CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 11 Episode 18

Hitting for the Cycle

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2011 on CBS

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  • The Cycle.

    This episode was about the CSI's hitting the cycle and all they are waiting for is a natural cause to come and just like that Kevin who is Doc Robbins new assistant dies of natural causes I know the CSI's found him irritating but they never cared that he died and all Doc Robbins could think about was calling Henry This episode had some fair cases but I can't believe the ending.
  • Well, it could have been worse

    Not a bad episode (I didn't fall asleep while watching as it is happening lately with CSI and other shows), but a little bit silly.
    I understand that this is the idea, to make a silly, goofy episode, with the team having fun at work, but it would have been nice if the viewers would have had some of that fun too.
    I found the cycle idea a bit confusing. At first I thought that the next death should be natural to make the cycle, not that there should be one during the shift. That kept me distracted a while.

    As soon as Kevin appeared I knew he was going to be the natural death. A good touch would have been that he wore a red shirt, Star Trek style.

    So, that's all folks
  • 11x18

    WTF, this episode is bad, really, really bad, seriosly, I found it very irritating, the ending scene was with no doutb the worst part of the episode, I can´t believe the reaction of the characters when they knew one of their own died in the authopy board.

    in genearl, the episode was kinda boring and stupid, the idea of the cycle was bad, and the case of the suicide man was everything less original, the gamer plot plot is the only interesting thing here, it almost saved the episode but it could´t, definitively one of the worst episode not only for this season, but the entire show

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • An unusual number of cases on a single shift starts the CSI betting on if they will hit "The Cycle."

    This is a strong episode for this season. The best storyline was the case involving the dead gamer. Mainly because it was the one that felt the most original and well written. The story took a number of twists and turns that I did not expect and made its way to a conclusion I certainly did not see coming. The story concering the dead man in the pool was not so good. Mainly because it was recycled out of an earlier season episode whose title escapes me. I was glad to see the character of Kevin die. He was annoying.
  • A lot of deaths for one night...

    Despite the unnatural number of deaths in one night, the episode is light. Not a lot of morbid scenes except for the dead gamer. The twist in the story of the dead gamer was interesting, I didn't see that coming. Also, the homicide turned suicide plot was different, again a good turn of events. I like both the humor and the twists in this episode. All of the casts can play both serious and light roles. I like Ray Langston balancing the seriousness of their job in the midst of everyone making bets on the possibility of hitting a cycle.
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