CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 5

Gum Drops

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2005 on CBS

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  • this episode is why i watch the show

    Hands down probably one of my favorite episodes. I missed the majority of season 5 because I was in Asia..but after finally getting to see the finale and then watching this episode, I could see how this would affect Nick. Not only because of his near death experience, but also because of what happened to him as a child. I will admit this, even though it makes me feel dumb, but the first time I watched the episode I had no idea the little girl was actually..telling her story. Especially with the way Nick reacted, and the whole spiel with the hippie lady asking if he was hearing voices.
  • A quiet episode on the music part of the show, which is always fun to listen to because of some of the unique types of music that they used, allowed the viewer of the episode to really get into this episode and feel for Nick.

    A quiet episode on the music part of the show, which is always fun to listen to because of some of the unique types of music that they used, allowed the viewer of the episode to really get into this episode and feel for Nick as he takes the lead in this episode.
    Now this episode was to have Grissom to take the lead of the case and be the one who believed that the little girl was alive, but was changed at the last second because Petersen had to lead filming of the show because it was filmed when his nephew died.
    It would have been a totally different type of episode than the one that we saw. First, at all I couldn’t see Grissom throwing the kid up against the wall like Nick did, his character isn’t like that. He would of somehow trapped the kid in a puzzle of words that would made the kid break down without the use of physical contact. Secondly I don’t think that Grissom would even allow one of his team members to question him the way that Shara did with Nick. He would focused then on the case at hand and look at the evidence to see if there any proof that the girl is still alive. Third, Grissom wouldn’t gotten a little broken-up would telling her that the rest of her family was dead, he would just told her in a stoic way, but he also would of told her what happen to her family up front and not lighten the emotional load that she would have had to face. While this episode was rewritten at the last second that still didn’t mean that it was a bad episode, because it was a great episode that kept your eye glued on the TV for the entire hour and it also made the episode feel like it ran longer that it did. I also noticed that there was fewer commercials than normal.
    With Grissom out of the picture, Nick took the lead of this case and because of that he was the center attention in this episode and this episode allowed for more character development for him. We all know that Nick feels for the victims long before his experience in Grave Danger, it just now seem to be a little closer to the surface. I didn’t like Shara’s comment about him feeling this way because of what had happen to last year, because she knows just like the viewers know how Nick’s feels about people and that she should of kept that to herself.
    While the girl’s narration through out the episode was a different approach in telling the story it seems that they might of took a hint from the Law & Order:SVU episode “911” with also had a little girl disembodied voice in it, telling a story of what had happen to her, that aired earlier in the year. At first I thought that the girl was dead and that her narration was her ghost telling anybody that wanted to listen to her story. That the investigation that we were seeing was just to visualizes her story for the viewers, but in the end the girl was alive and that her narration was her talking to Nick to what had happen to her.
  • More character development for the "younger" CSIs

    Loved that Grissom and Cat weren't as involved as much. Both are great characters and mentors but eventually the children got to grow up and not depend on G and C so much. Although I kind of missed more Warrick screen time but not everyone can be the center of attention.

    Nick is great but sometimes I think he may get too emotional. Sara is there as a counterbalance but she can't be there forever especially with the way things are going for her and Grissom.

    Nice ep but character development was stronger. Lil kid was cool for leaving the gum drops but how she survived being drugged with a cut throat -I don't know.
  • Excellent and picking up clues

    Wow good on Nick for following his instincts. He trusted his gut and was right, she saved the girl!
    She was a very smart little girl leaving the trail of gum for them to find her and they were very smart for picking up the connection and following the clues.

    I am amazed at how well the team and all investigators are at finding the evidence and clues, however small or large and putting everything together to work out what happened to the victim and who the killer may be. Sometimes I think that luck plays a very big part in it.
  • Very good episode - BUT! -

    I really liked how Nick kept hoping (against the odds) that the little girl would be found alive plus how he locked into the gum wrapper trail. I was very satisfied with how this episode played out.

    BUT is it just me or doesn't anyone else notice what a dorky haircut Nick is sporting these days. No matter how good the episode is, I just cringe everytime I see his 'shaggy' head. I guess I'm just being shallow but I do think he looks rather silly as if they are trying to make him look like a young kid again. Thank goodness several episodes down the line (6.21), he is back to looking like the old savoir faire Nick.

