CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 21

If I Had A Hammer...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 23, 2009 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Catherine: Jim. Thanks for coming by.
      Brass: Sure, you bet. ... So, we're all just passengers on the time train.
      Catherine (laughs): Boy, you got that right.
      Brass: So, you hit a snag.
      Catherine: Well, Jeremy Kent now admits that he was at the Harrit house.
      Brass: And when he got there the old man was already dead? I call that perp-fiction.
      Catherine: The problem is that his story is consistent with the new evidence, I have yet to disclose.
      Brass: Oh, come on, Catherine. You know, I had this guy pegged as the bad guy the minute I laid eyes on him 18 years ago, and so did you.
      Catherine (sighs): What if he's telling the truth? Wrong place, wrong time.
      Brass: Oh, you gotta tune that out. That's all bull. All that matters is what you got on him. Now, these guys lie, because what? Because they're good at it, and because they're hiding something and the thing they're hiding is usually the thing that makes them guilty.
      Catherine: A million years ago, back when Eddie and I first started dating, we uh, went to a party and um... we drank our fair share, and it was time to leave, and he tosses me the keys because I'm the responsible one. So, you know, I'm driving and he starts singing this stupid song, which I've completely blanked from my memory, and one moment I'm just laughing hysterically and... the next he grabbed the wheel from my hands because I almost ran over a man. And... In that moment, my life would've changed completely, because of a bad decision. So, I... What makes me any different than Jeremy Kent?
      Brass: You know, Eddie was right. You are the responsible one, and if you had hit that guy, you would've called the cops because you would've taken responsibility for your actions. Now, Jeremy Kent is a jailhouse lawyer, he's a scumbag. His freedom, his whole life depends on getting you to doubt yourself. Don't let him live rent free in your head. (Catherine smiles)