CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 20

Hollywood Brass

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2005 on CBS

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  • Brass comes to LA to help his estranged daughter, Ellie, whose roommate and fellow hooker has disappeared.

    This was a refreshing departure from the usual episodes, bringing in Warrick, who's in town for a conference. Because the LAPD Captain, Anne Kramer, has worked with Brass, she doesn't give us any of the usual you're-in-my-jurisdiction complications, and we see them working together. Warrick and Matt, from the LAPD crime lab, also work well together; I enjoyed their little conversations. Of course, this is "CSI", not "CSI:LA", so Brass and Warrick do much more to move the case along than the LAPD.

    Brass' relationship with Ellie, his daughter, is still very strained, and if you're looking for a nice, pat ending wrapped and tied with a bow, you won't find that here. You will find a more realistic ending that is infinitely more satisfying.

    The guest cast was just interesting enough to make me want to see more of them. Captain Kramer and Matt Glaser from the LAPD Crime Lab would be a good start for that"CSI: LA" spinoff.
  • A different episode than usual. This story focuses on Brass as he helps his daughter find out what happened to her friend. Throughout this plot we also learn more about Brass's personal life.

    A lot of people did not like this episode very much, but I absolutely loved it. As much as I love CSI it was nice to have a different pace and this episode was not a filler, but just a nice break in the season. Although it did not include many of the main characters I liked have Brass be the focus and I enjoyed learning about his past. It definately makes me appreciate Brass's character more to see what he has been through and the high morals he has (turning in dirty cops). I hope there are more episodes like this.
  • Ellie needs Brass's help to find out what happened to her friend

    I dont know, maybe I am on my own with this one but Ellie gets on my last nerves. She acts like a spoiled litte brat all the time and all her father wants to do is help her. Yeah i know he miss out on a big part of her life but I dont think its ever too late to repair a relationship. I did miss Grissom, Cathrine, Nick and Greg. Donna Murphy did an excellent job playing the Los Angelos detective. I think it was time we let Detective Brass steal the spot light for a moment and I think he did a good job
  • An episode without Grissom, Catherine, Greg and Sara.

    This episode is special because Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, Greg Sanders and Sara Sidle do not appeared in this episode. This episode is not focus on Las Vegas but in Los Angelos. What is it to do with CSI: Vegas??

    Brass gets a phonecall from his daughter, Ellie, claiming that her prostitue friend went missing. Later on, Warrick Brown join Jim Brass to investigate the disappearance of the girl. While Brass trying to locate the girl, he realize his investigation has been interrupted by a higher power. No forensic in this episode, should this episode in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation?

    Personally, I HATE this episode, hopefully the writers won't do this again.
  • Well, this was interesting.

    Who knew that the writers would come up with a Brass-centered episode? It was odd to see him as the 'main character' this time around. Plus, Jorja, Billy, Marg, and Eric didn't show up in this episode. What's with that? :D After seeing the Disney channel movie 'Double Teamed', it was kind of wierd to see Ellie in this episode. Other than that, the episode was ok.
  • A whole episode about Jim Brass, without Grissom, Catherine Sara or Greg :/....

    Despite my first thoughts, this was actually a pretty good episode. It was good to see abit of a more sensitive side to Jim, instead of just the cop side. I liked that it was about his personal life and his "daughter" Ellie (who was last seen in the season two episode Ellie) and told us abit about his life before CSI and about the break-up of his marriage which has been mentioned in previous episodes. However I didn't really like the fact that it didn't have any of the main characters apart from Jim Brass, Warrick Brown and Nick Stokes . I think the writers took a big gamble here as it was far away from the usual CSI and it was abit like marmite you'd love it or you'd hate it. I personally was quite close to loving it and may have done if there was a bit more forensics in it. But Overall I think it was a pretty good episode but could have been better.
  • A different episode of CSI

    This episode strays from the usual formula of CSI, but for me it was a welcome change. The episode deals with Brass traveling to Hollywood, California to help his estranged daughter find her friend. I thought it was interesting to focus an entire episode on a single character, especially not one of the main CSIs. A series that has lasted as long as CSI (currently in its 9th season) needs different type of episodes to remain refreshing. This episode was sad because you could tell that Brass truly cares for his daughter, but cannot stop her from being so self destructive. One of my favorites!
  • Teal Redmann steals the spot light as Brass' daughter Ellie. The episode was a great look into Brass' life and really stands strong as a stand alone episode.

    A great filler stand alone episode that really brings us more into the life of Jim Brass. Recasting the character of Ellie allowed for a much more dramatic and emotional rip between the two character.