  • I was suprised by how well the episode turned out.

    I was suprised by how well the episode turned out. I initially was disappointed when I found out that William Peterson would not be staring in the episode. I however really liked the episode although the ending was a bit disappointing. I liked the way the episode was shot it goes along with the new style that has shown up in all the episodes this season. The change in Sara's character nicely complimented the regression of Nick's. Sara stepped up to the plate and was in charge while Nick regressed to a state of emotion. I also liked watching Greg precess, he's learning but at a rate that's definatly believable; he still makes mistakes. The episode however lacked apperances by Catherine and as usual Warrick.
  • The team tries to find a missing family

    This was a very cleaver use of scenery and dialogue. The story was a true mystery and you aren't in the situation where you can guess the ending and solve the mystery half way through to show. It's good continuity to show that Nick is still affected by his ordeal in last season's finale.
  • Nick, you're the hero!

    Just another amazing episode with no bodies are found in a crime scene. Nick is the first CSI to appear in this episode, and he is the one in charge of this case. Together with Warrick, Sara and Greg, they all travel to the small town for the investigation, except for Catherine Willows, who leaves at the crime lab. You call this a good episode? No, this is not a good episode, this is a PERFECT episode with perfect writing and perfect directing. One of the best episode in this series. Nick done a very good job in this case, but I think he is affected by what happened to him in the season 5 finale. But Nick is great, he's a very good CSI. Am I wrong?
  • A very emotional CSI episode

    This episode starts strange in that the CSI's investigate a family residence that has large amounts of blood inside but no bodies anywhere to be found. Further investigation of the home reveals a basement full of marijuana plants. CSI finds that the pools of blood in the house belong to the father, mother and teenage son with no blood found for the young daughter Cassie. Nick believes the young girl to be alive but Sara sends doubt his way telling him that after it's all said and done, the chances of the girl being alive are very slim. The CSI do what they do best and come up with a few suspects and take in some teenage boys for questioning. After it becomes pretty obvious they were involved in the deaths, Nick loses his temper and attacks one of them in the interrogation room demanding to know what they did with Cassie. The title of the episode refers to the trail of bubblegum that Cassie leaves behind to help aid in her rescue and when Nick finds her it is a very emotional scene. Due to her being unable to talk, she writes to Nick thanking him for saving her and it was the closest I've come to crying from a CSI episode. Nick has to explain to Cassie that her family is dead and with the reasons behind it being so senseless this is truly an emotionally stirring episode. Brass and Grissom are also absent from this episode.
  • Nick gets the opportunity to fight internal monsters.

    CSI developed a winning formula. The formula has been copied by a multitude of other shows. However, in an attempt to stay the front runner, they sometimes tweak their own formula. This episode is a fine example. Strangely, Grissom is nowhere to be found and the only willows we see are of the garden variety.
    This is the story of how a man who was resuced defies all the odds and goes out to resuce someone else. The story does not play out predictably. There are clues that both point to the girl being alive and dead. The brutality of the crime is on par with the other episodes, but the extent to which the victum gets to tell her story has never been done on the show before. This is one to remember.
  • Nick follows the gum drops and save a little girl...

    The CSIs arrived at a crime scene where all four members are thought to be murdered, only to find out that the little girl might still be alive. Nick takes the lead on this case and is convinced that the little girl is still alive. As they proceed through the investigation, they follow gum drops trail that the girl left on the way. Sara thinks that Nick might be taking the case personally after what happened to him when he was kidnapped and buried. In the end, the little girl is found and she thanks Nick for saving her from the ‘bad guys’.
  • Well done and we see Nick evolve.

    I really enjoyed this episode to say the least. Grissom is gone and the team is by itself. Even Catherine is back in Vegas. Nick, Sara, Warrick, and Greg are all called out to a small town. Possible quadruple murder. Later Catherine becomes slightly involved but from Vegas. The lead on this investigation is Nick. As he states, "We beging at the beginning". So fitting as we begin with a gum trail by a very intelligent little girl. This case feels to Nick like this little girl is still alive. You see Nick become very impassioned and even step a bit out of bounds. We see more of how Nick's live burial affects him. Must watch episode.
  • This is a great episode!

