CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 21

If I Had A Hammer...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • Finally

    Finally a very good and well written episode after a bad couple of disappointing and dumb episodes. I really enjoyed it, also because it was quite Catherine-centered, and I really love her character. Let's hope they will keep up going this way.
  • Catherine has to look at an old case, which brings up things from her past.

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. We open with a prisoner being granted a new trail, after he was sent to prison over 18 years before for murder. The CSI on the case was Catherine, and it was her first solo case. And so Catherine judgement on the case is being called into question and so everything from the case is now being re-tested.
    Since the prisoner was convicted due to only one piece of key evidence, he is calling for this piece of evidence to be thrown out. This is due to the fingerprints on it being only a 5 point match, which today wouldn't be enough to convict someone on. When Catherine re-runs the prints from the rock, it matches that of the prisoners. Soon Catherine discovers a hammer in a nearby tree, which has been there since the murder and so it appears as though they have found the murder weapon. They find prints on the hammer, which are in blood, but when the prints are run, they don't match the prisoner's prints. Soon the prisoner admits that his prints are on the rock, as he used it to break into the victims house to rob him, but when he found the dead body on the floor, he made a run for it. He had already broken into 2 other houses that same night. Soon the team track down one of his friends, who they believe may have been involved in the murder. We soon learn that they weren't just friends, but actually boyfriend and girlfriend. She got pregnant by him and they were stealing to get money to move away. Soon they can prove that her prints are on the hammer. She then learns from Brass that anyone involved in the case will be sent to prison, for life, whether or not they swung the hammer. She confesses that the prisoner killed him with the hammer and that she simply walked in after the murder had taken place. He says that he wanted a new trial, as he wanted a fair trial; even though he knew he was guilty. He also admits that he is angry with Sabrina, his girlfriend at the time, as she never went to visit him and he didn't even know what happened to the baby she was pregnant with at the time.
  • Time will not help..

    Old case is brought back to life and Cathrine have to prove that she got it right on the first time but there are doubts, evidence what can be seen in two ways and some mysterious prints what do not belong to the suspect.

    I think it was great episode - the way Cathrine had tons on luck - finding the hammer and then that piece of class. The whole thing with Cathrine.. doubting herself and the evidence.. the story about her and her husband days back and the way it could have affect her life.

    So, I think it was good one.
  • Catherine is forced to look into one of her first cases. A man Catherine helped put away for life for first degree murder in 1991 demands a new trial claiming that the evidence collected in the case was unlawful.

    For reasons unknown, I was unable to choose a classification for this episode. If I could that classification would be "exactly why I watch this series." Everything about this episode worked. From the acting, to the writing, to the compelling storyline, things worked well to create a very good episode. Another positive thing is how this episode took an old plot device (An incarcerated man swearing he is innocent.)and took it in a new direction. One final positive note is how well the team stood behind Catherine and worked together to prove she had it right the first time. Terrific.
  • Being Responsible...

    I curious at the concept of re-visiting Catherine's first case 18 years ago. I loved how there was a focus on the improvement technology and techniques since the case was first investigated. I really respected Catherine's ability to consider that she may be wrong and even more for her willingness to explore the possibility. But true to form the team rallied to find the truth. As you could have predicted keeping Kent in jail was as easy as expected but I never expected the twist with the ex-girlfriend being an accomplice. I LOVED the hammer in the tree, as Catherine said you wouldn't have believed it unless you saw it.
  • A great twist sets this apart from other case re-examinations of past episodes.

    A thoroughly enjobable episode with yet again another old Willows' case under scrutiny. This time however, the plot varies enough for it to stand out from past episodes, with a crime-story that baffles in reasoning (until the end) and an ending that really cranks up the satisfaction factor when the final scenes are played out.

    Dialogue is smooth and lean as you'd expect from such a mature show, yet the usual oh-so funny one liners can be found to cut against the few scenes laced with tragedy and/or disgust at the nature of the crime. While locations are varied from the usual sets providing enough incentive to keep the eyes interested on whats coming up next.

    However, the best parts of this episode are undoubtably; the actual deciphering of the true nature of events and the evidence, of a crime that transpired almost 20yrs ago, and Henry Thomas' portrayal of a convict wrongly convicted, with hope of getting a retrial and his life back. Together they elevate the episode to one that must be watched. The twist at the end adds a certain I-knew-it-all along element, which I hope like me you will find satisfying too!

    If you are after a 1hr (or so) of easy watching where the crime isn't 'too' gruesome, and the journey isnt too grand but satisfying then I recommend this episode.
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