CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2006 on CBS

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  • Sing it for me Nicky!!!

    Am I the only one who is hoping the season finale will be a musical? I remember Jorja Fox once saying that she would like to see a musical episode and this season has been so musical! First there was D-Rob singing, then we had Hodges dancing, and now we have Nick singing! Just me then? Oh... George Eads can sing though.

    Hodges was the funniest tonight with his story. Hodges is becoming the greatest lab tech since Greg, Archie, and Bobby Dawson (where are you Bobby Dawson, I miss you soooooooooooooo!!). Brass also continues to be Brass and witty and yeah... I just love me some Brass.

    Should probably talk about the case. Interesting enough... Yep, that about covers it.

    The end scene was really interesting. Yes, the episode lacked a large amount of Sara (but lets hope she'll be in an episode coming up) but it was interesting. Yes, I think we can now all assume that Grissom and Sara are living together but there's something more to be found in that scene. Grissom has been given an opportunity to leave for a while and I think we really have to think how this will affect the relationship. Obviously not everything is sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows but the season is young. I'm just really enjoying the latest season and will continue to see where it leads.
  • Twins who died on the same night, who didnt know they were twins. CLASSIC CSI

    This episode of CSI was an amazing adventure of crazziness!!! First off, it was alluded to Grissom having to take a sabatical to go to a conferance, although a decision has not been made yet. The format of the show was quite alike to the format of KILL BILL and KILL BILL TWO. It was very dramatic and highlighted the individual performances of the actors. This episode was very well done and I couldnt pick the whodonit, which i love. The end scene was a very flirtatious one, involving my favourite secret lovers, Grissom and Sara. Nothing sets off a great C.S.I. episode like a sly smile from one Gil Grissom. I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!
  • Another great episode

    The quality of episodes has greatly improved this season. I really like how they split up the show in 2 parts while investigating the women's backgrounds. A few times through the episode it looked like the 2 deaths could be completely unrelated, then it would look like they were linked.

    I felt so sorry for the one woman's family, for her little son, who lost her... having 2 girls, one as old as her little boy, it was hard to watch.

    I loved how Nick had to sing 'Oh Mandy' to get his fingerprint results back from the one lab tech. Too funny.
  • Twins dying on the same night it was interesting. Especially since it turned out that the only reason they both ended up dead was because one guy didn't know there were two of them but they didn't the other existed either.

    I thought this episode was interesting. Even though it is like a biological thing that leads to twins having the same tendencies even if they don't know each other it was still kind of eerie.Or maybe not eerie but weird or something to that effect. I thought Tiffany was kind of creepy in a way. I mean going in sitting in front of her sister's house kind of creeped me out. I definitely enjoyed Nick singing to Mandy in this episode it was a fun scene. Only one scene with Sara and of course it was with Grissom but it was good. I have to admit that end scene is still a little foggy but "I won't wait up" ~Sara Huh...they're living together now. Really, I feel like running around and screaming this little tid bit outloud but I am containing my excitement. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh Mandy lol

    Haha, great episode, even if it was one of those mistaken identity murders.

    When I saw the preview for the episode and how it was about twins, I thought, \"Oh, interesting.\" When Nick started singing to Mandy, my cat almost jumped off my lap, I was laughing so hard. I was hoping someone would walk in on it and then a rumor would go around that they were having a secret relationship. Lol. This was a very interesting episode. It was a pity the girls were killed before they could meet each other. Grissom\'s intake on how twins are alike was actually really fasinating, though it\'s not like anything Grissom says isn\'t.

    I was happy when I saw Greggo. Lol, my sister was giving me weird looks when I yelled, \"OMG Greg\'s wearing a t-shirt! That\'s like the first time in two years (almost) since he has!\" I hope the James\' lose the lawsuit.

    Now that I think about it, CSI: Miami did a case sorta like this where the journalist kills his friend/co-worker because they were going to expose whatever it was they were doing. But, it was still good.

    Best part of all: Hodges peeing on his professor\'s doorhandles \'cause he got a \"b\" instead of an \"a.\" Totally priceless.....well Nick\'s facial expression, anyway.
  • I love this episode. One of the best of the season!

    I love this episode
    The fact bet and how it segues into two different stories. How it highlights the names- Amanda. Yeah it’s done for stupid people so they can make sure to tell them apart. But I liked that pretty much 30 minutes (36 to be exact) into the episode they started Jill’s story. It was a great idea to have their stories cleaved that way, seeing as they both lived that way. It was interesting to see the fact that both sisters though they did not know each other followed the same habits. They liked the same food, used the same gas, and dry cleaners. CSI’s tendency to show the quirks of humanity are what make it great. It doesn’t only focus on the gruesome, but also the quirky.

    I felt so bad for the guy and how he had no clue his wife was a twin. The fact that many people don’t know they were twins made it all the better. It’s surprising and around every second made you wonder who knew they were twins. And if indeed the murder was coincidental like Grissom said, or if it wasn’t and the two cases were indeed one.

    Nick singing- one of the best moments in TV history ever. I love that CSI is bringing back the silly moments it used to have. It needed the humor back. I love it.

    Another great part of this episode is the insights. Doc Robbins has a twin who died in the womb? And Hodges peed on a professor’s car on the handle?
  • This was possibly the saddest show I've ever seen.

