CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 11

I-15 Murders

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2001 on CBS

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  • Grissom and Katherine hunt a serial killer. Nick has a run in with an old "friend". Warrick and Sara investigate what looks to be a home invasion.

    I was not impressed with this episode. What kept me entertained was my interest in knowing how the serial killer portion of the episode ended. There was not a lot to this episode. The cases were investigated and solved. Moving on. There were no real twists in the plot here. That is a liability because that device helps make the series as a whole interesting and entertaining. Still seeing Grissom at work never fails to deliver. William Petersen was made for the role. Nobody could have played the part better. Still, this is not one of the better episodes of the season. There are much better ones like "Blood Drops" and "Unfriendly Skies".
  • Grissom and Catherine look for a serial killer.

    In this episode Grissom and Catherine find that a woman has been abducted but she wasn't the first when a message at the crime scene tells them there is now five missing When Sara and Warrick have to work together Sara has a a problem with him because of his gambling but it all wasn't as it seems and I suppose that's why Grissom did nothing about it.
  • It was originally suppose to be episode 3, but they cancelled it for some reason, then they added stuff into the episode to make it fit where they put decided to put it in totally out of place.

    It was originally suppose to be episode 3, but they cancelled it for some reason, then they added stuff into the episode to make it fit where they put decided to put it in totally out of place. Great now even if I watch in corect order it doesn't work thanks a lot you morons who rewrote this. I think it was totally not cool to rewrite the episode in somewhere else because they had a problem airing it in order. And now blah blah blah this is just filler so i can post my coment. & some more blah blah blah since last time wasn't long enough again just filler, would be nice to not have to even type this.
  • Although this episode was great overall, it does show that, while they may have great technical advisers in the arena of forensics, this episode displays the first of many technical goofs when it comes to computers.

    The scene in question is when Sara and Warrick go back to the Berlin house where Sara tries to start the computer. The computer won't boot because of the pistol stowed away in the case.

    In reality however, it is very implausible if not completely impossible for this to prevent a computer from booting. The only possible reason for this to actually happen is if Kenny jammed the pistol inside the case with such force that it actually damaged the motherboard, or if the pistol was placed in such a way to bridge paths on the board (very unlikely considering the pistol was placed parallel to the board). Simply placing a normal object inside a computer case (i.e. doesn't produce electricity or moisture) will not prevent a computer from starting up, and at most will only restrict airflow to the point where the computer will overheat eventually.

    Considering the limited amount of time that the suspect presumably had before CSI showed up, It's doubtful that he actually had the time to use the computer for any length of time after stowing the pistol.
  • Five women murdered along I-15

    I wasn't really feeling this episode too much but because it is CSI I watched it anyway. Okay first off, how did Catherine get all four of those doors and how did she know where to get them from. I was like whaaat? Secondly, Sara got on my nerves once again by being so judgmental to Warrick, who is my number one boo of this show! If I was him I probably would have lost my job by smashing her head through one of those windows. Nick and that hooker chick bores me. She just needs to sit down somewhere and leave Nick alone.
  • good episode

    Okay so a girl is abducted in a super market and in the bathroom grissom finds writing on the bathroom door that says five more women have been killed. Warrick got paired with sara after she found a tape of him gambling in a casino while he was on call so he wasnt happy about. Then nick had to go and take care of some thing with kiristy the hooker she got in a fight with a security man. I dont like kirsty and how she just keeps poping up out of no where i think that its just a really bad story line.
  • Really cool episode

    Watching the first season again after watching the more recent episodes of CSI, has me noticing the huge differences between the earlier episodes & the more recent ones. This episode, like the ones before it was truly great.

    Grissom & Catherine are looking for a murderer who's abducted & killed 4 women and now has the 5th victim and nobody knows if she's alive or dead.

    A prostitute claiming that she's a friend of Nick's asks for his help when a security guard wants to press charges for assult & she's claiming that it was him who assulted her first. I love the way Nick managed to trick the security Guard into giving him a sample of DNA without even knowing it. Very smart.

    Sara is angry at Grissom for re-instating Warrick after he went to a casino on CSI time. There's alot of tension between Sara & Warrick especially after Grissom assigns him to her case. She goes to Grissom & asks him to take Warrick of her case but he refuses saying that he trusts Warrick. And then my favorite part...Grissom asks Sara if she trusts him. Pity they were inturupted by Catherine, that could have been a GSR'y moment.

    In the end Warrick tells her why he was at the casino & tells her that next time she should come to him first before jumping to conclusions.
  • great episode

    A woman is abducted from a supermarket. In the store, Grissom finds a bathroom stall door that claims five women have been killed. Warrick is caught in a casino on duty and is paired with a reluctant Sara. Their case is the apparent murder and robbery of a man who is found be his brother. Nick gets pulled in by his prostitute friend who gets in a scuffle with hotel security. This show is alot like the movie suspect zero

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