CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 11

I-15 Murders

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 12, 2001 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Greg (about Kristy's shirt): Now, I've done this procedure on jeans and leather jackets but never on something like this. It's very see through. Very Jennifer Lopez.
      Nick: Down boy.
      Greg: It's going to be a tough one to prove. This is only step one. You see, when a person talks saliva naturally comes out of their mouth. Let's say that we're tossing the hog back and forth, right? (as he talks the camera makes note of the saliva that comes out of his mouth naturally in illustration of what he just said) What can you tell me about the hottie that goes inside this blouse, huh? Is it true she's a friend of yours?
      Nick: What, is it on the internet? Might as well be. Just remember that.
      Greg: My saliva is getting on you, your saliva is getting on me.
      Nick: Gross. (Greg grabs a spray pump and sprays it on the paper) What's that stuff?
      Greg: Starch and iodine. If this is saliva, we're going to get the old dalmatian effect. So, Nick, uh, if I wanted to meet this friend of yours ... ?
      Nick: No.
      Greg: Figured. (Greg sprays the paper) That's a pretty big spot. That's more than just a spray. In fact, looks like a distinct glob of spit.
      Nick: Then Kristy was telling the truth. But it doesn't mean it was the security guard's spit.
      Greg: Step three.
      Nick: I'm going to need a sample.
      Greg: Well, the guy knows he did it. He's not going to cough it up.
      Nick: If you saw the girl that went with this blouse...you'd try.