CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 20

Hollywood Brass

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: If it was a true meth lab that they found in the apartment, they would not be in there without SCBA'S. Meth labs contain multiple hazardous chemicals and when they are being cleaned up and investigated all the people in the house are wearing full SCBA'S and protective clothing.

    • Goof: When Nick runs the bullet that Brass sent him through IBIS, the info on the screen displaying the match states it was retrieved from a white BMW 325i convertible, when the car it actually came from was the silver BMW 745iL featured in the show.

  • Quotes

    • Annie: About six months ago, this strung-out hooker comes into the PD, beat to crap, screaming that Vic Patterson had done it, and her wounds looked a lot like this. I figured it was her pimp, she was sniffing around for a settlement. Sent her home with an ice pack.
      Brass: Oh. I'm sorry. I knew you thought this guy was a winner.
      Annie: I worked my whole life to sit at the table with the big boys ... only to find out that the food is poisoned.
      Brass: You know, the only record of this investigation is in that envelope, and half the evidence collection won't stand up in court, so it's your call. How many years you got on?
      Annie: Eight back in Jersey, fifteen here.
      Brass: Well, that's 23 combined. That's a lot of innings. I mean, the worse they can do is make you retire.
      Annie: What am I gonna do then? Knit? This is it, Jimmy. This is all I got.
      Brass: Well, if it's all you got, then you got to do it right. Remember Mike O'Toole? From Vice?
      Annie: Of course I do. Broke my heart when I found out he was dirty.
      Brass: Yeah, he was a heartbreaker. Broke up my marriage.
      Annie: I thought I did that.
      Brass: Well, Nancy used our affair because she was looking for a way out, but for me ... I mean, I guess I'm old-fashioned. You know, a bad marriage is better than no marriage ... I thought.
      Annie: And you thought a kid would help?
      Brass: You see, that's the thing. I didn't have a kid.
      Annie (puts a hand on his cheek): Yeah, you did. I don't see Mike O'Toole out here helping her.
      Brass: Well ... I spent a good chunk of my life looking the other way. I mean, so much so that my neck got tired. So I, you know, I got a divorce. I, uh ... turned Mike and his crew in. Started over in Vegas. Ellie. She's like the unfinished business of all that.
      Annie: So it's my neck now.

    • Nick (on the phone, about Vic Patterson): Did you get his autograph for me?
      Brass: You know, actually I did, and if you get me a match, you might be able to meet him at his trial.
      Nick: Do you think that would make his autograph worth more? Or less?

    • Warrick: I wanted to catch you before you left. I got a look at the print results from the bottles that we collected just before I was escorted out and asked to leave the lab.
      Brass: They say why?
      Warrick: No, but I think I know why. (Brass nods) It's like Chinatown, Jim.
      Brass: So visiting hours are over, doctor. It's time to go.
      Warrick: What about Ellie?
      Brass: What about her?
      Warrick: Well, she's the only one who can I.D. Todd Piccone as the driver.
      Brass: Well, I couldn't get much out of Annie, but I don't think Piccone killed Dakota -- it wasn't his scene.
      Warrick: I don't know. He's involved. It's his house. It's his car. It's his party.
      Brass: Who's going to believe a tweaker hooker?
      Warrick: You better hope nobody, or she'll be taking a dirt nap.

    • Warrick: That's a lot of blood.
      Matt Glazer: How much, you figure?
      Warrick: I don't know -- two, three pints?
      Annie: Nobody loses that much blood and lives.
      Brass: She died in this room.

    • Doc Robbins (on the phone) I thought you were asked to come home.
      Brass: I'll be home tomorrow.
      Doc Robbins: I hope she was worth it.
      Brass: What do you mean?
      Doc Robbins: I don't know; I mean, you put your career on the line. I assume there's a woman involved.

    • Brass: Don't you understand? We just pulled your best friend out of a lake. I mean, it was just luck it wasn't you.
      Ellie: Yeah, well, it wasn't me.
      Brass: Yeah, not today. But look at you. You've turned yourself into a disposable human being. Don't you get it? You're nothing but plumbing.
      Ellie: What, you're going to send me to my room and ground me? Have a patrol car pick me up at prom? Or spank me?
      Brass: Okay. You're right. You're right. I messed up. But I'm just trying to do the best that I can. I wish you could say the same thing.