    Not having the rest of the main cast (except Warrick) gave the sense of Jim being alone and only having old friends and his own tricks to help find the truth.

    My personal favorite episode, and I hope Teal Redmann/Ellie appears more in the newest season (7) and bring more for Jim and let us see more of her character.

    Also great to meet Jim's old friend and get more into his back story.

    Again, Great Episode.
  • CSI? Not really! Like an episode from a whole different show.

    A bad episode, either way you look at it. Only Nick and Warrick appear from “the team” and in only a few scenes. The episode is all about Brass and his prostitute daughter. How anyone thought this plot would be interesting enough to hold an entire episode is beyond me. I like Brass, but not that much! And this whole thing about a bad father trying to make up for his mistakes with his daughter is so old. And if you ask me, she was just a slut. I’m not a fan on “blame it on dad”. Ellie is portrayed in the least sympathetical way. She’s obnoxious, arrogant and a drug addict. All because Brass was a bad father? Give me a break. Her life sucks and she isn’t willing to do anything about it. Why? To get back at Brass? C’mon! Maybe she’s just a lousy human being destined for failure. Getting back to the show, the episode is in Hollywood. Not even in LV. The supporting cast is awful. Talk about bad acting! Even the ending disappoints. It’s abrupt and unsatisfying. One of the worst episode in the whole show.
  • Episode that revolves around Brass who travels to Hollywood to solve a crime that concerns his daughter.

    Brass, Warrick and Nick have some work to do but all the other CSIs are nowhere to be seen. This episode takes us - and Brass and Warrick - to Hollywood where Brass has some personal matters to take care of. His daughter is a hooker and that line of work has its risks. With Warrick by his side and Nick just a phone call away he takes to solve yet another intriguing mystery.

    I found this episode a bit disappointing - mostly because of the unfamiliar scene and the lack of familiar characters. It was interesting, though, to get to know more about Brass and I loved the end when he showed a very warm side of himself.
  • A very intense and in-depth episode that grabs at the heart strings of any father with an estranged daughter.

    This episode is one of the few that deal intensely with the relationship between daughter and dad. It is not only part of the series, and fits in well, it also achieves several other dramatic goals very well.

    Firstly, the CSI story itself works well so far as tracking down the villan. It is not a throw away story just to serve the main thrust of developing the character of Captain Jim Brass, let me rephrase that because it's not about the police Captain, it's about developing the character of Ellie's Dad - Jim Brass! However as I mentioned, the detective work is a good or better than most in the series so far. The idea of high government "untouchables" being involved always brings mixed feelings to the audience. Does the police captain risk her career and possibly fail? or does she wait until she knows she can bring the villans to justice?

    Secondly this develops the history of Jim Brass, the person, and tells us more of his history. We often see the regret and sadness in his face when he reflects of the mistakes made in his past. It is something that anyone who has been through similar personal history, i.e. failed marriage or missed opportunities with children as they grow through puberty. We also learn of his relationship with a colleague who is more than a colleague, and she may become more still in future episodes, or at least the potential is there.

    Thirdly for the smaller section of the audience - the parents with estranged children, and particularly the Dads with estranged Daughters such as myself, this really touches deep into a sensitive part of the heart. As he tries to understand what he did wrong, how he could have done better, and what can he do best now to help without making the gap wider, I'm sure that all Dads missing their adult Daughters for whatever mistake made, relate directly to his pain. The realisation that it doesn't matter who is right or wrong, that's not the issue, he's still her Dad, is something that many parents come to realise - and want the relationship in spite of the history.

    Finally, this is such an obvious opener for another spin-off the way CSI LV 2x22 Cross-Jurisdictions spun off CSI Miami. Then CSI Miami 2x23 MIA/NYC – Non Stop spun off CSI NY. Both of these became the pilots for these very popular series. Will we see CSI LA? I hope so. If so it will be ther first with the CSI leader being female, and that will be a good move.

    However one thing I personally would love to see is a spin off to produce a series that will show how CSI works in another country. It will show some very significant differences that will broaden the opportunities for the script writers. Now only that, since the appeal to the CSI series is world wide, then the producers would do well to follow the example of Stargate SG-1 when they produced Stargate Atlantis. They deliberately made it an international team knowing their audience had spread well beyond the U.S. borders. A spin off for CSI Manchester, U.K. or CSI Sydney, Australia or CSI in a non-English speaking city (that may make it too difficult - I don't know) would go a long way to increase the appeal to international audiences, and probably make for a significantly different show to bring new viewers in, and provide many unexpected surprises to current ardent fans. The producers have the financial backing to try it out. Let's see what happens.

