CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 24

Grave Danger (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 19, 2005 on CBS

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  • The season 5 season finale, and by far the best CSI episode ever...

    Best episode ever!!!!! That is the only way I can think of to describe Grave Danger. It was the most cleverly written imaginative episode I have ever seen. And when I say best episode ever, I mean of any show. Now being a huge Tarantino fan, I am admitedly biased. But Tarantino, or no Tarantino, these were clearly the best CSI episodes I have ever seen. (I am writing my reweiw in the part 1 section, but it is actually a reveiw for the entire 1 hour finale) I love CSI anyway, and it is hands down one of the most imaginitive shows around. When you throw Tarantino into the mix as not only the director, but writer as well, you can't help but create the most amazing 1 hour episode of telivision that I have ever seen!
  • When one of their own must face what seems like the last hours of life, the whole CSI unit comes to aid, only to find the only thing they can do is WATCH. The question is, what will he do with the gun beside him? Answer? Hold on.

    This episode of CSI is truly what drama television should be… completely eye-popping, fist-quenching, nail-biting, and jaw-dropping-ly amazing. Quentin Tarantino co-writes and directs this episode, which indubitably became a pivotal moment in CBS history. Over 30 million tuned in to this 2-hr episode to witness the brilliance that the trailers had promised, and needless to say, I certainly left the theatre happy. Tarantino delivered a realistic and passionate plot. Possibly despite his innate abilities, he kept the story real… and only in the perfect moment was the audience graced with his undeniable talent for blood and dismemberment, in all of its ‘gore-y’. In this episode, every man has his moment. As it seems, the personality of every character on the show was probed, and as it turns out, they all have new facets that we have never seen. Conrad’s sincerity was surprising, but completely moving; Grissom’s fathering was pure; and Warrick’s anger, though previously seen, was unmatched in his guilt. The entire cast delivered a moving performance. The acting was formidable; especially that of George Eads’. His acting was…convincing… to say the Least. His every scream brought chills to my spine. Truly amazing acting. None of the cast were actors in this episode; they were only CSI’s trying to find a way to help their friend.

    A gallon of talent, a pint of drama, a pinch of humour and equal parts signature Tarantino, and a bucketful of suspense and what do you get?
    Answer: CSI Season 5 finale; drama television at its very best.
    My Verdict: a completely Explosive finale.
  • Oh My God, this is the most amazing episode of CSI EVER! and is a perfect end to an amzing season!

    I both Love and hate Quentin Tarantino in this episode of CSI, i hate him for making me sit through 2 hours of edge of my seat suspense about whether they would kill Nick or not, and then when it looked like they did, i couldnt believe my eyes. i love him for all of the same reasons. this was by far the most nerve wracking episode of this series yet, i do not know if they will ever be able to top it. i thought it was a great touch to bring in Tony Curtis and Frank Gorshin to play themselves (especially with mr. Gorshin dying the week that the episode airs, that is divine intervention if you ask me). again, all i can say is WOW! i can only look forward to next season, and i will be happy if it is even half as good as this one
  • A brilliant episode from a legendary director!

    This episode could not be any more4 classic Tarantino. Everything from the film style to actual scenes is clearly recognisable. The mortuary scene is a primary example of this filmed in a Kill Bill style black and white due to the excessive amounts of blood and ‘gore’. Many would say this is a bad thing but me, well, I can’t agree – watch now if u can stomach it!
  • Good start for season-final

    This double-bill was definatly worth the wait, first of all i thought that nick was going to be kidnapped in the middle of the episoide not at the begaining which was a surprise to me. Anyway i do have one problem how comes they was only 1 cop on scene i mean in every case of CSI there's always been a minimum of 2 cops. That was one of holes in this episoide. Still evdience bag has yellow tag, common sense Nick should of called the cop.

    The first part just set the scene to see Nick suffer but Warrick could of been it, question is which one would u lot prefer Nick or Warrick, i think it was a good choice to take nick because he is shorter. i thought it was nice that kidnapper gave him a gun and lights. The webcam thing was really sinster i mean how could you watch that, good thing is that CSI knew he was alive. The fan thing was brillant.

    Enter Grissom team, it's been a while since the whole team were together, we could see how it had affected him, Catrine father giving her the money, this shows how strong CSI relationship with each other, All the team were emotional about this which showed good acting. Grissom goes to meet kidnapper and what happend next was reason why this double-bill was cancelled next week.

