CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 7

Invisible Evidence

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2003 on CBS

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  • My Favourite Episode of the season

    This my favourite episode of the season, Because it was very interesting and the case was very interest. My favourite part of the episode was when Grissom and Sara had their moment togther. Also it was very suspensful. It was a very great episode. In my opition this the best episode of Season 4 of CSI.
  • Excellent episode

    It seems like the writers decided to try something different this year, with a couple of epsiodes deviating from the usual formula.

    This episode kicks off in the middle of a court hearing, where Warrick is giving evidence for the prosecution. All seems to be going well, until it is discovered that the search of the defendants vehicle was performed without a warrant, and the CSIs are left with 24 hours to come up with new evidence or the accused walks free. Within 24 hours, the CSIs are led to believe that the accused is not actually the killer, and indeed find evidence to that effect. The real killer is taken into custody, and in the end we see another court hearing taking place where Warrick is providing his evidence, and the Judge decides to take the case to trial.
    An excellent episode of CSI.
  • The CSI has only 24 hours to find new evidence.

    Warrick makes a mistake when he get the murder weapon without a warrant, and the team has to find new evidence.
    A good episode, but not the best in the fourth season.

    This episode written by Josh Berman and directed by Danny Cannon. During a preliminary trial for the rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman, the crucial evidence, a bloodied knife, is discarded because it was secured from the defendant's car without a warrant. With only 24 hours left before court has to let him walk, the team pools their resources together in an attempt to find other evidence that can place the defendant behind bars.
  • When the key evidence is thrown out of a court case, CSI has 24 hours to find new evidence.

    I thought that this was a fantastic example of such a great show. I alway love noticing the guest actors and recognizing them. The actor I noticed in this episode is Christian Camargo who played Michael Fife, he played Rudy on the show "Dexter". Anyway, one thing that has kept me watching and wanting to see more is the relationship between Grissom and Sara. I'm glad that it's drawn out and it's just a lot of good ol' sexual tension. I just think the anticipation is really hot. This episode had another great moment between the two when Sara asks Grissom to pin her arms down. *sigh* Just watch it already.
  • Interesting......... very interesting

    Poor Warrick Brown. He really doesn't have the best day in this episode. With the release of a rapist and killer on his shoulders, the pressure of the unsympathetic Sheriff, a fight with Nicky, an embarrassing trial- not even mentioning the fact he goes into a ladies bathroom- makes this a very Rick-centered episode. But that's not to say that our other favourite CSI's don't get a look-in.

    For a GSR fan- the sizzling sexual tention between Sara and the Bugman in this eppy is probably the reason why GSR exists in the first place. Let's just say it involves getting "Pinned Down" *smiles knowingly*

    If your taste is more YoBling- there is a scene where Catherine really comforts our defeated Mr Brown. And as stated above- the fact that it's in the ladies bathroom reminds us that this show likes to throw in a little humour. Never a bad thing.

    Even if you detest all the ships and romance- it's still a blooming good episode. The case takes a turn for the unexpected- and a time limit for the submission of evidence combined with the overall tense atmosphere of our favourite lab creates an "edge of your seat" mood.

    Definately above par for this show- and we all know how difficult that is!!
  • Probably the best episode this season.

    I thought this was a very strong episode. In this episode the CSI team have to re-evaluate their work when it appears in court that they do not have enough eveidence to hold a man accused for rape. Anyway the man is released but after new evidence comes to light it appears that in fact they did have the worng man. So eventually they track down the real kill and justice is served. But this episode shows how easy it is to get the wrong person. Overall i thought this was a great episode in fact i think more should be like this in the future.
  • Besides a thrilling and solid race-against-the-clock case this episode provides some excellent character-defining moments, making it one of the top-5 episodes of the season, not falling too far behind of the best episodes of the whole series either.

    The best episodes of CSI have always been the ones which differ from the usual formula, some more than others. This time the CSIs are given 24 hours to find evidence against a rapist/murderer, and the X-filesque time stamp at the beginning of every scene stresses that urgency. While the actual case is left in the background at first, the more new evidence the CSIs gather the more both the previous investigation and the actual crime open up to the audience. There is nothing special about the final result of the case or the crime itself, but the way the story is told it isn’t even a requirement for a spectacular episode.

    Because “it’s all about perception” Warrick gets the blame for the screw-up with the search warrant, and thus lands with the case which was initially Catherine’s. Even though he accuses the arresting officer of not getting the search warrant in the first place, rightfully so, he still feels responsible and gets obsessed about making things right, to the point of exchanging words with Nick. Him handling the family member with a few kind and understanding words when Warrick is too wrapped up in the case itself is what he’s good at.