    • Sheriff (on the phone): Family business? That is a wedding or a funeral, or a bar mitzvah. That is not permission to become a vice cop in another jurisdiction. Get back here now.
      Brass: Who you been talking to?
      Sheriff: Not that it matters. The police chief called me after Judge Peters called him. I hear they do a nice t-bone at Musso's.
      Brass: Look, my kid's in trouble, Ben.
      Sheriff: Well, if she's not dead, you get your ass back here.

    • Annie: Look, you know I can't go in there without probable cause or a warrant.
      Brass: You're not gonna arrest me for breaking and entering, are you?

    • Ellie (about getting DNA for Dakota): We went and got tested last week at the free clinic on Ivar. Maybe they keep it.
      Brass: Tested for what?
      Ellie: What do you think?
      Brass: Don't you use protection?
      Ellie: Guys pay extra for bareback. (she looks away. Brass sighs)
      Brass: You're a lot smarter than that, Ellie. Come on.
      Ellie: Yeah, well, just because you want me to be smarter and sweeter and safer doesn't mean I am. And I got to go. Guess you know how to find me if you hear anything.
      Brass: Don't go away. Don't-don't leave, don't leave.
      Ellie: You're one to talk. All my life, that's all you did, walk out. Now we're gonna Norman Rockwell it? Look around, Dad. It's too late.

    • Brass: L.A. seems to agree with you.
      Annie: Oh, yeah, well, I couldn't take another Jersey winter. Or another Jersey cop.
      Brass: You stay in touch with the old crew?
      Annie: You know, dirty cops don't like to hang with clean ones.
      Brass: So that's why they called me squeaky?
      Annie: I thought what you did took a lot of guts. Integrity is, um, hard to come by in vice.
      Brass: Yeah, it's the only detail where you're told to drink, gamble and pick up hookers, all the while carrying a gun.
      Annie: Garden of Eden. Temptation kills you, or it compromises you.

    • (In Ellie's apartment)
      Annie: You and Dakota have the same pimp?
      Ellie: No we don't have a pimp we're independent.
      Brass: I can see that.

    • (Brass and Annie are at Ellie's door)
      Ellie: Well, if it isn't Dick Tracy and his little sidekick, Nancy Drew.

    • Annie: L.A. over 200 criminalists and you gotta bring your own guy in?
      Brass: Well, Rick is like a vampire, he needs to be invited in.
      Annie: If this goes to court, Warrick's going to have to come back and testify.
      Warrick: Well, you got beaches, bikinis. Free trip to L.A.? I'm down.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Warrick: It's like Chinatown, Jim.

      Warrick is referencing the last line from the 1974 classic Chinatown. The film was based on the 1908 Owens River Valley scandal, but the gradual unearthing of secrets under many layers and facades of deception during a routine PI investigation struck a responsive, and timely, chord during the Watergate era. Chinatown is where evil reigns, and the law does as little as possible.

    • Brass: He's Hinky, I can feel it.

      Hinky is law enforcement jargon used by U.S. police officers to denote a situation in which circumstances, people, activities, or objects justify investigation, but the specific reason for the action is not yet clear. Identifying something as "hinky" is usually considered the result of a cop's intuition, or unconscious observations. Probably derived from obsolete Scottish word hink, from Old English inca meaning doubt.

    • Ellie: All my life that's all you did, walk out. Now were gonna Norman Rockwell?

      Norman Percevel Rockwell (1894 – 1978) was a 20th century American painter. His works enjoy a broad popular appeal in the United States, where Rockwell is most famous for the cover illustrations he created for The Saturday Evening Post magazine over more than four decades. Many of his works appear overly sweet in modern critics' eyes, especially the Post covers, which tend toward idealistic or sentimentalised portrayals of American life.

    • Ellie: Well, if it isn't Dick Tracy and his little sidekick, Nancy Drew.

      Dick Tracy is a long-run comic strip featuring a hard hitting, fast shooting and supremely intelligent police detective who has matched wits with a variety of often grotesquely ugly villains.

      Nancy Drew is a fictional character, the heroine detective of a popular mystery series. The series was created and outlined in detail in 1930, all Nancy Drew books are published under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene regardless of the identity of the actual author.

    • Warrick: What happens in L.A. stays in L.A.

      Reference to the saying and tourism slogan about Las Vegas "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."