CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 8 Episode 12

Grissom's Divine Comedy

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2008 on CBS

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  • While struggling with the flu, Grissom and his team are called on by the Deputy District Attorney to investigate the death of a key witness in the Grand Jury trial of a dangerous local gang leader.


    The forced hiatus due to the Writers Guild strike has apparently not effected the quality of the writing of the episodes of CSI. This episode's very well written script kept me hooked all the way through. One thing I liked is that it avoided the cliches and instead gave the viewers a very plausible and well done storyline. I think it's safe to say that many people thought they knew where the story was going but were surprised at the end. Bonnie Bedlilia (Best known as Mrs. John McClaine from the first two Die Hard movies) is a liability however.

  • This wasn't a good way for CSI to come back after the strike

    The last scene was the only part of this episode I liked. When Grissoms phone rings and from his reaction you know it's Sara. So I guess in a way what they said about this episode is true, that we would know where Grissom and Sara stand by the end of this episode, they are clearly still together or why would she call him. Other than that I didn't like this episode at all. The CSI's being sick was funny though, it was kind of a let down they discovered that the father in law killed his son in law. Though the promo for next weeks episode was what it usually it a suspense filled promo. Someone dies, why else would it be a CSI that we'll never forget, obviously someone hasn't signed the contract for season 9, so they gotta find ways for the CSI's to leave. We know it's not Sara, because it's been confirmed that Sara is coming back at some point in season 9. I'm sorry I just didn't like this episode. For me it was a complete let down.
  • A great standalone episode!

    Ah, the sight of Grissom in tartan pyjamas and dressing gown – enough to give this episode a perfect score (almost)!

    On a serious note, I was impressed the storyline of this episode, easily making 'Grissom's Devine Comedy' the best episode in a while. Yet another example of a well written and interesting standalone episode; which gives us two in a row after "Bull" (episode 11) - quite impressive when you consider the writers strike.

    Yet another gang related storyline, which I personally always enjoy as it usually creates obstacles for the team to deal with, making the story less straight-forward. Whether it be witness scared into not providing evidence or police officers corrupted by personal gain – it always provides for an interesting but sometimes frustrating conclusion to the storyline. But I always wonder why more of the CSI team hasn't been gunned down or threatened by annoyed members of the various gangs they've put behind bars? In this case, the gang's involvement in the case isn't exactly what we first think it is.

    On the negative side the gang was a little stereotypical and the gang leader could have seemed more of a menace had the story panned over more episodes. Also yet again, very little screentime for Greg and I'm now noticing a lack of Catherine as well. I know the episodes tend to focus on one or two members of the team but I can't think of the last time, Greg especially, had a big part to play in a major case?

    But let's not forget Grissom in pyjamas; what a wonderful sight!
  • Me likey very much!

    Now that Sara is gone its good that theyve put that storyline on a backburner. Here the show returns to what its good at - cleverly constructed episode that has us guessing whodunnit!

    If thats what you like, you wont be disappointed. An apparent murder seems to be the work of a badass gang. All clues point to them. One thing I really liked about this is that the drive through the story isnt led by Grissom so much. Instead its the ADA who adds to the drama when we see her discover her own shortcomings - something ironic in terms of her supposed to be a strong character.

    The pace of this epsiode is quite swift something that I havent felt the last 3or4 epsiodes have been.

    Overall a very, very good episode.
  • I really enjoyed this first episode back since the writers strike ended and I really enjoyed the setup we were given. Grissom has to phone in crime scene analysis due to a case of walking flu. He's pestered constantly by the stereotypical

    I really enjoyed this first episode back since the writers strike ended and I really enjoyed the setup we were given. Grissom has to phone in crime scene analysis due to a case of walking flu. He's pestered constantly by the stereotypical power woman ADA. The only low point of this episode was the way they made her behave and I don't know why such a cliched character model was chosen. The show also did a good job with their MS13 gang arch-type. I really did feel the menace of the group and the scariest gang actor ever on tv. Not just an odd excuse for Grissom to show how smart he is. Solving a case without actually being there but we got some good screen time with the rest of the cast. Good episode not a disappointment after the long hiatus.
  • Good Episode!

    It was great to have CSI back! I wasn't really into the case because I don't really like mob (although I loved Fannysmackin)or gang related episodes, I don't know why, I just don't, but that doesn't mean I didn't like the episode. It was interesting to see Grissom, Greg, and Nick sick, it added a different twist to the episode, I also loved seeing Grissom's apartment, and his dog again. I am pretty bummed out that they left the scene with Catherine snooping in Grissom's apartment out, I was really looking forward to finding out more about Grissom and Sara's relationship. The end scene was my favorite part of the episode, the smile on Grissom's face gave away who he was talking to, I loved it. Overall a really good episode worth the watch. Can't wait for next week!
  • Running with time...

    This was much better episode than previous even thought - I do not know. Many said it was great but there was still some magic missing for me. I liked that there was that running with time - they had to prove it for certain time and when they solved the case - it did not came out they way they wanted. The plot was very catching and magnificent. All that mystic and all the explosion, danger. I really liked it.

    There was also little of that char development, maybe. Anyway, it was a really great episode and there might be something with the same villain later.
  • A phone call from DA kicks off the first episode after the writer's strike demanding for Grissom to investigate a death of a witness that could incarcerate a gang leader. Aside from Grissom, Greg and Nick also sick reported to work to help out.

