CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 24

Grave Danger (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 19, 2005 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Walter Gordon is sitting behind a desk, watching Nick on the computer)
      Mr. Gordon: Pretty quiet outside. Almost sounds like you came alone.
      Grissom: I've got your money.
      Mr. Gordon: Put it down. (Grissom sets the duffle bag down, Mr. Gordon gets up from his chair) Slide it over. (Grissom kicks it over, Mr. Gordon slowly walks over to it and stands right by it) You're telling me there's a million dollars in here?
      Grissom: Yes.
      Mr. Gordon: Along with some little cute booby trap? Which is it-- tracer, a dye pack?
      Grissom: Normally, you'd be a 100% right, but this time you're 100% wrong. We want Nick back, no tricks. (Walter bends down and opens up the bag and takes out a 10,000 bank stack and laughs)
      Mr. Gordon: This looks real.
      Grissom: It is real. Where is Nick?
      Mr. Gordon: You know, I was under the impression that it was against departmental policy to negotiate with terrorists.
      Grissom: Are you a terrorist?
      Mr. Gordon: Depends. (he shines his flashlight on Grissom's face) Are you terrified?
      Grissom: Look, I really don't wanna talk to you. Where is my guy?
      Mr. Gordon: Oh, so... he is your guy, huh?
      Grissom: Yes, he is. Where is he buried?
      Mr. Gordon: Are you two close?
      Grissom: That is none of your business.
      Mr. Gordon: What does Nick Stokes mean to you? How do you feel when you see him in that coffin? Does your soul die every time you push that button? How do you feel, knowing that there is nothing you can do to get him out of that hell? Helpless... useless ... impotent? (Grissom doesn't say anything, but his look says it all) Good. Welcome to my world. (he unbuttons his jacket two red bars of SEMTEX he has his thumb on the detonator) Uh, if I were you I'd back up a little. (Grissom takes a couple steps back. He presses the button and explodes)