CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 24

Grave Danger (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 19, 2005 on CBS

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  • Um, Quentin, buddy-- You know we all saw Kill Bill Vol. 2, right?

    Am I the only one who realizes he took a story point from his own movie and made a show around it?

    Sure it has its differences, specifically the second part, but its still the same premise, and an awfully bad idea for them to do.

    It's a shame it's taken the top spot as best-rated episode when its far from the best.

    It's also a shame Tarrantino, a filmmaker known for his creativity and ingenuity, came to tv to make his most unoriginal work to date.
  • I enjoyed this episode, but...

    I enjoyed this episode, however I felt that some of it was over the top. This past season of CSI has had some standout episodes, but more and more it seems that, rather than come up with original ideas, (perhaps the writers have run out?) they are taking ideas they can play for shock value. I find that sad.
    I love the idea of a high-profile \'guest director\'. It worked wonderfully in Season 3 of The Shield, when David Mamet directed the episode \'Strays\'. It was tight, well-directed, and very skillful. They chose an excellent guest director. My opinion is that Quentin Tarantino is slightly too sensational for TV. When I use the word sensational, I don\'t mean it in the sense of \'great\' or \'wonderful\'. I mean it in the sense of taking an idea and sensationalizing it so people will say \"Hey, this is the episode where you see someone get autopsied alive! Cool!\" I felt that this took credibility away from the show. I find it slightly harder to take them seriously after farce like that. I am aware that CSI deals with much grotesque and graphic subject matter. This goes along with the theme of the show. However, they don\'t, as a rule, play it for laughs, or encourage the audience to take pleasure in the misery of the characters, whether one of the main characters, or a weekly victim. That\'s what this scene, and several other parts of this episode, did, and I didn\'t enjoy that. I understand that it was meant to be irreverent...that\'s how Tarantino works. But I just found it to be tasteless.
    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed at least half of this episode, and I'm not going to go into detail and mention everything I *did* like, it's far easier for me to point out what I didn't, since in my mind, it stood out so starkly. While I will definitely continue to watch CSI next season, as I have in the past, the show has lost a few points of class with this episode.
  • what was the big fuss?

    When I saw the ad for this episode I thought, “Cool, a CSI with a Quentin Tarantino angel”. But sadly no. I don’t know what made this one so “Quentin Tarantino” different, apart from the dream scene. I have to say I’ve never seen a Quentin Tarantino movie and haven’t watched a episode of CSI since season 1 but, I mean if you compare Die Another Day to any other Bond movie you can see Lee Tamahori style of direction, this just seemed like another CSI episode.
  • Good start for season-final

    This double-bill was definatly worth the wait, first of all i thought that nick was going to be kidnapped in the middle of the episoide not at the begaining which was a surprise to me. Anyway i do have one problem how comes they was only 1 cop on scene i mean in every case of CSI there's always been a minimum of 2 cops. That was one of holes in this episoide. Still evdience bag has yellow tag, common sense Nick should of called the cop.

    The first part just set the scene to see Nick suffer but Warrick could of been it, question is which one would u lot prefer Nick or Warrick, i think it was a good choice to take nick because he is shorter. i thought it was nice that kidnapper gave him a gun and lights. The webcam thing was really sinster i mean how could you watch that, good thing is that CSI knew he was alive. The fan thing was brillant.

    Enter Grissom team, it's been a while since the whole team were together, we could see how it had affected him, Catrine father giving her the money, this shows how strong CSI relationship with each other, All the team were emotional about this which showed good acting. Grissom goes to meet kidnapper and what happend next was reason why this double-bill was cancelled next week.

    Gosh I really felt as if i was in that box with Nick - it was sooooooo small - it was awful! I just wanted him out of there! Mind you if you suffer from claustophobia this is not for you as it was so realistic - I really felt for Nick and for the others CSI's who were watching the live feed they had into the box - as here in the UK we are way behind I am looking forward to watching the concluding episode in the next 2 days!!!!! Lucy
  • Simply outstanding. Had me watching for the entire two hours.