    Gosh I really felt as if i was in that box with Nick - it was sooooooo small - it was awful! I just wanted him out of there! Mind you if you suffer from claustophobia this is not for you as it was so realistic - I really felt for Nick and for the others CSI's who were watching the live feed they had into the box - as here in the UK we are way behind I am looking forward to watching the concluding episode in the next 2 days!!!!! Lucy
  • i woke my dad and my brother up when i saw the dream scene.... i was screaming... my brother thought i was absolutely nuts....

    i woke my dad and my brother up when i saw the dream scene.... i was screaming... my brother thought i was absolutely nuts.... i was practically crying... im trying to become a csi and ive learned a lot from the show.... i was screaming though i only managed to see the last half of the episode.... and then when he almost shot himself.... i screamed again.... if he hadnt of gotte out i wouldnt have continued to watch it... so, im glad they got him out in time. not a good way to go, eaten alive by fire-amts.... fun...and painful... kno its a tv show but i felt so sorry for him....

    Nick fans will seriously enjoy this episode. I was sitting on the edge of my sofa the whole way through and at a few points was shaking with fear, anticipation and excitement. The storyline is amazing, especially for a season finale.

    Nick is kidnapped and buried alive with a gun, tape recorder and a glowing rod. Theres a webcam in the plexiglass coffin. The anxious and worried CSI team get a package in the post, the webcam link to Nick. Slowly, they have to watch him dying and suffering- it was a very hard scene not to cry through. Grissom puts all cases on hold so he and the others can find their friend. But will they make it before he runs out of oxygen????

    Anyone from England will know that the episode got postponed a week due to the London terroist attack, and I bet they were as upset as I was. I had shut the curtains and turned off the lights to really get the effect of the episode. But waiting a week was well worth it.

    If you love excitement, a good crime investigation and a load of buff actors, then CSI is the show for you... but make sure you watch this episode first!

    Love Hollie xoxox Teen Titans rok!
  • Nick is kidnapped and the team has to find him before time runs out.

    OMG! This is the reason that I watch CSI!!! This show had me on the edge of my chair the whole time. I don't think I moved from my seat during this episode.
    But has any one else noticed that all the bad stuff seems to happen to Nick? He\'s had a gun pointed at him twice, had a pretty terribal experience at the age of 9, and now he\'s not only been kidnapped but burried alive as well.
    This episode was really ground breaking, I don\'t think I\'ve ever seen another show that had an episode that was almost painful to watch but kept you in your place. I can only hope that the creativeness of the show doesn\'t go down from here, like that of so many other shows.
  • Can they save Nick?

    Omg! The season finale was AMAZING!!!!! Nick did such a great job!!! We finally saw something in Nick we've never seen before and it was good. I was glad to see how he's developed throughout the show and to see his limits and strengths. I felt sooo bad for him because I dont know what I would have done if I were in his position. I was just glad they found him and got him out alive. I cried....it was just amazing! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!!! It was such a good episode!
  • what was the big fuss?

    When I saw the ad for this episode I thought, “Cool, a CSI with a Quentin Tarantino angel”. But sadly no. I don’t know what made this one so “Quentin Tarantino” different, apart from the dream scene. I have to say I’ve never seen a Quentin Tarantino movie and haven’t watched a episode of CSI since season 1 but, I mean if you compare Die Another Day to any other Bond movie you can see Lee Tamahori style of direction, this just seemed like another CSI episode.
  • I enjoyed this episode, but...

    I enjoyed this episode, however I felt that some of it was over the top. This past season of CSI has had some standout episodes, but more and more it seems that, rather than come up with original ideas, (perhaps the writers have run out?) they are taking ideas they can play for shock value. I find that sad.
    I love the idea of a high-profile \'guest director\'. It worked wonderfully in Season 3 of The Shield, when David Mamet directed the episode \'Strays\'. It was tight, well-directed, and very skillful. They chose an excellent guest director. My opinion is that Quentin Tarantino is slightly too sensational for TV. When I use the word sensational, I don\'t mean it in the sense of \'great\' or \'wonderful\'. I mean it in the sense of taking an idea and sensationalizing it so people will say \"Hey, this is the episode where you see someone get autopsied alive! Cool!\" I felt that this took credibility away from the show. I find it slightly harder to take them seriously after farce like that. I am aware that CSI deals with much grotesque and graphic subject matter. This goes along with the theme of the show. However, they don\'t, as a rule, play it for laughs, or encourage the audience to take pleasure in the misery of the characters, whether one of the main characters, or a weekly victim. That\'s what this scene, and several other parts of this episode, did, and I didn\'t enjoy that. I understand that it was meant to be irreverent...that\'s how Tarantino works. But I just found it to be tasteless.
    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed at least half of this episode, and I'm not going to go into detail and mention everything I *did* like, it's far easier for me to point out what I didn't, since in my mind, it stood out so starkly. While I will definitely continue to watch CSI next season, as I have in the past, the show has lost a few points of class with this episode.
  • What an amazing episode. I must have seen "Grave Danger" about 10 times now and it's just as good as the first time I saw it.

