CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 19

Gentle, Gentle

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2001 on CBS

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  • Grissom and the team investigate the kidnapping and murder of a four month-old infant. The team soon discovers it is not such a simple case.

    You cannot help but notice the real life tragedy that inspired this excellent but tough to watch episode. I am of course referring to the case of six year-old JonBenet Ramsey who was found murdered in her home on Christmas morning 1996. In fact, Catherine even mentions it in the episode though she refers to it just as "The JonBenet Case". That just makes this episode even more difficult to watch. However despite that, it is one of the inaugural season's best. One scene I particularly liked was when Sara called out Grissom for getting too close to the case. Something he harshly criticized her for not too long ago. Sometimes even the best men need to be reminded to stay on their game. It shows he is human like the rest of us. It was obvious that the family was not telling the truth about what actually happened to their infant son, but I did not see the revelation of the killer coming which made me like this episode even more. You may have a difficult time watching this episode but it is one well worth seeing. I recommend you do so if you haven't already.
  • this episode is painful to watch but it is reality

    although this episode is painful to watch and is a real tear jerker it also teaches a life lession that life really is fragile and you need to take it one day at a time cause you never know what will happen from one day to the next i honestly don't blame the 3 yr old cause at that age they are not only innocent but vulnarable and really don't understand what they are doing right nor wrong it is up to there parents,or other care givers to teach them now the older brother should never have been on the phone he should have been watching his little brother's and maybe the situation could have been different or might not have happened at all and by the brother and parents covering up it kinda made it worse they should have done the right thing and call 911 now that is one heavy guilt trip to have on your mind and one heavy load for all to carry with them forever
    this is just my opinion as a mother of a young child
  • The team is called to investigate an alleged kidnapping.

    This episode was absolutely heartbreaking. I did suspect that someone in the family was involved pretty early on, but I was certainly not anticipating the end. It was pretty clear something was up when Grissom grabbed the soda bottle and took it to the lab. I figured they wouldn't put that part in if it didn't mean something. The accused mother was heartbreaking, especially in retrospect. She had to fight her way through a crowd of people who are screaming that she is a baby killer all for the sake of protecting one of her children. I loved Catherine in this episode, too. She held on for so long to the belief that the mother couldn't have killed her baby and that she genuinely loved her child. It was really sad to see that mother at the end going back to her family and knowing that they were all wondering how they would ever recover from something like that. This was definitely one of the best episodes of CSI.
  • An Amazing, Touching Episode.

    So, I absolutely love this episode. I've watched it several times and the more I watch it, the more I get from it. First off, the storyline was amazing. It wasn't one of those shaky story lines that, by the middle of the episode, you knew who did what. It was carefully thought out and the ending was amazing. It was a very touching episode and quite sad. The ending by far being one of my favorites. I won't give it away for those who haven't seen it but the whole episode is worth the watch!

    The acting of it...well, kudos to William Petersen. I think he did a superb job in this episode. His character was really brought to life and it showed in this episode. He had a sense of feeling and strong emotion and you could perceive it throughout the episode. We got to see a side of him that we've only seen bits and pieces of. We know how emotional he gets when the crimes involve children. It was very moving when he held the deseased child in his arms. The hall scene with him and Sara was reassuring...he does have a heart after all...

    In all, a classic. Very well done all around!
  • a great episode. A baby was murdered.

    So this baby was killed and that is horriable. They invesagated the whole family and they figured out that the oldest boy was babysitting and that he called 911. The killer ended up being the middle child. I felt so bad because it was an accident and once he gets older hes gonna know that he killed his baby brother and probably wont be the same.The parents felt as though they had to protect him from all of that so they made it look like an abduction so he wouldnt have to deal with it. In the end they figured it all out.
  • Wow, never before have I seen something like that on TV, the script about Gil's emotion, on how all stress levels were high was amazing to watch by far a sad episode, and a great edition to the CSI season. The fact that a 3 year old killed the baby.

    In other words, it's true what they say about three year old, they really don't know what their actions are or the preceding affect afterward, this episode is a must see for a drama lover and a forensic lover. It's definitely a case that will definitely keep you on your toes, thinking a certain person doing it, then the great revealing towards the end of the episode, a great turn on for the show. I'm amazed by the fact that they incorporated a real lifelike human child, it seemed very well put together considering the blue veins that were shown around the skull. A great episode that is a must see for the people I've said earlier.
  • Its a sad episode, lets accept it.

    Its a good episode, and this is one of the saddest episdes I have seen. A three year old boy kills accidentally his months little brother. Ok. But have the parents manipulate the baby and the situation in such a way, then thats a reason to say its a sad episode. We can clearly see Grissom emotionally and personally involved with this baby, and Sara notes it and tells it to him. However, Grissom insists this is special. It is, I mean, who would have the courage to kill a months baby? Anyways, good episode, well written, and very emotive.
  • Very Good! Had An Interessting Storyline!