    I like this episode because the kid is so cleaver and leaves a trail of gum. I though it was cool how nick was so involved in the case and from the start though the little girl was alive.This case really brought out Nicks character because he could relate to the victim because he was one to. I thought it was cool too because Sara was there to kinda keep him on track and under control.I liked how the beging was how the little girl was telling just part of what happened and when they found a weird clue she would say somthing and it was kinda creepy!
  • Why this show keeps me watching week after week.

    This episode was my favorite episode since Grave Danger. It was just so good. I liked how Nick made the case personal and how he exploded at the kid was just brilliant. I liked how we heard Cassie's voice throughout the episode which made me think of whether she was alive or whether she wasn't. Once again however we were presented with the killer kid. I didn't mind it this time though as the episode was just so great.

    The only let down of the episode was that there was no rumored scene between Grissom and Sara. As soon as someone, I believe it was Sara, said that Grissom was at a conference giving a speech (most likely about bugs) I realized that there would be no Grissom this episode and no GSR. Still, even without the scene, it was a great episode and they managed to do it with only one case.
  • An adorable ending.......

    The Grissom sized hole in this eppy didn't affect me in the slightest (for the first and only time!)

    Nick Stokes, along with Greggo, Warrick and Sara are investigating the heartbreaking disappearence of an entire family- but it's the little girl who's the main focus here. Nicky becomes almost obsessed by her, and believe she's leaving him a trail of "Gum Drops" to lead to her location.

    This episode has clearly been plotted to perfection, but Sara Sidle's sympathetic dealing with her upset co-worker Nicky gives the story a nice central. I love their relationship- and the fact that it sort of continues from Grave Danger, offers us loyal viewers some continuity.

    And the ending!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well- lets just say it's bittersweet, but I'm now officially in love with a fictional character!!

    Oh and kudos to George Eads, for yet another Emmy deserving performance.
  • A family of four is murdered in the suburban Vegas, or so we're lead to believe. The show has the youngest vic's (a young girl) voice over in many scenes, and the episode completes it, coming full circle. Very dramatic, but well acted!

    All I can say is WOW! This has to be another classic CSI episode. I mean gees; this kind of show is why it's my favorite show on t.v. Although there was no Grissom in this episode, which was disappointing (Only reason for the 9.9) this was still a stellar episode. The scene where Nick runs from the boat creates an excellent climax, and the scene at the end where the little girl writes to communicate with Nick could not have been more realistic. As for the case itself, the Hansel and Gretel tie-in was awesome. I love these episodes where one of the cast members goes on instinct to solve the case! It really brings it all together and adds a sense of realism that can't be gained any other way.
  • Nick determined to find a girl

    Even without Grissom the episodes are still great and as good as they come when a family is murdered over drugs and their little girl is kidnapped and Nick is determined to find her because he believes if he survived when he was buried alive that she can survived when she is kidnapped.he girl leaves gum drops so that the CSI's can follow them to find her.Nick and the CSI's manage to find her in the end but has trouble speaking when Nick visits her in hospital with a very emotional ending.
  • A wonderful story

    This episode is extraordinary. The CSIs try to solve 3 murders and a possible missing girl. Nick believes that the girl, Cassie, is still alive. The other CSIs believe she is dead. They find suspects from a local high school and figure out eventually what happened. The story of this episode is heartbreaking with narration throughout by Cassie. This episode is one of my favorites because it is so emotional, and simply a well told story. The end is especially a tearjerker. You will want the story to continue when the credits are rolling. This episode is amazing, and such a great one in the CSI series. Well worth watching again and again.
  • Amazing!!! I wish I could rate it higher than 10!!!