    I liked eveything about this episode and I would advise anyone who hasn't seen it to make sure and check it out. If you like suspence then you will absolutly love "Grave Danger" vol 1 & 2. Just writing this is making me want to go and watch it. Can't wait for Season 6 WOOT!
  • The first time I saw his was last night, and I must say, it was amazing, off-the seat intensity. It was the best episode ever. When it aired, I missed it but it was great.

    Gotta be the best CSI episodes ever. When I saw the preview for the season 6 premiere,(which is on right now), im like, i gotta see it more... and i was like omg...this is great. This is the most original episode, and im sorry this review is a bit, ummm,sloppy. So great episode. Watch it. Regards-jandrew
  • Poor little Nicky! Nobody saw it coming...

    The whole episode based around Nick. Now that hardly ever happens. Obviously Nick is my favorite character. He is so cute and even though his jokes are never funny, I still love him anyway.
    This whole episode I cried so much! It is so sad. George Eads played Nick so well this time. It must have been so hard but I give him a big pat on the back for his performance. He really made people believe he wasn't going to make it to next season. I'm so glad though that he's fine!
    I don't think that Grissom should have acted like that. He was the only person who wasn't sad or shocked by what was happening to Nick. When he was watching all the clips, he was almost smiling. That disterbed me heaps.
    Overall though this episode was great! One of the best ever CSI episodes!
  • TV at its best!!!

    I totally, absolutely LOVED this episode. Well, nothing less could be expected when the best show on TV is being written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Everything about this episode was absolutely great... the plot, the writing, the setting, the directing and of course... the acting! Everyone was amazing through out the whole episode, specially, of course, George Eads. What I really loved about it, was that it had everything on it, I actually laugh, scream, cry... everything! Now, onto the big director... Tarantino demostrated that he actually IS a huge CSI fan... you could tell that he has seen every episode, just because of the fact that he introduced a lot of the characters\' personal facts on it (Grissom\'s facination with bugs and his ability to read lips, Catherine\'s father,...). He also introduced a lot of his movie\'s characteristics on it (camera angles, first shots, camera going around in circles,...). Overall, the whole episode was amazing, definitely CSI\'s best, and I\'m sure, as a CSI fanatic and a Tarantino fan, that both CSI and Tarantino fans loved it. Let\'s just hope for a Grave Danger vol.3!!! hahaha.
  • This episode was riveting right to the end.

    This episode was a thrill to watch and captivating. It shows that even CSI guys have got to watch each others backs or there is no telling what might happen. It also showed how they all care about each other and are there when they are needed. My family has always enjoyed CSI and we cannot wait to see what happens next.
  • Exactly why I watch this series!!

    This was such a good episode!! It was very exciting! But ofcourse it was good...who wrote it? Quentin Tarantino..who else!!?!!!
    You need to see this episode! But watch it with someone!! I think the actors really performed well in this episode, but then again..they always do!!!!! :)
    Hope Tarantino comes back to CSI!
  • The best episode of the whole series!

    It was so exiting! the twists and turns could make a person dizzy! I could almost jump when things happened. My heart couldn't stop beating. I absolutely loved this episode! I also love it when one of the main characters get kidnapped or wounded. It was just incredible.

    And I love how it effects the rest of the show. After this episode, Nick would be terrified of small spaces and insects. Thuis might sound evil, but it's so interesting when a character has a phobia but still has to face it!
  • Nick is kidnapped and the rest of the team must find him

    I\'ve been looking forward for this episode for quite some time. And I was one the edge of my seat during the intire episode.
    All the angst from not only Nick, but from everyone involved.
    A tearjerking episode that took your breath away, and left with this question. How will he coop?
    that is what I\'m askign myself at least.
    But I absololutely loved this show
  • Very exciting episode

    This was one of the great episodes of CSI. It was heartpound to me. I hated that it was a two part but it made it even more exciting. Didn't really think anyone would kidnapp a CSI guy but it made for a great drama, stuff like this is exactly why i watch the show. The kidnapper was smart that really made it exiciting, deffinitly worth watching more than once. It was really emotionally charge to see everyone work together like that and you see how much they felt for Nick in thier faces which made it even better. Its no wonder why Quention Tarrentino won an award for it.
  • Fantastic!

