CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 16

Getting Off

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2004 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Catherine and Sara deal with the death of what at first seems to be a transvestite. Later during autopsy they find out that the make-up he seemed to be wearing was actually facepaint, he was a clown. Grissom, Nick, and Warrick deal with the death of a man in a homeless area. They found out he worked in a recovery center for drug users.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Catherine and Sara are assigned to work on the case of a body found in an area frequented by tranvestites. Their investigation reveals that the victim was actually a clown who worked children's parties. Elsewhere, death of a drug dealer is investigated.moreless

    This episode works well because it is well written and very entertaining. The story of the murder of Doodles the clown works better I believe because it's more compelling and better written than the story of the dead drug dealer. Seeing how the investigation into the death of the clown kept me interested in the story because of the many twists and turns the story took. Those twists were very plausible and my mind and helped make this episode as good as it is. The investigation into the murder of the drug dealer was good, but it was somewhat inferior.moreless
  • Weird yet good.

    I would rate this episode as a slightly weird one. A woman with a clown fetish and a junkie who kills her drug conselor, wayyyyyy too freaky. Not much went on, I found the storyline to be very creative, but the kid who was driving the dead guy's car was pretty funny I have to admit. This ep was pretty much an average CSI episode, as I said before, not much happened. We get to meet a new detective, whose name I cannot spell even if I tried. I didn't think this episode was a waste of time, I thought they could of done something better.moreless
  • A woman with a fetish for clowns and a drug counsellor killed by his patient? Could only be CSI!

    This episode is a great CSI. The unusual subject of clown fetishes is great to watch and is delt with with flair. The drug story line is also dealt with in a touching way, making it harrowing to watch. This is truly CSI at its best, the acting and the story line are at their highest in this episode!
Debra Wilson

Debra Wilson


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Nicholas Lea

Nicholas Lea

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James Russo


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José Zúñiga

José Zúñiga

Detective Chris Cavaliere

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David Berman

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    • (Analyzing the boxers found on the victim)
      Catherine: Alright, what do those look like to you?
      Greg: Semen stains.
      Catherine: Yeah.
      Greg: Which on a man's underwear aren't exactly probative.
      Catherine: No.
      Greg: I can't tell you how long they've been there or how often the guy changes his shorts. You know, I knew guys who could go up to four days on one single pair of tighty whities.
      Catherine: Thanks for puttin' that picture in my brain.

    • (In Doodles the Clown's house)
      Sara: Well, I can see why Doodles drank.
      Catherine (holding a porn magazine): So, if he was hooking up in Tranny Town, we'd expect to find some man-on-man porn. All we've got here is varying sizes of jugs.
      Sara: Mmm. (they continue to look around some more, Sara sees a punching bag) Looks like Doodles was working out some animosity.
      Catherine (scoffs): Oh, an answering machine with messages.
      Girl on Answering Machine: Hey Doodle pie, I can't stop thinking about your enormous.... feet.
      Catherine: You know what they say about big feet. (Sara nods in agreement)

    • Catherine: You got my message.
      Chris: Yeah. You sounded hungry. I was thinking dinner at the Bellagio.
      Catherine (gets in his car): All right.
      Chris: What are you in the mood for?
      Catherine: Room service.

    • Greg: Riley "Boom-Boom" Reynaldo. Proud owner of two assault and battery charges and one possession with the intent to sell.

    • (Entering a suspects house)
      Catherine: So we're looking for clown sex.
      Sara: And clown murder.

    • Sara: What?
      Grissom: I haven't seen you for a while have I?
      Sara: You see me everyday.

    • Grissom: Sara? Could you help me out?
      Sara: Sure. With what?
      Grissom: A woman. (Sara looks confused) I need you to process a female suspect for me.

    • (After Grissom explains the use of the substance found in the victims car)
      Brass: In human speak please.

    • (Talking about a victim)
      Clown Agent: That son of a bitch. He was working off the books. I never thought Doodles would try and stiff me.
      Sara: He, actually was the one who got stiffed.

    • (After the car accident, in the hospital, Jamal has a broken leg)
      Jamal: Yo! I know you steal my medication. I am in pain bring me my stuff! (Grissom and Warrick just look at him) What are you two ladies lookin' at?
      Grissom (looks at the file): Uh... Jamal. We're with the Las Vegas Crime Lab. It seems you were driving a dead man's car when you got in your accident.
      Jamal: Half the people I know be dead that don't mean that they can't own a vehicle.
      Warrick: Yo, Vanilla Ice. At this point you're looking at a murder rap which may end you up on death row, and I'm not talkin' 'bout the record label.
      Jamal: Nurse! This be cruel and unusual.
      Grissom: Look, right now the evidence tells us that you killed the man whose car you were driving. You wanna explain that?
      Jamal: Explain what, B? I was laid up shootin' speedballs all day. Look man, when I get off I'm gone, you feel me? I can't see nothin', I can't hear nothin', that's how my high is, that's why I take the elevator up. (the nurse comes in, Jamal yells at her) Aw, you damn cow, took you long enough. When I call you, you come, you understand me? Why you gotta do me like this? (she pushes in his pain meds) That's right. (now to Warrick and Grissom) Man's dead, what difference it make how he got there? Now if you'll excuse me I got a date with Mrs. Jones. (the medicine kicks in) The man's already dead, why he be needin' shoes anyway?
      Warrick (to Grissom): Was that a confession?
      Grissom: I think a plea of insanity.

    • (After he got in an accident and he's really high)
      Jamal: Whoa, who gonna pay for that hole in my ride, man?
      Brass: Your ride? This was never your ride. This car belongs to Ed Bernell.
      Jamal: Finders keepers baby, I got to bang me some ho's.
      Brass (to Warrick): What drug is he on?
      Warrick: I don't know, whatever it is he took too much or not enough.

    • Agent: That's the national clown and character registry.
      Catherine: How do you register a clown?

    • (Entering a clown agency)
      Catherine: Well, I'd say we are in the right place.
      Sara: Yeah, either that or they're casting a John Wayne Gacy review. (Agent gets off the phone and sees them)
      Agent: Uh, strippers is down the hall girls, this is clowns. (Catherine smiles)
      Sara: No kiddin'.

    • (Mindy is a drug addict whose problem indirectly cost a friend his life)
      Grissom: You're free to go.
      Mindy DuPont: Go where?

    • (Looking at the victim)
      Catherine: Vegas brow. (Sara looks confused) Showgirl thing. Eyebrows thin out from all the plucking, waxing and filling in.
      Sara: Well, we can kinda rule him out as a showgirl.

    • Catherine: What's up, Dave? You find something?
      David: I was just thinking that I wouldn't be caught dead in those shorts.

    • (About the body in a tire)
      David: You think a hacksaw will do the trick?
      Catherine: No, but that's why God invented sawzalls.

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