    What a way to end the season. This episode, is a tad bit more character driven, than actual crime solving, but still remains one of the best episodes. This episode shows the closeness that these investigators have for each other, and for them to come together to save their own, was simply great for viewing. We learn a little bit more about Nick's personal life, and his family. The friendship that Warrick and Nick have is clearly shown. Catherine shows how she is willing to swallow her pride for a friend, when she asks her father to provide the ransom money. Grissom displays amazing leadership, and it takes the combined effort of everyone to save Nick from certain death.
  • A brilliant episode from a legendary director!

    This episode could not be any more4 classic Tarantino. Everything from the film style to actual scenes is clearly recognisable. The mortuary scene is a primary example of this filmed in a Kill Bill style black and white due to the excessive amounts of blood and ‘gore’. Many would say this is a bad thing but me, well, I can’t agree – watch now if u can stomach it!
  • One of the amazingly good episodes of CSI!

    They did an amazing job with this episode! You really saw the character developing (?). In Nick's case you really saw the emotion very good, but you could see that on everybody's faces. I especially liked the part when got the tape from the kidnapper. It was really good. Not just 'Grave Danger (1)' was good, but part 2 was fantastic too. But from the beginning you already knew in the back of your head, he wasn't going to die. He was too important for the show. I loved the way Warrick expresed himself, when he found out what happend to Nick at the crime scene. He realized that he could be buried alive.
    I just loved the episode!
  • Very edge of your seat!

    I love this episode a lot
    As do everybody else on this board
    Poor Nick as he is subjected to a kidnapping
    Only to be buried alive
    And with several hours left to go
    Before he dies with limited amounts of oxygen
    As well as bugs and rats to go with it
    The team, which has been separated into two groups
    Now reunited to save their friend and colleague's life
    And try to keep him stil and calm
    Despite the situation he is under!
  • Wow, just Wow.

    I've always enjoyed CSI. Criminal investigation has always been an interesting subject to me, but I always new CSI as a show that was just about catching the criminals through the evidence, but the drama and trajedy placed in this episode (as well as the second part) was an interesting and decent change of pace for the series. The plot was rather compelling, and instead of showing the unemotional robots we knew, we were greeted with a new side of character by the cast. Their devotion to the case (as well as surprising concern from eckly) was great to see, warrick's guilt, the cast's quick and full response and devotion to finding Nick was great. And I never new how much suspense one could fit with a man trapped in a box. I mean, with all the obstacles surrounding his burial (the cracking of the glass, the ants, the bombs, the heat, the lack of oxygen). This review goes for both parts so I particularly enjoyed how they found where Nick was. Peicing all the evidence together was an exciting performance, along with the score, made it a perfectly executed scene. I thoughroly enjoyed this episode, and it goes down as a personal favorite.
  • Nick is kidnapped and buried alive, and the CSI must find him before he runs out of air.

    Congratulations to the Anthony E. Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn, Naren Shankar and our special guest star: Quentin Tarantino for an excellent episode. So far the best episode in this season. This episode is interesting, exciting, nerve-wracking or god it's just way to many. I just love this episode. It's just perfect, just perfect. But I think the second part is better.

    Special guest star Quentin Tarantino, who narrated and directed Kill Bill, directed this episode of CSI. Is this why this episode is rated as one of the highest episode in CSI? Ha. But I'm not surprise because this episode is AWESOME. Great!
  • One of the best episode of CSI ...

    This episode was really packed, and is among the best episodes of CSI. Nick Stokes is kidnapped and the team has a limited time to figure out where he is and rescue him before he runs out of oxygen and hope. It showed that the CSI are not just a team working together but have become like a family caring for each other. It is worthwhile to mention a great performance by George Eads, his acting was really credible and we could really feel the fear and despair. We could clearly notice the Quentin Tarantino style in it – buried alive under a pile of dirt.
  • What a great display of emotion across the board!!!

