CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 21

If I Had A Hammer...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Catherine: I re-examined the rock, enhanced the fingerprint and photoed it, and this time around I found several, highly unique points of comparison, including this happy face pattern, which is an exact match to your print.
      D.A: And that print puts you at the crime scene. You were there. You killed Thomas Harrit.
      Catherine: Mr. Kent, if there's another explanation, other than the obvious, now would be a good time to come clean.
      Jeremy (motions to his prison outfit): Once you're wearing these, nobody believes anything that you have to say.
      Catherine: Try me.
      Jeremy: I was there, but I didn't kill the guy. I needed to make some fast money, I broke into those other two houses. I picked them because it looked like nobody was at home. The old man's house was my third stop, when I went inside, there was a body on the floor, I got the hell out of there.
      D.A: Well, why not just call 911?
      Jeremy: Uh, yeah 'Hello, I just broke into a house, and I found a dead body on the floor. Oh, yeah, yeah I'll just wait right here for you.' I-I was a reckless punk and I messed up, big time, I broke the law, but I did not kill that old man. Somebody else did that.
      D.A: Why didn't you mention this 18 years ago?
      Jeremy: Because my lawyer advised me not to admit that I was at the scene of the crime. It was the only honest piece of advice he gave me.
      Catherine: You know what would give your story more crediblity? If you could ID the other suspect.
      Jeremy: Lady, if I would've seen them, that woulda been the first thing out of my mouth. But whoever killed Harrit was long gone by the time I got there.
      Catherine: We're done here.
      Jeremy: Oh, yeah, sure. I mean, why would you admit to a mistake that cost me the last 18 years of my life? ... All I wanted is my life back. Is that asking too much?

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