    If Warrick does appear pessimistic at first about getting the evidence in time, Catherine manages to cheer him up in the bathroom scene, which is very defining of their relationship at this time of the series. Slightly flirtatious, yet compassionate and understanding. The other “will they or won’t they” pairing, Grissom and Sara, have also their moment even if Grissom puts Sara in her place as his subordinate when she’s less than enthusiastic about dropping her case for this one. The “pin me down” scene definitely has a sexual feel to it, and Jorja Fox does great job at portraying the nervous Sara (besides looking fabulous throughout the episode) who doesn’t want “anything that happened or didn’t happen” between them to have an effect on her chance at promotion.

    The short discussion between Nick and Sara as they are waiting for the impounded car defines Sara as devoted investigator, but Nick’s short answer to her question about what pisses her off is also telling a lot. Indeed, at this point of the show a lot of things got her mad, and her co-workers had taken notice of that. At least Catherine thought Grissom should have been even more stern with Sara, although her reaction was probably partly due to their strained relationship.

    Not only the main characters get their chance to shine. Hodges waiving frantically at Grissom was hilarious, as was his concept of doing research. Greg, Warrick and Catherine silently waiting the DNA results and Catherine answering Grissom’s silent question was nicely shot, and who could resist Sara with power tools? Grissom’s heavy sigh when approached by the results-waiting sheriff is all one needs to know about his extreme lack of interest in politics.

    For a show that is not so much character-driven, this episode manages to include not only the personalities of the CSI staff, but also the complex relationships they have with each other, at best in only a side note. If I were to introduce the show to a newbie, I could very well start with this episode.
  • A well written episode which has become one of the classics of the series.

    When key evidence is thrown out of court after a warrant was not secured, the CSI's have only 24 hours to convict a suspect of a rape case.

    In an excellent effort to make this episode more 'real time' (a goal only surpassed in 'Butterflied'), the writers have created a fast paced drama with plenty of character interaction thrown in. There are real insights into how each character handles the situation, especially such a high profile case as this, which leads to some great moments, the 'Pin Me Down' scene and Warrick's reactions to the case ranking among my favourites.

    I would say that while the emphasis is mainly on character, the case is a particulary interesting one with a twist. The balance of case/character is perfect and some truly memorable scenes make this episode one of the best in the series.
  • Great episode!

    Warrick's evidence is thrown out of court because he didn't have a warrant. He now has 24 hours to find new evidence, or the suspect walks free...

    Grissom orders everyone on the case, much to sara's dismay. There's a lot of tention starting to build up between Sara and the other CSI's, especially Grissom. She makes it clear that she does not agree with Grissom's decision that Warrick's case is more important than hers.
    It's understandable, I suppose, but the case needs to be solved quickly.

    This episode shows once again what a flawed character Warrick is (that is not a bad thing, by the way, it makes him interesting). he's starting to crack under the pressure, but with a little support from his fellow CSI's, he gets through in the end.
  • One of my all time favorites.

    A wonderful episode.

    The CSI's have 24 hours to come up with new evidence in a murder trial or the suspect will walk. The only evidence they had (a bloody knife & towel) was inadmissable because no warrant was issued at the time of the search.

    The lead CSI on the case is Warrick & he's under alot of pressure from the sherif & so is Grissom.

    As the clock ticks the CSI's find more evidence which leads them to another suspect.

    Ofcourse what made this episode even better than it was, was the GSR. My favorite scene had to be when Grissom pinned Sara down while they were working out how the wax was transferred onto the sheet.
  • What happens when the CSIs are given 24 hours to find new evidence to put a killer away?

    Well let me tell you that plenty can happen. It starts of good enough for Warrick in the stand when he gives evidence to put away a murderer and a rapist. Then the defence tells him that he never had a warrant to search the car that found the knife and bloody towel that the prosecution is basing there case on. Will they be able to solve the murder or will a suspected killer walk free?

    If something can go wrong for the CSIs it does. The car that they are going to re-search has been crushed and all the evidence they find seems to point to a different killer. (For example they find car wax, which the accused would have no need for.) In the end everything fits into place and they get the right guy.

    This was an episode though that has a great moment in CSI history. When they are trying to figure out the transfer of the car wax to the bed sheet, Sara has Grissom pin her up against the bed sheet. It looked like there was some tension between the two. Do they love each other or not. Only time will tell if they will ever admit it to each other.