    CSI has always been about the cases. Within each episode, though, we learn a little more about the characters who devote a substantial amount of their lives on examining evidence and finding the "truth." With this episode, we begin to see just how involved these characters are with one another, just how much they have invested in both their work and personal relationships. The pain on their faces...the pressure they felt to find him. What stands out, though, as it should is the amazing performance by Eads. I was impressed from beginning to end with his portrayal of Nick going through those five stages, from denial to anger to acceptance. The fear...I could feel it off the television screen. He has showcased his abilities on this show and has presented the audience with an empathetic Nick but here we see his range grow wider. Let's also say that Tarantino did a great job with this two parter. Although you knew a main character wouldn't be killed off (there was no contract talk), suspense was key throughout the two-parter.
  • Nick Stokes is kiddnaped and buried alive, with all the team dropping other cases to find him.

    A amazing episode.
    Quentin Tarantino did this programme good.
    Not alot of blood which should have had its part - look at Tarantino\'s episode of ER.
    This episode shows the true relationships between work friend and how they care for their friends.
    George Eads did a great job in this episode.
    Overall - best episode ever - best episode from any show i have seen in years.
  • CSI Nick Stokes is kidnapped and the team only has a couple of hours to save him before he dies.

    This has to be one of the most exciting episodes in the entire series run. When you think that everything is coming into place, it suddenly gets turned around. And when they find Nick's vest and the sealed cup you know that nothing looks like it seems. And when the team is sent to live video link to Nick's "casket" and when they are watching him it made me want to cry. I especially felt bad when Warrick opend his locker and he saw the quarter that sent Nick to his fate. All in all this is one of the most captivating episodes.
  • This episode is an exercise in cruelty. Quentin devises a scenario intended not only to torture Nick’s friends but the viewer as well.

    This episode definitely has Quentin Tarantino stamped all over it. Nice to see fresh blood brought in, the series has gotten stale of late.

    Nice little character moments, intended for nothing more than character building, add greatly to the episode. Greg and Hodges, Nick and Warrick. Sam and his friends. It was an illuminating moment for Hodges when he grabbed the package from the messenger, more emotion than we’ve ever seen from him. For once not the unfeeling sarcastic Hodges, he actually proves he cares. Nicely done, subtle.

    The bait setup was well done, specifically aiming at a CSI, not a cop. From the way the whole thing went down, the guy wanted them to suffer – watching Nick in the coffin, the guy blowing himself up without saying where Nick is, the things the guy said – this is someone with a serious grudge against CSIs. It was obvious he never thought they’d get the money, he clearly knows both legal and criminalist procedures. It was never about the money, it was like in Psycho – a diversion, a way to keep them busy at something they couldn’t get, a way of making them believe they’d get Nick back. It was false hope and especially cruel, this guy has a lot of hate in him. It will be interesting to find out what made him this way.

    Watching Nick on a monitor like this is just cruel, a way to torture his friends and family. Knowing you’re helpless and can only watch, seeing Nick’s terror, watching him fight then see him surrender, it’s very hard to watch. It’s also interesting that Nick’s gun was left, but somehow I don’t think that was mercy, I think it was just another way to torture those watching, in case he gave in and killed himself. Imagine watching that.

    An excellent, fresh episode, rich in emotion and tension. The perfect season closer, which will have far-reaching effects.
  • A marvellous episode that glues you to the set.

    With Tarantino as a director you cannot really end up with a bad episode. And the last two episodes of CSI's 5th season really proves that to be true. In this special two-part episode one of the CSIs, Nick Stokes, is kidnapped and buried alive. The CSI team desperately fights against time as they try to get their hands at every piece of information about the kidnapper - and the possible location where Stokes is buried.

    Tarantino has given this episode a little extra and reveals something interesting of almost everyone of the regular CSIs. After all, they all have their unique characteristics - outside the lab as well.
  • Fantastic!

    WOW what a episode. This was one of the best of all the seasons. I can't wait for the next episode to see how it concludes.

    It was good to see how everyone comes together to try and solve it. A emotion filled episode.

