CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 17

I Like to Watch

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Robbins begins the autopsy at the end, the cut shouldn't bleed. It would only bleed like that if she was alive (and Robbins once discovered a body in autopsy was alive because it bled that way when he started the autopsy).

    • Goof: When the girl at the begining walks into the elevator, you can see two monitors. On one, she enters from a floor covered completely with carpet, on the other you see her enter from a floor covered in tiles (the first floor). Then after the doors open again the floor is the same carpet, apparently the elevator didn't move at all...

  • Quotes

    • Nick: Two pieces of duct tape both have been swabbed for DNA and fingerprinted. Grissom wants you to compare adhesives, he's lookin' for a match.
      Hodges: Okay, that'll take a laser ablation test, it's good. (looks around)
      Nick: Why's that good?
      Hodges: Well, laser ablation is both visual and dramatic. (looks over Nick's shoulder)
      Nick: Are you looking for the video crew right now?
      Hodges (scoffs): I would think that they would be looking for me.
      Nick: Relax man, their show is only like an hour long, laser ablation takes like six.
      Hodges: Yeah, but when they cut it all together it'll only take 30 seconds. (Nick shakes his head, smiles, and walks away)

    • Sara: (she watches Hodges making sure his hair and everything is okay) Hey there, gorgeous. (smiles) I'm gonna be running with the trace from the victim's apartment, would you mind bringing me up to speed?
      Hodges: Certainly. (Hodges pauses and looks around)
      Sara: Take your time. (the camera crew come in)
      Cameraman: Did you page us?
      Hodges: Uh... (looks at Sara)
      Sara: (deadpanned) No, uh uh.
      Hodges: According to the gas-chromatograph mass-spectrometer the glossy red drop you found on the foot board was nail polish.
      Sara: Well, that's not unusual in a woman's apartment.
      Hodges: What is far more intriguing is the reflective yellow flakes. Follow me to the Fourier Transform Infrared microscope.
      Sara: Hodges, what's wrong with you?

    • Cameraman: Do you think forensic shows are just teaching the criminals how to get away with crimes?
      Grissom: Everyone learns from science. It all depends on how you use the knowledge.

    • Catherine (to camera crew): Well one thing you learn during this job is that bad things happen to people who don't expect it... everyday.

    • Greg: I've got hundreds of names of people who purchased nitrous oxide in the last six months.
      Catherine: Well, you gotta narrow that down.
      Greg: That is narrowed down.

    • Sara: Anything useful from the janitor?
      Greg: Yeah, he gave us a full description, he said he looked like a fireman. (Sara gives him a look)

    • Grissom: Foot fetish is a visual pathology. The suspect would have had to have been close enough to the vic to see her toes and then get aroused.
      Catherine: We live in a desert, Gil. If you wanna see a women's bare feet all you have to do is look down.

    • Catherine: Low-profile entry, sedatives, duct tape, and if he's not a serial he will be soon.

    • Nick (to the camera crew): We don't like it when the bad guy walks.

    • Cameraman: Ms. Willows, all you have is the guy's face, how do you figure out who he is?
      Catherine: Good question.

    • (Walking by the AV lab to see the camera crew in there)
      Hodges (scoffs): Now that's a waste of film.

    • (Processing the victim's house)
      Catherine: Flowers and candles sure seems like a date.
      Grissom: Some date.

    • Cameraman: You were a CSI, right?
      Sofia: Yeah.
      Cameraman: But now you're a detective. So, which side of the fence to you prefer?
      Sofia: It's the same side.

    • Sofia: You try something like that and you're gone; I don't give a damn what the Sheriff says.
      Cameraman: We don't put anyone on the screen without a signed release.
      Sofia: You invaded her privacy at her most vulnerable moment.
      Cameraman: I'm trying to give the crime a face.
      Sofia: Yeah, well, we're going to lose an hour waiting for her to calm down. That's on you.

    • Brass: Hey, check this out. (points to pictures of feet) God bless the internet.

    • Greg: So they have nothing in common?
      Grissom: Sure they both have feet.

    • Cameraman: Mr. Grissom can you please describe what you are seeing?
      Grissom: A long night.

    • Brass: We got a confession, "He didn't choose womens' feet, they chose him."

    • Richard McQueen: She wouldn't let me touch her feet.

    • Cameraman: Ever hear the saying "only the dumb ones get caught?"
      Greg: Yeah, but we catch the smart ones too.

    • Archie: What kind of fireman goes to the fire 22 minutes before the fire happens?
      Grissom: Somebody that knows it's going to happen.
      Cameraman: Sorry about that Grissom, we may not have gotten that. Can you repeat that?

    • Brass: What'd he blow?
      Sofia: 1.9.
      Brass: Wow, that's almost enough to wash away your sins.
      Sofia: Yeah, we're gonna have to wait until he sobers up.
      Brass: Now now, wait, let's move on this---look why don't you come in there with me? Maybe pop a few buttons. (Sofia laughs) Seriously, see how he reacts.
      Sofia: He tries to hard not to look it may be a guilty conscience? (she makes a face)
      Brass: Yeah, maybe something like that.

    • Grissom: What is this?
      Cameraman: It's a reality crime show, we are following you for this investigation. Sheriff promised full cooperation.
      Catherine (to Grissom): Ah, we got that memo. They're Hard Crime.
      Cameraman: That's us, we put the people who look into the microscopes under the microscope.
      Catherine (to Grissom): Right. It's good PR for the department, try not to bust their chops, okay?
      Cameraman: Did you ever see our show? It's got a lot of forensics.
      Grissom: There's too many forensics shows on TV.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Nick: Their show is only like an hour long, laser ablation takes like six.
      Hodges: Yeah, but when they cut it all together it'll only take 30 seconds.

      When Hodges is running trace samples, and stuff in his lab in most episodes it is only about 30 seconds when it's all cut together.

    • Grissom: What is this?
      Cameraman: It's a reality crime show, we are following you for this investigation. Sheriff promised full cooperation.
      Catherine: We got that memo. They're Hard Crime.

      This refers back to the Season 2 episode "Ellie" in which Grissom doesn't read memos.

    • Catherine (to Grissom): It's good PR for the department.. Try not to bust their chops, OK.

      This refers back to the Season 2 episode "Alter Boys" when the two of them have the talk about PR and spa safety.

    • The opening sequence with the monitors is a reference to the beginning of the 2000 film Snatch.

    • Grissom: Everyone learns from science; it all depends on how you use the knowledge.

      Apparently this is another case of joking around, and refers to the recent headlines claiming that shows like CSI teach crooks how not to get caught.

    • Grissom: There are too many forensic shows on TV.

      This is an inside joke about the CSI franchise and William Peterson's own feelings towards the creation of the spin-offs CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, which he feels dilutes the brand of CSI.

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