CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 5

Fur and Loathing

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2003 on CBS

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  • Offensive and inaccurate

    This episode is a major contributing factor towards the negative perception of the furry fandom. I've got to admit though, watching this episode as a furry, I laughed at the absurd inaccuracy. "My friends call me sexy" literally woke up my house with my laughter.
  • seems like you hate furs

    i enjoy csi, its ultimatly a very good program and interesting to watch, however, there is a lot of discrimination in some programs, especially those concerning accults and fandoms. For example, the episode which has furrys in it (or, what csi sees furrys as) has caused a lot of unwanted attention between the fandom and the mainstream, it showed furs in a very bad light, and in the so called furry convention, well, nothing like it ever happens. I suggest, to appologise to the furry community, you make a new episode and show them how they really are, or, make the mainstream realise that this does not happen by making a small "special episode" in which those acting in csi say how the program makes things up etc.

    Please take the time to read through this site: http://timiair.wix.com/furryfandom#!home/mainPage

    and contact me if you have any questions on how you can make csi better (not as rasict/discriminate to other fandoms/accults) thank you.
  • Very offensive and inaccurate portrayal of the furries

    CSI needs to better research things before making episodes, what this episode did was portray a very inaccurate view of Anthropomoprhic fans (furrys) and paints them as perverted sex hounds when in reality they are normal folks who like to attend get-togethers and wear fursuits. Id like to direct you to an article by Hartford Advocate, the writer went undercover to a furry convention and summerized the experience with this quote "The Furry convention wasn't a sex thing but the exact opposite: an innocent world of children's-book animals, where a 3-year-old can roam with impunity and a maladjusted kid can enter the room with nobody leaving. „-Jennifer Abel, Hell Hath No Furries Full Article may be found here:http://www.hartfordadvocate.com/featured-news/hell-hath-no-furries.html

    Furries are skewed by the media and protrayed as a bunch of sex-craving wierdos when in fact they are good people. Now I wont blame the media completely for this bad image as some of the blame lies on the Furry community as well. They have become so afraid of media that they prevent media from being at Furry events and tell people to avoid the media and avoid talking to them. If Furries want to be shown in good light they should open up themselves more and let people see they are good folks instead of acting like the media is always out to hurt them.
  • A man is found shot dead in a blue raccoon costume, a woman is killed driving head-on into a big-rig, a frozen victim of a gunshot would is found, and the team is introduced to one variation of furry culture.

    Though odd and laugh-out-loud funny, this episode may offend some furries and cosplayers. It's more respectful than any other TV show that has dealt with fandom situations in the past, but it still does make the participants out to be a bit on the sick side.
    Being very familiar with this sub-culture and some of the related cultures, I found this very entertaining, familiar, and disturbing. Since it didn't go too way out, or over the top, this ended up being one of my favorite episodes, with several approprate "cringe" moments. The writing to get from the opening of both the freezer and the furry segments to the final explanation was also quite well done (unlike many of the episodes in the 2007-2008 run, which suffered greatly from sloppy writing and horribly unreal fictional explanations).
    I also found nearly all the humor and in-jokes quite well placed, even though a few were quite the "groaners."
  • A very weird episode.

    There was a car accident. Besides the dead driver, another dead body lays on the side of the road. He is wearing a mascot-type suit of a raccoon. He died from a bullet wound. His furry costume leads the detectives to a convention for people who identify themselves as animals, expressed via their costumes. A second case involves a dead man found in a freezer. Like the first victim, he also died from a bullet wound. This episode written by Jerry Stahl and directed by Richard J.Lewis. A very weird episode. Both entertaining and disturbing. Hopefully the next episode will be better.
  • Very odd.

    Too be honest i really didn't like this episode it was just plain weird. Catherine and Gris investiagte the murder of a man in a raccoon suit. After some time it appears that the man was part of a club where people dress up as animals to get off. But the team realise his death was an acident when he was killed by a hunter who had mistaken him for an animal.

    Sara and Nick investigate when a man is found dead in a freezer. Overall i this episode was not very good something was just not right about it.
  • What a weird episode!

    This episode was really weird. I seriously think they could have done without this episode. One of the writers sure has a sense of humor.....haha. The whole \"furry\" side of Las Vegas was just a little creepy. Especially with the \"intercourse\"! Gross! Then the whole \"hit by a car\" ordeal was kind of like.....what? That episode left me staring at the TV going, \"huh\"? But one not so great episode will not hurt CSI\'s flawless reputation.
  • Animal costumes and frozen bodies. Wow.

    I found this episode to be hilarious which is one of the reasons why I loved it. It was not a typical episode where it was just someone was murdered and they have to find the answer.

    The first story deals with people who dress up like animals. I found the CSIs reactions to all the animals hilarious since Catherine found it extremely odd and Grissom thought it was interesting that it was how people chose to interact with one another.