    A small Nevada town, hours away from Las Vegas, we find Nick and three blood pools.A family of four missing, cell phones, wallets all there. Sara and the others, minus Grissom, arrive to help Nick.They find pounds of marajuana in the basement, "Motive.", States Sara as she and Nick photograph the drugs. Greg finds a piece of bubble gum in the drive way, along with odd tread marks that could be from a hitch or a boat.They ran DNA on the blood pools, match to Mom, Dad, Son, nothing to prove that the daughter, Cassie, was killed. On top of that none of her shoeprints were found at the scene.The evidence leads them to a local highschool student and his friends. After finding a kitchen-sized trash bag full of marajuana is found in the trunk of his car he is the prime suspect. After searching his car they also find a piece of bubble gum in his back seat. By this time Nick is very emotionally involved in the case, seeing as he had been buried alive six months prior. Sara encourages him not to get too deep into this. "Nick, you're acting like you're going to rescue a person, not find a body and on this job that's not usually the case." she says worried about her friend. " I was rescued." he says smiling. "It wasn't your day to die..." she said.
    Sara and Greg search the suspects boat. Guess what they find. A piece of bubble gum. Nick is convinced that Cassie is leaving them clues. Sara thinks that it is a major stretch, to think that finding a piece of gum is a clue, just didn't work for her. They learn from the suspects mother that he and his friends had taken the boat out the night before. While interagating the suspect Nick goes off and pins him against the wall."Stop messing with me, where is she?".Nick and Sara go to the lake that the suspects had been to the night before.Sara confronts him about what happened at the police station. He apologizes and they search the lake. They find the Mother, Father and Son, No Cassie. Sara goes back to the police station and interviews the suspect while Nick searches the lake again.Cassie is found of the shore of the lake with her throat slashed and a pack of bubble gum by her side. She is taken to the hospital where Nick visits her. She hands him a card that reads: To: goodguys About: badguys, Thanks for finding me. Nick begins to tear up. Of course she asks about her family. Nick tries to shelter her, but she is too smart to be babied. Great Episode!!! My Favorite
  • A home is found covered in blood, but no bodies are found. When the CSI team come in to investigate, Nick attaches to the little girl in the house and has hope that she can be found alive.

    This is one of the best episodes ever written for the show. After everything Nick experienced, his reaction to hoping the little girl can be found alive showed a believable reaction to his own survival after Grave Danger.

    When Nick and Sara talk over a picnic table, and she tried to gently let him know that it's probable the little girl is as dead as the rest of the family, Nick takes exception. It's a poignant moment when he talks about his own survival.

    The most chilling part of the entire show is hearing the tale told through the raspy voice of a little girl. It brings an eerie quality to the episode that culminates in Nick's visit to her in the hospital.

    The episode was utterly amazing.
  • Nick takes the lead on a case where a family of four have gone missing. Nick thinks that the little girl may still be alive, but Sara is doubtful. We see a more caring side to Sara as she helps Nick cope with the emotions of the case.

    This is one of the best episodes to date. What makes this episode so good is Nick not only trying to find the young girl, but Nick trying to deal with his own abduction from the previous season, but the part of the episode that really got me was the heartfelt and emotional ending with Nick and the now safe young girl. Throughout this episode the voiceovers lead me to believe that in the end Nick would find the girl, but it would be too late and she would of died and it was being told as though they were her lasts thoughts, but in the end, Nick finds her in time, and I'm not ashamed to say that I had a tear in my eye.
  • A sad story about a little girl whose family are killed!

    This was one of the saddest episodes of CSI ive seen and with the addition of the little Girls narration throughout it was definitely an interesting way for the story to be told.
    The other thing i liked about this episode is the fact that there was little of Grissom and Catherine, and although i like them it was nice to see the rest of the team go it alone for a change, especially Nick who took the lead in searching for the little girl. The sheer reasoning behined why the girls family were killed was awful in the fact that they didn't have 2 die, the final scene was very well performed and overall this is one of the saddest cases the team have investigated. Top Form.
  • My absolute favorite episode

    I can't wait until i get this season on DVD, because this is my absolute favorite episode. It has been over a year since my first (and only) time seeing it, and I love it still. I love how Nick gets so involved with finding Cassie alive, I think it worked better that way than with Grissom, although we will never know. You just feel it.
    I had really expected Cassie to be dead, but I wanted her to be alive. That is what makes the end so amazing. It is just sweet and wonderful. I cannot say how much I love this episode, but it is definitely the best episode ever!
  • Nick is convinced that a little girl is alive after her house looks like a quadruple murder has accured.

