CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 17

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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • I just watched my favorite CSI-episode!

    A completely different P.O.V., a new atmosphere. CSI on handy-cam, even the Lars-von-Trier-Effect (you know, watch and get nauseous from the handycam-on-a-rollercaster-effect *smiles*) was included. And the CSI\'s all whispered in some scenes, when the crew was around, it was unbelievable. I almost felt guilty to pry into their privacy, watching them thru the lens of the handy-cam.

    I just liked the opening scene very much, when the camera followed the staggering feet of the drunken lady, as a hint what will follow next.

    I know, it\'s not a comedy-show, but there were a lot of scenes which made me laugh or which I found most intriguing and I\'d like to share:

    -No-nonsense-Nick, first a bit nervous but then explaining his work very thoroughly.

    -Sofia and Brass right before the interrogation, Sofia opening the last but one button of her shirt before entering the interrogation.

    -Grissom and his satelites (the crew) in the background of a scene when Cath is in DNA-lab (it is really hard to see, cuz far in the background and out of focus, but it sent me to the floor, laughing)

    -Yay, and Hodges IS vain,
    Sara: (whispers)\"Hodges, what\'s wrong with you??\"
    (my bet: 50 takes of the scene with Jorja Fox bursting into laughter)

    -poor Warrick and a quarrel with his wife on the phone. (It hinted very god, what it actually means to juggle working overtime and private life.)

    -Several stares of Grissom, for instance: \"Mr. Grissom, we made a mistake, could you please repeat your last sentence for the camera?\"
    Grissom: *stares*

    -and Doc Robbins goes paralympic - that was a cool hint.

    I found it amazing, how the actors played \"real\".
    That episode was challenging for me in the most unexpected way.
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