    As always I won't give away the ending!
    It was so sad to me b/c they never got to meet again! And if they had known about the other who knows what they could have accomplished, they had become so strong independently, it is the unknown possibilities that made is so sad for me. So who knows, it could have been a jealous husband, boyfriend, confused hit-man, or just the weirded coincidence ever. If this were real it would be one of the places I would like to be a fly on the wall during, just to see all the befuddled reactions.
  • Two identical twin sisters, who were split up by adoption and therefore never knew the other existed, are murdered on the same night just hours apart. The investigation takes a number of twists and turns on the way to it's conclusion.

    I had a bit of trouble buying the huge amount of coincidence between the sisters and their ways of life (They lived a short distance away from each other, they were both listening to the same song the night they died among other things), but that aside I found this to be one of the best written and entertaining episodes of the season. I was hooked on the story from the very beginning and was never bored. I think that the resolution to the story was very plausible which added to my enjoyment of the episode. Not perfect, but close.
  • The CSIs investigate a double murder of two women who look alike, but then the cases become related.

    My favorite CSIs are the ones with my favorite actors. Actress Joanna Going was Victoria Winters in the ill-fated Dark Shadows mini-series and still looks incredible. She plays two diametrically different twins separated at birth who get killed and CSI solves the case. This is one of the more cerebral and more intellectual cases of the series with a lot of good plot points. With the CSIs, I even grieved over the fact that the twins both played by Joanna wouldn't get to meet each other. The only thing that confused me was the impression that I thought this episode occurred earlier in the series, but the advance notice of Grissom's sabbatical was in this episode.
  • Identical twins are found dead at separate locations on the same night and the team must work out the connection...

    The team must determine if the death of identical twins in separate locations but on the same night are connected in any way. What is most fascinating is that the twins did not know the existence of each other but have some similar habits and taste. Grissom receives a letter inviting him to an entomology seminar, and it suggests that he take a sabbatical. Another highlight in the Grissom-Sara relationship is at the end of the episode, it seems that they are in Grissom's condo, or are living together. Grissom is reading a book and Sara telling him that she won’t wait up with a playful smile …
  • I didn't understand this episode at all. Well, I did get the last 5 minutes.

    This reporter feels he'd be exposed by his boss for fake journalism so he kills her only to see "her" later and kills "her" again (in reality it's her twin).

    Here's what I do know: 1. The only person who really knew both twins existed was their mother who gave them up for adoption when she got put away. The twins didn't even know the other half existed. 2. Dr. Robbins had a twin that died while still in the womb. His mother thinks he became a coroner because he spent "so many days next to a dead body."

    3. In order for lab tech Mandy to give out important info to Nick, he must loudly sing Barry Manilow.

    4. Greg's favorite part of any bedroom search is "the naughty drawer."

    5. I couldn't tell if the side shot of the desk was trying to indicate it was tampered with, but if that wasn't the case then that was the worst desk lock I've ever seen. That's all I got. The rest of the story line for the double murder was an absolute vague mess to me.
  • Identical twins who have never met are murdered on the same night

    Great episode! Great character development. But when are we going to see some conrete proof that Grissom and Sara are together? I want to see some kissing action between them! lol I\\\'m a huge GSR fan!
    My favorite part in the episode was when Nick sang Barry Manilow\\\'s \\\"Mandy\\\" to the lab tech Mandy, Nick has a pretty good voice! Great episode, can\\\'t wait to see what the rest of the season holds for us!
  • Suprising

    My friends and I weren't really planning to watch this episode when we saw the preview, it just didn't seem that interesting. But when we came to tv.com we saw that the name of the episode was Happenstance. The only reason we decided to watch it was because the name of the band that I'm in is 'Distance From Happenstance'. We just found it amusing. So we watched it, and I'm glad we did. It was very well written and there were some memorable lines. I'm not going to go out and say it's the BEST episode of CSI, but it was definitely worth watching.
  • A set of identical twins are each found dead on the same night.

    I was so upset when I found out that the twins who never knew each other would finally meet in two weeks. I found it kind of odd how they never met, but they were doing the same things as each other. I was really upset when Sara didn't show up until the last two minutes. I was excited when those two minutes were filled with GSR. "I won't wait up!" Squee! They're living together:D:D:D!!! I am so happy. After I saw Way to Go, I thought they were living together, but now it's final. This was one excellent episode.
  • Twins are killed on the same night, but appears to be a coincidence. They don\'t know each other but have similar likes and dislikes. Conclusion logical and unexpected,

    Best episode of the season.

    Funny, interesting and logical conclusion.

    Also informative as usual.

    Interesting touch on relationship with Sarah.

    Funny comment in hospital as to women who chase doctors.

    Only one plot but filled the hour well.

    What\\\'s with the Manilow singing, Fun.

    Watched it on the internet so didn\\\'t have to deal with commercials but missed some of the discussion with the mother so didn\\\'t catch the sister connection.

    BTW the twin is a beautiful woman, but it hard to beleive that mother can still look as good as a newspaper editor.

    All in all an episode not to be missed and watched over again, Great show.
  • Cuteness...

    So through the whole show I was waiting for Sara to show – she is my favorite. Can’t help it. So I was sad that she was only in the show for like a minute – but that minute was so cute. Don’t get me wrong – I was not a GSR until the last episode of season 6. I had no feelings until the studio actually brought them together on the show. Now I like it and think they way that act is cute. Like her comment that she won’t wait up. There is so much comfort between them. The twin thing was cool. As my mother is an identical twin and my best friends are identical I can believe some of the things that they were talking about. My mom and my aunt have sent each other the exact same x-mas present before. Stuff like that is spooky.