CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 23

Inside the Box

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 15, 2003 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Catherine: I need the truth.
      Sam Braun: You sure about that?
      Catherine: Oh, yeah. Now more than ever.
      Sam Braun: Benny killed Vivian. He caught her cheating on him, with me. When I heard he was dying I went to go see him. He told me he killed her with my scissors from the ribbon cutting cermony. He always kept the scissors, had 'em shadow boxed for me. He stashed 'em in the safe deposit box.
      Catherine: Why would Benny do that? Why would Benny murder Vivian and then keep the incriminating evidence, not even attempt to wash off the blood?
      Sam Braun: You're asking me to answer on his behalf. I don't know. Maybe he was paranoid, figured you would dry Lake Mead.
      Catherine: Let me just get this straight-- to protect Benny after he's already dead, you hire Rob Rubio and 3 of his cronies to commit federal bank robbery to steal back a pair of scissors?
      Sam Braun: They weren't just any pair of scissors. They were tied to a legacy. If Benny goes down-- I go down. 40 years of building my reputation... (snaps fingers) ...gone. Games are meant to be played downstairs, not upstairs. So I asked Rob to take care of it.
      Catherine: We have the safe deposit box in our possession, Sam. Along with the blood stained sash the scissors were wrapped in. We recovered two different blood samples -- one belonging to Vivian, the other unknown. I guess I didn't have a good enough reason until now but-- I tested my DNA against the unknown sample. And wouldn't 'cha know it? There's 7 alles in common.
      Sam Braun: That's supposed to mean somethin'?
      Catherine: It means that you and I are biologically related. You killed her, Sam, and Benny covered for you. Part of the ol' standard: Any woman that you're with is never gonna be with another man.
      Sam Braun: I swear on your mother... It didn't happen that way.
      Catherine: Oh, now that holds a lot of weight. To this day my mother sits at home waiting for your call.
      Sam Braun: Do you really think I could murder someone?
      Catherine: Science tells me that you did. So yes, I do. (her voice cracks) It's just such a lousy way to find out you're my father.