CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 23


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 12, 2005 on CBS

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  • Lead up to the big finale.

    I thought that this was a pretty good episode all in all. I was glad that TPTB decided not to get rid of the alien plot from Committed. Super Dave's idea of the crop circle was funny. I feel sorry for dear old Super Dave, he gets such a hard time from Nick. If only Super Dave didn't have the label of alien type person after Viva Las Vegas back at the start of the season.

    Greg and the exploding toilet. Laughing the entire time for that scene I swear. Same for Ecklie having his own case. That was another part of the episode in which I felt sorry for Super Dave, not his fault that the body went missing. Only Grissom could get away with a comment like "I love it when you wear those gloves." If anybody else had said it Ecklie would have suspended them for a week with no pay. It was a nice light episode before the season finale, Grave Danger.
  • Everybody was there, doing what they are supposed to do. This is the CSI I love!

    After a couple of somewhat disappointing episodes the show got back on track. All the main characters made their appearances and the CSI team had a total of three interesting cases in their hands.

    The case of the two dead students was the most interesting for me. The kids were found dead on the floor of a dorm room after obviously a passionate night. But the CSIs were confused. A clear case of carbon monoxide poisoning gets complicated when no carbon monoxide can be found. And how does an exploding toilet seat relate to all of this?

    The other cases were about a dead man found in the middle of a crop circle - alien encounter, perharps - and about a man who was found dead next to his car but whose body mystically disappeared from the morgue.
  • Geeks are cool!

    Greg & Sara investigate the deaths of 2 college students in a dorm room. It was fun to watch them together on this case, and it was the first time this season we get to see Sara actually laugh, and both times were when the toilets exploded. Well, you've got to admit that it was pretty funny. And the even funnier part was the kid that thought Greg was a jock in college.

    We got to see more of Ecklie this time & for the first time we get to see him actually working a case, and surprise, surprise, the body is stolen. Something that would only happen with Ecklie. And the best part was when Grissom came along & made fun of Ecklie. I couldn't stop laughing. It's always nice to see the lighter side of Grissom.

    Catherine & her team's case involes a body found in a crop circle, David thinks it's alien related. Not a very interesting case, and it was solved quickly.

  • Smart people and jocks, collide

    This was an episode that let Greg and Sarah strut their brainy selves. There's no doubt that both Greg and Sarah were geeks in collage and this is a chance for them to show how cool geeky people can end up. To solve the mystery, they use science and not just forenic science and that's cool.
  • Well this was average episoide, nothing special happended

    i love the title of this episoide iced, it was amusing anyway there were 3 cases in this episoide, college kids dead, A man with a heavy heart and a man who had an heart-attack. so let start with easiest case man who heart-attack because he thought he beening thrown from a plane at much higher attidute. Is this what reality tv has come to putting innocent people in dagerous situation just for our entertainment.

    The college kid, never mess with girl who is a science geek, i really did feel sorry for her i mean it was simple pay-back for what the guy did but i don't get why she didn't monitor the situation, any scientist know, when doing an experiment u need to monitor it . Any scientist knows never make assumption, she should of known that.

    The guy with a heavy heart, i liked how guys steal a body and gave him a good time, it was nice thought but stealing a dead body a felony?, but he returned the body isn't? . What surprised me more was that Heckley had to dust off his CSI kit and i really like Grissom telling him how to do the job. that was funny, i liked how the writer did that actually give this chacter a purpose in the episoide.

  • In this one Ecklie is given his own case and Sara and Greg have to solve a case involing pink bodies.

    I love it when Grissom is quoting "Romeo and Juliet" (mind you what he was saying The Prince said) and Greg just says "Condom" I just started laughing, Greg is so funny and so Greggy. It was kinda sad that we didn't see Grissom a lot but I was glad that Sara and Greg got to bond together, they are a really good team together. I also liked it when Greg blew up the toliet. He was so happy and he liked so much like a little kid, fansicated by it, and Sara acutally smiled. It was such a good episode, I loved it, and I guess they don't like Hodges very much by then again nor do I. So yeah great eposide if you haven't seen it, and get the chance to watch you should watch it.
  • Nice.

    CSI Sara and Greg investigate the death of two college students whom died because of carbon monixide, and the team must find out how. Catherine, Nick and Warrick investigate the death of a man found in a crop circle and Ecklie investigate the death of a man whom body later went missing.

    How funny is Ecklie case? Why did they stole a dead body and celebrate a party? How disgusting is that. Yeah but I like the case. Interesting episode. One of my favourite in this episode. Especially Ecklie's. Sara and Greg's is great too. A blown up toilet because of dry ice. OMG!! Catherine's case victim died because of heart attack. God.

    What can I say to this episode? It's just good. The BEST EPISODE so far in this season.
  • A fine example of the humorous side to CSI!

    This episode is hilarious from the beginning with Grissom quoting Shakespeare and Greg responding with "Condom!" This episode combines science and forensics with humour and also allows for character development! Funniest things from "Iced" Hodges' scene as the nose (not only funny but I learnt some fun facts about cyanide!) Greg's exploding toilet and of course Ecklie's discomfort about being in the field..not to mention his missing dead body!

    A dead body in a party hat was something I always felt was missing from CSI - Not anymore! :D
  • Another great episode!

    I have two favorite parts in this episode. The first is with the explode-a-potty, and the recreation of the explode-a-potty. My second favorite thing about this episode is well Ecklie's storyline. There is nothing like a dead body that disappears and reappears later outside the crimelab after a party. My favorite line was when Grissom tells Ecklie that he loves it when he wears his gloves. That line makes me laugh every time i hear it. I also liked how at the very end of the episode when Doc Robbins looked to make sure the body was still in there.