    After only three blood pools are found in the house, Nick believes that Cassie, the youngest of the family, may still be alive, through clues that she has left behind. This episode was so great that it is the only CSI episode I have bought on iTunes. The team, minus Grissom, tries to piece together a murder outside of Vegas where the four suspects are teenage boys. The plot reveals that the parents of the family were growing pounds of marijuana, and that the teenage son was doing his classmates homework for money. Because of his near death experience, Nick Stokes takes it upon himself to lead the team in the investigation, without having access to the bodies which have apparently been stolen from the house. This was a classic CSI episode, maybe the best of Season 6.
  • This episode is the best of season 6! It had me hooked all the way through.

    This episode had everything and it had me watching until the end.

    The episode started somber and gradually became fast passed. When a show starts like that, it keeps the viewers in.

    Nick was looking for Cassie hoping she wasn't dead. Although everyone else didn't really think she could be alive. They kept trying to find clues to prove she was okay, but nothing was convincing them.

    It had many great moments from discovering the secret in the basement, to the perfect Nick and Greg scene for us Nick and Greg Shippers.

    The ending was magnificent. It had my sister and me in tears. When they found Cassie, I presumed she was dead, but I was ecstatic to see she was alive and she wanted to thank Nick for finding her. Beautiful moment!

    A fantastic episode! If you haven't seen it, you should!

  • Best episode of the season

    No doubt: this was the best episode of the season. Tension was created on the first seconds when it came clear to all viewers that the drama around the investigation would be exciting. The idea to insert the voiceover of a child whispering along with strong scenes showing a brutal murder filled the purpose.
    All CSIs worked very well playing their caracthers, as usual, but the performance of George Eads as Nick Stoke was brilliant, specially on a storyline combining a case that could bring back to him old memories of his recent trauma.
    The final scene showed the importance of CSI's job. It was very emotional and very rewarding to watch.
  • Rarely will I ever rate something with a ten, however, this installment deserves nothing less.

    What exactly would being buried alive do to a person? Of course one can assume that there would be loads of psychological and emotional trauma, and in the case of CSI’s best character Nick Stokes, those descriptions are starting to come to fruition. Gum Drops is a perfect example of why CSI continues to be a dominating force in primetime television today. Empathizing greatly with the kidnapped little girl in question, Nick tries everything in his power to overcome his past trauma to find her – alive. Sara takes Nick’s side, but in the beginning demonstrates the pessimistic approach – later confessing that she thinks Nick’s partiality to the case might be hampering his judgment. It is understandable why the case would be emotionally jarring to Nick as he was kidnapped in the last episode of the fifth season, and the conversations between Sara and Nick alluding to that incident are some of the best moments in CSI history. The chemistry between the two characters is genuine, and it would have been spoiled if Grissom had been given the lead in the case like the creators initially decided. Sometimes changes in plans can work out better than anyone ever imagined, and Gum Drops is a prime example of that.
  • The survivor was the one narrarating? Shocker, to say the least.

    This episode was amazing. We got to see how the kidnapping has affected Nick (freaking out when the bug landed on him, a strong-willed determination to find the little girl, etc.) Honestly, I didn't believe the girl was alive. When they found her with the boat, I was like "Oh, that's really sad the team didn't find her in time". The scene with Cassie and Nick in the hospital was priceless. He seemed so caring.

    Now, if only the infamous 'unaired GSR' scene had shown up. Even without it, this still was a great episode!
  • a trail of Gum leads the case... a great episode!

    wow, this episode was amazing, and it gave me the chills.

    I really loved the girl talking in the background thing, it really gave me the chills (which is a good thing)
    I really liked how Nick made the case personal, I felt like it was personal for me too. ever since "Grave Danger" Ive been liking Nick and George Eads more and more, and with this episode he just gave me more reasons to. when Nick started crying in the last scene, so did I, the whole episode was just so emotional.

    all in all one of the best episodes this season, I loved the whole gum idea, and just the whole episode in general.
  • I have to give this episode a 10 otherwise I will be distubed.

    When I was watch this episode I was aware of how it would be that good until they found the weed cellar I started to pay attention. Then I with the episode went, I anticipate it is about how Nick fight himself inside and at the end he won. Biside that, I was worried about the little girl's life thought out the episode. When Nick ran down the river and saved her, my tears just couldn't stop falling until the episode ended. I'm a CSI fun, I love CSI LV. I think CSI NY and CSI Miami are good, but can't even compare to CSI LV. Amond all CSI LV episodes this episode impresed me the most.
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