CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 8 Episode 3

Go to Hell

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on CBS

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  • A 12-year old girl who somewhat resembles Natalie Davis (the Miniature Killer) kills her parents as revenge for them arranging an exorcism for her (guess where the exorcism tapes were hidden: inside a flip-down ironing board!)

    An exorcism is performed on a girl named Amy, her father disturbs it, and Amy ends up killing both her parents. Also, a homeless guy is found dead: Sara and Ronnie the newbie do this case. We find out that Grissom's studying Colony Collapse Disorder in bee colonies, after he sticks his head up a hole in the wall, which turned out to be filled with bees.

    For me, this episode was kind of average, but of course still fabulous (what CSI episode ISN'T fabulous?). Sara moves to swing and newbie Ronnie is introduced. It's true, what I read: Ronnie IS really annoying! "Do ants have tastebuds?" Storyline was well written, but this wasn't one of those super-fantastic episodes that you'll remember forever.
  • Kind of felt like some puzzle pieces were missing.

    The episode was great, except that the storyline was a little off. Did the police have anything to do with the death of the derelict? Did the guy that they found Amy with know that she had killed her parents and her sister? He didn't give the impression that he even knew what was going on....maybe Amy (Satan) had him under her/his control. I can't wait to find out the significance of the bees dying. It seems that bees are going to be a running theme this season. I guess we shall see. BYW, I like Ronnie Lake. She would be a great love interest for Greg.
  • Been there....haven't we?

    I found this episode to be a little confusing. With priests, sex, bums and bugs all over the place. The priest did it, no maybe another guy, no, maybe the girl, ... Anyway, I didn't really enjoy the storyline on the killings in this one, some things weren't explained or seemed cared about. I never thought the girl was possessed, just a brat. Even though the priest was innocent in the end (I think, but did he have a partner, they didn't say he didn't, just the girl working with her boyfriend), the priest kills her in the end and ends up guilty himself, too bad, after getting rid of a evil person like her, he deserves a medal.
  • Another religious episode with serious nasties.

    Ick, I'd hate to have Archie's job. Looking at disturbing videos for 18 hours is not my type of walk in the park. I was wondering if the girl was actually possessed and they were going to scientifically prove it otherwise, like they did on the Discovery Channel.

    Instead, it was simply parents having problems with their kid, which by the way, locking Amy in the attic is so not the right way to deal with her. They should have done something else. I wonder what's with the bees, I don't remember them saying anything about that. Is it the weather? Episode was good. I liked it, though the ending was totally horrifying. Poor Catherine.
  • a girl seemingly possessed kills her family with her 23 year old boyfriend.

    This story directly resembles killings that happened in Lethbridge Alberta Canada in april 2006. a 12 year old girl and her 23 year old boyfriend met on a vampire forums website. the only difference between the csi story and the real one is her parents were killed at home, and the real story had a little brother, whereas the csi story had a little sister. this story shocked the entire nation of canada, and was horrifying in the extreme. the similarities with this story and the csi story is alarming... i wish that the writers would try a little harder next time.
  • Ok episode.

    This episode is intertaining but compared to the others this season, kind of fell flat. Amy was really creepy! I agree with the person that said she was like Natalie because that is exactly who I thought of when I saw Amy, and I thought for sure when Catherine swabbed Amy's mouth that Catherine was going to get attacked! The scenes between Sara and Greg and Sara and Brass were really cute and it showed just how close all of them really are. I also liked the scene between Catherine and Warrick when Catherine said "would you give me the shirt off your back" that was a really cute scene! The ending was shocking, I was not expecting that at all! Can't wait for next weeks episode the previews look awesome!!!!
  • Good/ok episode, kind of strange though.

    I thought this was an ok-borderline-good episode. I was pretty excited for this episode, but I felt it was kind of confusing and not what I had expected. I thought it would be less disturbing and more "scary". I thought they played into the exorcism thing a little much. I felt they could have made that a little more minor and focused more on what happened and where the girl is.

    Despite my complaints, the ending is really what saved the episode for me. It was a pretty big twist when the pastor came to the building and threw the girl off the balcony. Catherine's facial expressions were very fitting.

    All in all, I wanted more from this episode than what we got.
  • Very nice episode.

    In this episode we see a girl that they think is the devil and in the end we find out that she is not, she was just a... above normal girl, who was flirting with a guy online and then killed her parents and little sister.

    We meet a new girl that is working with Sara, i personally didnt liked her much, but lets see how it goes.

    I think we didnt get to see enough of Grissom or Grissom and Sara relationship in this episode, and i did missed that a lot. I mean, they are working in two different shifts so how are they going to see each other now ? In crime scenes only ??? Hope not!
  • Nothing too special but catching case at least.

    It was nothing too stunning but the case was thought provoking. Maybe it was somehow hard to follow, I have to say - as the attention seemed to get lost while watching - it did not had the magic to nail my eyes to the screen for all the time. But the story had point, there was dilemmas and something to think about.