    The writing was done well, the actors are at their best (especially the sick, haha!), the elements were complete... the team we missed so much is back.

    But i sense something else. I have been watching CSI since the pilot and this is the first time I felt an unfamiliar feel on the episode. Its like it doesn't belong with the rest of the episode. Maybe because everybody missed working after a long lull, or because Sara is finally not on the episode (she wasn't even mentioned although in the end when Grissom received a call, you'd think that it was Sara by his reaction.) Anyways, what ever it is that changed, I like it. I think it is the ability of the writer to surprise us after 8 season that we are still hooked. So I heard somebody's life maybe at stake (maybe as a cliff hanger for the season ender) - one of our own that is.
  • finally! csi is back and it's in good shape

    what can i say? i love the episode once i saw the first scene with grissom cooking. of course, the case was also very interesting with a classic csi twist. i really loved the part at the end with the urine messages; it is another brilliant science-driven idea from csi and i love seeing grissom figuring stuff out like that again, i feel like i havent seen that in a while. Maddie was also a great character to watch, Bonnie Bedelia certainly embodied and portrayed the character very well, and i liked her chemistry and understanding with grissom. it's all so nature. perhapes the main reason i love this episode so much is because we got to see grissom's house several time. the scene with brass was extremely touching to watch and helped me care about the victim. of course, the ending was also a nice touch, signifying the strength of grissom and sara's relationship and just how much he needs her but loves her enough to let her go for a while. a great comeback from csi, i look forward ardently to the next episode!
  • This episode was really fantastic!!!

    I liked the more personal aspect of this episode. You see Grissom at home, sick, making soup with his dog. I didn't know he had a dog. It's a great way to get to know the characters of this show better. I don't think we've ever even seen Grissom at his home before. Also, who was he talking to on the phone at the end of the episode? I'm guessing it was Sarah. I hope she comes back to the show. She and Grissom make a quirky, yet perfect match. I'm really looking forward to watching next weeks episode to see what happens next.
  • I really hope nothing happens to Warrick, I have high hopes for WarCat/Yo!Bling this season. Now that Lindsey is older she needs someone thats going to treat her right and be there for her emotionally and physically. Those two are so right for each other.

    This is episode wasn't all that it was chalked up to be. I expected so much more after waiting so long for a new episode to air. I didn't expect Sara to show up. I thought for sure that Catherine and Warrick would be together by now, guess I was wrong. For next weeks episode, I'm predicting that something is going to happen to Warrick. Everyone else on the show has had a brief encounter with death except for him if I'm not mistaken. Catherine was kidnapped, and raped. Nick was a buried alive. Sara was trapped under a car and nearly died of dehydration. Grissom had a gun aimed at his head in the washroom, Catherine saved him and Greg was blown up in the DNA lab. I really hope nothing happens to Warrick, I have high hopes for WarCat/Yo!Bling this season.
  • Grissom is the best!

    The summary is paraphrasing the DA, played in a guest role by the wonderful Bonnie Bedelia. He replies that his team is very good and capable and she goes on to list their transgressions. One thing I like about the original CSI is that they'll show everyone warts and all.

    This episode had some interesting twists we've come to expect, this time surrounding a drug gang case and a compromised juror. This episode eased us into the show from the strike hiatus and it did so just fine. WHile it was suggested near the end that the DA had something for Grissom, he dispensed with that and we see him on the phone later, presumably with his soul mate, Sara. (Between you and me, i've never been a big fan of Sara's and had wished that he hooled up with Lady Heather, but that's a discussion for another time.) I await as you should, another fine installment next week.
  • A special call leads to a sick CSI team trying to bring down a dangerous gang member.

    The writer's strike is over, and we are back with a new CSI episode. It is nice to have them back. While the episode itself was not the best episode ever, it provided a nice change. Seeing the members of the team cope with a common illness was refreshing. Most of the time you forget that these are real people, and it is nice to see some reality mixed in. I also enjoyed how the DA went to Eckley and demanded that Grissom head up the investigation because, quite simply, he is the best. While the new DA character is interesting, I hope that they do not pursue a more romantic relationship between her and Grissom, because it honestly does not feel like she would be his type. I liked seeing that Gill has a dog, and I am very interested in who it was that made him so happy when he received their phone call at the end of the episode.
  • I was expecting something more.

    Okay, I was expecting a little bit more meat to the first episode back from the strike. What I got was an okay script, a very interesting twist and listening to the team sniffle, sneeze and wipe their noses throughout the entire episode. I like the Bonnie Bedelia's guest spot as the tough DA, it was perfect casting. I loved watching the interaction with Grissom. As for the script, I thought it was pretty interesting. It gave the fans a peak at how the justice system works and it might be an interesting avenue to explore. But as a whole, the episode was okay.
  • A car is seen being put out by firefighters. Grissom and the team are sick! It appeat the gang LAT has killed a major witness. As the sick CSIs work hard to prove that the gang killed the man, but find an odd twist.

    I thought the episode was great. It was not the greatest episode overall but it hit the gap i have been craving for a new CSI episode. When i read the episode summary, i thought the whole team would be sick but only Nick, Greg and Grissom were sick. I really liked the acting of the three, it really convinced me that they were actually sick. If I was the writer (HA HA I WISH!) I would have made the episode more funny (especially scince it has the TWO AND A HALF MEN writer/director doing this episode)! I can't wait to see what CSI brings for us in the future, I am staying tuned!