CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 5

Gum Drops

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2005 on CBS

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  • "Gum Drops" Probably one of the finest hours of television that this series has ever made.

    Gum Drops is probably my favorite episode of all (next to Comitted). It takes us away from Las Vegas (to a little gold mining town called Pioche) and we hear a haunting and saddening voice of Cassie McBride. This first moment really touched me as we have a glimpse at what had happened even before the episode has really begun. But you soon learn that the entire McBride family is missing, with Nick, Sara, Greg, and Warrick responding to the call (Catherine and Brass are in Las Vegas, and Grissom is MIA).

    But as the group begins to sift through the evidence they find out there are many secrets in Pioche, an example is the McBrides themselves, who are growing mirijuana in their basement. As the crime unfolds, they discover that their is blood at the scene from everyone but Cassie, but while Nick believes she is still alive, Sara (who is in the spotlight with Nick in the episode) and the rest of the team believe that she is dead. But as the crime unfolds, and they find "Gum Drops" (aka: dropped pieces of Bubblicious gum, which is Cassie's favorite). This soon convinces everyone that Cassie is alive (along with some help from an ATM tape showing Cassie). As Nick, Sara, and the rest race to find the killers/kidnappers they find that their culprits are teenage boys, which makes it more shocking.

    The boys are eventually arrested for trying to get some of the marijuana and eventually killed the family. But when they find the bodies Cassie is not there. After a race through the lake, Nick finds Cassie's body by the lake's shore (I, at this point is yelling at the TV for killing Cassie) but then shows her in a hospital bed. It turns out she is alive, and narrated the whole story to Nick in herhospital bed.

    This episode was perfect. It was exciting, sad, horrifying, laughable, and confusing throughout it. Nick and Sara (my favorite character) reacted to one another perfectly, and the race to find Cassie was exilerating. It was the best episode I believe so far, and should be treated as a classic. It is suprising that an episode without much airtime for the main characters (Grissom and Willows) could be so good. I give this episode a 10 and wish for more like it!