    I like how CSI is starting to deal more personally with the characters,
  • Very exciting episode

    This was one of the great episodes of CSI. It was heartpound to me. I hated that it was a two part but it made it even more exciting. Didn't really think anyone would kidnapp a CSI guy but it made for a great drama, stuff like this is exactly why i watch the show. The kidnapper was smart that really made it exiciting, deffinitly worth watching more than once. It was really emotionally charge to see everyone work together like that and you see how much they felt for Nick in thier faces which made it even better. Its no wonder why Quention Tarrentino won an award for it.
  • The best episode of the whole series!

    It was so exiting! the twists and turns could make a person dizzy! I could almost jump when things happened. My heart couldn't stop beating. I absolutely loved this episode! I also love it when one of the main characters get kidnapped or wounded. It was just incredible.

    And I love how it effects the rest of the show. After this episode, Nick would be terrified of small spaces and insects. Thuis might sound evil, but it's so interesting when a character has a phobia but still has to face it!
  • I think this was one of the best eps od CSI to date

    this ep was one of the best i have ever seen and i have seen most of them..... it brought out a different side of each person. But did anyone else notice that a lot of things seem to happen to "Nick" maybe the wrighters will givehim a break soon. I think tarantino did a really good job on this ep and i hope he directs another ep of CSI but i think he should use a different person.
  • Wow, what more can I say? C.S.I needed this uplift...

    Quentin Tarantino did a VERY good job with this episode! In three words I'd describe it as: A fresh breeze, Unusual and Breathtaking... A fresh breeze: I think that perhaps the serie had become a little predictable, I mean the crimes had similar themes in every episode so the Grave Danger episodes was a welcome change.
    Unusual: Sure, there have been episodes where one in "the gang" has been exposed to some kind of personal problem or crime (like Cathrine and her daughter and Warrick and his gambling problems. But that they chose Nick to be the one to get burried alive, was to me a little bit unexpected.
    Breathtaking: They acctualy had the guts to almost kill one of the staff. (Of course we all knew he wasn't gonna die, but for one second there, when they were looking for him, I almost thought that he was going to die.)
    This is what C.S.I's all about!!!
  • The best ones!!! I cant separate I and II, talking about both. It was really painful to watch, George Eads - Nick, was great in both episodes. He played so well that I could feel his pain!!!

    The best ones!!! I can't separate I and II, talking about both. Nick was buried alive, the bad guy dies and his daughter don't want to help! When I thought finally they found him, things got worse (talking about the ants) and when he was found, more to happen... (bombs). It was really painful to watch and I couldn't help thinking what someone would really do in that situation. Just like Warrick, I don't think I could go that far having a gun there to end the pain! But Nick is all sensible and C'ome guys, Nick is so nice!!! Just breaks my heart to see him crying, George Eads(Nick, )makes it look so real! This reminds me, we had Nick crying quite a few times and each time I feel silly for crying with him!!! I know it's just a show but Nick, is one cute crying baby, and George Eads played so well that I could feel his pain. When he was rescued and you can see his hand moving slowly, that makes feel so sorry for him... Anyway, George was perfect in these episodes. I am really glad they didn't kill Nick. I would miss him...
  • It's the beginning of the end of the fifth season with part one of the two part season finale. While working on a case Nick Stokes is kidnapped and buried alive. The kidnapper sends a live video feed of Stokes in his grave with a ransom demand.

    One of the best film makers working today joins forces with one of the best television shows in history. The result is one of the greatest season finales ever seen. Quentin Tarantino's terrific directing skills easily cross over to televison with this first part of what looks to be an excellent season finale. There are many reasons why this episode works so well. One of them is having the live video feed of Stokes in his grave. Seeing him suffer through his ordeal adds to the level of suspense through out this episode. The cast, as usual, is just fantastic.
  • A good episode, but not the best.

