an officer show up at the scritching and yiffing room with a warrant, There's a fur pile going on when they go in; they tell everyone to stop, take off their costumes and provide names. At the lab, they look over the costumes and Catherine notes that they're pretty smelly; Grissom notes that no one other than Pitt/Rocky threw up, so that means that he was the target. Grissom finds a wolf costume with civet oil on it, which was worn by Mr. Lee. They interview him, and he admits that he put the mixture on Sexy Kitty/Bud because he knew that Pitt/Rocky liked her, adding that all raccoons are low lifes. Grissom wants to know why he did that, asking if it was personal? Mr. Lee tells them that at last year's convention, Pitt/Rocky stole his girlfriend, and he just wanted to make Pitt/Rocky sick so that he'd have to go home and leave his ex-girlfriend, Linda Lamb, alone. Grissom asks if Linda Lamb has a last name in real life, and Mr. Lee tells them that her name is Linda Jones. Grissom and Catherine check the trunk of the car from the crash, and find the lamb costume in it.

Grissom goes over a map, assuming that Linda and Bob were going home after Bob got sick at the convention. He wonders how Bob ended up on the side of the road; Catherine suggests that they had a fight, and Linda kicked him out of the car, and after driving away, then turned around to go back and get him, but ran into the truck. Grissom wonders how Bob ended up being shot; Catherine finds a valet parking ticket in the car.

Nick tells Sara that the gunstock adhesive had granite glue on it; he's checked and there are only a few places that do granite repairs and installation. Sara bets that one of the places employs a guy who has painted his car blue with house paint.

At the hotel, the valet tells Catherine and Grissom that he remembers the couple and that they were fighting. The woman was very angry, and the man was drunk and sick. Catherine tells Grissom that that was the fight; Linda thought that Bob was drinking again, and the more he denied it, the madder she got. She speculates that the fight continued while they were driving, until the point when Linda kicked Bob out of the car. Catherine wonders if Linda shot Bob, but Grissom says that she probably didn't.

In the interview room, a detective talks to Virgil; they show him a picture of a shotgun, which they found in his garage, and the missing chip from the stock was found in the freezer. Nick also tells him that the car that was in his garage was blue, and matches the paint that was found on George's jacket.

Catherine and Grissom use metal detectors on the side of the road; Catherine finds a bullet. Grissom comments that Rocky was shot on a fairly steep trajectory; Catherine says that either he was shot by a giant or he was on all fours; Grissom says that it might be both, then adds that they've been looking for a person who shot a person, but maybe they should be looking for a person who shot an animal.

At the police station, George is leaving and sees Virgil being lead away in handcuffs. He asks what he's doing there, and tells Nick and Sara that Virgil is his cousin from Pahrump. Virgil accuses George of setting him up; George admits to Nick and Sara that he told Virgil about the vending machines and Petey leaving every night for a burger, but he can't believe that Virgil used that information to commit the crime.

Grissom and Catherine talk to a man who lives in a house overlooking the road where Pitt died. He asks if they're there about the accident; Grissom asks what he did the night of the accident, and he tells them that he had dinner, and watched some TV. He adds that the dogs that he breeds were very noisy that night, because there was a coyote, so he got his gun and shot it. At the station, Grissom and Catherine tell Brass that the shooting was accidental; the man thought he shot a coyote.
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