    WOW what a episode. This was one of the best of all the seasons. I can't wait for the next episode to see how it concludes.

    It was good to see how everyone comes together to try and solve it. A emotion filled episode.

    I like how CSI is starting to deal more personally with the characters,
  • Nick is kidnapped & the whole team come together to find him.

    Nick is kidnapped & the whole team come together to find him.

    The fact that the kidnapper wasn't after a certain member of the team was what made this episode so special & amazing. It could have been Warrick if he lost the couin toss, or Catherine had she chosen to take that case, or anyone from Grissoms team if it was during the graveyard shift.

    It was an emotional episode, especially when they were watching the live feed of Nick in the coffin, the looks on their faces, especially Sara & Catherine who both had tears in their eyes. You can see how much they really care for each other. Especially when Catherine swallowed her pride & went to her father for the money to get Nick back.

    One of the best episodes this season & a great finale.
  • Nick is kidnapped and buried alive. He is left with a tape recorder and a…gun.

    Wow what an episode and under the direction of Tarantino this CSI episode stands above all the rest. This episode has it all: writing, acting, camera work, direction, and heart. When the rest of the team realizes Nick is missing they all jump together to help bring him home.

    When a tape is delivered to the lab the team realizes all they can do…is watch. We see the story from both perspectives: the torment that Nick goes though and heart wrenching torment the team goes through. I am still not sure which one was worse.

    Overall a great episode, I am pretty sure this could be the best CSI to date!
  • This episode as well as part 2 are very rivoting. they keep you on the edge of your chair especially when it comes to Hot Nick!

    I could watch this episode (part 1 and part 2) over and over again. the first time i watched it, i acctually felt like i was there with Nick. like i could feel his pain. I was acctually crying everytime i saw Nick in the "box" and everytime i saw Warrick helpless in trying to "save" Nick. I say thumbs up to the ones who wrote this script and to the awesome actors!
  • Simply outstanding. Had me watching for the entire two hours.

    What a way to end the season. This episode, is a tad bit more character driven, than actual crime solving, but still remains one of the best episodes. This episode shows the closeness that these investigators have for each other, and for them to come together to save their own, was simply great for viewing. We learn a little bit more about Nick's personal life, and his family. The friendship that Warrick and Nick have is clearly shown. Catherine shows how she is willing to swallow her pride for a friend, when she asks her father to provide the ransom money. Grissom displays amazing leadership, and it takes the combined effort of everyone to save Nick from certain death.
  • A marvellous episode that glues you to the set.

    With Tarantino as a director you cannot really end up with a bad episode. And the last two episodes of CSI's 5th season really proves that to be true. In this special two-part episode one of the CSIs, Nick Stokes, is kidnapped and buried alive. The CSI team desperately fights against time as they try to get their hands at every piece of information about the kidnapper - and the possible location where Stokes is buried.

    Tarantino has given this episode a little extra and reveals something interesting of almost everyone of the regular CSIs. After all, they all have their unique characteristics - outside the lab as well.
  • Very edge of your seat!

    I love this episode a lot
    As do everybody else on this board
    Poor Nick as he is subjected to a kidnapping
    Only to be buried alive
    And with several hours left to go
    Before he dies with limited amounts of oxygen
    As well as bugs and rats to go with it
    The team, which has been separated into two groups
    Now reunited to save their friend and colleague's life
    And try to keep him stil and calm
    Despite the situation he is under!
  • Best episode I have ever seen. This episode had it all, and the cast gave their best performances ever.

    This episode will go down in the books as the GREATEST episode EVER. The surprise and suspense that you felt from the moment Nick is kidnapped the end of the first hour when they leave off with the cliffhanger of a dog in the box. It just kept your nerves on end, and kept the viewer at the edge of their seat not wanting to miss a single second. You could feel the helplessness the rest of the team and Nick's parents felt watching Nick on the computer screen while they couldn't do anything but wait for the kidnapper to contact them again, or until they got the results from the evidence.
  • OMG one of the greatest episodes!

    The first time I watched this episode was just about an hour ago.(I taped it from SpikeTV.) It starts out fine just like any other episode and bam, Nick is taken and the whole CSI family is working on the case. I wasn't thinking anything was going to happen but it kept me on the edge of my seat. I knew that Nick was going to survive but I was still hanging on every word. During this episode you understand how close these CSIs are to one another. I was able to watch both Grave Danger episodes which I am glad of because I was so nervos and wanting to know exactly what happened to Nick. This episode shows how great of an actor George E. aka Nick Stokes is. He acts just like anyone would act in that place.
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