    Nick Stokes gets abducted and buried alive, the criminal buries him in a clear coffin, enabling him to see the dirt. Every two minutes, the CSIs back at the lab can turn on the hidden video camera, an object about which Nick has no knowledge, which activates the lights, giving him less and less air everytime because they are using the lights to take up most of the battery. Catherine Willows goes to her father and talks him into giving her one million dollars to use to pay for Nick's ransom. Grissom brings the money, but the criminal blows himself up before revealing the location. A good episode, with two of Hollywood's finest from the 1950s (Tony Curtis and Frank Gorshin, better known as the Riddler from Batman from 1966).
  • Nick's in "grave danger" and all the CSI's have to race the clock to save him.

    This and it's second half make up the very finest example of television drama I have ever seen. I don't know if it's because of Quinten Tarentino or what but this really was the best one. I've been a fan of this show for years and I keep holding my breath for them to live up to this one and they never quite make it. Not an episode for people who aren't fans though, because a lot of it hinges on the bond that the viewer has with both Nick, and the entire team. I only hope that they bring Quinten back and do another one of this great quality.
  • Only one word: supper

    I have no doubts when I say - this is my favorite episode. I have not seen anything like this in this serie before and after. Maybe it is the Tarantino whose manners in making movies (in this case tv serie), his special humor, way of seeing things. Anyway - the result by this episode is superb. The plot is striking, the tempo killing and there is no way you get board. It can be so thrilling, taking turns not expected and almost everyone will get emotionally involved - and not only characters - I am sure that the people behind Tv screen will also.

    If you want something what is just unspeakable - then this episode is for you
  • How could Nick get kidnapped...though cudo's to the killer. They set it up good. An awesome episode.

    That was a really good trap with the guts because the killer knew that someone would follow the evidence though it could have been anyone in the lab even grissom were it not for the fact that he was busy. But now the CSI's don't know that they are turning off Nick's air supply. The killers want a million dollars but the state won't issue it. But the killers really don't want the money, because they blow the place up trying to take another CSI with them. This is such a sad episode but it is only half of the show and the rest of it is even more suspensful. A must see.
  • Tarantino does us proud. It's very much his style, but it's still a CSI episode and one that takes us to places we don't want to go.

    Some SPOILERS might follow.

    Nick is called out to a scene where body parts have been found. All seems very routine until he's kidnapped!

    Everyone else is called out to find his abductor, but the guy has a very bizarre motive and has buried Nick in a glass coffin with an internet feed so that his friends can see his suffering.

    Tarantino has described himself as a fan of the show and it's good that he keeps the tone of the show real, whilst putting his own very distinctive mark on it (witness the Dukes of Hazzard game, the very odd attorney representing the guy who picked up the package, the Trigger certificate - lots of stuff that might not have made it into CSI lore without QT.)

    At the same time, it's a story that would enthrall audiences anyway - and the reactions of the different characters are well played out - especially when it becomes obvious that Nick has been taken simply because he's the one who responded to the call out. So it could have been any of them.

    The ending to the episode is also unusual. Catherine does the unthinkable in many ways, by asking her (murderer) father for money, Grissom does the drop off, but the bomber has other things in mind. I think it would have been better if we'd just seen the building blow up and not known whether Grissom was okay at the end, as a cliffhanger, but knowing that the one link to Nick, that they don't even know yet, is gone, is pretty good.
  • *WARNING SPOILERS* Nick stokes is kidnapped after going on a case with body parts. he is buried alive

    From beginning to end (that includes grave danger episode 2)
    This episode is my favourite. i have seen it so many times i even have it on dvd but i always cry at the end when they find nick. I think George Eads is very good in this episodes. He has immense acting skills and is very talented. All in all i love the determination from his fellow csi's to find him and save him. They are all willing to get him safe. the bit with the suicide bomber, (i am watching this as i write. grissom is with the bomber!) i thaught was really random and a big turn in the episode. apparently this episode was due to air just after the london bombings but obviously didnt. the first time i watched it i was crying saying "find nick please!" i am 14 and i collect csi and i hope to write many more reveiws.

    p.s. i was so sad to hear about steve irwins death. we'll miss you steve.
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