    Nick and Sara's case deal with a frozen body. They do an experiment to find out how cold a space would have to be to freeze blood (it's a very cool experiment to watch).

    Funny and cool episode to watch!
  • But in a good way...

    This episode was disturbing on so many levels...

    it revolved around the discovery of a dead man in a racoon suit. It turns out he is a 'furry', someone who dresses up as an animal to socialise and have intimate relations with people.
    I'm sure that any furries that may have watched this episode would not have been pleased, because the result was a hilarious episode, most of the laughs being at the furries' expense.
    I must say that the 'fur pile' is one of the most disturbing things I have seen in a long time... But hey, whatever floats your boat, I suppose...
  • A frozen dead body in one part of town, a dead guy dressed in a raccoon suit. Wow!

    I really enjoy CSI when it does one of these lighthearted installments, when the cast and crew are enjoying themselves and it shows. This episode was an absolute delight! Everyone had to be working tongue-in-cheek, because the whole premise of the Plushy & Furry crowd was just too surreal! No one was taking themselves too seriously, either, not the way the cast was acting. Oh, sure, they tried to look earnest in the case of the frozen dead guy, but to be honest, I didn't pay that much attention, nor did I care, because I was waiting for the fur people to come back. My absolute favorite moment came when Jim Brass had to escort "Sexy Kitty" back to the interrogation room and run the gauntlet of his fellow law enforcement co-workers. What a scream! The look on his face was priceless. The whole episode was a laugh riot from start to finish, and I'm glad I have it on DvR so I can view it again.
  • One of the fun episodes and one that some furries not like.

    Why did the man in the raccoon suit cross the road?
    One of the questions that the CSI team have to answer in this more mad cap episode of CSI than normal, with other charaters providing the laughs and jokes instead of Greg this time.
    The furry part of the episode is the main story, while the B story though good, could have been done better, while it tries to be not as fun as the A story, and be as normal as possible. Would have been better of the B story was another urban legend murder story so to keep the episodes flow of fun running though out.
    One of the parts in the furry part, that people that are members of the furry community don't like and disagree on is that of the fur pile, as if you spent over £100 on a suit like that, you would not want to get it messy with anything like food, or bodily fluids what would ruin it.
    maybe the writters of this episode needed to do more research into the furry world before writing the episode in the first place, and not stereotype what only a small number may do, while the larger number don't.
    Still a great episode though and an enjoyable one.
  • This episode was hilarious & cool. One of the best things in this episode, Grissom wearing his cap backwards. He looked hot!

    This episode was hilarious & cool. One of the best things that happened in this episode, Grissom wearing his cap backwards. He looked hot!

    Other than being funny the plot and storyline for this episode was different & wierd. I loved how Grissom was facinated & intrigued with the whole "people dressing up in animal costumes", he even went to a lecture.

    The furries convention was funny with all the "animals" there, lectures, etc. And so was that private party.

    Nick & Sara's case was interesting & funny too. A dead guy found shot inside a freezer. Frozen solid. Their experiment with the blood drops was cool too.
  • One of the funniest yet disturbing episodes ever.

    One of the funniest yet disturbing episodes ever. It all starts with a horrific car accident, but with the discovery of a deadman in a wolf suit, the episode suddenly takes a turn for the strange. The team soon gets a hysterical, but very disturding, look into the world of Furries (People who like to dress up in animal costumes, and yes they do have sex in them as well). I was laughing almost as much as I was getting grossed out. Did I mention that this episode was very disturbing?
  • A furries convention with a lot of laughs.

    This was a great episode. Every so often they seem to do a strange convention episode in CSI and this one was the another example. It was hilarious seeing the furries and seeing Grissom and Catherine's reaction to them was great. I was a fan of when the blue kitty took of his suit and then began explaining all about the furries and what goes on. Brass of course got to make fun of there lifestyle and David was funny remembering his childhood with Rocky the Raccoon. Overall one of the strangest episodes of CSI ever but it was also one of the funniest.
  • Only CSI could show an episode where they delve into the (thankfully) secret world of Plushies and Furries...

    A classic episode for a classic season.

    One of the funnier and funniest of the season, hell, the series! So many classic quotes from every character, with a killer soundtrack that includes the greats of Remy Zero.

    Its true that only CSI could possibly do any episode like this, make it work and make it so memorable for good reasons.

    Becs x
  • this episode of csi was strange and weird.this is one of those crazy things that happen in weird places that normal things don't exist.

    csi ; fur and loathing : this episode of csi was strange and weird.this is one of those crazy things that happen in weird places that normal things don't exist . the plot was a twisted costum yiffing weird and yet clever instalment in to the realm of weird . could this story line have been any stranger . grissom was totally intrigued about the costums . the murder in the ice box was cool how the blood blew into ice drops when they hit the guys clothes and melted so they thought the one guy killed the other when it was a totally different guy.
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