    The story with the possessed girl and with priest was somehow the best part of the whole episode. The way she seemed so innocent but when she talked with Catherine - the way she started to be more and more what some suspected from her. And the end - when she was pushed over the barrier - maybe the only place that really surprised me. And it saved a little for this episode. Sara and that new girl - it did not catch me at all. What was it point? I am not sure.

    But bees.. :) that was lovely. Waiting for next episode.
  • Chilling? Not!

    It was supposed to be "The Most Chilling Episode of CSI Ever". It wasn't. I dunno, maybe my shock system isn't working anymore, but I've seen more chilling episodes in the previous seasons. This was not chilling really, just disturbing. A case of a 12-year-old killing her family to be with her 20 or 30 something boyfriend. I guess it was chilling for Catherine in the last scene when she saw the girl fall to the ground right in front of her, from three or four floors because the girl gets pushed by a psycho priest obsessed to exorcise her. But you don't put chilling scenes at the end of episodes because it doesn't make the whole thing "chilling". It was a really weak episode. Evidence? Next week's promo drove this episode out of everyone else's minds. And kudos again to CBS for their advertising strategies. For four months of their hiatus, they've been saying that there will be a recurring new CSI who's going to piss everyone off because of her million questions. Come to think of it, Ronnie Lake wasn't THAT annoying. If it weren't for the previous promos that built up her notriety of being annoying, I would've said Sara was being a bit hard on the new CSI. But I would've forgiven Sara for it, being moved to swing shift and all. :)

    So it's down to publicity CBS, huh?
  • Is the team dealing with the devil.

    I thought that this was a really creepy episode of CSI. I thought that it was a good episode besides the fact that it was creepy. What was up with Grissom finding a dead bee near some of the dead victims. I liked the possed girl storyline evan though she was not really possed. I so did not see that ending coming evan though i knew something bad was going to happen. I thought that it was funny that the parents thought that their out of control child was possed by the devil. I guess parents like to believe something other than the truth.
  • The exorcism of Amy Macalino...

    As the team (without Sara) investigates a rather complex exorcism related murder, Sara, who moved to the swing shift, is assigned a very inquisitive partner, Ronnie, and together they investigate the death of a man found in the dumpster. This episode showed us the emotional side of the CSIs; Brass stopping by to check on Sara, Catherine witnessing a girl who is almost the same age as her daughter being thrown brutally from a building to the ground, Nick, Warrick and Archie painfully looking at the exorcism tape, Greg missing Sara on the team and Sara looking for Grissom after her shift. On another note, only Grissom the Bugman can shove his head up the chimney to look where the bees were coming from and he's concerned about why they are dropping dead in record numbers.
  • I felt so bad for Sara in this episode.

    Ok so this was Sara's first episode on the day shift and I felt really bad for her. I mean she's not with her regular team and she has to work with a newbie...and I'm not talking about a newbie to the Las Vegas crime lab (like a transfer) I'm talking like just got out of college newbie. Hopefully she can deal or they switch her back to night shift.

    This episode was just weird. I mean first you think the girl is possesed by a evil spirit and you watch her exorcism. Then you find out that she's been meeting guys on the internet. Then you find out that she's the one that killed her parents and her sister. Then right at the end when you think it can't get any crazier she is thrown from the second story. Really if that doesn't show you that karma is a b***h then I don't know what would.
  • A good, solid episode of CSI.

    This was a good ep. Not the best I've ever seen, but definitely interesting-it kept my interest for the full hour. I was surprised though that they didn't play up the 'exorcist' angle more though. Really they were only seemed interested in the 'pastor' (I use the term lightly since he admitted that he didn't have any sort of formal training) because he was a pedophile.
    Was I the only one who, during the flashbacks, thought that the teenage was just being a teenager? Wow, yelling at a stranger (?) to get out of her room/locked attic prison? Shocker. I wonder if this pedophile has ever MET a teenager/almost teenager. Speaking of said teenager, once they found her I figured that she had something to do with it. She seemed so detached, like she didn't care that her family was dead. Also maybe this is because I just re-watched Living/Dead Doll, but the girl reminded me of a young Natalie. Weird.
    The new girl. I was all set to hate her. New characters usually drive me crazy, but for some reason her question asking just made her endearing (she does seems a little um, coughblondecough though). I don't know if I'll like her next week, but this week she was like an eager puppy. I liked Sara's 'you get 20 questions' bit though. I can see how it could get trying after a day.
    Brass, I didn't think there was a male TV character that I could love more then Nick, but you might push him into second. I love how he came to see how Sara was. Really, the whole episode, his acting was great. And his face at the end? Aw poor Brass. He looked so tired of it all.
    Grissom, where were you last year when I had a colony of wasps living in my eaves? –Which by the way was not fun, with the whole wasps coming out of light fixtures thing. Bees? Really? At least it wasn't spiders shudders. If I were Greg I would have gotten the hell out of the attic I put two and two together and realized the wall was full of bees.
    The ending shocked the crap out of me. Congrats CSI, I had thought I had it all figured out. Then you 'throw' that twist in there. It was crazy but awesome because I didn't see it coming at all. By the end of this episode it looks like half the team is ready to call it quits and spend some more time in the sunlight. (Though really, they were in the sunshine a he!l of a lot-I thought they were graveyard shift. And don't get me started on why the hell Sara was there when logically it should have been someone from day shift not swing at that body…Must stop nitpicking!)
  • Poor Sarah

