CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 23


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 12, 2005 on CBS
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Two amorous freshmen are found dead in a sleeping bag in a dorm room, and Sara and Greg run into one dead end after another as they try to determine why the students were killed. Warrick, Nick and Catherine figure out how a man is found dead in the center of a crop circle. Ecklie is called into duty for a man found dead in his car and his body later goes missing.moreless

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  • Lead up to the big finale.

    I thought that this was a pretty good episode all in all. I was glad that TPTB decided not to get rid of the alien plot from Committed. Super Dave's idea of the crop circle was funny. I feel sorry for dear old Super Dave, he gets such a hard time from Nick. If only Super Dave didn't have the label of alien type person after Viva Las Vegas back at the start of the season.

    Greg and the exploding toilet. Laughing the entire time for that scene I swear. Same for Ecklie having his own case. That was another part of the episode in which I felt sorry for Super Dave, not his fault that the body went missing. Only Grissom could get away with a comment like "I love it when you wear those gloves." If anybody else had said it Ecklie would have suspended them for a week with no pay. It was a nice light episode before the season finale, Grave Danger.

  • Everybody was there, doing what they are supposed to do. This is the CSI I love!

    After a couple of somewhat disappointing episodes the show got back on track. All the main characters made their appearances and the CSI team had a total of three interesting cases in their hands.

    The case of the two dead students was the most interesting for me. The kids were found dead on the floor of a dorm room after obviously a passionate night. But the CSIs were confused. A clear case of carbon monoxide poisoning gets complicated when no carbon monoxide can be found. And how does an exploding toilet seat relate to all of this?

    The other cases were about a dead man found in the middle of a crop circle - alien encounter, perharps - and about a man who was found dead next to his car but whose body mystically disappeared from the morgue.moreless
  • Geeks are cool!

    Greg & Sara investigate the deaths of 2 college students in a dorm room. It was fun to watch them together on this case, and it was the first time this season we get to see Sara actually laugh, and both times were when the toilets exploded. Well, you've got to admit that it was pretty funny. And the even funnier part was the kid that thought Greg was a jock in college.

    We got to see more of Ecklie this time & for the first time we get to see him actually working a case, and surprise, surprise, the body is stolen. Something that would only happen with Ecklie. And the best part was when Grissom came along & made fun of Ecklie. I couldn't stop laughing. It's always nice to see the lighter side of Grissom.

    Catherine & her team's case involes a body found in a crop circle, David thinks it's alien related. Not a very interesting case, and it was solved quickly.

  • Smart people and jocks, collide

    This was an episode that let Greg and Sarah strut their brainy selves. There's no doubt that both Greg and Sarah were geeks in collage and this is a chance for them to show how cool geeky people can end up. To solve the mystery, they use science and not just forenic science and that's cool.
  • Well this was average episoide, nothing special happended

    i love the title of this episoide iced, it was amusing anyway there were 3 cases in this episoide, college kids dead, A man with a heavy heart and a man who had an heart-attack. so let start with easiest case man who heart-attack because he thought he beening thrown from a plane at much higher attidute. Is this what reality tv has come to putting innocent people in dagerous situation just for our entertainment.

    The college kid, never mess with girl who is a science geek, i really did feel sorry for her i mean it was simple pay-back for what the guy did but i don't get why she didn't monitor the situation, any scientist know, when doing an experiment u need to monitor it . Any scientist knows never make assumption, she should of known that.

    The guy with a heavy heart, i liked how guys steal a body and gave him a good time, it was nice thought but stealing a dead body a felony?, but he returned the body isn't? . What surprised me more was that Heckley had to dust off his CSI kit and i really like Grissom telling him how to do the job. that was funny, i liked how the writer did that actually give this chacter a purpose in the episoide.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Episode Title: Iced

      Is in reference to the term of the same name, meaning 'killed', or 'murdered'.

    • We learn that David Phillips is engaged.

    • Sara has been a CSI for eight years.

    • Goof: The murder kills the two students by drilling a hole through the adjoining wall of the victim's room at floor level, placing 40lbs of dry ice next to the hole, and allowing the sublimating carbon dioxide to pass through the hole into the victim's room and creating a toxic atmosphere. Since the two rooms are at the same air pressure, the only possible way for the CO2 to move from one room to the next is to be pumped through. The melting dry ice would fill up the vacant dorm room where the murderer was before it would flow to the victim's room.

    • Goof: How did the occupant of the room where the dry ice was placed only burn his index finger when he picked it up? His thumb, other fingers, and palm were all undamaged. Was he wearing special gloves that had only the index finger missing when he picked up the dry ice?

    • Goof: As has been noted, the problem with pressure differentials will make it impossible to flood someone's room with CO2 from sublimating dry ice anyway, but there is another problem. Dry ice sublimates at -78.5 C. That gas is going to be very, very cold and it will rapidly bring the temperature of the room down to a very uncomfortable level. Before a sleeping person suffocates they would be woken by the freezing cold.

    • Ecklie reveals that he has allergies, when Robbins offers him one of his siamese kittens.

    • Goof: When David, Catherine, and Warrick are in the crop circle, and the camera shows Warrick looking up, you can clearly see the boom mic reflected in his sunglasses.

    • Ecklie is divorced.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Neil: Am I interrupting?
      Hodges: Actually, yeah. Conrad was about to pat me on the back.

    • Greg: Well, what are you thinking?
      Sara: Name a chemical compound that can burn skin, and can also disappear into thin air.
      Greg: The only think I can think of is dry ice.
      Sara: And dry ice releases carbon dioxide as it sublimates.
      Greg: Yeah, but can you put enough dry ice in Zack's room to raise the amounts of carbon dioxide in Trip's room to a lethal level?
      Sara: Is that a dare?