    In all, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, even though Gil G wasn't in this one (for the very first time) and it will probably be one I watch again.
  • Ellie calls Brass for help in Los Angeles, but even a face from the past may not be able to help the situation.

    Paul Guilfoyle shone in this episode!

    We had gotten bits and scraps of hints about Brass' past as a Jersey vice cop and his straight-arrow ethics. Now the audience gets a bit more, and the lovely, radiant Donna Murphy to boot! (There's a wrinkly crone painting somewhere in the world, I'd almost bet! ;) )

    Ellie has sunk into a life of prostitution, which she and Jim are not thrilled about. The fact of Ellie's illegitimacy (to Brass) is reconfirmed, as is his deep and unconditional love, shown by the hopeful mug and bear left by Ellie's door. No father wishes his daughter to be a streetwalker and drug addict, but Brass, after the events in Ellie( and presumably many head-butting incidents before then), has come to realize that for good or ill she is his daughter, no matter who his ex-wife slept with.

    The case is an equally sticky wicket- Annie, Jim's pal (and potential bedmate), is faced with a red ball where a high-placed politician murdered Ellie's streetwalker roomie and close friend.(More is intimated, but not confirmed.) Warrick is there to help Brass, and the L.A. criminalist that works with Warrick (Matthew Glave as Matt Glaser) was a nice new face as well as Ms. Murphy's. I even toyed with the hope for an L.A. spin-off with Ms. Murphy and Mr. Glave, but when you can't turn the dial without seeing some scene of violence or aftermath of depravity, I can wait.

    Annie is left with the forensic evidence, but is left to decide between being the voice of the victim or keeping her job, and as such, able to keep speaking for more victims.

    I liked Annie wasn't just a hard-nosed, jaded vet, but one who still held hope in the future.

    Brass and Ellie are left in not exactly the same way as they were; there is a chance that Ellie was able to find and might keep her father's small gift. There is the chance she left the city altogether. Brass seems a bit more at peace, at least in his mind, about his feelings for Ellie, yet he seemed to also be able to let some of the worry go.

    A sharp, insightful character study, even when some of the clues were so obvious I yelled at the set. (Annie really should be familiar with gun club logos, especially in her neck of the woods.)

    A highly recommended episode!
  • Why?

    I just don't get this episode at all. I really don't see why they choose to make it. I don't think Brass is a compelling enough character on his own to pull off a episode centred around him. Don't get me wrong; he's a great character. It just didn't seem to work having him in an episode on his own.

    I can see where the story line came from. After the episode with his daughter I can see that a lot of people wanted to know what would happen next and it would have been fine alongside other story lines. Also, it wasn't really what I wanted to see happen. Brass and Ellie were really left at the same sort of place they were in the previous episode, having not moved on at all.

    Let's just say that it wasn't my favourite episode.
  • Finally Brass has got a whole episoide.

    i almost missed it again, anyway i really like this episoide, i mean it's nice to see Brass do a whole episoide by himself, it's nice because as a chacter he's such an intresting chacter and i am glad the writers gave him an episoide, he derseves it.

    Elle, i really like the fact they made his daugher a prostitue but that was estabish a few season back, i really like how Brass handle it, how do u take it when that man said his daugher is good at what she does, i would lost it but he really control it. it must be difficult. it was a great chacter-building episoide.

    so is that his daugher?, he said to that women it's not his but i wasn't sure.maybe i misunderstood it.

    Warrick, nice coincident him being there, it was nice to see some fresh chacter in series and it's was a nice one-off, i hope we see them again in the future. That lawyer is dodgy, i mean covering up the blood under rug, u would think they would got rid of it or replace it. He should of known he be under suspion after car is found.

    i hope that women will make the right decision and tell grass them up, Just because those people are powerful doesn't excuse them from murder. Also just because she a prostitue doesn't excuse them from murder.

  • A Brass-centric episode, Hollywood Brass is rich on character development for the Captain, revealing more about his daughter's life than he seems comfortable with.

    Jim Brass has always been a central character, while at the same time staying in the background. Here he gets the full treatment. Warrick and Nick appear as well, but only as supporting characters.
    Brass must go to Los Angeles to help track down his daughter Ellie's (Teal Redmann) friend who's gone missing after getting into a man's car, while at the same trying to work on his relationship with Ellie.
    It has the usual mix of intrigue and forensics, but focuses more on the character of Jim Brass than the conclusion. A solid episode; I was glad to see Brass get a frontseat ride for once.