CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 11

I-15 Murders

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2001 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Grissom has a "Big Mouth Billy Bass" mounted over the door of his office to alert him when anyone walks in.

    • Continuity Error: After the trucks that didn't deliver to the markets along I-5 are eliminated there are 3 boxes left on the map. But just before Grissom asks his next elimination request there are suddenly 4 boxes on the map, plus they aren't even in the same locations as before.

    • Goof: Grissom and Catherine are looking through a microscope and discussing a microscopic specimen (heart of frozen body). In reality they would not see anything as all microscope objectives are missing on this instrument (the microscope nose-piece is totally empty.).

    • According to the DVDs, this was orginally supposed to be the 3rd episode to air.

    • Goof: When Grissom buys the mustard and drops it near Jim's feet, he gets no mustard on his pants but a little on his shoes. However, in the bathroom, Jim is using a towel to wipe his pants.

  • Quotes

    • Grissom How ya doing Jim? How's your old job?
      Brass I can sling scum all day. You?
      Grissom I curse more.
      Brass Oh yeah? Well wait.

    • Grissom: You don't have a worry that technology is gonna make us obsolete?
      Catherine: No

    • (Grissom eats some mustard that has dropped on the leg of a trolley)
      Brass: Oh, that's sanitary.

    • Sara: Grissom reinstated you.
      Warrick: And you have a problem with that.
      Sara: Let me guess. Grissom gets you to dime yourself off and now you both
      feel better? You're supposed to be in court. Instead, you're placing bets for
      a cheap thrill to satisfy nothing.
      Warrick: Hey! This has nothing to do with you. So are we going to work
      together...or not?
      Sara: I'm already working.

    • Warrick: What's that?
      Grissom: You...at the Monaco casino.
      Warrick: What? I don't believe this. Now you're pulling up film on me?
      Grissom: Casinos tape everyone who walks through their door, Warrick, you know that. I thought we had a deal.
      Warrick: We do.
      Grissom: Look, what you do on your time is nobody's business. What you do on my time is my business. (Warrick sighs and sits down)
      Warrick: I was at the casino. But I wasn't gambling. (Grissom sits and listens to what he has to say, screen cuts to a different scene)

    • Grissom (reading): "I've killed 5 women... catch me if you can."

    • Grissom: Sara Sidle. 419. (Grissom hands the assignment sheet to Sara)
      Sara: Dead body-- bonus.
      Catherine: Whoa, somebody likes their job.
      Grissom: Nick Stokes-- 416, fight at the Bellagio. She says she's a friend of yours.
      Catherine: Ex-girlfriend, Nick?
      Nick: Well, that depends. Was she the assaulter or the assaultee?
      Sara: You tell us, you like leather or lace?
      Nick (chuckles): No, I'm not even going there. (turns to leave, but turns back) Lace! (Sara smiles)

    • Grissom (about a frozen body): And she's stiff... like a two-minute burrito that's only been nuked for a minute.

    • Brass: A kid from a crime lab doing favors for a hooker can't make the unit look too good, huh, boss?
      Grissom: Yeah, well, I'll get into it.
      Brass: I bet that's just what Nicky said.
      Catherine (walking past them and toward the crime scene): You two ladies done talking? It's hot out here.

    • Nick: I need your shirt.
      Kristy: Why is it every time we meet you're wanting me to take my clothes off?
      Nick: Because every time we meet you put yourself in a position where you have to take them off.

    • (Nick walks into Grissom's office triggering his Big Mouth Billy Bass)
      Grissom: That's my Big Mouth Billy Bass. It's better than a watch dog. I got some valuable stuff in here.
      Nick: Yeah, I'm sure lots of people would want to steal your two headed scorpion and Miss Piggy.

    • Greg (about Kristy's shirt): Now, I've done this procedure on jeans and leather jackets but never on something like this. It's very see through. Very Jennifer Lopez.
      Nick: Down boy.
      Greg: It's going to be a tough one to prove. This is only step one. You see, when a person talks saliva naturally comes out of their mouth. Let's say that we're tossing the hog back and forth, right? (as he talks the camera makes note of the saliva that comes out of his mouth naturally in illustration of what he just said) What can you tell me about the hottie that goes inside this blouse, huh? Is it true she's a friend of yours?
      Nick: What, is it on the internet? Might as well be. Just remember that.
      Greg: My saliva is getting on you, your saliva is getting on me.
      Nick: Gross. (Greg grabs a spray pump and sprays it on the paper) What's that stuff?
      Greg: Starch and iodine. If this is saliva, we're going to get the old dalmatian effect. So, Nick, uh, if I wanted to meet this friend of yours ... ?
      Nick: No.
      Greg: Figured. (Greg sprays the paper) That's a pretty big spot. That's more than just a spray. In fact, looks like a distinct glob of spit.
      Nick: Then Kristy was telling the truth. But it doesn't mean it was the security guard's spit.
      Greg: Step three.
      Nick: I'm going to need a sample.
      Greg: Well, the guy knows he did it. He's not going to cough it up.
      Nick: If you saw the girl that went with this blouse...you'd try.

    • Warrick: You just don't give up.
      Sara: It's a flaw.

    • Sara (storms in, angerily): You weren't in your office.
      Grissom: And good morning to you Miss Sidle.

    • Catherine: You know how you're always pushing that Holy Trinity stuff?
      Grissom: Father, son and Holy Ghost?
      Catherine: Victim, suspect and crime scene.
      Grissom: Oh, that one.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Grissom: What if we shuffle these doors like Pai Gow tiles?

      Pai Gow "making nines" is a fascinating game from the Orient that is played with three-dimensional cards or domino-like tiles.

    • Brass: First one of you low lives to name that tune, gets to make a deal.

      Brass references two different game shows here: Name that Tune and Let's Make a Deal.

      Name That Tune is a 1950's game show that put two players against each other, testing their knowledge of songs. Let's Make a Deal is a 1960's game show that featured contestants dressed in outrageous costumes who tried to trade things from home for a prize behind one of three curtains.

    • Brass: Well, if it isn't the boss himself. Where's your E-Street Band?

      This is a reference to Bruce Springsteen (often called The Boss). He released an album called "Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band."

    • Grissom: It looks like the planet Krypton.

      When looking at the victim's Heart found in the desert its frozen, in the Superman comics his homeworld of Krypton is traditionally a frozen ice world