    A really good storyline, not 9.5 or 10 but stll very good! Had a really good show of Gil finally having a temper, and getting stressed, which is very out of character for him! And a really good conclusion, with the killers turning out to really be ... Watch And See... A really good storyline, not 9.5 or 10 but stll very good! Had a really good show of Gil finally having a temper, and getting stressed, which is very out of character for him! And a really good conclusion, with the killers turning out to really be ... Watch And See...
  • A baby disappears, apparently kidnapped, but the truth is much worse.

    A real tearjerker this one. A baby is kidnapped and found not too much later dead, wrapped in a blanket under a statue. Suspicion falls on the family, especially when things don't add up with regard to timings etc.

    It's very cleverly plotted. Although it's obvious to the viewer that something is not right about the story, the actual denouement is not easy to see coming. There are some wonderful red herrings - the father's affair with his secretary, the mother having a previous record for shaken baby syndrome, the son having issues with anger and violence.

    The terrible truth is revealed and it truly is heartrending. And it goes to show just how quick the media and people are to judge.

    It's also good because the normally calm, removed Grissom becomes very personally involved and shows his emotions here.

    I also have to put in a good word for the special effects team, who produced a very lifelike baby, which really hits home just how horrible the case is.

    One of the best.
  • On my top 3!

    Oh my this was very touching! They could not have titled it any better! About the death of a baby! Kept you on the edge of your seat most of the way thru! Making you think that most everyone in the family was a suspect. I think this might of been compared to a short Jon Banet movie.
  • Near perfection.

    I love this episode for so many reasons. Emotional Grissom (obviously, but then any episode with emotional Grissom is good) and I also liked the twist at the end of the episode and how it was the little kid who did the killing, not the eldest son or either of the parents.

    From the start you knew that it was one of the family members he killed the baby, you just didn't know who. How they got to the conclusion was great though, they didn't drag it out for too long nor did they solve the case with 5 minutes to spare and have viewers confused as to who did what. The way Grissom smiled at Sara when they matched the printer, *le sigh*. That was a look of one thousand words. It either said "I love you" or "I love you let's do it on the table." A great episode.
  • A three-year old accidentally kills his little brother and the parents try to cover it up

    I couldn\'t take my eyes off the screen when Grissom was finally letting some emotion about the case show. i thought that was perfect timing because Sara had just remarked that she wishes she didn't feel anything, like him. I guess he does feel.

    It was horrible how the little boy is responsible for his little siblings death. It makes you wonder if he should know about it when he gets older (although i\'m sure he will). At what age do you tell someone that?

    and i loved how everyone was afraid of Grissom after that walk around the lab, but Sara just walked right up and confronted him about it.

    An excellent episode. it\'s great when we really get character development like that
  • I'd give this episode an 11 if I could.

    This episode was amazing, I think it was even better than Blood Drops.

    This time it's just one case. The whole team investigate the abduction of a well to do family's baby, but when the baby is found dead suspicion immediately falls on the child's parents & older brother.

    This case gets too personal for Grissom who found the baby. We get to see Grissom let his emotions out (a first) and his team is shocked to see him like this, especially Greg. The Grissom they know never breaks down. Sara reminds him of their conversation in Too tough to Die, but he blows her off telling her that this time it's different because he found the baby.
  • Watch as the rock of the CSI team, Grissom, take on a case that get a little to personal for him.

    Watch as the rock of the CSI team, Grissom, take on a case that get a little to personal for him in this classic episode of CSI.
    This episode deals with a signal case episodes and that means that everybody on the CSI team get involved with this one. This case involved at first an abduction of the infant child of a well to do family and later turns out to be a case of murder, this is the point in the episode where the case hits Grissom hard.
    It is this fact that make the episode so good to watch because we finally see the rock of the team, Grissom the one who lectures his team to not let their emotions get in their way of their work, finally break down and lets his emotions come out. When he dose it, it quite a sock to both his team and the viewer because this character is the type of character that doesn’t let out his emotions out that to often. The type of emotional outburst that he had isn’t a revealing type of one where the character has a long dialogue that talk about those past and how it had shaped them into the person that they were, no it is a angry type of one. A type of one that get the attention of everybody that is around him.
    Also it is the fact that when one his own team tells him what they told him, not to let one’s emotions get involved with their job and acting like every victims is a special one. He simply rebuffed them telling him that this infant is special one because of his age and because of that he is truly an innocent victim to crime that had happen to him.
    After the point where the baby is found dead we automatically assume that somebody in the family had killed their own infant and as the episode progresses and with all of the evidence that the CSIs gathers it look more and more that they killed their own baby son. But the real kicker to this episode is the fact that that their son wasn’t killed on purpose, but in fact it was a terrible accident that had killed their baby son and that all of the deception that they did was to protect their three old son who was the one that had killed their baby son. The reason behind all of this was to protect him from all of the scorn that would follow him despite the fact that he wouldn’t be change with the crime.