    • (After Greg's "experiment" toilet explodes)
      Greg (laughs, to Sara): I think I explained the explode-o-potty. (Sara smiles)

    • Nick: Crop circles? (laughs) Come on, Super Dave. Wasn't the alien autopsy embarrassing enough?
      David: Given the circumstances, alien was not an unreasonable conclusion at the time.
      Nick: You need to get a girlfriend.
      David: I'm engaged, but thank you.

    • Catherine (about the victim): The only pathway is from the paramedics. How'd he end up in the middle of the circle? (David looks up at the sky)
      David: I have an idea. (Warrick looks up) I'll keep it to myself.

    • Grissom: And this must be Mr. Billmeyer. I'm so glad he's back.
      Ecklie: Very funny.
      Grissom: You might want to have Hodges analyze that cigar. Oh, and the print tech is free. He could, uh, spray the party hat with ninhydrin.
      Ecklie: I think I remember how to do my job, Gil, thank you.
      Grissom: I love it when you wear your gloves.

    • (looking through Trip's dorm)
      Greg: Ah, a sex journal. Lists of girls, dates and sexual activities.
      Sara: Boys and their conquests.
      Greg: I've never even heard of some of these.
      Sara (surprised): Really?
      Greg: Nevermind.

    • Mia: Hey. Want to talk about semen?
      Sara: Okay. (Mia hands Sara the file) Okey-dokey.
      Mia: The semen on the vic's doorknob and the neighbor's doorknob is consistent with Trip's DNA. So, I'm thinking that Trip put a trophy condom on his neighbor's door and then transferred a trace of his reproductive material back onto his own doorknob.
      Sara: You've uh, you've heard of trophy condoms?
      Mia (chuckles): Sara, I went to college.

    • (After he finds semen on a couple door handles)
      Greg: Trophy condoms.
      Sara: Trophy condoms?
      Greg: When a stud scores, he hangs his condom on his neighbors doorknob.

    • Warrick: This land used to be part of the Bennett estate.
      Catherine: Bill Bennett? Guy who owns the Sahara?
      Warrick: Yeah. Huh. We used to come out here when we were in high school. Used to be, like, a seven-acre lover's lane.
      Catherine: I thought you said you were a dork in high school.
      Warrick: I was a dork... I still am a dork. But I had dimples. I got a little action.
      Catherine: I don't doubt that.

    • Sara: Music, alcohol, candles. Kid was a regular Romeo.
      Grissom: For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.
      Greg: Condom wrapper. (Sara looks at him)
      Grissom: So much for safe sex.

    • Greg: Hey Grissom, when you went to college did you live in the dorms?
      Grissom: Surely, you jest.
      Sara (laughs): You know they say a B.A. is worth a million dollars of extra income over your life.
      Grissom: Yeah, but the present value of college tuition is about the same amount.
      Greg: So you're saying college isn't worth the expense?
      Grissom: I guess it depends on what you learn.

    • Hodges: Just so you know, I moved all your trace evidence up to the top of my pile.
      Ecklie: Well, thank you. Why don't you quit blowing smoke and tell me about the cigar?

    • (Sara and Greg investigate the toilet explosion)
      Sara: Well, there's got to be some logical explanation.
      Greg: Well, if dorm food is as bad as I can remember, we should consider explosive diarrhea.

    • Warrick (looking at the body in the crop circle): The guy has a blindfold on.
      Catherine: Pin the tail on the donkey gone wrong?

    • Sara: I'll drive.
      Greg: You always do!

    • Zach: I was told my grievances were confidential. They said my name wasn't even on the form.
      Sara: Why was confidentiality so important?
      Zach: Ask him. You look like you were a jock in college.
      Greg (shocked): Me?
      Sara (shocked): Him?
      Zach: Whatever. Look, if it had gotten around that I had ratted out Trip, the whole basketball team would have come down on me.

    • Greg: Spontaneous toilet combustion?
      Sara (laughs): Or a college prank.

    • Sara: Hey, doc.
      Doc Robbins: Two dead bodies. Both were in perfect health.
      Sara: I am so hoping that you have more in your report than that.
      Doc Robbins: There are two toxins which can turn a body pink postmortem.
      Sara: We already ruled out carbon monoxide.
      Doc Robbins: Which leaves one -- cyanide ingestion. Interesting fact about cyanide -- not everyone can smell it.
      Sara: Right. It's a genetic quirk.
      Doc Robbins: Unfortunately, I don't have that ability.
      Hodges: The nose has arrived!
      Sara: Hodges has the genetic quirk?
      Hodges: It's a blessing ... and a curse.
      Doc Robbins (points to stomach contents): Stomach contents of both decedents. Hodges, start your sniffer.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Catherine (to Warrick): I thought you said that you were a dork in high school.

      This is a reference to a conversation they had in season two, episode four, Bully For You.

    • Conrad's case involving the body stolen from the morgue and used for a party references the 1993 film Weekend at Bernie's.

    • Grissom: For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

      The male victim was referred to as a Romeo, so Grissom quotes a bit of the closing monologue from Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.

    • Hodges: It's a blessing ... and a curse.

      This is a frequent quote from the program Monk regarding Adrian Monk's obsessive-compulsive disorder where his obsessions to perfection often help his crime-solving ability.

    • Nick (to David): Wasn't alien man embarrassing enough?

      Nick is talking about the man dressed in an alien costume who was found near Area 51 in the Season 5 premiere "Viva Las Vegas." David thought that the man's whistling hearing aid was a sign of alien communication.