    The month of October meaning that it is Halloween. And that CSI unleashes a "monster" of it's own as a young girl is seemingly possessed by the devil. As all of her family members are killed. You also have to really feel bad for Sara. I mean, she just came back. After being nearly put out to pasture. As the team that she calls friends, left her alone with someone that makes no sense. A young woman named Ronnie, who is training with her. Though she meant well, she really didn't know what she was doing. As she was allowed only to ask twenty questions per case. Where you know that there are more than twenty to be asked. Not my favorite but acting does save it.
  • Wow i've missed Halloween episodes on tv guess CSI decided to bring the yearly event back. The case was pretty good getting to the truth of the girl and I can't believe how Catherine believed her so easily. Watching Sara train some

    Wow i've missed Halloween episodes on tv guess CSI decided to bring the yearly event back. The preacher was so crazy nice to see a Lost veteran before January. The case was pretty good getting to the truth of the girl and I can't believe how Catherine believed her so easily. Hopefully the show won't be back to it's constant barrage of killer children like last season. Watching Sara train some girl who will be gone by next episode has me wondering why and it's great that the whole cast is showcased once again. With moves like that it's starting to feel like the first season again.
  • So, I wasn't overly impressed with this episode...

    The best parts for me were when Sara was in it. And Ronnie sure is annoying. I mean really she had to be told she can only ask 20 questions per case. I understand someone new would be curious but really is asking a billion questions necessary. I loved it when Sara gave it to Ronnie for wanting to back down just because a police officer may have been involved. The girl killing her family was um disturbing. I miss Sara being a part of the grave team so much. It was sad having her separate from the rest of the guys. Though I liked it when she asked Greg if he missed her yet and he was all more every day, or something to that effect. Okie dok hopefully next week's episode will be better. I am just smiling thinking about that promo. Okay I am done until next week.
  • Not really sure what to think about this one...

    The main case seemed a bit confusing, but had a shocking ending. The B case appeared to be merely there to introduce Ronnie without caring very much about the case itself. I don't really know what to think of Ronnie. I'll have to wait and see with her. Sara seemed very unhappy on the new shift, and I wasn't happy with it either. I miss her in the team. It's almost as if she had already left. Favorite part: Sara asking Greg whether he misses her and he saying "more and more every day." That's a friendship I am missing, too.
  • Freaky!

    Go To Hell definitely isn't one of my favourite CSI episodes. It was very interesting but kinda freaky at the same time too. I've never liked those episodes that deal with religion (like Altar Boys) although it wasn't the main storyline this time. What I didn't like about Go To Hell was that they solved it so suddenly. I would have enjoyed an interrogation with that 12 yr old. Oh well, maybe next time.

    And poor, poor Sara :) Ronnie seems to me like a 7 year old in a toy shop - too excited to actually understand where she is. As for Grissom, I guess the bee-storyline has begun and I ain't too happy about it cos I have no idea what to expect from it.
  • Worst episode so far...Ever.

    As soon as they drag religion into an episode, it's doomed. This was one of the worst episodes I've seen and thei weird thing is, several of the other shows this week will also have horror episodes, must be theme week.
    The most annoying thing about the episode was partially all the flashbacks, there was just so many that it was difficult to figure out and it was very confusing all at the same time, but the worst was Ronnie Lake. Was I the only one who thought she was dumb? She was too hyper asking away like a 5 year old asks her mother why the sky is blue and why the grass is green. I felt sorry for Sara. She is just so sad being away from the rest of the crew, the people she calls friends, Grissom, Greg, Nick... And the case she had lasted a total of what? 5 minutes? Luckily I didn't invest much time in this episode (thank you fast forward button), but I'm looking forward to next week's episode if it delivers what we GSR fans want.
    This week's episode got a 1 out of 10. It was the scene between Greg and Sara that scored that 1 or else I would have gone with 0.1, where he says that he misses her more and more each day. That's what real friends do.
  • Decent episode.

    They find the case of a family who was basically killed and it ends up to be the daughter who did it, I think. To be honest, this was really confusing because the whole storyline seemed too confusing and back and forth for me to comprehend. But I did like it when it ended since I remembered what had happened. It's been a few hours since it ended, so I really don't remember. I felt bad for the girl, though. She ended up dying too. Brass had some funny lines in this episode, and it looks like they are preparing us for Sara's departure with the new girl.